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Recap / The Brady Bunch S 4 E 21 Youre Never Too Old

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This sentimental episode of The Brady Bunch — "You're Never Too Old" — focuses mainly on the chemistry between Robert Reed and Florence Henderson, who in their dual roles play Judge Hank Brady (Reed), a cranky old gent who has remained active in law well into his late 80s) and Connie Hutchins (Henderson), who — visiting from Kentucky — is spry and sweet despite her also being in her late 80s.


Both of their first spouses have passed on, and Marcia and Jan overhear that Connie (their great grandmother) may be looking for a good man with whom to spend her last years. They suggest Hank, and the rest of the episode is spent trying to make this seemingly incompatible couple compatible. Things seem to be moving in the right direction ... until sparks fly during a romantic dinner at the Bradys.

The kids try to reconcile Hank and Connie, but both resist until a chance meeting at the park ... thanks to the kids. Both realize they spoke in haste and decide to give each other a second chance. The next morning, both Hank and Connie sneak out of the house — they're eloping to Las Vegas, and in the windup they update the family about their honeymoon via postcards.


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