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The Cult of Vecna story arc revisits the mysterious and dangerous artifact that was activated beneath Whitestone Castle during the Briarwood story arc, and features Scanlan rejoining the team to fight the mysteriously returned Lady Briarwood, who is leading a cult based in the Shadowfell that seeks to summon the evil lich demigod Vecna. The first two episodes feature guest appearances by Jon Heder as Lionel "Chod" Gayheart, a slow-witted but kind-hearted half-orc "bardbarian."


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     Episode 100: Unfinished Business 
  • Sam's opening shill to the sponsor? Quizzing Taliesin, the "King of Comic Books", with a rapid-fire list of names, and Taliesin has to guess whether the name is a Marvel Comics character or a yoga position. It actually manages to be a brainteaser!
  • While the group is questioning how Scanlan maintained his Meat Man illusion for so long (when all it would take to reveal it is someone touching him), they mention that he must not have been to any brothels in the past year. Lionel says "What's a brothel?" and Percy can only reply "Oh dear..."
  • Keyleth uses her Inspiring Leader feat by giving the party a group hug. Matt notes that, as they're in the middle of a busy Ank'Harel street, they get some very weird looks.
  • The party encourages Scanlan to use his Meat Man disguise when he returns to his base of operations in Ank'Harel... only for Scanlan to end up walking in on an identical-looking man in the middle of a deal. Vax and Vex try to pass them off a twins and horribly fail the Deception check. Turns out, the second "Meat Man" is Kaylie, covering for him while he's gone.
  • When Grog and Pike are trying to fight off the horde of skeletons by themselves to impress Scanlan, Lionel shows up to help. He proceeds to roll natural 20s on both of his attacks that round. Grog responds with a Reckless attack on a skeleton, and even with advantage, rolls a natural 1 on both of his attack rolls.
  • When Tary identifies a magic item as The Third Eye of Awareness, Lionel asks where the First and Second eyes are.
  • Tary, somewhat-uncharacteristically, makes a hurricane of dick jokes when describing the Iron Bands of Bilarro. He handwaves it as Scanlan being a bad influence.
    Tary: This rusty iron sphere measures three inches in diameter and weights one pound (like m'dick) You can use an action to speak the command word and throw the sphere at a huge or smaller creature (like m'dick) [...] as the sphere moves through the air it opens into a tangle of metal bands (like m'dick) [...] once the band is used it can't be used again until the next dawn... like my dick.
    Vex: Tary, you've never been quite so obsessed with your dick before!
    Tary: It's just that gnome, he's so weird and he rubs off on people... like my di-OH I'm doing it again!

     Episode 101: Thar Amphala 

  • The party suggests Taryon ask Scanlan if Lionel can join his group. He does.
  • While everyone else is trying to prepare or find out what exactly they are dealing with, Grog goes to the Whitestone kitchens and asks for "A salad with meat in it." The kitchen staff interpret this as a salad entirely made of meat, which overjoys Grog.
    • The funnier part is that the lovely nutrition nerds at CritRoleStats calculated the nutritional value of the meat salad, which Grog named GoFiBePo. [1]
  • The spontaneous creation of Larry the Chalice Collector after a snarky comment from Liam about Matt's latest NPC sounding just like his old school's crossing guard.
  • After using Dominate Mind on a one-eyed cultist for information, the spell wears off and their prisoner will answer no more questions. Grog pokes his other eye out. What really sells it? Grog asks "How many middle fingers am I holding up?"

     Episode 102: Race to the Tower 
  • At the beginning of the episode during announcements, the cast all whip out their Stan Lee impressions. Sam thinks Liam's sounds more like Gilbert Gottfried.
  • Keyleth uses the Gust power as an oscillating fan. Mercer snarks that Level 18 druids are very impressive: timeless body, oscillating fan, sprinkler system...
  • After a lengthy planning session, the players note the vacant expression on Matt's face. Taliesin theorizes that he's fantasizing about the other people he could be playing D&D with right now.
  • Vox Machina gets closer to tower by putting on cultists' cloacks. That are all for Medium creature. While Grog is still fine thanks to an illusion they cast, Pike and Scanlan are still Small creatures. So they make a Totem Pole Trench. As if that wasn't enough, Scanlan uses Mythcarver to make one arm, and Liam notice it marks the third time Scanlan used the sword.
    Taliesin: It has gone from exalted to ashamed.
    • And when they meet another cultist, Scanlan decides to speak with him for no discernible reason, forcing him to roll a Deception check they would have otherwise avoided. And succeeds.
    Cultist: The Undying King also takes the... special ones under his wing.
  • Coming at a very dark moment (like most of the humor in this episode), there's Liam's response when Vax is targeted by Delilah Briarwood's Disintegrate:
  • In a similar moment of black comedy, Travis comments that while they're fighting for their lives Tary is likely just enjoying a drink. Then Sam chimes in with a comment that crosses into Tear Jerker:
    Sam: No, Tary is on the floor weeping and holding his necklace. note 
  • Vecna's reaction to Scanlan's counterspell.
    Matt/Vecna: ...What?
  • Scanlan's attempt to rickroll Vecna. Sadly, it fails.

    Episode 103: The Fate-Touched 
  • Vax recalls that Vex used to give him wet willies in Abyssal class when they were children as an attempt to get her to believe that he's really himself after the Raven Queen resurrects him.
  • Scanlan and Grog split off from the group in an attempt to track down the man who randomly pulled the Wish card from the Deck of Many Things, hoping he'll remember Grog and agree he owes him a favor. Instead, they happen to walk past one of the guards that Doty knocked out and Grog further assaulted when Tary and Grog explored Vasselheim alone. Said guard then manages to roll a very high perception check and comes over to try to get Grog arrested, while all the while Scanlan has no idea what's going on because Tary was there last time, not him.
    • On hearing a vague description of Doty (or rather the horrifically disguised version of Doty who knocked out the guards), Scanlan attempts to distract the guards by creating an image of a giant furious metal man and claiming he's come back for more. It nearly works, but the guards manage to roll two natural 20s to see through Scanlan's absurdly high Deception.
    • Grog doesn't miss a beat and, upon seeing the illusion that looks nothing like Doty, immediately claims it to be its latest transformation.
    • Scanlan trying to convince the guard that attacking the creature will only make it stronger, and the only solution is walk away in different directions. As written above, it didn't work.
    • Grog then panics and punches the guard again, prompting Scanlan to polymorph him into a giant eagle and fly away (as every single guard fires crossbow bolts at them) and then flee further through the city invisibly.
    • The best part of this subplot is that the entire chain of events started when Grog accidentally overpaid a potions merchant in episode 22, and now, more than eighty episodes later, Grog and Scanlan may never be able to show their faces in Vasselheim again.
    • Early in the scene, Grog tries to fool the guards into thinking he's someone else. What does he roll on Deception? Negative one.
  • Before everything went downhill, they were discussing how to proceed to meet their target. Scanlan offers Grog to use his Hat of Disguise, which can alter his appearance however he wants. Grog refuses, saying the guy remembers his face, and chastises Scanlan for the stupid idea. Then he asks Scanlan if he has anything that can make it look like what he's pretending to be, prompting an extremely annoyed Scanlan to repeat that he has: a hat that can alter Grog's appearance however he wants. It takes half a minute for the table (and Matt) to recover from the laughter.
  • After Scanlan is nearly compelled to gouge out his own eye by the magical eyeball they took from Delilah's body, and Pike knocks the eye away and it begins burrowing into the dirt:
    • Latter on, after a all the discussions, events, and a night spent in the Feywild, the party returns to the Material Plane, which means Wisdom saving throws to see if anyone suffers the amnesia inducing effect of the Feywild. Grog and Scanlan both fail theirs, leading both to spontaneously freakout upon seeing Vax alive and in their midst, since their last unclouded memory involved Vax being destroyed in the previous battle, which the party had just calmed down about only a few minutes before. In a panic, Scanlan tries to use his whip to attack Vax, only to roll a Critical Failure on his attack and ends up whipping himself in the same eye he tried to gouge out the night before. Which he also forgot about.
    Scanlan: Argh! Why does my eye hurt so much?!
  • Much of the second half of the episode becomes funnier when you realize that Vax is walking around Vasselheim and then the Fields of Elysium with no pants.

    Episode 104: Elysium 
  • Keyleth makes a Nature check to find the nicest tree in the field to talk to and rolls a Natural 1, so the tree turns out to be amazingly ornery, considering it's a tree. Taliesin remarks that it's a great tree with tons of shade.
  • Grog is intent on eating some Elysian fruit. Percy tries to talk him out of it by saying "I dare you not to eat it." Grog ate it anyway, so Matt made him take a Wisdom saving throw.
  • The reason the group so cautious about eating the Elysian fruit? They think it might be made of souls. Eventually they get confirmation that it's not... but the pearls Grog stole from Serenrae's beach are. Fortunately she teleported them back to her realm.

    Episode 105: The Fear of Isolation 
  • Darin De Paul guest stars as Sprigg, an elderly gnome. Almost everything he does qualifies as off-the-wall bonkers hilarity, the least of which is being an incorrigible Pungeon Master.
    • Matt gets in on the fun as Demistrik, an imp who's lived with Sprigg for 19 years and argues with him like they're an old married couple.
  • Keyleth's Fire Storm accidentally sets parts of Sprigg's house on fire. Soon after, two giant entities from the Shadowfell burst through the rear wall. Percy and Grog blame Keyleth for the destruction.
  • Percy burns a grit point to force the necromancer to drop his staff. As he tells Matt to roll a Strength saving throw, Matt cuts him off.
    Matt: Oh don't worry, he drops the staff... because there's not much left of his head.
  • One cultist takes a shot at Sprigg... while on fire and trapped under a giant log, so Matt jokes that he has "super disadvantage". The cast love the idea so much that Matt actually goes with it, having him take the lowest of three dice.
  • The big obvious trap in the middle of Sprigg's floor is triggered during the battle by Vax, who knew where it was but threw Whisper right on top of it. What did it summon? A Beholder... illusion.
  • Percy sees Ioun's library and instantly goes kid-in-a-candy-store. Doubled because all the books are in Celestial, which he reads. Doubled again when he summarizes a few of the recorded lives within for everyone else as "Birth. Death. Sex. Birth. Death. Disappointment."
    • Then we shift to Grog, who describes being surrounded by nothing but books as far as eye can see as his "worst case scenario".
  • Scanlan remembered what Percy said to Pelor about Vex last episode and started tooting a wedding march on his flute. That one not-so-innocent gesture caused Keyleth to lose her temper and Percy to panic-activate Diplomacy's Silence function, leaving Taliesin, Laura, and Sam to mime yelling at each other for a couple minutes.
    • While Vax and Keyleth's reaction to the wedding march is a bit of a Tear Jerker, Sam adds some much-needed comic relief by saying "So you're gonna ruin everyone else's joy. You're one of those couples", causing the entire table to lose it.
    Marisha: Worst double date sangria partners ever!

    Episode 106: The Endless Atheneum 
  • During the opening announcements, the new Critical Role Pencil set is unveiled as a new item available for the Geek and Sundry store page. Each pencil has a famous phrase from each of the cast members etched on them, including the ever popular "How do you want to do this?". Matt immediately points out the hilarity of the existentialism as someone uses any of the pencils, causes the phrases to drastically change in tone as it becomes shortened.
    "Do you want to do this?"
    "You want to do this?"
    "Want to do this?"
    "To do this?"
    "Do this?"
  • Sprigg tries telling Ioun a joke. She actually chuckles.
    Sprigg: Knock knock!
    Ioun: ...Who's there?
    Sprigg: You'd know!
    Vax: So who was it?
    Ioun: It was Larkin.
  • Ioun goes over the members of the group not yet claimed by another god... starting with Grog. For a moment, it seems like the sheer audacity of him being in her realm has impressed her, but then...
    Ioun: Grog Strongjaw.
    Grog/Travis: [Bursts out laughing]
    Ioun: Just being within my realm... is of near painful discomfort to you. For that, I apologize, and can see you are not to be my vessel.
    Grog: [Sounding like a sad child] Oh, what a roller coaster. I was going up, and then right back down.
  • Scanlan has to sing to get the ghostly library attendants' attention, which results in several gems. He tries to sing a song about Vecna, but can't think of anything that rhymes. At the end of the test, Sprigg thinks of a few suggestions, such as "he's a pain in the neck, ma" and "Fight him? Heck nah!"
  • Unsure of how to get the Tome of Isolation to reveal its writing, Scanlan at first tries singing to it. It does nothing. Embarrassed, he hastily tells Vex not to tell the others he sung to a book.
  • Grog tells Scanlan to eat the seed given to him by Ioun. The set-up itself is hilarious but then Scanlan tries to fool Grog by pretending to eat it, while actually making a move to pocket it. Sam's sleight of hand roll is terrible (5 +3 for Jack of all trades) but Travis rolls even worse. Matt then declares that Scanlan did the most obvious sleight of hand magic trick that even a simpleton could see through, but Grog is both entranced and terrified. He then holds his head to Scanlan's stomach, asking if he can have his stuff when he inevitably bursts.
  • Vecna appearing behind the cast of Vox Machina following his ascension to godhood? Horrifying. Grog reacting by screaming like a little girl and brandishing his battleaxe? Hilarious.
    • Not only that, but Vecna also starts a bout of Sarcastic Clapping as he mocks them. How does he do it with only one hand you ask? By using Mage Hand near his stump.
  • At the end of the episode, Scanlan tries True Polymorphing into a Planetar. Upon succeeding, he spends the rest of the night checking himself out in the mirror, among other implied things.

    Episode 107: Scaldseat 
  • VM can breath water, but the air is poisonous. To move around more easily Grog gets the idea of filling the Alchemy Jug with water.
    Matt: You guys are water-bonging your way through an underwater volcano. If that's not Vox Machina, I don't know what is.
  • Boulder-Parchment-Shears returns, with Vex and Percy playing it over the right to not have Pike's Death Ward cast on them, as both wished the other to have the protection. Vex wins, and Pike casually mentions she can cast it on four of them.
    Grog: Oh my God, flip for it, Jesus....
  • Scanlan's inspiration to Grog was "Happy Birthday", as it was Travis's birthday, but with every word replaced with "Happy".
  • Vax and Keyleth began the episode with a heart-to-heart discussion about accepting Vax's mortality, then managed to slip in a Take That! to all of the Trolls who whine online about their poor choices.
  • At the shore village, Liam tries to troll Matt by having Vax yell, "Hey you, little girl!" (i.e forcing him to come up with an on-the-spot NPC) Instead, Matt counter-trolls him by having the "little girl" Vax called out to turn out to be a short, crusty old fisherman, who is very pissed off.
  • When Travis quips that they're going on a "three hour tour" by boat, the cast launch into a discussion of which Gilligan's Island character they all are in this situation, that lasts for several minutes.
  • Santy, Shore Shanty, and "She sells seashells" were being combined into ever-funnier tongue twisters.
  • Marisha's voice was hoarse from illness, so she did an interpretive dance for her Inspiring Leader speech.
  • Taliesin's low, rumbling burp at a very tense point makes Travis jump and look around nervously, hearing it as a ghostly growl from an unexpected direction.
  • Scanlan turning into a Planetar is awesome during the fight, hilarious afterwards while he uses his angelic powers (including mind-reading and seeing through any lie) just to mess around with others and show off.

    Episode 108: The Core Anvil 
  • Keyleth gives a helpful warning to the group:
    Keyleth: We might want to be careful about getting too high, we might suffocate?
    Sam: That's the only time Marisha has ever said those words.
    Marisha: We are live on the fucking Internet, Sam Riegel.
    Sam: Hope your mom's watching.
  • Taliesin spilled his coffee all over his dice tray and artifact cards.
    10 points of coffee damage.
  • Taliesin points out that Percy speaks Celestial and does his impression of it... which comes out sounding like Swedish. Causing Matt to declare it part of Exandrian canon now that Celestial sounds like Swedish.
  • Matt rolls a glut of 2s and 3s for the giant stone golem.
    Matt: Jesus Christ...
    Liam: I don't think that demigod exists in this campaign.

    Episode 109: The Ominous March (LIVE) 
  • Although everyone at the live show is dressed normally, Sam Riegel comes in wearing something different. As in wearing a familiar skintight yellow jumpsuit with a box over his crotch. And he wears this throughout the entire show.
  • Taryon's gift to Vax is finally revealed: a Philter of Love. Vax tells Grog that it was meant to be drunk by the goliath, but that he'd far rather prank Scanlan with it. Thus, it's poured into Scanlan's wine, sending the bard into a frenzy of lust towards Percival. Flirting, touching, and an attempted Mage Hand follow, all thwarted by Vex's jealousy and passive Perception. Bedtime comes, and Scanlan sneaks into Percy's bed... only to find Vex there as well because they're married and it isn't the 1950s... with a Stealth roll of 8.
    Percy: (producing the ball of chains without looking) Manners.
    • Bonus points for exiting through the main door instead of the secret tunnels, triggering a bucket trap filled with flour.
    Liam: Sam Riegel gave me a bullet to kill Travis Willingham, and I have turned the gun back on Sam. And soon it will be my turn to die.
    • Vax explains that he wanted to use it on Grog first, but then learned that the potion only works if the affected sees someone they'd be reasonably attracted to—in other words, it won't work if they see someone outside of their sexual orientation. Vax decided he couldn't use it on Grog because the goliath is "taco, not hot dog."
    Grog: Yep. (Awkward fist bump out.) Tacoooo...
    • The lead-up to the potion drinking is Scanlan (in-character, unkowingly, but as Sam Riegal, having the time of his life) guilt-tripping the hell out of Vax before he spikes his wine. This includes telling Vax over and over how much he appreciates his friendship and trustworthiness, writing and performing a song just for him, and the song giving Inspiration for Vax's sleight of hand to put the potion in his drink.
    • Just before Scanlan drinks, Vax covers up Keyleth's eyes and pulls her away so Scanlan won't fall for her. Despite seeing this very eyebrow-raising interaction clear as day, Scanlan just drinks his wine happily.
    • Sam rolls to see which unfortunate party member he's going to be falling head-over-heels for. It ends up being Percy, and because of the aforementioned "won't work outside of orientation" rule, Matt curiously asks just how adventurous Scanlan's..."encounters" have been.
    Sam-as-Scanlan: A human man? That was teenage years, baby.
    • Scanlan's first action upon falling for Percy is to unzip the top of his collar very sensuously.
    • Not only does Percy not know what's going on, he rolls a one on his insight roll. So not only is he only confused by Scanlan's sudden change in affection for him, he gets offended when Vex and Keyleth start asking questions.
    Percy: Is it so hard to believe that maybe someone just finds me attractive?
    • Scanlan tries to not-too-subtly sit right next to Percy and sidle against him. Cue Laura walking across the stage and pulling Sam away just as he wraps his arm around Taliesin.
    • Around when this happens, we see Matt tears up a sheet of paper, no doubt throwing away whatever plans he had for the first hour of the session.
  • Once tied up with Manners, Vex and Percy's patience wears thinner than ever, and they demand to know what's going on.
    Scanlan: I know this is your marital bed...Can I at least watch? I promise I won't look at you, Vex! I won't look at you! I'll only be looking at Percy!
    • Vex once again demands to know what's gotten into Scanlan, and when Percy gets offended once more, she has to stop to make it clear that he's "completely desirable."
    • Just as he's about to be sent away to his own room, the Philter finally wears off, leaving Scanlan suddenly, horribly aware of everything that he's done. He tries to play it off as a wrong-date birthday prank, and in the end can only explain it as "For the lulz."
    • This all happens while Liam is doubling over laughing, to the point that he collapses into Laura.
  • After joining a meeting in Vasselheim, Vex'ahlia is given a ring by Highbearer Vord that is supposed to protect the party from being spied upon by Vecna. Shortly after that, Vecna shows up in illusory form in order to taunt the assembled group. Immediately after that scene:
    Vex: (holding up her middle finger with the ring on it) Does this need to be attuned?
    Vord: (somewhat sheepishly) It does.
  • While they're waiting for Vex to attune to the ring, the party can't speak out loud about their battle plan against Vecna. So instead, they begin half-heartedly talking about how they're definitely not going to be doing anything. They jokingly suggest going shopping, leaving to be with their families, and even to convert to worshipping Vecna. Grog, not having any idea what's going on, is somewhat disturbed by this.
  • Matt has the party make a group Intelligence check upon seeing the titan's footprints. Fittingly, Percy rolls a Natural 20 while Grog rolls a Natural 1.
  • The team trying to stay confident, despite their increasing terror as they realize they're going to face not only Vecna but a Godzilla-sized undead primordial titan. For example:
    Grog: If it bleeds, we—we're gonna die.
    • Also:
    Vex: Pike, how strong are you feeling right now?
    Pike: (as played by Matt, faintly) I dunno...
    Grog: It's alright, buddy!
    Pike: (nearly crying) I'm a monstah! (beat) It's also a monstah!
  • Laura has the sudden realisation of Vecna's plan several minutes after the rest of the group. Liam's response?
    Liam: And his name is Larkin!
  • A moment of very dark comedy as J'mon flies the party into the Titan. Both Vax and Keyleth fail their Strength saving throws, lose their grip and fall from his back. Keyleth yells "Whisper!", so Vax throws it... at her, managing to hit while she's invisible, thus teleporting into her embrace by stabbing her. And she takes Whisper's Psychic damage too.
    Marisha/Keyleth: Our entire relationship has been Psychic Damage, baby!

     Episode 110: The Climb Within 
  • The players are all a little sleep deprived and it's making the cast particularly giggly.
  • Laura notes that she really, really needs a cup of coffee. Shortly after, somebody comes up behind her and gives her one.
    Laura: I didn't think anybody was gonna do it, really.
    Sam: I want ice cream!
    Matt: I want a pony!
  • Travis forgets the word "subtraction," referring to it as "reverse math"
    Travis: Shit, I can't do reverse math
    Sam: You mean subtraction?
    Everyone at the table collapses in laughter
  • Pike gets both HDYWTDTs, yet Ashley isn't participating this episode.

     Episode 111: Shadows of Thomara 
  • Scanlan used his unseen servant (dubbed Simon 2) to steal a magic stone from a group of undead. The stone's only purpose was to distract undead, and Simon 2 only had a speed of 10 feet per round. But it somehow worked!
  • At the start of the episode, the group argues whether to split the party to cover more ground, only to realize at the last moment that anyone who goes beyond 60 feet of Vex reveals their presence to Vecna. About an hour later, they have the exact same argument, again only remembering Vex's ring at the last moment. Matt doesn't break his poker face until they do, but when he does everyone cracks up as he admits he was this close to screwing them over.
    Taliesin: Whatever we do, we can't split the party... okay, we're going to split the party.
  • Scanlan getting part of his face torn off by a Sphere of Annihilation? Horrifying? Sam representing this by squashing half his face while talking for the next few minutes? Hilarious.
  • Some of the group make a reference to Explorers, only for Taliesin to point out he was in that film. Yes, he really was!

     Episode 112: Dark Dealings 
  • Pike showed her penis to the viewers.
  • The party spends almost 20 minutes coming up with an elaborate plan to find the Sword of Kas, which Matt remarks is "so D&D". Not long after they put it into practice, two major flaws become apparent: 1, Vex going into the Ethereal Plane means she can't interact with Keyleth to tell her where to go, and it takes an hour to wear off. 2, Vex going into the Ethereal Plane means the ring hiding them from Vecna no longer exists on the prime plane, immediately alerting Vecna to their presence. Oops.
    • Just as Keyleth, Vax and Vex start their stealth run in search of the sword, and Keyleth immediately rolls a natural 1, forcing her to beast shape into an earth elemental to hide from gloom stalkers, which Matt describes as Scrooge Mc Duck hoping into a safe patch of earth.
  • Grog attunes to the Sword of Kas... and discovers it's yet another sentient weapon. Matt remarks on how Grog always seems to get those. Further hilarity ensues.
    • Grog fails a Wisdom save and is dominated by the sword. Matt asks who's closest to him, which turns out to be Vax, but Travis reveals he was planning on attacking Vax anyway.
    • Travis, and the rest of the group's, Big "OMG!" reaction when Matt hands him "the biggest item card ever". Which Taliesin says is more like a novel.
  • The return of Artagan. Marisha was complaining that she had to go home with Matt after how utterly weird things became.
    • How weird? As part of a two-part bargain with Vox Machina, Artagan agreed to help the party... if he could strangle Vax to death. The sheer joy in Travis's face - and disbelief in Sam and Liam's faces - have to be seen to be believed
    Sam: He's into autoerotic asphyxiation?!
    • Right after Vax is strangled, Laura start opening a bag of candy to the group's incredulity...except Taliesin, who promptly mimes enthusiastically eating while watching Vax's strangulation.

    Episode 113: The Final Ascent 
  • The creation of "Scanlan 2" via Simulacrum leads to a goldmine of moments, such as Matt managing to sing perfectly in-sync with Sam, and Scanlan going to sleep before the final battle spooning his clone. Which becomes a Brick Joke as Matt makes a series of heartwarming call-backs to the story so far as Vox Machina dreams... ending with "spooning a second version of yourself".
  • When guest Joe Manganiello comes on, Sam reveals that his mug message for the episode is: "I'm no longer the handsomest guy on CR."
  • The combination of Fenthras and an Animate Dead spell ended up much funnier than it had any right to be, with Matt noting how the third corpse of Delilah Briarwood was having trouble balancing and that a tree was poking Arkhan.
  • "Clarota Healing" gets a 110 Episode Callback, but Sam describes it as Scanlan 2, only knowing the songs that have already been sang, with little of the emotion that Scanlan Prime has.
  • It's a minor bit of levity after an extraordinarily dark moment, but when Matt ends the game right after the horrifying revelation of Kaylie, Cassandra, and Gilmore being brainwashed and used against the party (who actually killed the first two before realizing what was happening,) Travis has something to say.
    Travis: What did you do?! You Kevin-Spacey-from-Se7en motherfucker, what did you do?!

    Episode 114: Vecna, The Ascended 
  • Poor Grog gets stuck again in a different dimension thanks to Vecna. His attempt to escape? Roll an Intelligence check to try and find a way out. Naturally he fails, so he has to plan another form of escape. So he gets out his cask of ale, pours himself a drink, and sobs a bit because he doesn't know how to escape.
  • The team reacting to Sam/Scanlan getting off a Counterspell that stops Vecna’s attempt to banish Grog and Pike, having seemingly fooled Matt by running into spell-range only to Inspire Grog the previous turn. Liam gapes as he obviously puts the turn together in his head just before Sam crows “That’s why I got closer, motherfucker.”
    • One of the best reactions goes to Ashley though, who gets up out of her chair and briefly runs off, doing a victory dance.
  • After banishing Vecna, Arkhan takes the Hand of Vecna that was left behind, cuts off his own hand, attaches Vecna's to the stump, and teleports away, just like that.
  • As Zahra and Kash plummet to the ground from Vecna's Hold Monster, Mary shouts "At least the baby will survive!" No one knows if she's joking or not.
  • The group realizes that Scanlan has low Wisdom and wonders why they never made fun of that more.
    Sam: Why do you think i make stupid, stupid decisions all the time?
    Laura: I just thought you were an asshole!
  • A Brick Joke over 40-episodes long finally pays off, while Vex flies on her broom wearing the pointy hat Scanlan bought for her, Sam asks Matt if he'll allow him to use a Cantrip: Minor Illusion... just to turn her skin green. Matt does.
  • Pike's mini breaks during the chaos of the battle, which leads to the cast frantically passing around a tube of superglue to whoever isn't taking their turn at the moment. This escalates into a Funny Background Event when Sam realizes the tube is clogged and that they need scissors or a knife.

    Episode 115: The Chapter Closes 
  • At the end of the episode, Grog pulls a card from the Deck of Many Things. He draws The Void, a card which immediately steals his soul from his body and imprisons it within an object and location of the DM's choice, guarded by "one or more powerful creatures". As this happened in the middle of the epilogue, this prompts a very inconvenient two-week detour to the extraplanar Windswept Depths of Pandemonium to retrieve and restore his soul; a jaunt treated by everyone (especially Matt) as more tedious than difficult given that every member of Vox Machina is 19th or 20th level by this point. (Needless to say, Grog's Deck is confiscated.)
    Keyleth: I should be mourning right now, and [instead] I'm hunting your stupid ass down!
  • Ashley's internet cuts out twice during the episode. The first is right as Grog draws The Void card, causing her to completely miss the above-mentioned Deck of Many Things incident. The second is right as Pike is about to ask Scanlan on a date.
    • Even better, after the second disconnect and the detour to recover Grog's soul after he pulls the Void Card, the rest of the group is ragging on him, prompting him to apologize. Literally the SECOND after Travis says "Sorry, Pike," there's a little "Hello?" in response, as Ashley's internet reconnects at the perfect moment. The whole group starts cracking up at the timing.
    • Scanlan and Percy guilt trip him by saying that Percy lost his arm while rescuing Grog's soul.
    Grog: I'm sorry!
    Percy: skeptical Are you?
    Grog: No.
  • After finding out that Zahra and Kash are in fact having a baby together, Keyleth drops Kash none-too-gently, but sets Zahra down very carefully. Kash admits that he probably deserved that.
  • After Keyleth is unsuccessful at Scrying on Sylas Briarwood due to him making the necessary saves, Laura suggests instead using Locate Object on his pants. Matt actually has to stop and check the fine print on that spell, and when this is also unsuccessful, he mimes Sylas removing a pair of tearaway pants.
  • A few members of Vox Machina send up celebratory signals to let the people below know Vecna has been defeated and sealed away. Percy and Vex send up gold and purple flares, Keyleth uses Skywrite, and Scanlan? Well, he pulls out the gun he took more than 40 episodes prior.
    • Much to Taliesin's chagrin, Sam proceeds to roll a natural 20 on the shot followed by a 28 performance check for gun spinning tricks.
  • Taliesin, of all people, rolls a natural one on the Golden Snitch, of all dice, and tosses it away out of irritation. Matt promptly grabs it and grins evilly.
    Matt: Hello, next campaign.
  • After teasing his age the entire campaign, Scanlan finally reveals it in the epilogue: At the start of the adventure, he was exactly 69. A young age for a gnome.
  • The fact that the very last word of the broadcast (and the entire first campaign) is Laura saying "Fuck!"

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