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Episode 1:

  • "But what I have doesn't need to be in my Deck! For I have the power of George Michael!" Cue "Flawless (Go to the City)".
  • This Exchange:
    Alexis: Hey, that duel reminded me of my first period! Wanna hear about it?
  • "Poetry is always important!"
  • "Never again am I staying up till four in the morning watching tutorials on how to build a pancake helicopter!"
  • Jaden getting mauled by a dog.
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  • This exchange.
    Crowler: (to Jaden, who is standing in a rabbit-like pose) Will you PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNNY?!
    Jaden: Make me!
    gun cocks

Episode 2

  • This:
    Captain (over pa system): This is your captain. If you look to your left you'll see your home for the next four years, filled with shadow riders, a white dorm, alternate universes and the main character turning inexplicably evil.
    Syrus: Did that guy just ruin 4 whole seasons?
    Captain: Shut up and enjoy the view! And if you look to the right you'll see the bar my wife is a stripper at.
    Guy: Ruined four what now?
  • Meanwhile at the tool shed...
  • The Blind Guy Conversation:
    Syrus: That's the last time we take directions from a blind guy.
    Jaden: Blind guy? I thought he was wearing those sunglasses to look cool.
    Syrus: He had a guide dog!
    Jaden: I thought it was his duel spirit.
    Syrus: No! What the hell is wrong with you?
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  • Your caller can not continue the conversation as they are just too rich
  • Chazz not complimenting Jaden:
    Chazz: I'll admit that you turned it around, but don't take this as a compliment on your skills, but you were absolutely flawless.
    BGM: Absolutely Flawless...
    Chazz: Why does it do that every time I say "flawless?"
    BGM: Absolutely-
    Chazz: SHUT UP!
  • Dinner Time Conversation:
    Obelisk Blue: So, anyway, I got him in a vicelock and killed the bastard!
    Others: Elite-sounding laughter
    Ra Yellow: So, anyway, me and an Obelisk Blue got in a fight with a Slifer Red and we killed the guy!
    Others: "Yeah!" "Awesome!" "High Five!"
    Slifer Red: So we got in a fight today and my friend got killed!
    Others: "Ahhh..." "That sucks." "Did someone take my beans?"
  • Computer: Choosing battle music. (Barbie Girl plays and then stops) I apologize, that isn't my music. I don't know how it got there. My sister came over on the weekend and uploaded her songs into my database. Sincere apologies. I swear to God, I don't listen to that stuff. I like Foo Fighters. They're cool. Choosing new battle music.
  • Hell Bastard and his constant moaning about his father...
    • Which is followed up by his dad's appearance: "Has anyone seen my son around here? Whiny little putz."

Episode 3:

  • The scene in the classroom.
    • "Syrus, sit down, and I definitely did not put a whoopee cushion there."
  • This:
    Guy: We've got a new substitute teacher and she's hot.
    Jerry: The wanna play card games with her kind of hot?
    Guy: The very same.
    Jerry: By card games I mean sex.
    Guy: Shut up Jerry.
  • Syrus. Just Syrus:
  • Meanwhile in the tool shed... At Night! Oooooo.
  • Crowler singing along to the Mission Impossible theme.
    "Breaking this padlock, I'm so sneaky. I'm the bad guy of this series."
  • "You girls better not be holding another male student against his will again"
  • This Call Back
    Jaden: How the hell did I find a boat so fast?
    Crowler: How the hell did he find a boat so fast?
  • Narrator: And so after a ridiculously short duel the Alexis and Syrus shipping began.

Episode 4:

  • Jaden: Get bent Chazz you no good egocentric big tempered money loving Ojama humping butt munching asshole!
    Jaden: You got any other obvious things you wanna point out?
    Syrus: You're a dick.
  • This:
    Crowler: Didya see that Chanceller? Didya? Didya? Didya?
    Chazz: Didya see that Jaden? Didya? Didya? Didya?
    Jaden: I'm dueling you, you fruit cake!
  • Chazz: I've summoned one of the most powerful monsters in the game and there's nothing, NOTHING you can do to stop me Jaden!
    Jaden: I summon Winged Kuriboh!
    Chazz: Uh- b- y- FUCK YOU JADEN

Episode 5:

  • "I'm a Syrus fangirl! Let's pair you up with Chumley!"
  • After Professor Banner nonchalantly reveals he's married to a cat:
    Banner: You don't have a problem with a man and a cat being together do you Syrus?
    Syrus: Of course not. How could I because... I'm gay. Yeah. With Jaden.
    Jaden: Shut up.
    Banner: Good, because I was kidding.
    Syrus: Bastard...
  • "Syrus, we can play state the obvious later..."
  • Shortly, after getting the hell out of there...
  • Jaden tries marijuana:

Episode 6:

Squad Commander: I think you both should be suspended.
Jaden: I think you should shut the hell up.
  • And Later:
    Crowler: You're free to choose any partner you wish to help you.
    Crowler: Good suggestion! Syrus it is!
    Jaden: NO! I don't want him!
    Syrus: You sound like my mother!
  • After an unnecessarily long story about dissecting a worm:
    Crowler: Why the hell did we even accept you?
    Syrus: Fuck you! That's why!
  • "Because that's what friends do, we take advantage of your weakness, and then exploit it to make ourselves feel better. And then, we have the self-confidence to say, "Hey. Syrus. I'm better than you."
  • Jaden's stunned reaction to Syrus traumatizing childhood
  • After their duel:
    Jaden: Who knows? One day you might just thank me.
    Syrus: Thank you?! For what?!
    Jaden: I don't know, but you might just thank me one day.

Episode 7:

  • Jaden: Man I hate these submission forms. Hmm...reasons I want to duel Zane... He's a Douche...and I bet he smells bad too.
  • Syrus hearing Jaden's voice in his head, and including the time Jaden got drunk and thrown out of a bar.
  • "I can smell blue hair! He went this way!"
  • Jaden: He's down here, Chumley! The invisible floating hairball that came from my ass just told me so!
  • Zane: Standing on this pier and watching the sunset makes my fangirls think I have a sensitive side.
  • "Don't you even dare try to run away from me Syrus, you can't win. I've been playing Sonic all day!" (video game sound as he jumps on the "perfect raft") "Holy crap, this raft sucks!"
  • Brotherly Love:
    Zane: Syrus? You droppin' out?
    Syrus: Yup.
    Zane: Sucks to be you.
    • It Sucks to Be You... THE SONG!!!
  • Jaden's lengthy rant at Zane
    Jaden: I'm going to beat you, Zane. Not just for me, not just for Syrus, but for all of the little people who've had their confidence ruined by people like you. You don't care who you walk on. To you, everyone is just an obstacle. Well, you're wrong. It's people like us that have helped you get where you are right now. If it wasn't for us, you would be nothing, and I think it's time that you showed a little respect. And that's what this duel is all about. And another thing - !"
    Zane: Yeah, you lose.
    Jaden: I what?
  • After Crowler reads Jaden's letter...
    Crowler: Why this sounds like a marvelous idea! I'll get this through right away!
    Jaden: Really?
    Crowler: FUCK NO!(rips up the letter)
    Jaden: Oh god why?

Episode 8:

  • Nuts on the Table!
  • After Jaden sets up the duel between Chumley and his dad:
    Syrus: Jaden, I can't believe you just set that up!
    Jaden: Oh come on. Chumley will do just fine.
    Banner: Oh, I wouldn't know about that.
    Jaden: Reaction shot?
  • This bit:
    Jaden: King me.
    Syrus: Jaden, we're playing Yahtzee.
    Jaden: Oh okay, well I wanna buy Mayfair.
    Syrus: What the hell are you talking about?!
    Jaden: Go fish.
  • After Jaden gets too close...
    Jaden: Ow my pancreas!
    Syrus: Take that you friggin' looney!
  • Jaden: What if I kiss you?
  • At the end:
    Jaden: Syrus, what are you doing?
    Syrus: I'm monologueing.
    Jaden: Why are you monologueing?
    Syrus: Fuck you, that's why!
  • We like to refer to this as the 'Jaden Ownage' episode. Remember. Never play 'Nuts On The Table'. Professor Banner required 17 stitches. Syrus had filed for a restraining order. His court case is in October.

Episode 9:

Crowler: Would you like me to sing?
Chazz: Actually, I'd rather stab myself with something cheap. Like a pencil. Or a drawing pen. Or a clea-
Crowler: *cuts him off* Was there something you wanted Chazz?
  • After Chazz asks to be in the tag duel:
    Crowler: That sounds like a marvelous idea, of course I'll put you in the tag duel!
    Chazz: ...Really?
    Crowler: FUCK NO!
  • Crowler singing to the tune of "Staying Alive".
  • The narrator is back:
    Narrator: So to clarify: everytime I say "tool shed", I get a watermelon.
    Guy: (sigh) Yes. Yes, you do.
    Narrator: Good. Then that's one watermelon please!
    Guy: But—! (sigh) Fine.
    Narrator: Okay then, let's do this! Meanwhile, in the tool shed! Hahaha! It's good to be back!
  • "Damn school, studies are everything. I'm generically British in this dub so I'm meant to think that...Yes."
  • The Paradox brothers... out of practice
  • Queen's song "Bicycle" playing when Syrus summons Cycroid.
  • Alexis getting Bastion's name wrong calling him, in order: Batman, Bathtime, Bastard and John
    Alexis: Hey Bastion, look! The episode's over!
    Bastion: Yes it... wait, what?
  • Crowler: {Actual 4Kids Dialogue} Poor little Syrus. He'd be the weakest link on a plate of sausages. Wait...what?
  • Syrus's epic rapping... and Jaden's not so epic rapping. Even better when you consider that Shadyvox actually makes his money with writing and recording songs, including rap. Just google Stronger by Shadyvox, it makes this Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • This:
    Zane: Well, Syrus. Time to see if it really does suck to be you.

Episode 10:

  • Bastion is late
    Coach: What are you, a virgin?
    Bastion: No, I'm British! But I guess it's kind of the same thing.
  • "Okay, who's getting a Crowler bitchslap?!"
  • "Okay! I get it! You have a boner for math!"
  • After Chazz says he's the best:
    Guy: Duh, you're not the best!
    Chazz: Who said that? Who the fuck said that?
    Guy: Duh it was me. (phage yellow arrow pings in)
    Chazz: If it weren't for this freeze frame I'd come down there and kick your ass!
  • Bastion uses his bat to write equations on:
    Jaden: Aaaah, pen and paper is inconvenient because...?
    Bastion: Because I got it from your Momma.
    Jaden: (genuinely shocked)' What?!
    Syrus: Oh no, he di'nt!
  • "Duuuuude, you have so lost your security deposit."
  • After Syrus knocks Jaden off his paint platform:
    Jaden: Syrus! You got paint all over my favorite jacket!
    Syrus: What do you mean, your favorite? It's the only one you wear!
    Jaden: It's still my jacket, asshole!
    Bastion: 'Ello, 'ello! What's all this abou' then?
    Jaden: You stay out of this, limey.
    Bastion: Limey?! How dare you! *punches Jaden*
    Jaden: Ah! Ok. Mild racism. Got it.
  • One Trip to the Hospital Later...
  • The next day. (Beat) Tool shed.
    Ugh. Someone get him a watermelon please.
  • Bastion comes up with 3 points to explain why Alexis throwing his deck in the ocean to clean it makes absolutely no sense.
    1. "When I said I wanted a clean deck, I meant a new deck of new cards."
    2. "Why, why the hell would you clean paper cards with water?"
    3. "Even if you made points 1 and 2 somehow plausible, why, oh God why, would you clean them in the freaking ocean?"
    • And her response?:
    Alexis: Tee hee you have a funny voice!
    Bastion: That's it, I can't take it any more!(reveals dynamite strapped to his chest and explodes.)
  • After another trip to the hospitaltoolshed...
    DAMN IT!
  • "Water water everywhere bitch!
  • Hell Bastard... and brothers! "Hey Bob." "Hey Jerry." "Hey Jim." What's new?" "Oh you know, the usual." "We don't have fatherrrrrs!"
  • After the duel
    Crowler: Congratulations Bastion you beat Chazz. You're promoted to the Obelisk Blue Dorm!
    Bastion: Wh—! Really?
    Crowler: FUCK NO!! Ahahahaha!
    Crowler: Yeah? Well, It sucks to be you!
    Zane: Hey!

Episode 11:

  • Meanwhile, at Duel Acadatoolshed!
    Oh come on, that one didn't count!
  • Chazz: I'm gonna go somewhere where they'll appreciate me! Like Disneyland! Or Hooters!
  • Jaden gives a lengthy speech about how he as Chazz's eternal rival has to go look for him. Syrus's doesn't buy his bullshit one second:
    Syrus: You just wanna skip class again, don't you?
    Jaden: Oh you can read me like a book, let's go!
  • Jaden: Chazz, come out! Stop hiding you no good egocentric big tempered money loving Ojama humping butt munching asshole!
  • Actual 4kids dialogue:
    Jaden: Hey, he's got a duel disk! Either that or a really funny-looking banana.
    Syrus: ...Jaden? Why do I hang out with you?
  • "That's the Magic of TV Convenience!"
  • Jaden: This is exactly the card I need to spank that monkey! Hehehehe.
  • Doc: Oh please, all the monkey did was make a mistake,
    Syrus: What are you talking about? Jaden didn't make a mistake.
    Jaden: (off screen) Oh go to Hell Syrus!!
  • Wheeler's punishment: Playing "Party in the USA" causing him to shriek in terror.
  • Jaden: Talk about bestiality! Heheheh.
  • Jaden: Now give Back Jasmine before I assert my dominance! (Beat) Giggity.
  • "Oh my. Does Banner need to pop a bitch?" "He'll do it! He's got squinty eyes! Run!"
  • At the start of the duel Jaden tries to guess what kind of deck Wheeler would be using, guessing decks that would be fun to duel with. Then Wheeler throws down Berserker Gorilla.
  • Jaden looking all mad while the doc walk past him twice:
    Doc 1: Don't try to stop us. We are scientists, we have the ability to make time paradoxes.
    Doc 2: I agree. That's a very good argument, I think you should pay attention to what he says.
    Jaden: What the hell?
  • This exchange after Wheeler is set free:
    Banner: You do realize you are talking to a monkey.
    Jaden: You do realize I don't care.
    Banner: You do realize I still have the gun.
    (cocks gun)
    Jaden: I'll be good.
  • And of course:
    Banner: Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know that Chazz has left Duel Academy, but chances are he will be back in a couple of episodes in some obvious plot twist only to lose to Jaden again.
    Jaden: Gee, Professor, you wanna reveal the whole freakin' season to us as well?! (boom) Aaaah ahaha ow, yeah I deserved that.

Episode 12:

  • Tori's initial appearance at the Dorm:
    Tori: (crashes through door)' Okay, I think I'm okohmygod! (smash) Why would you have two doors there?!
    Jaden: Ooow. That looked like it hurt. A lot. Are you okay?
    Tori: Yeah, I'm fine. But I think I let a dog in.
    Dog: (growls)
  • The sparks coming off of Jaden's head when he gets confused.
    Banner: Jaden, shut up. Now, tell everything to my crotch.
    Tory: Well you see... look, this is reeeeally uncomfortable...
    Banner: Talk to my crotch!
  • This bit:
    Jaden: Give Tory back, Jinzo!
    Jinzo: No.
    Jaden: Well, I'm out of ideas.
  • Jinzo accidentally staying on the boat.
    • "Martini, sir?" "Oh, yes please."
  • The forest bit, where Jaden keeps going off screen.
    Banner: Chumley is right Jaden. He's too fast, you won't be able to keep up with him!
    Jaden: Oh, you watch me! I'll get this guy faster that that time I was invited to Crowler's birthday party and everybody got out the... (Goes off screen) ...only made things worse and it was rumored that Chazz and Bastion had a gay relationship and no-one believed him because... (Goes off screen) ...think about dating and Syrus was convinced that he was pregnant and then made us go to the emergency room where... Wh-Where the heck are we?
  • Jaden thinking Tori is dead.
    Jaden: Don't. Be. Silly. Of scourse I don't think Chumley is gay!
  • This:
    Jaden: If you need a sacrifice, take me instead!
    Jinzo: Uhhh, okay. (Picks up chainsaw and revs it)
    Jaden: Actually, let's have a duel.
    Jinzo: Awww.
    Syrus: Awww. Kick his ass Jinzo!
    Jaden: Why are we friends again?
    Syrus: Who said we were friends?
  • This:
    Jaden: Fine, I end my turn. You big dick.
    Jinzo: Funny, that's your momma's nickname for me!
    Syrus: Oh no he di'nt!
  • "Electricity makes me visible! ...somehow."
    Syrus: Professor Banner! How is Jinzo doing that?
    Banner: Really? You are asking me that? Syrus, I do not have a goddamn CLUE how he is doing that! I'm still coming to terms with the fact that you have blue hair!
    Syrus: What?

Episode 13:

Harrington: But I'm not done! I activate the Magic card, Smack in the Face!
Jaden: What does that- (smack) Owwwwww...
  • Harrington meets Alexis:
    "She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I can feel my heart swelling and getting bigger! And by my heart, I mean my penis..."
  • Jaden's reaction to Harrington's deck theme, and Harrington's fitting response:
    Harrington: First off, I play the magic card, Service Ace! This one-
    Jaden: Stop!
    Harrington: What?
    Jaden: *Sighs* Your deck is full of tennis cards, isn't it?
    Harrington: Of course! Tennis is my favourite thing! Why wouldn't I?
    Jaden: Because making a deck out of your favourite thing is dumb and stupid!
    Harrington: Is that so? Tell me, how's the superhero business going, mister Elemental Hero?
    Jaden: ...So what does Service Ace do?
  • Service Ace's effect lets Jaden guess which card type one of Harrington's cards is; if he gets it wrong, he takes 1500 points of direct damage. Jaden spends the entire time switching between Magic and Trap (including "Magical Traps" at one point, and also trying to "pass" the question). Harrington proceeds to interrupt his increasingly confused ramble with "It's a monster!"
    Jaden: Aww, that was my next guess!
  • Jaden trying to guess if the card is a magic or a trap card.
  • This scene.
    Harrington: You'd like me to believe you're a good guy! But, oh, I don't believe you! I don't believe anything you say!
    Jaden: You're awesome.
    Harrington: You're full of shit, Jaden!

Episode 14

  • This exchange:
    Obelisk Blue: Oh look, it's the Slifer Slackers.
    Jaden: What? Wanna say that again?! You wanna repeat that?! You fucking prick?! Huh?! You wanna fucking start something?! C'mon, let's go, three on three, Red versus Blue, no camp kills, we'll fuck you up!
    Ted: J-just calm down, guys -
    Jaden: Shut the fuck up, Ted! We're all pumped! We're ready to fucking go! Let's do this!
    Chumley: *Grrr*
    Jaden: That's right, prison rules. Syrus hasn't eaten in days.
    Syrus: I want the one in the middle...
    Jaden: Me too.
    Blues: (run)
    Jaden: Yeah, that's right! You better fucking walk away. You blue bastards! Huh! Huh?! (Beat) I wonder what those blue bastards were talking about.
  • Chumley explains how his taking kinda comes and goes:
    Syrus: Soooo, that duel giant—
    Jaden: No, nononononononononono. Chumley. What the fuck. Is that your gimmick? You think you're funny? Huh? You fat fuck. Look me. In the eye. And say one sentence. (whispers) One sentence.
    Chumley: Buuuuhwewehehu
    Jaden: (still whispering) I don't like you,
  • Jaden's ongoing arguments with Winged Kuriboh, culminating in:
    Jaden: Dude, if you randomly appear on me one more time, I'm going to hurt you. I'll go first, draw!
    Kuriboh: *Kuriiiii*
    Jaden: What the fuck do you want from me?!
    • The fact that he freely throws it at the giant's face and ends up getting it back.
  • Trying to get Beauregard to admit to being the duel giant:
  • And right before that after Jaden voices his suspicions:
    Bastion: But seriously, he's no duelist. I know him. We play chess.
  • Jaden's rant:
    Jaden: No! I don't care! I knew it was you guys all along! I even said- I did say it was those guys Syrus.
    Syrus: It's true he did say that.
    Bryan: That's impossible!
    Boregarde: How did he know?!
    Bryan: I said take them (the jackets) off dammit!
    Jaden: Everybody knew! You would have to be a friggin' moron to not guess it were you two! Seriously! Why does this crap always happen here?! Yesterday it was tennis! Today it's a duel giant! Tomorrow it's Tarzan! This place is crazy! I quit.

Episode 15

  • Spinning the opponent into submission.
    Syrus: Jaden, he's had enough!
    Jaden: No! He hasn't LEARNED YET!
  • "Aw bollocks, me cards are wet."
  • "Who the hell jumps off a thirty foot building on to my car!?"
  • Alexis's huge buns.
  • After Damian explains in great detail how civilized he really is, the guys still don't get it.
    Jaden: I- it's like he's trying to tell me something I know it!
    Syrus: Me, Syrus!
    Damian: I know who you are you blue haired numph.
    Syrus: Frieeeeend-uh!

Episode 16

  • The opening exchange with Jaden and Bastion:
    Jaden: Hey Bastion. What's with the crowd? Is it "Check your peepee day"?
    Bastion: Jaden, that's not a real day.
    Jaden: My uncle said it was a day.
    Bastion: Your uncle sounds...odd.
    Jaden: Well actually, my dad says we're not supposed to call him "uncle" anymore.
    • And then later.
    Jaden: Did you just appear from a cloud of smoke?
    Bastion: Oh I've been studying magic for several years now.
    Jaden: Huh. I never knew you could do that.
    Bastion: That's because we never TALK!
  • Jaden listing off all the ways he tried to get rid of Winged Kuriboh, only for it to magically return.
    Syrus: Jaden, are you okay? You've been staring at that card for hours!
    Jaden: Yeah. I'm just thinking about Yugi's deck.
    Syrus: I know right? The king of games is—
    Jaden: Is the bastard that gave me this card! It's the perfect opportunity to put it back!
    Syrus: What? Why would you do that?
    Jaden: You don't understand. I've tried trading it, I've tried selling it, I've tried yelling at it, I've tried mailing it to Australia. The damn thing is like droopies, Syrus. It always finds me!
  • Crowler's put in charge of protecting the deck. It goes about as well as you'd think.
    Crowler: For it's not everyday you're put in charge of watching over the greatest deck ever created in the entire worl- (sees the deck missing) Ooooooh... Shit.
  • Jaden and Syrus running in circles.
    Jaden: Just 'round this corner, Syrus!
    Syrus: Right behind you, Jaden!
    Jaden: Not too long now, bro!
    Syrus: Lead the way, buddy!
    Jaden: Almost there, dude!
    Syrus: With you all the way, pal!
    Jaden: Syrus...I think I just realized something.
    Syrus: What?
    Jaden: This room we're looking for?
    Syrus: Yeah...
    Jaden: IT'S AROUND THIS CORNER! Is Chumley still behind us?
    Syrus: I'll check. Chumley, are you alrig...*Chumley falls* Man down!
    Chumley: BUH!!!
  • Jaden's plan for finding the stolen deck.
    Jaden: Alright guys, we need an armadillo, a chess piece, and a car! Don't worry, Professor Crowler. We won't mess this up.
    Gilligan Cut to outside
    Jaden: How the hell did we mess this up?!
    Bastion: I don't think we're welcome in the Blue Dorm anymore...
    Jaden: Anyone know where Syrus is?
    Bastion: He thought your idea was stupid and went to look for the thief by himself.
    Jaden: Huh...I wonder how that's going.
    Syrus: (distant) Shiiiiiiiit!
    Bastion: Oh I don't think it's going well.
    Zane: Why the hell is there an armadillo running loose in the Blue Dorm, and why do I feel you guys might have something to do with it?
    Jaden: Uh...Bastion?
    Bastion: It's migrating season.
    Jaden: Yeah, yeah, it's migrating season.
    Zane: (Beat) Riiight...
    Alexis: Hello.
  • The way Jaden gets Dimitri to cut the act.
    Dimitri: You know he's struggling to fit in.
    Jaden: Yeah well I didn't struggle fitting into his momma.
    Dimitri: E- Excuse me.
    Jaden: I. Plowed. Your. Mother.
    Dimitri: Shut up, Jaden.
    Jaden: (mockingly) "Shut up Jaden." That's Dimitri, that's what he sounds like.
    Dimitri: Dimitri would never-
    Jaden: "Diminitri would never blah blah blah."
    Dimitri: Now you're just being immature.
    Jaden: My name's Dimitri and I suck balls.
    Dimitri: I don't even sound anything like that!
  • There's also this exchange:
    Dimitri: Would Dimitri summon the almighty Dark Magician of Chaos?
    Jaden: Oh, you mean that banned ca- the card that's banned? Dark Magician of Chaos? Yeah, the one that Yugi wouldn't summon cause he knows it's banned? Yeah, Dimitri would summon that card, because Dimitri's a fbleepkin' idiot!
    Dimitri: beat Well, would Dimitri summon Kuriboh in attack mode?
    Jaden: Yeah he would, cause Dimitri's a fbleepkin' idiot!
  • Dimitri's copying of Jaden afterwards is funny as hell, especially his Mondegreen of Jaden's catchphrase.
    Dimitri: *copying Jaden* Yo what's up dog?
    Jaden: Oh, Jesus Christ...
    Dimitri: It's time to throw up and get your gay on!
    Dimitri: I don't even sound anything like blah blah blah blah...
    Jaden: Beat Gilligan Cut Well, we got Yugi's deck back and Dimitri's in the hospital! Everything turned out great!
    Syrus: Jaden, did you remember to put the Winged Kuriboh back in Yugi's deck? You know? Like you wanted to do this whole time?
    Jaden: Beat Fu-

Episode 17

  • Initiation.
  • "Brandon, don't be a kiss-ass."
  • Syrus, Jaden and Blair talking about Zane.
    Blair: Well he has more experience and an overall stronger deck.
    Jaden: Yeah I guess.
    Blair: And big beautiful eyes..
    Jaden: I... guess?
    Blair: And that long flowing hair..
    Jaden: I... uh... I guess?
    Blair: And those strong arms to hold me close on those cold winter nights...
    Jaden: Um....yeah.
    Syrus: Trust me, those arms are good for only two things. Headlocks and body slams!
    Blair: Oh, he can slam me all he wants.
    Jaden: Cool.
  • Blair and the strange things involving Zane's cards.
  • Geoffrey and Pippin, the posh Obelisk Blue guys. The entire episode. They take offense to taking offense.
    Zane: Would one of you please just open the goddamn door!
    • One word: Keyholeshipping.
  • The very end of the episode:
    Zane: It's time for you to go home, Blair.
    Jaden: What? Why? She's a great duelist, she almost beat me.
    Zane: It's more complicated than that.
    Jaden: How could it be so complicated that she has to-
    Zane: She's only 8.
    Jaden: Get the fuck out of here, bitch.
  • This exchange:
    Blair: You Wouldn't Hit a Girl, would you?
    Jaden: No, of course I wouldn't.
    Blair: Oh, good, because that would make you a big-
    Jaden: I burn the living crap out of them.
    Blair: Wait, what?!
  • Burst Return's effect is portrayed as Burstinatrix threatening to scorch off Sparkman and Avian's nuts if they don't return home.

Episode 18

  • Syrus mentions Jaden's voice sounds a little different...
    Syrus: What do you think, Chumley, does Jaden sound different to you?
    Chumley: Naw, dawg, it all good.
    Syrus: ...Uh huh.
  • Zane actually nominates Bastion, but Crowler mishears him say "Jaden". So as an experiment...
    Zane: Cupcakes.
    Crowler: ...I like cupcakes.
  • Not even Bastion can understand what Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V actually is. Or what the pink hippo is.
  • Jaden's mental breakdown after being unable to fuse.

Episode 19

Episode 20

  • It's felt like years since Chazz left Duel Academy...
  • "When you wake up, you'll be in a strange place. This card will help you." "There is NO scenario in which this card will be useful...wait, did you just say 'wake up'?" *gets knocked out cold with a brick*
  • Chazz, upon arriving at North Academy, is told by 'Tim' he needs a deck to get in, and that there are cards frozen within its very ice. Spurred on, Chazz makes an epic journey spanning two weeks...only to be told it's a metaphor for duelling history upon returning, and that he shouldn't have been out there, sucking on rock salt for nourishment the whole time. He only gets in because he needs medical attention.
    • The Stinger:
    Tim: Awright, just run this through with me one more time...
    Chazz: Okay. I was out in the tundra...
    Tim: Right...
    Chazz: ...looking for cards...
    Tim: Again, didn't need to do that...
    Chazz: (annoyed) Can I finish?
    Tim: Oh, sorry.
    Chazz: ...looking around. Trying to find something. There's no food out here...
    Tim: Right...
    Chazz: ...saw some rock salt...
    Chazz: DUDE I WAS HUNGRY! You ever tried eating CARDS!?
    Tim: I've never tried eating ROCK SALT, but there you go! Proofin' that factor in...
    Chazz: I'm fine! What's the problem?
    Tim: The problem is you should be dead! From both A. Pneumonia, and B. You're a f***ing idiot! Mate, there's a Tesco in there! You could have easily got a pack or a couple of boosters and a Lucozade or something! You going out eating rock salt for!? Are you not thirsty!?
    Chazz: It's okay, I had some sea water!
  • Pretty much all of Kaiba's few second cameo.
    Kaiba: (referring to Chazz's Armed Dragon LV7) Man, my Blue-Eyes is better.
    Kaibacorp Employee: Mr. Kaiba, please stop comparing your dragons. We need directions on how we're gonna reach this year's quota.

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