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  • 9: 1 and 8 are both this. 1 is a commanding coward who sends 2 to his death because he is old and weak, while 8 follows his every whim and brutishly mistreats the others, particularly 9. Both are redeemed somewhat: 8, by having the funniest scene in the movie, by getting "high" by putting a magnet to his head, and 1, more seriously, in a Heroic Sacrifice to save 9 and help destroy the Fabricator. Redemption Equals Death in both cases.
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  • Steele from Balto started off as your regular Jerk Jock as he (alongside his gang Katlag, Nikki, and Star) often bullied Balto for being part wolf and was egotistical. Paired with those things, he would constantly try to score a date with Jenna (whom had feelings for Balto) despite showing no interest. He however crossed the Moral Event Horizon when he refused to let Balto help him and the sled dog team with delivering the medicine to Nome, which would've cured the sick children and prevent them from dying. All so he can claim all the glory. Even worse is that he purposely sabotaged Balto's marks which would've helped him and the others get to Nome and when he does return he lies to everyone saying that Balto attacked him. Fortunately, Steele gets his comeuppance at the end once Balto returns.
  • Beauty and the Beast:
    • Gaston is a sexist, rude, controlling egomaniac, and he only gets worse as the movie progresses.
    • The Beast is rude, selfish, bad-tempered, and inhospitable but as he learns to love, he gets much better.
  • Xibalba from The Book of Life, is a Jerkass God who is a Manipulative Bastard and has no problem with tricking innocent people.
  • The Boxtrolls: Lord Portley-Rind. He ignores his daughter, uses funds for a children's hospital to build a wheel of cheese, looks down on everyone including his fellow white hats, and pretty much cares only about cheese. He does indeed care about Winnie and gives up his white hat for her... after thinking it over and trying to weasel out of it.
  • Cars 3:
    • The film's main antagonist, Jackson Storm, is arrogant and disrespectful to the older style racers, considering them to be old and out of date. His first line of dialogue to Lightning in the film is "you have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you" after coming out of nowhere to win a race with McQueen. He also acts arrogant and conceited to racers his own age, as shown when he talks down to Cruz before the Florida 500.
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    • Chick Hicks is also back in a cameo; he now has his own sports talk show, and uses it to demean Lightning at every chance. It's obvious he's still learned nothing from his racing days.
    • Sterling's bad side begins to show over the course of the movie, culminating in him actively trying to prevent Cruz from replacing Lightning in the Florida race, not only because of his bet with Lightning, but also because he doesn't consider her anything more than a trainer. Then he acts as though he was on her side all along when she wins the race, but at that point everyone is just done with him.
  • The citizens of Oakey Oats from Chicken Little. They regularly pummel and ostracize the title character for accidentally telling them the sky was falling, even one year after the incident. They only give him a break when he helps their selfish desires, but turn on him again after the gig is up. Of course, it's only when he saves their useless butts from an alien invasion that they become fully respectful towards him.
  • From Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights, we have Davey Stone, an alcoholic shut-in who is constantly rude and disrespectful to people while obtaining a criminal record. He constantly mistreats Whitey, an elderly man who is sticking his neck up for him when he's about to face jail time. He even sends Whitey into the Despair Event Horizon by cruelly telling him nobody knows he even exists.
  • Frozen:
    • Prince Hans is revealed to be this near the end of the film, as he refuses to kiss Anna, who was dying from a curse. She believed True Love's Kiss will save her, and tries to initiate one with Hans... only for him to pause and say "Oh Anna... if only there was someone out there who loved you.".
    • In A Frozen Heart, it's revealed that Prince Hans' family is abusive towards him, given how his father and brothers often bully and ridicule him for being too weak and failing to meet their high and extremely cruel expectations. It's implied he's only mirroring his family's abrasiveness (as they're known to be violent dictators who run their kingdom with an iron fist), and his decision to do so reveals the self-loathing, clinical depression, and massive inferiority complex he's been hiding for years, making him a Tragic Villain with a Freudian Excuse.
    • The Duke of Weselton is another cold jerkass, as he has a murderously judgmental hatred of magic and sorcery and those who practice them as "monsters", and will kill anyone he believes associated with them. He even has Machiavellian plans to dominate Arendelle's economy, and sends his henchmen to assassinate Elsa once the search party reaches her ice palace. Though in the book "Across the Sea'', he seems willing to be on friendlier terms with Anna and Elsa for this despite his actions in the film.
    • Owing to the way the ice miners treated him in the opening, Kristoff starts out as a misanthrope who argues with Anna and calls her out when she doesn't think things through, especially with regards to her hasty Fourth Date Marriage with Hans. Character Development allows him to get better though, and by the end of Frozen, he becomes very kind, selfless, and polite to contrast with Hans's ruthless personality, and even becomes Anna's boyfriend after Hans turned out to be a mean and selfish man.
  • Captain Smek from Home is egotistical, cowardly, and condescending.
  • Kent Mansley from The Iron Giant is not only smug and condescending towards others, but he's willing to drug and blackmail Hogarth into revealing where the giant is by threatening to take him away from his mother if he refuses. Also, when he inadvertently dooms the city with a missile, he tries to abandon the city to its fate.
  • The Emperor in The Legend of Su-Ling spends the whole movie taking possessions away from his subjects and trying to fix his son up with a suitor. His men bring back a nightingale, which stops singing because it missed its owner, Su-Ling. When he finds out that she can make it sing, he decides to force her to become Chen's bride. He does redeem himself a little by agreeing to change his ways in the end.
  • The Lion King (1994): Even when he's not being manipulative, backstabbing and self-centered, Scar is just plain nasty and unpleasant overall. He tries to eat Zazu for chasing away a mouse Scar was trying to eat, and dismisses his own nephew as a "little hairball." After becoming king by murdering his brother, he's even worse, being perfectly willing to let the Pride Lands go to hell and let all his subjects starve just to preserve his power. He even goes far to threaten to mutilate his own hyena minions when they mention Mufasa's name and physically assaults Sarabi for comparing his rule to Mufasa's.
  • Hal Stewart from Megamind starts out as an ordinary creep, making inappropriate flirtatious moves towards Roxanne, who's his coworker. Turns out to be an egotistical and narcissistic asshole with an entitlement complex and cuts loose the minute any possible reason for him to keep up a nice facade washes away.
  • Mulan: Chi Fu is a chauvinist prick who condemns Mulan with the death penalty once her gender is found out, despite the fact she saved them all from the Hun army in the mountains. He tries this again after she and the others saved the Emperor and all of China from the Huns.
  • Penguins of Madagascar:
    • The Documentary Crew deliberately push some penguins over the side of a cliff despite just stating that the fall will most likely kill them.
    • Classified really likes to twist the knife about how Skipper's plan let Private get captured.
    • Dave is also this as well, blaming the penguins for all of his misery, while it is the humans that mistreated him.
  • Pocahontas: Meeko the raccoon is this to anyone with food (which usually happens to be Percy), stealing it from them without any provocation. He even taunts the victim afterwards. He does do some good things on occasion very rarely does some good things, though, making him a Jerk With A Heart of Gold Silver Bronze.
  • Pitch Black of Rise of the Guardians is polite and has some softer moments, but he is arrogant and spiteful nonetheless and usually talks in mocking, condescending tone.
  • Douche from Sausage Party, who is a figurative and literal douche. He only gets worse after falling off the shopping cart, starting off with raping a helpless juice box to death.
  • Oscar from Shark Tale. He slacks off at work and scams his city in order to get rich and famous. He even thoughtlessly bets his friend's prized heirloom at a seahorse race.
  • Shrek has many:
  • Mike from Sing. Throughout the film, he's arrogant, self-centered, dishonest, and just an all around asshole. The very first thing be does in the film is criticize someone for not giving him a lot of change for his street sax performance, before practically robbing him of all his cash.
  • Wreck-It Ralph:
    • The Nicelanders all treat Ralph poorly despite knowing that wrecking their building is just his job. They don't even invite him to the 30th anniversary party. Gene stands out for being an absolute stuck-up bully.
      Gene: (to Ralph) You're just the bad guy who wrecks the building!
    • Similarly, the Sugar Rush racers (Taffyta in particular) all bully Vanellope for being a "glitch" and even spitefully destroy her cart. Though it's revealed that they were hypnotized by King Candy/Turbo into acting that way and immediately have a Heel–Face Turn after they were re-programmed.
    • King Candy, AKA: Turbo, may act jolly and casual, but in truth, he is a self-centered Glory Hound who tries to keep Vanellope from racing to keep himself the center of attention. In fact, he purposely brainwashed the other racers into brutalizing Vanellope in the first place. Then he tricks Ralph into smashing the cart they made together by claiming it's for her own good. If that wasn't enough, he eventually resorts to trying to murder Vanellope out of spite and is gleeful to take over the entire arcade once he becomes fused with a Cy-Bug.
      King Candy: Because of you, Ralph, I'm now the most powerful virus in the arcade! I can take over any game I want! I should thank you, but it'd be more fun to kill you!

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