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  • James Potter in the fanfic series "Adventures with the Potterz." [1]
  • Lung from the Jackie Chan Adventures fic Queen of All Oni (by the same author as A Shadow of the Titans below), comes across as this, crossing the Moral Event Horizon in his first real appearance by kidnapping Jade and nearly KILLING her with Cold-Blooded Torture in an attempt to break her to his will, even blaming her when it fails! (In fact, his backstory reveals that when he was a child, he hid rocks and sticks around the neighborhood to beat the other kids up with). One reviewer even PRAISED him being Killed Off for Real by Right.
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  • Mercury is just as much an asshole in Ruby and Nora as he is in canon.
  • Agent Ulgrin is a condescending jackass who will kill the Player Chracter if they disobey.
  • Bill, and to a much lesser extent, Lars, takes this title in A Triangle in the Stars. He makes Lars's attitude seem like a "failed bully", at worst. Bill slowly mellows out into a relatively Nice Guy though.
  • Suzano, from the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans fanfic A Shadow of the Titans (and possibly the author's other story, Jewel of Darkness, as a character with the same name and powers appears there as well), is unnecessarily rude towards everyone. At first his hatred towards Jade seems to be pure Fantastic Racism towards her part Oni nature, as he is part Japanese god, but as he is later shown on a team with what appears to be a demon and a ghost, it seems more likely he just uses Fantastic Racism as an excuse to let out his Jerkass tendencies.
    • Gizmo, Commander Hollywood (a HIVE teacher), and Kitten also apply.
  • Ron the Death Eater is when a character is either Flanderized into a Jerkass or more into more of a Jerkass than they were in canon.
  • With Strings Attached has a lot of these: Terdan, As'taris (almost all Baravadans, actually), the Hunter (though he undergoes Character Development), and most especially Jeft. Also, the Dalns gods are Jerkass Gods, though this is only talked about, not depicted.
    • You don't want to know how many Jerkasses now inhabit C'hou in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World. It's basically become a World of Jerkass.
  • The Harmon Verse has a couple of these: The titular protagonist, Jack Harmon, being the biggest offender of them all.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series: Although Calvin Took a Level in Kindness, he still fits this trope.
    • Sherman even more so.
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, the Lemony Narrator definitely qualifies, often insulting the reader while bragging about her own high intelligence, making jokes at the expense of other races, and bashing Celestia whenever she can. But it's all Played for Laughs, given how it's done in such an obvious manner.
  • In The Tainted Grimoire, everyone in Acidwire is this.
  • In the Katawa Shoujo fic Lilly Epilogue: Family Matters, Lilly's father is this, even apart from the canonical Parental Abandonment inflicted on Lilly and Akira for six years. He is incredibly condescending to Hisao and Hanako, referring to them impersonally and making fun of their disabilities. In Hanako's case, he mocks her timidity and asks if she got her burn scars from catching the oven on fire; considering he was warned in advance and the real reason she got them, this is a borderline Moral Event Horizon. He does apologize to Lilly and accept Hisao in the end, though.
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  • In Project Ignition... Adler- a selfish, arrogant... well, Jerkass. He'd be an outright villain if it weren't for his childhood friend, Selene (well, that and it's kind of hard to be a human villain when there's BETA around).
  • In the Saki doujin Captain Half'', Mihoko splits into two people in an attempt to cook for 80 people. Her counterpart is extremely mean, verbally and even physically abusing her teammates. When the coach barges in and complains about the other Mihoko "copying" her, the other Mihoko gives the coach a Death Glare that stops her in her tracks.
  • The Prayer Warriors are by and large not nice people, especially since they're willing to kill anyone who refuses to convert or who engages in behavior they disapprove of, including former friends. However, among them, Michael stands out, since he's fairly rude and short-tempered compared to the others.
    Michael: (after Ebony asks to baptize Hermione) "I will do it women. Do not try and disturb a sacred ritual. I do not want you to ruin it." (Baptizes Hermione) "No go. I don't think you deserve it. I think you are lying. But because Ebony trusts you, I will give you another chance. Now go satanic bitch."
    • Fluttershy of all ponies, is portrayed this way prior to converting to Christianity in "The Prayer Ponies," being shown as an abrasive loner with no interest in talking with others.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Miss T is the most coldhearted of the Conduit's associates, and antagonizes Tiesel frequently. She also threatens to kill her other teammates should they make mistakes.
  • Quite a few of Prince Hans' brothers in Frozen Hearts
    • Harald, captain of the guard, has two of his men dismissed over how they treated Hans, and retaliates by beating him up.
    • Harken has, on at least one occasion, whipped a man so severely he died from it soon afterward. He also plans on whipping Hans, his brother with a cat of nine tails that has shards of glass in it, and is largely motivated by a desire to save face.
    • Hugo is quite lecherous and dismissive of Hans. He and the two aforementioned brothers were said to take part in the game of pretending Hans was invisible, and it's mentioned that, for that reason, "if Hans had been more specific with Princess Anna, he'd have told her how much he hated Hugo".
  • Masher from Vault Hunters Wanted is this trope. Misogynist, racist, and a Serial Rapist to boot, his only redeeming quality is that he takes care of his younger brother Nicholas with the prize money he gets. Even that does not justify the things he did to Aurai, though he himself does not seek redemption at all.
  • The Wolverine and the X-Men fanfic Wolverine and the X-Men: Season 2 has a few. Some are villains, others are just really cruel.
    • Omega Red is introduced taunting his prison warden Althukov about his military past, rubbing in the fact that he and the heads of the Russian government are Not So Different, at least from his point of view. Flashbacks show that he casually committed Unfriendly Fire during his first confrontation with Weapon X by possibly killing several civilians, just before the narrative returns to the present and he escapes during a prison transfer. Before escaping, he cements himself as this by interrogating his warden and rubbing in the fact that his commanding officer made him shoot a deserting friend during the war in Afghanistan (which got Althukov dishonourably discharged and exiled to Siberia for most of his life) before draining him of his life force and leaving him for dead. It's implied that he was somehow involved in Althukov's punishment due to his time in the KGB, to boot.
    • Riptide is an unrepentant Blood Knight and torture technician that takes pleasure from watching Ilyana Rasputin being experimented on, later delighting in trying to stab Maverick with his swords.
    • The unnamed guards in the Pens behave in a rather brutal way, stunning Charles Xavier when he asks for information as to where he is and then destroying his nutrition bar, which is the only food he gets throughout the whole day.
    • The television pundit Stephen E. Garside is not a villain, but stands out as a textbook case of Fantastic Racism with a television show. While he raises a valid point about the threats mutant extremists pose, he is completely unsympathetic when the newly formed Human High Council begin rounding up any mutants shown using their power, even if the power is harmless and the mutant in question is trying to fit in. He deems this to be "progress".
  • The Clockwork Consequence has Trixie, who in her very first appearance makes some rather bigoted remarks towards earth ponies. When her fellow Co-Dragon Applejack overhears this, she is NOT amused, and they would've fought if Pinkie hadn't broken them up.
  • Mercury Black's parents from The Black Hearts fit the quite well. Even one of the tags for the story says, "Merc’s parents are assholes." Not only are they both abusive, they never even have any Faux Affably Evil qualities like the other villains of The Makings of Team CRME.
  • Agent South Dakota from Stress Relief is unquestionably this trope. She belittles the opinions of others even when they're right, tends to get into violent confrontation with others over petty slights, regularly and violently molests Agent Connecticut just as a way of calming herself down, and tries to pin her own failures on others to avoid responsibility. She is worse than her canon counterpart. (At the very least, she wasn't a rapist in canon.)
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.):
    • Dash Baxter remains the unpleasant bully he always is. First, he takes his frustrations with his Summer Vacation being ruined out on Danny, then the next day he's hitting on Danny's date while getting them kicked out of the Hockey game. Later, he and his fellow jocks try to harass him during another date and the day after he and the A-list pester him on another. Each girl he was with at the time end up sharing Danny's dislike of Dash a result.
    • Unsurprisingly, Vicky.


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