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Trivia / The Cry of Mann

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  • Actor Allusion: Alan Resnick again plays an artist who gets yucky ear. Also, when asked about painting with the color orange, he says he used to paint with "stupid" colors, like "fucking blue".
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • Viewers were encouraged to send fan art through a specified e-mail address. Said fan art would later decorate the sets as the series went along.
    • A dedicated group of fans set out to help write Gravesite's script for Undercover Soldier, which was then sent through the e-mail address. A good portion of the finale is dedicated to reading the script live.
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  • Two Voices, One Character: Prisoner Sarah is actually the stand-in character for the callers, and thus every time they speak, they're played by a new caller.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Due to the event's choose-your-own-adventure style of plot, a lot of possibilities and outcomes weren't shown, leaving fans to wonder what would've happened if things turned out differently.
    • The initial title for Cry of Mann was going to be called Trool Day, but it was rejected by Adult Swim, who thought no one would know what "Trool" means.


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