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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 1 E 17 The Undergraduate

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As many episodes of The Brady Bunch bore out, Greg is undoubtedly highly intelligent and a high achiever at school. He's been on the student council and, come the final episode four years later, was an honors student. But even straight-A students stumble, and Greg was not immune to this trend.

When Greg meets his completely hot math teacher, he risks a lifetime of being ... "The Undergraduate."

In the early going, Mike and Carol get a call from Greg's math teacher, Miss O'Hara, that his grades have seriously been falling as of late. They wonder if his skills are up to snuff and if he's capable of doing the work. Meanwhile, the folks keep finding notes Greg keeps writing to some mysterious girl named Linda.


After some detective work, viewers realize just who Linda is ... someone way too old for 14-year-old Greg, who is in eighth grade. It seems that this Linda is Miss O'Hara, a 20-something math teacher who happens to be engaged. Greg finally wakes up when he sees who his teacher's finace is: Wes Parker, the standout first baseman for Greg's favorite baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Wes promises that if Greg improves his grades, he'll give him tickets to an upcoming game and allow him a media pass to meet the team after the game. Greg considers it a deal, and sure enough, it isn't long before Greg is once again that capable, straight-A student, well on his way to becoming "The Graduate" ... with honors.


Tropes present in this episode:

  • Heroes Want Redheads: Tweenage Big Man on Campus Greg has the hots for the redheaded Miss O'Hara.
  • Hot Teacher: Miss O'Hara, whom Greg has the hots for.
  • Mistaken for Pregnant: When Alice tries to get the goods on Greg's crush by asking Jan what she thinks of the name Linda, Jan rushes into the house squealing that "Mom's gonna have a baby!" Carol has to spend 5 minutes explaining to her that no, she's not pregnant.
  • Hot For Teacher: Greg's crush on Miss O'Hara.
  • Shout-Out: To The Graduate, which also was about a younger man-older woman relationship. Only difference is, Miss O'Hara definitely is not into seducing her eighth-grade students.
  • Special Guest: Wes Parker, first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Wes is quite possibly the series' first "special guest" used to draw ratings.

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