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YMMV / The Cry of Mann

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: There's a brief moment just before the art show where Jack is asking the mailman to deliver his message to Tank...but the colors are trippy and the mailman is just a hallucination who isn't in the room, so the message just slips through his intangible hands. He then tells Jack he's not actually there, Jack cheerfully says goodbye, and he saunters off. This wasn't explained, nor was it mentioned again afterward, and it doesn't fully mesh with the rest of the series. It may have been there to show Jack's deteriorating mental state, but barely more than implied.
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  • Growing the Beard: The first few episodes are rather rough to sit through thanks to callers who didn't really understand what was happening. Conversations went nowhere, the cast tried rerailing the conversations to stick to the script and the chat was clearly getting upset with them; praising the few that actually kept the plot moving. It wasn't until after the second episode that rules were established for those wanting to call in, the main one of which was to "play along". After that, calls became much more tolerable and the plot was able to continue as normal.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • After Jouglat's death, viewers were quick to welcome him with open arms after he shows up in the chat, wondering what happened to him.
    • Following the climax of The Call of Warr, a caller who got a bit emotional over said climax ends up talking to Durkin while he and those that ended up dying have a picnic with Ghost Lady. Robby, staying in-character as Durkin, manages to not only reassure her that everything's alright and that it's okay to cry, but helps cheer her up with small talk regarding Trool Day.
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  • Moment of Awesome: Among all the chaos happening in the last episode, a caller finally managed to get Tank to smash the vase that contained the orange tooth that Gergiev hid early in the series, something that callers had attempted to tell the cast to do multiple times over the course of the event.


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