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I hope you're satisfied with what you've done, Paul. You've proved to me that you really don't care about the well-being of Pokémon. I always thought to myself that way deep down, you cared about Pokémon, and you really did want to be friends with them, but now I see. I see that you really do only see them as tools, and I've never met any trainer that was as cruel to Pokémon as you. ... I was there when Brandon swept you, using only Regirock, Regice, and Registeel to do it… you wanna know how I beat him, Paul? I beat him because my Pokémon didn't know the meaning of the word quit, they refused to let me lose because they cared about me, and they knew that I cared about them. And until you learn that, you'll never be a true winner like Brandon, no matter how strong you get.
Ash Ketchum to Paul, AAML: Diamond and Pearl Version

Philemon: [to the Velvet siblings] You have performed your duties admirably and without falter. But to treat your guests as family, to participate in things such as this... You are not human. It was never intended for any of you to live as if you were.
Minato: What right do you have to say that? You've done nothing for us. All you did was give us powers and expect us to figure things out. We did everything on our own, and you're showing up now to tell us that our bonds and our choices were wrong? Look at what happened. The Velvet Room is meant to be your proxy, but you didn't even step in when it was compromised. They had to live with us for three years, while the Phantom Thieves got even less help than we did! This is the same reason that Kurusu-kun was angry with us; showing up in the aftermath and judging us when we had to make do with the help we had.

Buffy: Thousands of people are dead because of what you've done, Jasmine.
Jasmine: And how many more will die now because of you and your friends? I could've stopped it. All of it. War, disease, poverty... every last wretched drop of suffering. Children would have grown up healthy and strong, with families full of love and harmony. Peace spreading around the world like a wondrous, precious sea wave. How many precious, beautiful lives would've been saved in only a handful of years? Yes, I murdered thousands... to save billions.
Angel: What about all the lives that you destroyed along the way to getting what you wanted? Are you saying their lives were less precious than the people you claimed you wanted to save? Who the hell gave you the right to decide who lives and dies?
Jasmine: I did! I'm not human, vampire — so don't try to treat me as one! I did what I did because someone had to! I was trying to save this world!
Buffy: No. You were trying to rule it. And you weren't going to let anything stop you. You think we don't get it? It didn't matter to you whose lives you wrecked, or who you killed. There's nothing selfless about that... it's just ruthless. And sick. And evil. You so-called gods and higher powers are all the same; you're a bunch of selfish dirt-bags who don't care about anything but yourselves!
Jasmine: I am nothing like Glorificus!
Buffy: No. You're worse. Glory was an insane maniac and an evil bitch, but you know what? At least she never pretended to be anything else. She was a hellgod, it woulda been crazy of us to expect her to act any other way. But you, Jasmine? A higher power? One of the Powers that freakin' Be? For you to fall so far and act so low, to betray everything you're supposed to stand for... that's what makes you a monster!

Willow: You're insane.
Amy: No! No, no, no, you want to know what's insane? Insane is letting other people tell you your place in the world when you could be running it. I spent my whole life letting my bitch of a mother run my life, and most of high school being everyone's punching bag, and now that I have the power, I'm going to make damn sure that nobody is going to step on me ever again! Warren was right. I have been watching you. I saw that fight you had with your friends in the Magic Box last year. You took the Slayer, the baddest chick in the underworld, and you beat her ass. You wiped the floor with her. It wasn't even close. And then you nearly blew up the planet? For a second, I thought you were finally going to step up to the big time. To stop denying your real power, the real you.
Willow: That's not who I am. That's not the real-
Amy: Yes it is! You have all this power, more than you deserve. And now that you have it, you — you don't even want it. You're running from it. Hiding! Holding back, playing by other people's rules, letting others tell you what you should be. People like you and I, we aren't meant to be controlled, Willow. People like us, we're above everyone else! Rules don't apply to us, we should be making the rules.
Willow: You're wrong. We're not above the law, Amy. We — we can't just go around killing people whenever we want!
Amy: Oh? And how'd that work out for you. You tried it Buffy's way. You went to college like a good girl, did the Dudley Do-Right shtick, played by their rules, and what happened? You knew Warren was dangerous. You had the power to get rid of him when he was going after Buffy, hell, maybe part of you knew you should have gotten rid of him. But you didn't. All that power at your fingertips, and you did nothing. You just stood by, and your best friend ended up with a bullet in her chest. And what happened to Tara? The woman you loved died bleeding in your arms, drowning in her own blood. You could have saved her if you had acted sooner, but instead, your insistence on playing by these rules... cost Tara her life. Hell, you might as well have pulled the damn trigger yoursel-
Willow: SHUT UP!
Amy: [chuckles] Same old Willow. Trying to pretend that you can be a normal girl, but you're not. You haven't changed. All this power, and you're still just the sidekick to the Slayer. Still hiding behind Buffy's skirt, just like in high school.

Barbara: Do you know what my son did on his fifth birthday?
Walter: No—
Barbara: Ate cake. And cried. Especially when his friends left. Because his father walked out the door on his fifth birthday, and never came back. Then, he took care of his mother. His first attempt to cook dinner set the kitchen on fire. But he got better. When I was working through med school, and then my internship, he cooked for me. He helped keep the house up. Because between work, medschool and trying to understand why my husband left me because I was 'getting too clingy', I was a shitty mother who could barely cook for myself. The fact that we still have this house, that I'm a doctor instead of an assistant pharmacist at Walmart—that's as much Jim as it is me. And it cost him, because believe me, when he was five, he had a lot more friends than just Toby.
Walter: I—
Barbara: Before this year, I would have sooner mistrusted myself than I would have Jim. And then he turns into a burgeoning juvenile delinquent. Someone I don't recognize, and then, when it's too late, and he might be dying somewhere I can't get to, I find out it's because he's become a chosen one… And You. Used. Me. Against. My. Son. When I should have been supporting him, I was yelling at him. When he needed me, I was looking at him like I was disappointed in him. And then, when he turned against you, you tied me to yourself with that damned ritual, while you were in my house, smiling at me, wooing me, so that you could use me as a human shield against my son. Tell me, Walter, if there had been a way to break the connection, to leave me dying in Trollmarket, and you free to flee, safe from Rot, from Jim, from Gunmar... What would you have done?

Actually, you're right. If anything, you're worse than Gothel. You have ruined many of the lives you once swore to protect. You bullied and threatened and coerced a boy barely older than a child into doing your bidding, like some black hearted villain from one of Rapunzel's books. Is this the destiny of greatness you've sought after all your life?? How long will it be until you lose your cool entirely and lash out? All it takes is one moment—one mistake, one lapse in judgment, one outburst—to end up killing someone. What if Varian attempted to stop you with one of his inventions? Would you be able to control yourself from ripping his father apart while he was helpless to do anything but watch? Or how about Eugene? He's going to make his move, sooner or later. What will you do if you catch him trying to take back Rapunzel? Let me guess—you'll either tear him to shreds with black rocks, or incinerate him with the Sundrop. Or maybe you'd kill him slowly, making him die just a little bit every day, until there's nothing left of who he used to be?

You've become so twisted over the past year, letting Zhan Tiri warp and manipulate you like putty. She's convinced you that anger is the only way to get what you want, and now the only thing you can feel anymore is anger and rage and hate. And now that you got what she told you you wanted, you're nothing more than a mindless beast trying to piece back together the fragments of what it is to be human. If you don't stop this madness soon, it will only lead to more suffering.

You can't deny it, nor deny me, forever. Rapunzel will suffer most of all, watching you spiral deeper into the pit you've dug yourself into. She'll cry and plead and beg on her hands and knees for you to stop, but you won't stop, will you? You'll take away everyone and everything from her until she has nothing left, in the hopes that one day she will look at you the same way she looks at Eugene. But you know that will never happen. She'll just become an empty husk, numb and mute, unable to cope with the fact that her best friend has ruined her life and has become a fucking monster. And by that time she won't even resist when you crawl over her limp body and use her for your own sick desires. She'll just lie there and take it, without so much as a 'no, please stop' or 'don't, you're hurting me'. Because who can stop you? One day you will walk into this very room and find her strung up with her own hair, used as a noose to end her miserable life and to get away from you. Her blood will be on your hands, and there won't be a damn thing you can do to save her!
Cassandra, to Cassandra, Darkest Destiny

Jason: So disrespectful. My name should be called with awe and worship!
Rikku: "Awe and worship?!" I think you mean "contempt and derision!" God damn it, of all the useless, sub-human, selfish, greedy Greek "heroes," why the hell did our enemy have to be Jason?!
Jason: —Hah?
Rikku: What, are those slabs of cartilage on the sides of your head just for decoration?! Ah, wait, I forgot: Of course they are! You probably never listened to anything anyone tried to tell you if it wasn't exactly what you wanted to hear. You never worked a day in your f*cking life! In fact, you make Blackbeard look like an upstanding hardworking citizen! In order for you to be king, Hera first set things up so you'd be given a task from the uncle that usurped the throne, and then gathered the Argonauts. Throughout the whole voyage, all of the great feats that you took credit for were done by the Argonauts, not you! In Colchis, you couldn't even be bothered to try the tasks the king gave you! In fact, Hera arranged things with Aphrodite so that the king's daughter, Medea, would be compelled to love you. Because of that, she helped you steal the Fleece. She even killed her own brother for you! And how did you thank her?! When she was of no further use to you, you told Medea that she didn't deserve any thanks from you, because Medea's love for you was due to Aphrodite, and you threw her away! You're no hero. Hell, you're not even an anti-hero. You're just scum! You never should have left a mark on history, but the gods favored you! Honestly, I bet the reason they favored you was because they were bored, and decided they wanted to watch a comedic tragedy! (smirks) Death is too good for the likes of you! If I could, I'd rip you to pieces with my bare hands. Slowly. Starting with your toes and fingers, and make you watch the entire time.

I'm a liar, Madame?[...]And what about you, Madame? Have you been honest with your associates? I mean, you took Jasmine under your wing without much deliberation, didn't you? You've trained her, brought her into your trust and made her think you as a friend, a mentor...Does she know what waits at the end of the line? You've made cattle of her, Athena. You've fattened her up for slaughter and you're not even sorry about it. The difference between you and me is that I admit I'm a sociopathic liar. Do you?"
Ovard Grim, Halloween Unspectacular: The Final Push

Let me see if I get the grand scheme here, "Benjamin Button". The Jerrys thought that if I purged all my souls I wouldn't have my #LifeHack, and at least one of you could kill me. So when the "very fine people" of the Nazi military, those KKK-lookin' sons of bitches, and Alexander motherfucking Anderson couldn't do the job, you thought the guy.
Alucard to Walter, having just knocked him down, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged

Voldemort: Now, boy, we duel. Bow to me — bow to death.
Terry McGinnis: Death? You? Don’t make me laugh; the loss of blood has me light-headed enough already. Voldemort. Fly from death. That’s you in a nutshell. Look at you — all this talk about your power and glory, and you’re skulking around graveyards challenging kids to duels! You needed another one just to rebuild your body! And these are your mighty army? All thirty of them? That’s not even a challenge for the off-duty faculty at Hogwarts during classes! You’re a joke, and not even a funny one. Oh, you call yourself the master of death, but the truth is you’re afraid of it. You really live up to your name, running from death so fast it looks like you’re flying, and bragging about how brave you are so that maybe someday you might actually convince yourself. Well, guess what, sunshine — it won’t work. You can sucker these idiots, because they want to believe that you’re some all-powerful Dark Wizard so that they have an excuse to be a bunch of petty, vindictive shits, but you will always know the truth. That when it comes right down to it, you’re just a cowardly brat trying to punish the world for not being what you want. For not letting you be the Greatest Wizard of Them All, but making you be the nobody you are.

Go ahead, Trixie. Do your worst. Tell everyone that I’m homeless, I don’t care. I won’t be intimidated by you. Do whatever it is you want to make my life miserable. Just remember: I’ve been where you are now. Stealing and blackmailing? That makes you no better than what I was. So take a good, hard look in the mirror before you do what you’re going to do. If you can live with being compared to me, then by all means, rat me out. I’m sure Artemis would be proud.
Sunset Shimmer, Long Road to Friendship

Stop right there, Chloe Bourgeois. For years I put up with your behavior because I was convinced that you would eventually change your ways. But sadly, I now see that is not the case. Do you know what I see when I look at you? I see a stuck-up, self-absorbed, conceited prick who cares about nobody but herself. You’re not really my friend. You’re just using me to make yourself look good. A true friend is honest, generous, loyal, kind, and always happy to put a smile on someone’s face when they are feeling down. Sadly, you fulfill none of those requirements. And you think you can excuse yourself by saying that your father is the mayor of Paris? Well, get a load of this: your father can’t stay in office forever, so sooner or later, you will have to learn what life is like at the bottom of the food chain. I really had high hopes for you, but you’ve let me down, so consider. Our. Friendship. OVER!!

Raiden: Why are you here, Fujin?
Fujin: It is not too late to put an end to this madness, Raiden. Please, I do not wish for us to be enemies.
Raiden: Madness? Why can you not understand, Fujin? I am merely trying to protect Earthrealm!
Fujin: By maiming and murdering innocents? Sub-Zero lies in a coma while Frost and her fellow survivors were fortunate to be alive. Some of them were children no more than thirteen or fourteen years of age! Cassandra Cage is a hero! She defeated Shinnok, yet you reward her valor by taking her hostage? You are not protecting Earthrealm, Raiden, you are further endangering it! You are no better than Shinnok and Shao Kahn!
Raiden: [Suddenly SHOUTING!] Do not compare me to those madmen! They cared only for themselves whereas I have always had Earthrealm's best interests at heart!
Fujin: Terrorism is not the answer, Raiden! Neither is kidnapping or murder! Do you not understand the atrocities you have committed? You swore to keep Earthrealm safe at all costs, only to become a threat to its safety!
Raiden: You are all against me, then? So be it. I will keep Earthrealm safe, even if I must kill every single one of you to do so.
Fujin: Then the Raiden I knew is truly dead!

No, Cardin. It's not about my friends; neither about you insulting them or calling them pets... though, admittedly, that does have me a smidge irritated with you. [grits his teeth] Yang doesn't need me to protect her from you, Cardin. Neither does Tsu, or my team, or anyone! They don't need me to stand here and protect them from you... they could kick you to the curb on their own. They choose not to because they're better than that.. It's not even because you tried to target me Cardin... I've had worse things said about me and if I can still try to help Kacchan despite everything that's happened between us, I could let something like this slide off my back... It's not about any of that; that's not why I'm going to kick your ass to the curb, Cardin! It's because of your lack of respect! Not for me, not even for my friends... but for this school and for the Hunter's profession itself!

I've worked so hard my entire life to be here, Cardin. I've put everything I had into making it here to Beacon... even when I thought it was impossible, when I thought it'd never happen. I made it though... in spite of everything I made it. [fights back the tears building in his eyes] I couldn't have been luckier... I couldn't have given it anymore than I could've. However, that was enough. By the skin of my teeth, I made it.

[narrows his eyes at Cardin] You though? You were born to be a Huntsman, Cardin. You're strong and powerful, a naturally gifted fighter... you were made to be here. Beacon was probably happy to have you! A great potential Hunter to add to their ranks... and... and you waste it. Here you are messing around, dragging your teammates into some stupid scheme that could cut your careers short just because you want to try and beat me up for some slight to your pride? You'd face expulsion not just for that, but so that you'd be free to try and mess with the hopes and dreams of other people who want to be here, who want to be Hunters, by bullying and berating them! Worse than that... you've actively tried to sabotage Kacchan's chances of becoming a Huntsman, something he's wanted for as long as I've known him...

[Izuku's gaze turns into a Death Glare] So yeah, Cardin... we're going to fight man-to-man. We're going to fight in front of Port... and then when I'm done with you, I expect you to stop. You won't hurt or harass my friends or anyone else ever again. You understand?

Sasuke: I don't need your pity. [begins to walk away]
Kakashi: So you want to go back to the Academy, Uchiha? Konohagakure does not need weak shinobi who get themselves and their teammates killed, Sasuke-kun, and that is exactly as you would become if you walk away now. You will go back to the Academy with a note in your files, 'Does not work well with others.' You will certainly get no training from me. And you will keep returning, with the same message to each teacher, from every jonin I know who is competent enough to train you well, because we'll all see the same thing. Until you finally get someone who has no idea what you have suffered and decides to keep you in their team even if your team suffers for it, out of pity. And then, you will know more suffering, more regret, more pity, because you will become a magnet for death. Your own callous, uncaring nature will make you and those around you suffer. Allies will die because they believe they cannot ask you for help, and the survivors will pity you for your loss. Potential friendships will die, because after being rebuffed too many times, people tend to give up and find other friends, and those lost friends and allies will look on you with pity when you walk by. Right now, you go home to silence, but you are not alone yet, because you have been surrounded by others and forced to interact with them in the Academy setting. You will not know loss until you realize you have not spoken for a week and nobody cares because they think of you as an object of their environment instead of a human. And then, you'll die. Maybe you'll refuse help as you take on a foe stronger than you. Maybe you'll snap and chase after your brother before you are ready, and get slaughtered by someone powerful enough to slay your entire clan. Maybe you'll live a long and dull life of failure before having a heart attack at home and dropping dead, unnoticed and unlamented until someone happens to sense the smell of your rotting body and contacts the authorities out of pity for the poor old man who had no one to care for him. In none of these cases do you get your revenge. In all of these cases, you fail to revive your clan. Those schoolgirls who crush on you now in that annoying way eventually grow into women who know better than to waste their time. No children, no future, and the Uchiha clan dies with you. On the path that you are currently on... you will fail at everything you claim you want.

Hitomi: Brother, Sean was right! You can't lead! Every time you try to lead, you panic and things just get worse! Not only that, you're a selfish jerk!
Daisuke: Hitomi! What has gotten into you?
Hitomi: I've seen what Sean was talking about! I wish I had never followed you!
Daisuke: Hitomi, this is crazy talk! What's going on? Listen to me. You're coming with me!
Hitomi: No, you listen to me! I'm tired of you always telling me what to do! I don't care about family loyalty anymore, I want to be like Maria and be my own, independent woman! For once, I am not going to do what you tell me! We should never have split with the others! We need them!
Daisuke: We don't need them! If we need them, then our dignity as Japanese citizens is gone!
Hitomi: DON'T BRING NATIONALISM INTO THIS! Nationalism has no place here! The Zordonians are a bigger threat than Japanese dignity or whatever you're talking about!
Daisuke: Hitomi, what are you—
Hitomi: I don't want to be part of something if I can't be with my friends! Sean, Kevin, and Maria were my friends! And you took that away! I know this is going to sound wrong but... I HATE YOU! YOU'RE A SELFISH, SPOILED JERK! Your selfishness nearly got us killed, could have killed Sean, Kevin, and Maria, and possibly doomed the planet!

"When I was a young child, my uncle made me learn the beorc language. In the beginning, I had much trouble with it, but in the end, I learned to speak it well. Some of the words were particularly hard to understand... words that don't exist in nature. Words for things that can't be touched, like 'kingdom' and 'fealty' and 'law'... words that are called 'abstract'. Those were the words I struggled with. Among those abstract words, there was one that I've never understood for many years. Its meaning eluded me, and after a while, I suspected that the word had no meaning at all. But eventually, I was proven wrong. The word was 'evil'. There are many words to describe a beorc or a laguz of whose actions you don't approve. Prideful. Greedy. Ignorant. Reckless. Vengeful. Power-hungry. Murderous. For each of these words, I have met people who could be described by them. Several of them have been used to describe me.

Three years ago, when Ranulf returned from the war against King Ashnard, I asked him everything about it — because I had wanted to be there and prove my strength! He told me many stories, about the war and the fighting. About Ike and Ashnard and even about you, Queen of Crimea. But there was one story that stood out the most: The story about the Feral Ones. He told me of laguz who had been twisted completely, driven insane by torture and poison. Laguz who had forgotten who they were, and were being used by Daein to fight their former friends. I didn't believe him at first, not until Giffca and others confirmed his story. That's how I learned about evil. There are many reasons to destroy a man's body... honor, anger, vengeance, war. But destroying a man's mind and soul, turning them against the ones he loved... that is true evil. And that is what you have done. You destroyed Ike's mind. You made him kill his friends and family. That cannot be forgiven."
Skrimir, Queen Of Sorrow

Artana/Nilani: You cannot bring about true freedom by destroying governments from the outside, Zaheer. Only by winning the hearts and minds of the people, willingly, can the world return to its natural state. But you know what? That's not the worst of it. No, no, you sealed your fate just before assassinating the queen.
Zaheer: [rolls his eyes] Really.
Artana/Nilani: You gave us [The Red Lotus] a name, Zaheer. You named us. For fifty years, no one knew we even existed, but after you chose to show off to the Avatar, people started asking questions. The right questions. We could have issued in a new era of balance if you'd kept your fucking mouth shut!

You have some nerve to call yourself a teacher. All I see is a demented woman, one with no artistic talent of her own. So she has to take all the artists around her as her own pawns. Simply pathetic.
Inner Moka to Hitomi Ishigami, Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act IV

Moka: You arrested us. You took us away and scheduled us for execution just because we were monsters. We didn't want to cause any trouble. We didn't want anyone to get hurt. We only came to try to help, but you wouldn't listen to us. We didn't want to hurt you yesterday, but you gave us no choice. We had to free ourselves from being wrongfully imprisoned and accused of being enemies of mankind. Yes, we did harm and even kill some of the HDA when we broke out of your jail. We didn't want to, but we had to. You wouldn't listen to us. You wouldn't even try to understand. You just blamed us for everything because we were monsters and you were scared! We wanted peace with your race, and still do. But tell me honestly, did you want peace with us? Did you? Were you even willing to give us a chance, or does us being monsters automatically mean we're the devils? We told you that we would deal with monsters that were out of line, just as you deal with your own kind who cause trouble in your world, but the moment a monster acts out, you all jump to the notion of war! We risked out lives to help save you, to save all of you, and you still think we're nothing but horrible monsters! We exposed ourselves to you, told you everything you wanted to know about us. We wanted to live in peace with you! But the second a rogue monster causes a scene, you blame all of us! You're unbelievable! We put an end to Fairy Tale! We stopped Alucard! We killed those that destroyed your school and city! My friend here even just shot that massive demon out of the sky by means that I can't even begin to fathom! What do we have to do to prove to you that we aren't evil?!
Render: You know what? I was going to say sorry about having to kill some of your comrades the other day. I mean, hey, I didn't want to dice them into pieces. They were just trying to kill me and my smoking hot girlfriend, so of course I wasn't going to take that lying down. But it's obvious that none of you are sorry about the way you've been treating us or are even willing to listen to us. Our friend here just obliterated that demon above for you and you're aiming your guns at her again. The hell kind of manners is that?
Mizore: You people are more of monsters than we are. You won't even give us a chance just because we're different; you think we're all the same. I could have used lethal force earlier while trying to help my friends escape the real evil monsters that were here when your police tried to shoot us. They didn't even ask questions or try to detain us; they tried to kill us on sight. But I didn't kill them. They're alive, and aside from having a few bruises, they'll be just fine.
Leon: We stopped the monsters who were running around here causing havoc, but I guess that means nothing to you, does it?
Akasha: I put an end to several large demons in your city, and this is the thanks I get? I see mankind's manners haven't changed in all these years.
Moka: The HDA has been nothing but a barrier in any efforts to forming peace with you people; they treat all monsters as absolute evils regardless of their nature. I've laid my life on the line for your kind, and this is what I get for it, a gun to my face and accusations of being a plague in your world. I value life, no matter what it may be. Do you? We put a stop to the monster attack in your home. We tried to save as many lives as we could. We've begged you to listen and allow us the chance to explain what happened, yet you still point that thing at me. You want to kill me just because I'm a monster? Can there really be no peace between our worlds? If so, then go ahead and shoot. You won't get an easier shot than this. Just remember that we're willing to give peace a chance, but this monster in the darkness, the one that has attacked both our worlds in his quest for total domination... he will not be so merciful as to give you a similar chance.

Cloaked Figure: That pathetic little Faunus… she should have known better than to bring a child into this war of hers.
Darrel: Don't call me a child. What I've done-
Cloaked Figure: What you've done… is nothing. Your accomplishments are minimal, your skills are lacking. You blunder along, believing that you further your wretched cause… but you're just a boy swinging tiny knives taped to your wrists. You think yourself a warrior… you call yourself a hero… you dub yourself a champion… you are nothing. Nothing, but a child. Nothing, but a coward. Nothing, but a waste. Nothing, but… a failure.

The Nome King: It was all an illusion; the trilobites, the collapse of the palace, your escape and transformation- all just a dream. And I must say, I never imagined you'd remain as foolish and egotistical as you were as the Wizard, but some things never change, do they.
Oscar Diggs: You… you did all that just to torture me?
The Nome King: Not entirely; I was a little bit curious to see what would happen if you had the chance to set things right, to see how you would react in seeing a version of yourself who'd lived a more worthwhile life- by your standards, anyway. I wanted to see what would happen if you were to bump into a man who'd had the family you'd always wanted, who'd been a father to Elphaba when she dearly needed it. In fact, I was actually going to let you take his place if all went well, and let you spend the rest of your life in a dream while your body withered and died. Yes," he added gleefully, "You were within seconds of my mercy. And you failed: you killed your other self and your daughter- again, and not long after you tried to stalk them home, no less. So the study did have some very interesting results.
Oscar Diggs: And what are those?
The Nome King: Quite simply, you want to be punished; in that illusion, you had every opportunity to keep Elphaba safe without having to barge into her personal life. You could have been her invisible bodyguard, protecting her against the lions and tigers and bears and so forth; and from there, you could have actually been her father! You could have had a chance to erase your mistakes, even if the chance was only an illusion. But, to put it lightly, you blew it. You killed your other self without even bothering to find out who he was, and you murdered your daughter for the second time in almost as many years. Congratulations. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that, at heart, you're a masochist. So, if it's any comfort, allow me to assure you that, barring the remote possibility of me finally regaining an atom of mercy, you are now the single inhabitant of a Hell without end.

Azulon: Sit back down! Tell me that you were not actually going to go and do it! Kill your own son?
Ozai: ...No.
Azulon: Just—what—gah—what the—AAAGGH!
Ozai: What did you want, Father?
Azulon: I wanted you to beg and grovel for your son's life, to ask me to take yours instead if I was so pissed, to challenge me to an Agni Kai, to panic, to try to kill me before word could leave this room — something a human being would have done when his children were threatened! I have no idea what happened to turn you into a monster, and that's probably my fault for never being around, but you are no longer my son. You will leave my house, leave your family, just... leave. I'll give you a week before I tell anyone you've been banished; that ought to give you enough time to get clear of the Fire Nation before people start looking at you and whispering. Perhaps when Iroh gets back, he can fix whatever the hell it is you've been doing to Azula. Get out of my sight; you sicken me.

Stop. Just stop right there, Celestia. You've embarrassed yourself enough. I let you speak because I was willing to give you a chance to prove me wrong about your relationship with Twilight, but you've done nothing but disappoint me! You haven't told me anything I don't already know, and you clearly can't take a bone when it's thrown at you! Why do you hardly ever see her on your own time anymore? Why does your faith in her seem to be off and on? Why can't you just be open with her? Because your image is more important than anything you care about?! If you do care about her, Celestia, you have a funny way of showing it. You still think that, despite everything, you and Twilight share something special? I believe you had some good words of wisdom for this kind of situation. How did they go again? Oh yes, I remember:'' You have a lot to think about.

I made a promise to to a human I loved named Maria. I forgot that promise and I nearly wiped out an entire race because of it. You despise humans... and yet a human taught me the most valuable lesson of all; there are still things worth fighting for. Demon or Angel, it doesn't matter. I'm nobody's slave, Maledict, especially not yours.
Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic X: Dark Chaos

We're not the one's hurting your daughter. We're the ones she flees to when you hurt her and then you shift all the blame onto us because you can't handle the idea that you're not even close to being a perfect mother for your less-than perfect daughter due to your fragile ego having been desecrated by a less-than amicable divorce leaving you with no alimony or child support to be a single mother caring for a daughter who is incredibly ungrateful for everything you claim to do despite the fact that you're so unsupportive of her happiness that she fled all the way to New Jersey to escape from you breathing down her neck every waking second because she fears the idea that you'll always be there to shoot down her goals and eventually leave her as as much of a train wreck of a mother and person that you have become!
To say that we are the ones responsible for your daughter hurting is the exact same thing as saying that the hospital is the reason your daughter is sick! The ones who tell you about a development are not always the ones to blame for the development in question! You have the single largest hand in your daughter's debilitating self-esteem issues, as you are her mother, and are subsequently responsible for the character she has become! And what you have worked on for over eighteen years of your eternally meaningless - nay - detrimental life, is a train wreck of a Butterfree whose only solace is everything she has worked towards behind her mother's back. You are an embarrassment to everyone who has ever considered themselves a parent, or wants to be a parent. Bloody hell, I bet you only had her out of wedlock.
The Absent Coder, to HP's Education Mama, SOSchip

Do you have any idea what it's been like trying to lead you people!? You ignore all of my strategies, you adamantly refuse to work together, and then you blame me FOR All OF YOUR PROBLEMS! [...]*sigh* I tried, you know. Lord knows I tried...but there's just no helping you people. It's like you crave death. But not just any death, noooo. You fuckers seem to have some sort of pool going, to see who can end their existence in the dumbest, most avoidable way possible! And you just keep one-upping each other!
Heathcliff to everyone inside SAO, Sword Art Online Abridged

Oh, will you shut up?! I’m so sick of this! All you ever talk about is your Saiyan pride! How you were meant to be the strongest, how you were meant to be better than me! That’s the craziest thing, Vegeta, you were stronger than me! I had to multiply my strength four times to be stronger than you, and I still needed Gohan, Krillin, and Suno’s help to beat you! But I didn’t let it bother me! You wanna know why? Because I never took anything for granted! I never just assumed that I was the best! I’m glad Freeza blew up our stupid planet! Because otherwise, I might have grown up to be a coward like you! ...What else would you call it? What would you call it when the second life goes any way other than exactly how you think it’s supposed to, you start to have a crisis? What do you call it when your life is validated by being strong enough to do whatever you want and falling apart when suddenly that changes? (points to the Majin tattoo on Vegeta) What do you call taking the easy way out when things got hard? … Do you want to know why I let you live? Not just because you were strong. Not just because I wanted to fight you again so that I could prove I could beat you on my own. But because somewhere, deep down, I knew that you could have been more than what you were. That there wasn’t that much separating what I could have been from what you were. I wanted to give you the chance to better yourself, to prove me right. But if this is all you are... I should’ve just let Krillin kill you.
Goku to Vegeta after Vegeta lets Babidi Majinize him, Tales of the Monkey Queen

Pearl: I’m sorry.
Ruby: Sorry?! You’re sorry?! You tricked us into fusing and you think sorry is going to fix all of it?!
Sapphire: Ruby!
Ruby: You always do stuff like this! You mess up, you cause problems, you act like your feelings are the only ones that matter, and we’re all just supposed to deal with it!
Sapphire: Ruby, stop it–
Ruby: Rose always told us to just be nice to you, no matter how horrible you were, and why? Because you’re still messed up from the war? We all are! Or no, wait, is it because you're a Pearl and you just don’t know any better? How long is that excuse going to last? You’ve been free for five thousand years - get over it! Rose let you get away with everything, like, like… like some spoiled kid! There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just selfish!
Sapphire: Ruby!
Ruby: What?! Am I wrong? How long have we been putting up with her tantrums and her mood swings and 'I’m special Rose is the only one who will ever get me'? I know you never understood why Rose put up with her either!
Sapphire: That doesn’t mean you can–
Ruby: What, tell her the truth?
Sapphire: This isn’t about Rose, it’s about Sardonyx and–
Ruby: It’s about everything, Sapphire! She always does this! She gets mad at Amethyst for no reason, she yells at Steven for not knowing his own mother, she abuses fusion, and we all just deal with it. I’m sick of it! It’s not our fault she’s broken!
It wasn’t until much, much later that Steven realized Pearl had never tried to defend herself against Ruby’s tirade.

Nanoha: Let Me Get This Straight.... You're telling me that your sole heir was in the habit of walking away from her duties and sneaking not just out of your palace, but your entire country, and making her way down to Earth, because she didn't like the weather?
Queen Serenity: She longed to feel real wind upon her skin and stand under the light of the actual sun, rather than the artificial environment of the moon. She...
Nanoha: And you let her? Serenity was your only heir. You had a responsibility to ensure that she would be ready to take over the throne upon your death. And instead you stood aside and let her neglect her responsibilities and run off to another country on a whim – which she then did frequently enough to pick up a steady boyfriend there. Didn't you ever think about what kind of ruler a girl who routinely skipped out on her responsibilities would make? Didn't any of your advisors mention that to you? Or were they all hoping they would be the real rulers while an incompetent queen sat on the throne? Did you ever consider that a man who would court a princess who frequently neglected her duties on a whim might be someone intending to use her? Regardless of whether or not Endymion was that kind of man, it would have been all too easy for the husband of a queen who was unprepared for that role due to her own neglect to take over the responsibilities of the throne, and the power with it. And that doesn't even go into the fact that you allowed your heir to leave the country without a security detail – several times. And the potential diplomatic consequences that could have erupted if anything happened to her while she was taking an impromptu vacation in another country. I'm not sure which is worse – your daughter's irresponsible actions, or the fact that you allowed them to happen.
Queen Serenity: I was very busy with important matters of state at the time.
Nanoha: When I was born, my father was in critical condition in the hospital. My mother was usually either with him or at work, and my siblings were either in school or working themselves. I spent most of my early childhood alone. Despite that, my parents still managed to teach me to take my responsibilities seriously. Something you failed to teach Serenity.
Queen Serenity: My child...
Nanoha: My mother's name is Momoko Takamachi. Good-bye, Your Majesty.

Hal Jordan: "You are what you are today because you embraced the persona you once expelled from your body, the Predator. Do you know why you expelled him, Carol?"
Carol Ferris: "Because of my emotional conflict over you, Hal Jordan. Acting upon the powers of my sapphire gem."
Hal: "Not entirely. I think you expelled him because he was unfit."
Carol: "Unfit!"
Hal: "That's right, Star. Not just because he was the part of you that had to be hard. God knows, Carol Ferris had that. She couldn't have run Ferris Aircraft all those years and not have had that. The Predator was more than that. He was the part of you that was—dark. Evil. More than an agressor, Carol. He was the being who hated everything Carol Ferris loved."
Carol: "I warn you, Jordan—"
Hal: "No, Carol. I'm warning you. Without the check of compassion, without the ability to love, or give a damn about the people you're supposed to rule, you'll be anything but a queen. You'll simply be a tyrant. That's what the Predator wants you to be, and that's what you're handing him. I could create a mirror here, and show you. As a matter of fact, that's what I'll do."

All you seek is power, Veran. You steal raw power to use as your own and then reap the harvest of the destruction you sow with it. You say that you sought to avenge your fallen people, but in reality all you want is to satisfy your own bloodlust! You claim to be the queen of shadows, but you're really just a monster that crawled forth from them!
Princess Zelda, Bound Destinies Trilogy: Wisdom and Courage

Dru-Zod: This is what our warriors have been reduced to? A bunch of pathetic squabbling children who don't know the meaning of the word discipline.
Aethyr-Zer: Sir we were…
Dru-Zod: Did I give you permission to speak?! You called Kara-El a freak and defective and yet you are the ones I see as defective and useless. If you cannot maintain discipline when you are off duty then you aren't worthy of standing in these halls. You three are dismissed." (to Kara) "Who threw the first punch?
Kara Zor-El: I did.
Dru-Zod: Your father assured me that your genetic flaws would in no way impede you in maintaining military discipline. Perhaps he was wrong and perhaps you should reconsider your place here. You are dismissed.


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