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This isn't a Wham City Comedy work for nothing!

  • Tank Mann returns and the tone is serious. He asks Ghost Lady if she can speak to Jouglat, and Jouglat relays a message back to his father through her. Then...Tank Mann and Ghost Lady share a casual fist-bump, just before Tank gets serious again and turns his attention to Courtney.
  • This exchange between a caller and Agent Martinez:
    Caller: Ah, Agent Martinez, uh...what do I owe the pleasure?
    Martinez: Excuse me? What did you say?
    Caller: what do I owe the pleasure of this call?
    Martinez: Call... Call...? What is call? Pleasure. I know that. I've done that before.
    Caller: Okay...
    Martinez: Are you pleasure me?
    Caller: Uh...if you want to...
    Martinez: Absolutely. See you in the alleyway.
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  • Agent Martinez's stiff walk is pretty amusing on it's own, but devoting time in the emotional climax to watch her silently and stiffly walk up to Berry is hilarious just for how awkward it is.
  • When Pan Pizza manages to get on the air and talk to Courtney, he stumbles over his words and keeps on saying "no!", giggling when she says he sounds like a man, but looks like a machine- and thus, she dubs him a giggling machine, and then hangs up.
  • The first time Agent Martinez is told she's talking to "George Washington", she gets Starstruck Speechless and is unable to form any words. The second time, episodes later, she gets angry at him only calling her back now after all the messages she sent him, saying that she's "not just a booty call" before hanging up.
  • In the middle of the confrontation between Berry and Courtney, viewers were able to call. Despite emotions flying high, Berry kept pausing the conversation to answer the phone, and gets increasingly annoyed with the caller's antics; she groans that they're calling when things were just getting good, and tells one hesitant caller "You snooze, you loose, pal," hanging up immediately.
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  • The entirety of "Undercover Soldier" is Stylistic Suck comedy at it's best, and the reading of it in particular is hilarious. While Gravesite reads the whole thing, with voices and added commentary, Ashes and Glintz-Terry are pretending to be interested in the story, occasionally falling asleep or getting distracted until Gravesite asked if they were still listening. The script itself is no less funny, complete with the cast based on Gravesite's friends, an utterly ridiculous "plot" made up of random events and barely-existent drama, and hilariously bad dialogue. The script ends with someone getting killed for reading Gravesite's mail, no less!

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