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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 3 E 18 The Big Bet

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Was Greg Brady, the Casanova of Clinton Avenue, in for his first big kiss with a beautiful classmate of his?

We'll never know, thanks to that cock-blocking younger brother of his. And Bobby played the part perfectly of spoiling Greg's moment, not to mention being the perfect Annoying Younger Sibling, in "The Big Bet."

There's no doubt Bobby idolizes Greg, his older brother by six years, and that Greg is intensely loyal to and protective of his little brother. But there were times where Bobby just was plain annoying and Greg needed to do his own thing. Such as when he was busy talking on the phone to this completely hot brunette named Rachel, and Bobby, just having arrived from school, pestered Greg with pointing out the he was the only one in his class who could do five chin-ups. Annoyed at Bobby interrupting him and essentially demanding a gold star for his big accomplishment, Greg blurts out that he can do twice as many chin-ups as Bobby. That offends Bobby, and he demands that Greg prove that he's so much better ... and to make sure he's putting his money where his mouth is, he makes the classic "the winner gets to tell the loser to do what I say for a week." Greg again tries to brush Bobby aside, but when Bobby won't go away, Greg finally is forced into a corner and has to accept the bet.


Wrong move, Greg.

Bobby works out as though he's training for the Army, while Greg is non-chalant, figuring he'll easily beat his little brother; in fact, he boasts to Peter that he's got some "big" things planned coming up. Come the day of the "big bet," Bobby does eleven chin-ups ... and Greg's arms give out at 19, three chin-ups below the threshold. The other siblings celebrate with Bobby while Greg sits there in disbelief.

Of course, Bobby is a pure pest throughout the week, and when Greg complains, Mike and Carol are (surprisingly) unsympathetic. But that pales in comparison to what happens next.

One afternoon, Greg calls up Rachel again, realizing that both have had their eyes on each other for some time ... and a drive-in movie date is set up. Greg hangs up, only to find Bobby right there. He had listened in on the conversation and, out of the blue, decided he wants to go to the movies, too! Greg tries to push Bobby aside, saying that while he (reluctantly) agreed to be his slave for a week, he did not intend for it to include having him tag along on what he is hoping to be a completely hot date. Bobby runs to mommy and daddy to stick up for him and to make Greg allow him to go, while Greg – knowing exactly what's going to happen – tries to stop his bratty brother. In the end, Mike tells Greg that when he makes a bet, he has to pay off, and Greg is forced to take Bobby along on the date. Greg tries to cancel the date, but realizes he's has no choice but to concede and has to take Bobby with him.


Of course, Bobby the cock-block makes sure that Greg and Rachel are on their best behavior, constantly asking them to focus on the movie and not each other. His constant demands and yapping irritate Greg and also get to Rachel, too. But then, Bobby puts up Mike's umbrella (which had been stored in the back seat), and tells Greg "it might rain!" Greg puts up the convertible top, but then Bobby forgets to put the umbrella away ... and a huge hole is torn in the convertible top. That ends the date, needless to say.

In the end, Mike is very angry at Bobby, and finally tells him that he's been nothing but a pest to Greg. Bobby apologizes and agrees to pay for a new top (even though Mike's insurance probably would foot the bill). Greg also takes responsibility, and then admits he loves his brother.


Tropes present in this episode:

  • Aloof Big Brother: Greg, constantly trying to get Bobby to go away.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Bobby, in spades. And it isn't just on date night ... it starts at the beginning of the episode, when he's asking Greg a half-million questions about his abilities, and continues right through pestering the eldest Brady boy to do menial tasks.
  • Big Brother Worship: Bobby worships Greg to the point of being a pure pest.
  • Moment Killer: It looks like Greg is going to be in for a huge night of lip wrestling with his sweetie, Rachel ... but then Bobby complains that he can't see. Then he's hungry and wants more popcorn ... on it goes, every time Greg and Rachel want to kiss.
  • Wager Slave: What this whole episode was about – the loser of the chin-up contest having to do the winner's chores and whatever else he says for a week.

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