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  • The WTF moments had its fair share:
    "Next we have Kurt Angle declaring that Raw has the best talent, the best shows and the best fans, and in the process, proving that there is indeed a fourth 'I': Intensity, Integrity, Intelligence and IDIOT."
    "There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Booker T talking absolute nonsense."
    "Old Trafford, the Etihad, the Central Library, the Town Hall, Salford Lads Club... all beautiful, iconic things part of the city of Manchester, but when WWE decides to show off Manchester as a fancy place that should be hosting WWE Raw in, they choose to show... Primark!"
    "Now as we all know, before predictions take place, Adam Pacitti likes to take me out for midnight pedicure, so I did not see the pre-show."
  • "10 Wrestlers Who Came Inches From Death" has Adam Pacitti naming a list of things from The '90s which were silly... in a voiceless piece:
    Pacitti: Basically, the late 90s were super intense and stupid.
    Screen: "DISCLAIMER:
    Yes, the late 1990s were great, but you can't deny that those 3 or 4 years were almost like the air was made of cocaine.
    Like, seriously.
    (*scrolling list starts*)
    Pokemon TCG literally holds the world hostage.
    Cow and Chicken somehow clears censors.
    Spongebob Squarepants debuts on Nickelodeon.
    Blue (Da Ba Dee) takes the world by storm.
    The Monica Lewinsky scandal.
    Jesse Ventura was elected governor of MN.
    Pokémon Red and Blue released.
    Motherf**king 'Tubthumping'.
    Pretty Fly For a White Guy.
    Nu Metal... (Sorry about that).
    South. Park.
    Furbys. Horrible. Horrible. Furbys.
    Beanie Babies and the ensuing collector panic.
    Final Fantasy VII.
    A terrible Godzilla film.
    Batman & Robin & dem rubber nips.
    Playstation destrooooooys Sega.
    The Teletubbies awaken.
    There was that Star Wars prequel thing.
    But there was also The Matrix, so... yeah.
    Kenan & Kel
    Nintendo 64
    Literally every Boy Band ever.
    Pepsi built The Simpsons' house.
    Some computer beat some really good chess guy.
    (*scrolling list ends*)
    And wrestling was the biggest thing since sliced bread.
    Everyone and their dog was watching."
  • From their Wrestlemania 34 Reactions video:
    • During the André the Giant memorial battle royal Pacitti notices that Fandango has a Raging Stiffie and the guys begin to laugh until Jack asks the others if they occasionally still get random erections leading to Adam to ask Jack where he recently had one:
      Pacitti: Where- Where have you recently had a throbber?
      Jack: Like, for example, like on a bus if there's a lot of vibration.
      Pacitti: You got the bus in today!
      Jack: No,I didn't-I .
      Pacitti: Are you e-!
      Pacitti and Ross: (Camera zooms in on Jack's pants) He's-He's got a...Stiffie !
      Pacitti: #Jack'sgotastiffy! Get the Tee-shirt printed!
    • During the Women's Battle Royal Jack begins aggressively slapping his armrest causing Pacitti to ask Jack if he was wanking off:
      Pacitti: (Looks at Jack) Are you wanking, Jack?
      Pacitti: Just the most aggressive like...(Begins aggressively jerking his arm up and down)
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    • During the Triple Threat for the IC Title Ross asks a question about The Miz 's new daughter:
      Ross: Thoughts on Monroe Sky?
      Ross: (Chuckles) No... that's The Miz's new daughter.
      Everyone: (Begins to laugh hysterically.)
    • During the Tag Team match between Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, in the part where Ronda puts Stephanie in a arm hold, Ross begins to slowly lose his mind and scream kill at the screen causing Adam to slowly back away from him in fear.
    • During the Tag Team match for the Raw Tag Team Championships Sam notices a person in The Bar's float who heavily resembles Ross' old costume leading them to mention NAME REDACTED and talk about how WWE is going to get sued.
  • After losing the Extreme Rules 2018 Predictions, Ross's punishment was calling a phone sex hotline with a wrestling fantasy written by Pacitti. Words do not do it justice.
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  • The title theme song written and performed by Pacitti for the 'What Happened to that Wrestler' series, a word-perfect parody of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire", complete with wiggling pop-ups of the wrestlers as they're named and Pacitti dancing and playing on a (photoshopped) keyboard. It's unbelievable.
    "Mason Ryan, Stevie Ray, Earthquake, Alundra Blayze,
    Norman Smiley, Zach Gowen, Bam Bam Bigelow,
    Ahmed Johnson, Torrie Wilson, Buff Bagwell, Robert Gibson,
    Dave Taylor, Terry Taylor, and Godfather's ho's,
    Duane Gill, Adam Bomb, Michael Hayes, Cor Von,
    Essa Rios, Gemini, the manager from Kaientai,
    Jim Powers, Francine, Jack Swagger, Mean Gene,
    Fat Chick Thriller, Duke the Dumpster, Oklahoma, Mantaur!
    What happened to that wrestler?
    Some were main eventing, which leaves me lamenting
    What happened to that wrestler?
    Some seem long forgotten, but their memories live on!"

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