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Daniel G. Hedaya is an American character actor. He played the dictator Arius in Commando, Tully Alford in The Addams Family, Cher Horowitz's father Mel in Clueless, General Perez in Alien: Resurrection, Richard Nixon in Dick and Red the goblin bellboy in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, among many other roles. He also starred on the short-lived Cheers spin-off The Tortellis as Carla Tortelli's ex-husband Nick.



  • Playing Gertrude: He guest starred on Monk as the title character's father despite being only 13 years older than Tony Shalhoub.
  • Plays Great Ethnics: He often plays Italian-Americans and Latinos, even though he is the son of Sephardic Jewish immigrants from Syria.

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