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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 2 E 22 Double Parked

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Tropes present in this episode:

  • Determinator: After being rejected by city hall, Carol declares her intention to "really get in there and fight". Though she and Greg consider giving up after they find out Mr. Phillips intends to fire Mike if they don't stop fighting, and Mike has to yank them back up on their feet. But for the most part, she and the kids refuse to stop fighting until they've saved the park.
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  • George Jetson Job Security: Mr. Phillips learns that Carol is behind the effort to save a park that's been picked as the site for a new courthouse Mike has been asked to complete drawings for. Mike — already uncomfortable with the situation — is asked, and not necessarily nicely, by Mr. Phillips to tell Carol to back off ... or else.
  • Saving The Park: Pretty much the main driver of the plot by the other Bradys and Alice ... forcing Mike to brainstorm and push local officials for an alternate site for the facility.

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