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Funny / Critiquing The Critics

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    Critiquing the Critics 
  • From his JesuOtaku review:
    Martial Horror: This may surprise you, but I'm a little slow...You don't look very surprised.
    • Another one from the same video:
    Martial Horror: She always keeps me on my toes....which is weird cuz I always watch them sitting down
  • From the review of The Spoony Experiment:
    Martial Horror: Don't assume I'm Fanwanking over Spoony, cuz I have done that before, but then I realized that was supposed to be taken as a metaphor and the restraining order says I can not do so again.
  • From his review of The Cinema Snob Movie
    Martial Horror: You should know once Martial Horror puts pencil on paper, only high art can be born.

    Guidelines to Not sucking at Video reviewing 


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