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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 1 E 8 A Camping We Will Go

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One way to build family togetherness is family activities that include everybody, without fail.

With the newly-blended Brady family still learning how to bond and unite as one, Mike sees that a family tradition he had with the boys when they were a separate family — a week-long camping trip to a(n unnamed) nearby lake resort — as the perfect vehicle to bond his sons with their new stepsisters.

It's "A-Camping We Will Go," but will it even get off the ground? Will the trip be a success?


It almost doesn't happen, as the boys balk at the thought the girls are even coming along. The girls are unsure they don't want to go camping. But Mike and Carol rally them together and say there are many benefits to the now-united family going together on the camping trip, and after saying basically not to argue with them, get them to agree to the trip.

Of course, one misadventure after another befalls the family: The girls can't fish to save their lives, the boys eat all the emergency rations, the girls get scared out of their wits when they think a snake has gotten into their tent (Alice had popped her air mattress with one of her hair curlers), the girls "get back at" the boys by making them think a hungry bear is outside their tent (it's a paper bear, with Jan using a flashlight to create a shadow) ... on it goes.


After the latter, Greg and Peter easily deduce that the girls were playing a trick on them and get them back good by getting into their tent and then all heck breaks loose. No sleep for the rest of the night here!

In the end, the camping trip is a huge success, and in the closing scene, Greg asks his parents if they can all can come along on future camping trips. Mike smiles and says, "Of course!" ... and Word of God has it that indeed, future camping trips were just as successful.

In later interviews, Chris Knight cited this as his favorite episode, and several other cast members also thoroughly enjoyed this episode, and even Robert Reed, the one who hated the show's scripts with a passion, seemed to have a good time.


Tropes present in this episode:

  • Camping Episode.
  • Horrible Camping Trip: How the boys are sure their camping trip with their new stepsisters and Carol is going to go. In the end, it's averted and it winds up being their best camping trip yet.

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