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  • In Savior of Demons, When Bulma's mind wanders during an Internal Monologue to capsules, she reflects on how "coffin capsules" are more properly called "Suspended Organic Material (A-Type)", or S.O.M.A. capsules.
  • By own admission, the author of the Star Wars/Mass Effect crossover Fractured does this a lot. It goes Up to Eleven in the sequel, Origins becoming almost once-a-chapter for a good stretch.
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  • A Crown of Stars has Neural Induction Learning System.
  • Three fan organizations created by Rangerphiles - that is fans of Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers - are: Rescue Our Animated Rangers, Rangerphiles Against Gadget Erotica, and Chipperphiles Organization Against Chip Hatred.
  • Super Awesome Vegas Magical Outing At Night With Eric And You (pronounced Save Gas Money), used on Muggle Cast.
  • Avalon has this as the standard naming practice for all computer systems and most of the organizations in the setting.
  • When the first Matrix sequel came out there was a lot of speculation about Agent Smith being able to get into the Real World and why Neo could see the Real World as Matrix Raining Code which lead to the Matrix In A Matrix, Indefinitely theory.
  • In the author's notes of Fuck the Jesus Beam, readers are commonly referred to as "cunts". It later turns out that this is short for "Cool Understanding Never Terrorizing Superpeople".
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  • In the famous Total Drama fanfic Total Drama Comeback, one challenge has Chris organize some of the contestants into a team called the Cool Kids Club, except he makes the mistake of trying to make the name cooler by spelling "cool" and "club" with a k", shocking and angering everyone (notably Leshawna). "KKK! That's not good..."
  • One Less Lonely Gurl has this in SIMS and Chimps, which is Sandy's organization. It stands for Super Intelligent Mutant Squirrels and Chimps.
  • Paper Mario X has Team Z.A.P. and Team B.E.G.
    Ganondorf: B.E.G.? What the heck does THAT stand for?
    Eggman: It's our initials, dingdong!
    Sonic: No, it means you beg for mercy! [high-fives Link]
    Kirby: It also fits because Team Z.A.P. is an acronym of initials too!
    Bowser: Yeah…That's still a pretty clever name…beats G.E.B., that's for sure.

    Zelda: Oh yeah! We are awesome baby! Z.A.P!
    Amy: Z.A.P.?
    Zelda: It's our new group! Zelda, Amy, and Peach! I tried P.A.Z. but it didn't catch on…
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  • This page of Hoofstuck has DESU, which stands for Daredevil Equestrian Salvation Unit.
  • Khyaid stands for "Kayd Hendricks You Are In Danger".
  • Harpflank And Sweets has the Plasma-Assisted Recoilless Triximum Gamma Cannon (P.A.R.T.γ Cannon). This is also a clever way to avoid Shoehorned First Letter.
  • Friendship Contract has the Modular Earth-pony Chakra Hardened Assault Puppet, or MECHA Puppet. Alternate name of Chakra Hardened Ultra Can Kicker.
  • All-American Girl: Multiple:
    • Twilight's reality-hopping device is called the Panoramic Operational Remote Temporadimensional Access Link, or "Portal", for short.
    • Another, more hidden one comes when a character states an authorization code; "Hotel-Four-Siera-Bravo-Romeo-Zero". Abbreviating the code and putting in the actual numbers spells out 'H4SBR0' (Hasbro).
    • Combined with Arc Words, we have COMBS, which is the initials of the five mares suspected of being the host of Nightmare Moon: Champagne Dreams, Orange Box, Minty, Bon-Bon and Star Swirl.
  • In Divided Rainbow, there is the Diamond Dog answering to the name of Scrounger The Dog. Also qualifying, very deservedly, as a name to run away from really fast!
  • Equestria: A History Revealed:
    • The United Royal Indomitable National Equestrian forces
    • Strangely enough, it seems as though nobody in-universe realizes the unfortunate acronym, with the narrator only noting that it seemed excessively extravagant and longwinded. Played even more straighter when Princess Luna directly calls them by that name.
  • My Little Portal: Multiple:
    • DISCoRD = Digitally Intrinsic System Contrivance of Robotic Dissonance
    • CELesTIA = Combat Effective Linear equation system Technical Infrastructure Automation
    • LUNA = Lunar Utility Navigation Automation
    • SPIKE = Supportive Processing Innovation Kilobyte Entity
    • DASH-E = Direct Assault Sentry Honorguard - Eradication Class
  • The God Squad features an Original Character (OC) who is a capricorn... otherwise known as an Oceanic Creature (OC). The OC is refered to an OC (and his actions are attributed to his OCness) often.
    • This trope is a favorite of the author's. We get characters worrying that actions will damage the Functionality In Canterlot), the secret agency known as the The Bureau of Undoing Trouble from Twilight Sparkle, and certain workers in said agency being Dedicated Innovation-Centered Scientists who belong in BUTTS.
  • In Perfection is Overrated, there are the SUEsSuperpowered Unbalancing Entities—that happen to be Evil Counterparts to the Himes who plan to reshape the world as they see fit.
  • Im Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, we have METEOR which means: Machine Engine Terminal: Entity Of Rancour, highlighting the fact that Ryusei's been configured into a cyborg.
  • A non-canon side story in The Non-Bronyverse involves the Delegation of the Office of the Royal Knowledge Society, or D.O.R.K.S. Celestia has somehow previously failed to pick up on this over the past thousand years or so.
  • The Reading Rainbowverse has the Committee On United Chairs and Headrests, meant to be a group of furniture experts. There was also, briefly, the Council United to Reinstate Brown and Show Tyrants Overtly Merciful Protest.
  • In My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic, Brain invents a tracking device called TERRIFIC (The Elemental Radar Receptor In Finding Interesting Characters).
  • In Knowledge Is Power Harry starts a new wizarding school and calls it the "'''P'''otter '''I'''nstitute for '''S'''orcery and '''S'''pells".
  • Mega Man Reawakened has the Neo Emerald Spears, or N.E.S.
  • The Secret Underground Vampire Bureaucracy has the Vampire Association for the Management and Protection of the Species.
  • In Flash Fog, we have the Society for the Prevention of Human Exploitation in the Realm of Equestria, or "SPHERE" for short. The name also conveniently uses Ambiguous Syntax to cover both situations in which humans are exploiting Equestria, and being exploited by Equestrians.
  • Starlight Over Detrot has the Perimeter Aegis Control Taskforce, or PACT, that is charged with protecting Detrot from Megafauna, as well as the Polite Enjoinder Against Criminal Enterprise (PEACE) cannon.
  • Errant Road, an on-line RPG/fanfic associated with the Errant Story webcomic, has the Offensive Chronomancy Research Abolition Protocol, a treaty restricting the study of time magic, named for what the researchers say just before the forbidden magic blows up in their faces.
  • In Royal Heights there's the reveal of the HEADMASTER which decodes to Highly Elaborate Academically Directed Machinery Allowing Students To Excel Reality.
  • In Hunting Series there's the initalism - M.H.M.I or Matrix Hunter Monitoring Interface. Without being connected to M.H.M.I you're not a offically a hunter and that can be a very bad thing.
  • In The Cracks That Show Gringotts sends Harry a message box for Emergency Messages for Automated Interdepartmental Letters.
  • A Rational Child has the Magical Academy for the Gifted, Intellectual and Cultured.
  • Movie Magic has the Peril Actuated Extraction and Retrieval Suit that Pip wears during the tests in the first couple of chapters. The author admits that this was done solely so that Pip would at one point shout "I hate P.A.E.R.S.!"
  • The title of the My Little Pony fanfic MANE is an acronym that reflects the plot of the story as well as being a pun on real-world nuclear doctrine. It stands for 'Mutually Assured Nuclear Extinction.'
  • The Hamsterball Show has a character named Alicia Lily Aska. She's a giant hamster from Alaska.
  • In the Service has the Combat Cyborgs grouped together as Special Personnel And Tactics; or, as one of them points out just after their sibling rivalries break out briefly...SPAT.
  • In the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command fanfiction, Left out in the Cold, there is Coalition for Organic Life Dignity.
  • Thousand Shinji: While they're checking weapon upgrades, Shinji grows frustrated with the number of nonsensical-sounding acronyms:
    “Well, there’s the boom pistol, or rather the APHEGSRB-PV, or Pistol Variant. It was developed along with the carbine version you’re using, but as the name suggests it is smaller and has a somewhat shorter range. And then of course there is the RCPTCCW,” Misato says.
    “What is with all the acronyms?” Shinji asks in annoyance.
    “It’s a military organization, live with it,” Misato says with a shrug.
    Punching in a few codes in his entry plug, Shinji examines the meaning of the acronym before saying, “Rotary Chain Progressive Tooth Close Combat Weapon… you made a giant chainsaw!”
  • Children of an Elder God has Developed Automatic Guardian Organic Navigator: Dagon.
  • The WWE story, The Return-Remixed, has the evil Divas super-stable, DEAR, which stands for the qualities they embody: Diligence, Entertainment, Arrogance and Readiness.
  • In Tournament Hilarity Harry appoints a substitute champion to take his place in the Triwizard Tournament. Said champion announces that he'll be representing the Demon's Establishment of Annihilation and Darkness.
  • Escribamens has the Early Magical Strength Core Undeveloped Latent Talent Evaluation.
  • Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon gets in a couple of good ones, starting with the title itself note . The one that really takes the cake though is We Are Fanatical Fans Enthusiastically Needing Sailor Senshi or W.A.F.F.E.N. S.S.. They even have armbands.
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim:
    • Episode 13 has the conspiracy group known as the Conspiracy Reaction Engagement Analysis Monitors. Steve is quick to lampshade it, and one of the group's agents admits they didn't look at how it was written until after they had copyrighted the name.
    • Episode 18 is built around the secret society of gamers known as the Secret Masters Of Gaming. Gaz is the one to point out the stupid name this time.
  • In The Consort Tournament Voldemort, having won the war, decides to hold an elimination tournament to choose his consort. Part of this is a thousand-question test called the Wizarding Helpmate Assessment for Logic and Equivalence.
  • In Ninja Wizard Book 5 a Muggleborn-supremacy group calls itself the Muggleborn Organization to Demand Equality and Revolution Now.
  • In From the Beast Within the map of the magical section of the New York zoo has several of these.
    • AQUAS - Amazingly Quirky Underwater Animal Swamp
    • TERRA - Terrifically Entertaining Roving Range Area
    • OTHER - Obscure Things Hardly Ever Recorded
    • MUERTAS - Many Uncomfortable Entities Remaining Terrible And Scary
    • PAZ - Particularly Amicable Zoobeasts
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Professor Oak invents a special device to optimize Pokémon rotation and gives the two prototypes to Gary and Ash. He names it the Handheld Omni-Powered Expeditor glove. Lampshaded by Gary when he receives his own, questioning Oak about how long he took to come up with that particular acronym.
  • In Harry Potter and the Little Door St. Mungo's has Muggle Adapted Router Mass Organized Transit.
  • In Xtreme Freak a wizarding tent Ted obtains has an AI called the Interactive Response and Integrative System.
  • Control; It's Not What It's Cracked Up To Be! has the Wizards' Ordinary Magic and Basic Aptitude Test.
  • The Second String has the Squib Temporary Incarceration Fortified Facility.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, K.E.L.E.X. is short for Kryptonian Education and Life Enrichment Xenosakolouthos.
  • Dial:
    • After SHIELD is disbanded to be reformed, Tony and some others have a lot of fun suggesting replacement organization names, like Government Agency of Super Powers (GASP), Supreme Military Agency of Super Humans (SMASH), Government Goon Gallery (GGG) and even Dynamic Action Intelligence Liaisons (DIAL) and Public Legion United by Mission to Bridge Education for Races (PLUMBER).
    • One of Dial's first creations for StarkTech is a fabricator to make anything out of catoms called the Claytronics Object Creator. After Dial realizes the acronym and what letter could be juvenilely added to it, he renames it the Claytronics Nanoforge.
  • The Coven of Albion has the Witches Holistic Institute for Friends of Fairies.
  • The Naruto fic Blind Vision hasthe annual "'Keeping Unified National Alliances Intact" conference.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): As in RWBY canon. The teams are a little different in the fic, though.
    • Ren, Yang, Blake, and Nora make up Team RYBN ("ribbon").
    • Weiss, Jaune, Ruby, and Pyrrha make up Team WJRP ("whirlpool").
    • Cinder, Mercury, Emerald, and Neo make up Team... CMEN. It's supposed to be pronounced "cinnamon," but Professor Port, one of the announcers for the tournament, doesn't bother.
      Mercury: Knew we should have changed it.
    • Professor Port also complains that while some of Beacon's acronyms are stretched, at least they aren't as bad as Shade Academy. Sun's team of SSSN is pronounced "sun," which is just silly.
  • Triptych Continuum: The previous name of "Canterlot Unicorns Need Equal Treatment", described in Luna's Lottery Lunacy as "the largest, best-organized, well-funded, and most delusional group of self-promoting racists on the continent." They were originally named "Canterlot Unicorns Negating Traditional Swears", but for some reason, decided that name wasn't working out.
  • The Bolt Chronicles: A non-humorous acronym example in seen in “The Blood Brother” for the supremacist group “Caucasian Rights Endorsement, Education, and Protection Society.”
  • Sakuya Izayoi Gives You Advice And Dabs: Sakuya Izayoi's dab is apparently a spell card titled Dangerous Action Behavior.
  • This Bites! examples:
    • Self-Insert Cross is forced into the world of One Piece by what he calls B.R.O.B., or, [Bastard Random Omniopotent Being.
    • To answer the swiftly growing threat of the new generation of pirates, the World Government brought together several scientific minds to create super weapons called the BioMEGAs: Biological Mechanically Enhanced Genocide Armaments.


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