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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 5 E 8 My Brothers Keeper

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Ever hear of the phrase "Taking advantage of a good thing is never a good thing"?

That's exactly what Bobby does when he realizes he can push Peter around after the older Brady brother becomes his "slave for live." By mid-show, Peter regrets becoming ... "My Brother's Keeper."

It's another glorious, sunny Saturday morning at the Bradys, with Peter grumpily doing some potting, Greg painting a shutter and Bobby trying to spray the faux-Astroturf lawn. Greg goes inside to take a phone call from one of his sweeties, and while he's inside, Peter tries to unravel the hose, which is wrapped around the ladder. Bobby sees that the ladder is starting to tip over, that there's a large bucket of paint sitting on top ... and both about to topple onto an oblivious Peter. Bobby heroically pushes Peter out of harms way, and gets splashed by the paint. No other harm is done.


Peter realizes he could easily have been seriously injured ... or (dum-de-dum-dum) KILLED if Bobby hadn't been there to save his life. Peter is intensely (if not melodramatically) grateful for Bobby's selfless act.

Now, mind you, all he would have had to do is accept Bobby's "thank you," and we go on our merry way, right? Not in this show, because then there'd be no plot or reason to build conflict between these two normally close brothers.

At dinner, Peter toasts Bobby and vows to be his slave for life. That means he'll do anything Bobby asks of him, gladly and cheerfully. Bobby accepts the offer, and at first all is well, doing simple menial tasks for his brother. But then Bobby soon realizes that he can get a gulli-Peter to do just about anything – no, not that far, but mainly time-consuming chores which leave Peter little time to do his homework or spend on his own time. Soon, Peter grows frustrated and then angry. Finally, he decides to speak up, simply saying that he doesn't have time to do everything. Bobby balks, saying they had a deal and he intends to stick by it ... but Peter refuses to back down or be intimidated by his little brother. It all leads to a huge argument, and before long, the two aren't speaking to one another.


Oh yes, there are a few scenes where they acknowledge one another, but only to annoy each other. One infamous scene had Bobby put a huge piece of masking tape across the floor to divide the room in two. Crossing the line would be a major violation of no-man's land and worth a punch in the face! Peter realizes his bed is on the side of the room next to the bathroom door ... and then makes his point by the series' only TV flush in history!

Things get really hairy between the two boys ... and at one point, Peter gets pissed off enough with Bobby that he tries to corner him in their room. Bobby tries to hide in the closet, but then the door handle falls off and he's locked inside. Peter tells him good luck, "you've gotten what you deserve" ... and then goes downstairs to take a phone call and finally catch up with a girl he's got his eye on ... all while Bobby's screaming for help. Later, Peter goes to his room to get a book ... when he hears Bobby desperately pleading to be let out. Peter finally comes to his senses and without hesitation opens the door to free his little brother. It isn't long before the two bury the hatchet.


Bobby offers to become Peter's slave ... but Peter decides this time that a simple thank you is thanks enough.

In the subplot, Greg, the girls, Mike and Carol paint and redecorate the master bedroom. Plenty of bad remodeling jokes abound.

Tropes present in this episode:

  • Cain and Abel: Well, it doesn't quite get this bad, but when Peter and Bobby don't speak to each other, the tension is just like two brothers who want to become un-brothers.
  • Continuity Nod: A late Season 4 episode is referenced when, in the tag scene and relating to the subplot (of wallpapering the master bedroom) Carol remarks about wanting to wallpaper the rest of the house. After remarking that the girls' room was remodeled "last year" (in "The Subject Was Noses"), Carol tells Mike that the other upstairs room just have to get the "new look" treatment because they're all connected. Mike laughs, noting that everything is all "connected" to his wallet.
  • Feud Episode: Bobby and Peter.
  • Fun with Flushing: The only toilet flush in series' history … Bobby shows Peter that the door to the bathroom is on HIS side of the room.
  • Here We Go Again!: Very much averted when Peter rescues Bobby from the closet. Instead of agreeing to let Bobby be his slave, in gratitude, Peter applies the lesson learned: Sometimes, a simple "thank you" is enough.
  • I Owe You My Life: Peter becomes Bobby's slave, as a show of gratitude for "saving" his life.
  • Locked In A Closet: Bobby, trying to run from Peter after the two nearly come to blows after annoying each other, takes hasty refuge in the closet ... only for the doorknob to fall off. Peter leaves him locked there for awhile, but then finally comes to his senses and lets him out.
  • Taking Advantage of Generosity: Which is what Bobby does when he realizes Peter will do anything for him.
  • This Is My Side: When they're angry with each other, Bobby and Peter use tape to split the room in half … and then proceed to annoy the hell out of each other (one by turning on a portable TV, the other by playing the radio … both at full blast).

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