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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 5 E 5 Peter And The Wolf

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The Season 5 episode "Peter and the Wolf" has Greg needing to find someone to go on a double date with his girlfriend, Sandra, and her cousin, Linda. When Greg admits that Sandra hadn't seen Linda in years nor had seen a recent photo of her, when he is asked to try to tell what Linda looks like, all he has is Sandra's pre-pubescent description of her ("pigtails and braces"). Naturally, all of his shallow buddies run for the exits, assuming Linda is super ug-lee!!!! Rather than admit defeat and wait until Linda goes home, Greg eventually turns to Peter to salvage the date ... and it is Peter's faux alter ego Peter Packer who gets to date who turns out to be a super-hot Linda!


When they go to the drive-in, Peter's fake moustache falls off, and the girls realize that "18-year-old Phil Packer" is Phil Phony ... and is probably 15-year-old Peter. They plot revenge, telling Greg that they can't wait to see Phil again.

Now, this all comes at the same time Mike's company is hoping to close a lucrative deal with a Mexican businessman named Mr. Calderon. Mike invites the couple over and, on their suggestion, they go out to a pizza parlor ... the same one that (unknown to them) Greg, Peter and their dates are going to. During dinner, Mr. Calderon and his wife are disgusted by two girls trying to paw all over Peter, not letting on to him that they know he's a fake. Mike tries to get them to ignore it ... until he realizes that the guy the two girls were trying to kiss was Peter!


Fortunately, the girls explain matters and are able to salvage Mike's job. Mike, meanwhile, tells Greg that he's not too happy and that he's lucky that things worked out. (And perhaps, in not so many words (as it's never stated), that perhaps he should have waited for Linda to go home to go on his date with Sandy.)

Tropes present in this episode:

  • Double Date: Played straight, twice – Greg and "Phil" and their dates, Sandra and Linda.
  • George Jetson Job Security: Mike's pending business deal with businessman Mr. Calderon, when he learns that the two teenaged boys involved in wild, inappropriate displays of affection at the pizza parlor are Mike's sons.
  • Tropes related Linda, Peter's Girl of the Week:
    • Blind Date: Peter accepts the date with Linda.
    • Braces of Orthodontic Overkill and Girlish Pigtails: Linda, in her pre-puberty state, according to Greg's girlfriend.
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    • The Glasses Come Off: While there's no indication that Linda wore glasses, this could apply to her new hairstyle and no longer wearing braces.
    • Hotter and Sexier: What Linda looks like years later – surprising Greg particularly since he expected the prepubescent version of Linda, based on Sandra's description of her. Of course, this being The Brady Bunch, this is about as G-rated hotter-and-sexier as you can get.
    • Sliding Scale of Beauty: Various responses by Greg's friends when they ask him to describe Linda ... all of them calling her (in not so many words) a dog and worse. If they only knew ... .
  • Moral Guardians: The Calderones, who find the goings-on involving the two girls kissing "Phil Packer" disgusting and morally reprehensible, and comment as much to Mike. Even though he never explicitly says so, Mike suggests to his sons that canceling the deal might have crossed Mr. Calderon's mind, until Linda and Sandy explained that the whole set-up was their fault and that Greg and Peter had no idea.
  • Moustache-related tropes:
    • Fake Moustache: Worn by Peter (to pass him off as older).
    • Girls with Moustaches: Played for Laughs in the tag scene, when Jan puts on the fake moustache Peter wore "to look older."
    • Porn Stache: Peter's fake moustache is thicker and bushier on top.
  • Suddenly Bilingual: The subplot for most of the episode, prior to the climatic pizza parlor scenes, involve Mike and Carol learning Spanish, as Mike is uncertain that Mr. Calderon – he and his wife are from Mexico – can speak much English. The trope, then, becomes reversed when Mr. and Mrs. Calderon (after a brief conversation in Spanish) reveal themselves as fluent in English.

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