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YMMV / The Brady Bunch S 4 E 5 Cyrano De Brady

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  • Fair for Its Day: The plot Greg (along with Marcia) hatch to scare Kerry off, in an effort to point her toward Peter ... this after Kerry gets the wrong idea that Greg was trying to ask her out and was using Peter to be his Cyrano. Here, Mike and Carol aren't exactly happy but agree to let things pass because things worked out; today, both Mike and Carol would be outraged at Greg for what could be seen as predatory behavior (Greg, a high school junior, coming onto a seventh-grader who might not yet have reached her 13th birthday(!)), and that simply explaining things to Kerry, or asking for help if Kerry still remains confused (from either Mike and/or Carol, or Kerry's parents) would have been the proper way to handle the situation. Marcia — and Jan, too, when she explains that Greg is a complete scumbag — would also have gotten yelled at for helping aid the scheme.

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