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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 3 E 19 The Power Of The Press

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Remember that old saying, "Flattery will get you nowhere"? That's the lesson Peter stands to learn in "The Power of the Press" when he tries to write an article playing up his science teacher ... the same one that gave him a "D" on his science test, and the same one that Peter (and at one point, even Greg) had derided earlier in the episode for being dull and using teaching methods that had long since become outdated.


The thing was, Peter had failed to study for this test, putting in too much time at the newspaper office and trying to improve his own standing by publishing his friend's names in the various stories he writes. But if he thinks that he's enlightening the dear old teacher, or that his article will help give him a better grade, he's sadly mistaken as even this teacher and his weakening effectiveness in the classroom knows one thing for sure: there is no excuse to not study. And Mike reinforces the moral at home: "Flattery will get you nowhere."


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