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In an alternate nineties setting, 10-year-old Tommy Munroe leads a normal life in his suburban neighborhood, until he is possessed by a powerful alien warrior that makes him into a one-man Super Sentai team, and now he has to fight the alien warrior's evil brother, Thraxaru, who's trying to pry Tommy's powers out of his body with physical and mental attacks, including monsters made out of everyday items and drawings made by children! This is not an easy task, seeing as how he also has to deal with his teenage sister, Katie, his goofy parents, Karen and Laurence, and the problems of suburban life.


Possible rating: TV-G or TV-PG. Not your average child and family in a sitcom; they state outright that they're Christians, though they often lampshade The Bible. Every character has validity and depth, adults are not useless, and no matter what devastating monster attack comes their way, they're still a loving, happy family.

In this show, No Celebrities Were Harmed, only combined, and X Meets Y abounds, especially on television. For example:

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