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Headscratchers / The Brady Bunch

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  • Okay, in regards to The '90s movies, they have something in common with The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle: the main characters are stuck in their ways, despite the changes in time. Now, the Rocky and Bullwinkle actually had an explanation for that: given that their series was canceled in 1964, their little cartoon world was literally frozen in time - with the exception of satiring corporate development and pollution, Frostbite Falls and its citizens were pretty much stuck in the mid-60s, so when Rocky and Bullwinkle were brought into the real world, they were out of place because they hadn't experienced the rest of The '60s, The '70s, The '80s, or The '90s (that and cartoon characters just don't age). Now, The Brady Bunch is more or less grounded in reality (not Reality TV, but their universe takes place in a real live action world), but how is it that the Brady clan are not only stuck in their 70s ways in The '90s, but none of them aged at all during that 20 year span?
    • I don't think the 90s movies were canon with the TV series. They were just spoof movies poking fun of the Tastes Like Diabetes nature of the series.
    • The most plausible explanation is that the Bradys time traveled without being aware of it, as well as Rule of Funny.
  • As much as I liked The Brady Girls Get Married, why was Carol insisting Jan wait to get married until Marcia was? You'd think that sort of thing wouldn't matter anymore in the early 80s, and Jan was a grown woman. And Carol was never that old-fashioned in the TV series.
  • In the episode where Cindy was being bullied, why was there no effort to get school officials involved? Kids have to follow school rules while going to and from school so usually part of dealing with bullying is a trip to talk to the principal. That never made sense to me.
    • To those of us who grew up in the 80's or earlier, that made perfect sense. Bullies were your problem until you dealt with them or one of you moved. Getting parents or school officials involved would just make it worse. Though, occasionally, a gym teacher might hand each of you a pair of boxing gloves and tell you to sort it out now.

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