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Taking the worlds of Roger Rabbit and expounding on the concept. Our universe is being taken over by the cartoon universe (Cartonus Universum; usually named "ToonWorld" in CamelCase for short) through a freak dimensional accident in a secret lab back in the first decade of the 20th century. (Yeah, it's one of those shows). Today, Toons and humans work together to solve crimes in both worlds, whilst others, including certain Toons, figure out how ToonWorld ticks and how to solve/use/exploit/destroy/separate it. The main focus is a police station in Seattle, where many of the idiot Toon cops of The Dick Tracy Show (Hemlock Holmes, Joe Jitsu... everyone except Go-Go Gomez, who works South of the Border) and even Dick Tracy himself reside and assist.


Possible rating: TV-14... Yeah, you heard me... TV-14 The rating of many a modern cop show. This isn't just for kicks, here... this is to show that cartoons aren't just for kids. The crimes are fairly nasty, the language is PG, but the imagery is the main reason for its rating.

Toons in ToonWorld are made using traditional methods only, any CGI whatsoever will send a Toon-to-be to a technologic nightmare land of no return. Also...


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