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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 4 E 5 Cyrano De Brady

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Tropes present in this episode:

  • Adorkable: Peter is at the height of this trope when he tries to woo Kerry.
  • Bad "Bad Acting": When Carol watches – from the kitchen, unknown to Greg or Marcia – a "bad soap opera" unfold in an attempt to scare Kerry off.
  • The Casanova: Greg and his reputation for being the "Casanova of Clinton Avneue." It nearly backfired on him when a girl who was in junior high tried to win Greg's heart. note 
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  • I Can Change My Beloved: Kerry, when Jan feeds her the lie about Greg being a total scumbag.
  • Love Letter: Peter writes an especially gooey, romantic one for Kerry...and forgets to sign his name.
  • Middle Child Syndrome: Peter suffers a bit of this when Kerry remembers things about Greg and Bobby during her visit to the Brady house...but not about him.
  • Playing Cyrano: What this episode was all about.

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