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In Everytown, America, our protagonist, Blake Demgrix, lived a normal life within his normal community... that is, until his ears fell off... and cat ears grew on the top of his head... Yep, within 3 weeks, Blake was a full-blooded Cat Boy, complete with long, furry, semi-prehensile tail, Cute Little Fangs, enhanced, cat-like senses, and retractable claws, and there's abso-freakin'-lutely no reason for it! (...Or is there...?) Ever since his "kittification", strange things began going on around him, from dimensional crossovers to visits from mythological and legendary creatures, and nobody else seems to think it's strange, not because they can't see it, but because somehow the whole fabric of reality has changed, and only Blake knows it's "wrong". Due to the irrationality of both his physical form and the world around him, he changed his name to Kat Blik, reflecting how everything he's known has changed in the mere "blik (sic) of an eye".


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