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Tear Jerker / The Cry of Mann

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With a title like Cry of Man, one thing is for sure... you certainly will be crying...

  • The ending of Agent Martinez and Berry's subplot. After all the buildup, Agent Martinez is about to leave the house for good, when Berry calls her back. Agent Martinez approaches...and the phone rings, distracting Berry. Agent Martinez sadly walks out of the door, trembling, as Berry cheerfully talks with the caller and says that she doesn't even remember what she was doing before the phone rang. Ouch.
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  • Jouglat's death, after being back home for just a few days; after falling into alcoholism and depression due to being away from the warr, he decides to go back, only to be killed by Frank, and he slowly passes away as the credits roll, with Ghost Lady not being able to help him beyond giving him food.
  • Jack's response to Jouglat's death is equally as heartwrenching. He bursts into an emotional monologue about how affected he was by his brother's absence, and how sorry he was for not being a better brother to him after he came home. He goes so far as to hug Jouglat's corpse, and asks Berry why nobody bothered to tell him about what happened.
  • Jack spent several episodes preparing for his solo art show, stressing himself over making works of art that would allow Tank Mann to be proud of him. The art show finally comes around...and it's an utter disaster, with the family flipping out because of Jack's depictions of phones. Jack is left crushed and angry, feeling utterly betrayed; It's all too easy to feel just as crushed at how his big night turned out, knowing just how much it meant to him and how desperate he was to make Tank Mann proud.
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  • When Courtney starts to spiral out of control, she goes from being an unlikable and nasty stepmother to someone downright pitiable; she monologues about how miserable she is in the house, about her old life and lover, and snuggles up to a stereo playing a special message from Tank Mann, almost crying. It's hard not to feel horrible for her when witnessing her breaking down and trying to distract herself by talking to her callers about random subjects.
  • Durkin's story about what happened to their team. They originally had nine members, and they all got along really well. And explosion happened. Members died or got lost in the ensuing chaos, and the ones that remained were no longer able to treat each other like friends. His one wish was for everyone to stop fighting and act like they used to...only for a drunk Prince and Glintz-Terry to come and harass him, making things even worse.
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  • Though it doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, the fact that Gravesite held and spoke to Prince as he died in agony was pretty heart-wrenching. He takes a while to leave his friend's body, and openly says he misses Prince later on. While it's moved on from rather quickly, it's a very bittersweet ending to Gravesite and Prince's storyline.

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