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  • In Episode 14 of Sword Art Online Abridged, Suguha gives out one of these once she realizes that the Spriggan warrior Kirito that she's been with all day is her brother Kazuto. Besides the fact that she is afraid that Kazuto will find out that she likes something girly, Suguha also said her brother had "a sweet patootie".
    Suguha: Son of a horse dick-fucking shit weasel-fucking bitch whore... ASS!! What is that FUCKING cock-sampler doing in MY GAME?! Oh Jesus fuck! I said my brother had a sweet patootie! (shrieks and starts sobbing into her pillow) Nooooo! Noooooo! NOOOOOO!!
  • My Immortal. When you're five pages into a Harry Potter fanfic and the main character Snape has already made casual use of more than half a dozen swear words without so much as raising his blood pressure, take it as a sign that the author doesn't connect with the original characterization of Snape at all. Somewhere in that writer's brain is this iron-clad idea that swearing is so natural that only pansies can talk casually for five minutes without the use of swear words, and as Snape is not a pansy, obviously the correct characterization would make an HBO executive blush.
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC second season Happy Hour has the Green Goblin drop one in the 4th episode after the Joker hits his crush, Harley Quinn:
    Green Goblin: You son of a * BLEEP* ! I'm gonna * 16 glorious seconds of BLEEEEEEP* up Richard Gere's ass!
  • When Yami is tricked into going out with Téa in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, he lets out a rant that is almost entirely composed of Sound Effect Bleeps.
    • "And then you'll have to BLEEP sideways!"
  • Naruto: The Abridged Series has a shorter outburst by Sasuke when his scene is cut off for the third time that episode.
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  • The third episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged has a flashback to the time Joseph "kamikaze'd an immortal god into an active volcano", which consists entirely of him screaming "fuck" whilst being inundated with piranhas and octopi… in a biplane.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Jack lets loose a (mostly-unwritten) one upon exacting revenge against those responsible for killing one of her students.
  • In Twilight Valley, pretty much everyone utters at least one profanity. The most outrageous would have to be:
    "You bastard! How dare you call me stupid!?"—said by Littlefoot
    "You bastards! I hope when Littlefoot, Deimos and his friends rescue me, they kill you first! And I'll have your fu?"—said by Chomper. Yes, he nearly drops the F-bomb before he gets kicked in the ribs
    "You are all assholes! I hope Deimos finds you and rips out your internal organs! And you Ms. Maia, I hope that you get captured and taken to be sentenced by the Great Valley elders; I?ll enjoy seeing your carcass hanging from a tree or lying broken on the outskirts of the Great Valley."—Chomper, again.
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  • A Death To Remember has an f-bomb practically every other line.
  • The Mass Effect Self-Insert Mass Vexations has a protagonist who likes to swear a lot. He doesn't really go to town until he survives Virmire, though. Or until Wrex makes him lose The Game.
    • His Wham Line uses three f-bombs in the course of the same sentence.
    Art: You don't fucking understand! I knew she was going to fucking die since I fucking arrived on the fucking Citadel!
  • The characters in What Lies Beyond the Walls have nasty potty mouths—especially the pirates, who seem to use profanity casually. It gets to a point where "cunt" is said in almost every other chapter.
  • Lina Eastwood from Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars is infamous for this; every single episode has her saying the F word at least once, and the one that doesn't (18) makes up for it by having her say it in the next episode preview.
  • Vegeta lets loose a volley of profanity that is beeped out by Jeice's scouter in Ep 19 of Dragon Ball Z Abridged, though at the end of the episode it's revealed to be a tame outburst with not a single F-Bomb.
  • Buggy the Clown from "One Piece" provide a very good example in chapter 12 of the fanfic "New Game Plus" when Crocus states the latter had a crush on Shanks as seen below.
  • The Golem in chapter eight and nine of The Exigence swear far more than any other characters.
  • Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella. Everyone (Madoka excluded) swears. This includes KyuBey's replacement.
  • All of the four in With Strings Attached and The Keys Stand Alone use “fuck,” but John uses it more frequently than the others, and when he's pissed every other word, seemingly, is the F-bomb.
    • Paul dropped a good one after the mine-robbers attacked him in Keys:
    “And what'd I do to deserve that, then? You fuckers! I hoped maybe things could be a bit reasonable for once, but I can't go two fucking seconds without someone deciding I'm a target for no fucking reason!
  • Sidonis in Mass Effect Interregnum loooves him some cursing, in stark contrast to Garrus.
  • Everyone in Hermione's Talent talks this way. It's barely plausible even for Ron, who does swear in canon, but ridiculous to the point of Narm when Hermione does it.
  • In Silver And Bronze: The Conspiracy Of The Shapeshifter, Susan Henkel seems to have an entire vocabulary of this.
  • Hands: Chrysalis' Villainous Breakdown, upon seeing Cadence and Shining Armor about to blast her and her army with their love spell, consists entirely of her repeatedly shouting "bullshit!"
  • Littlepip, the protagonist of Fallout: Equestria, has a mouth that wouldn't be out of place in a Quentin Tarantino film.
  • React Watch Believe Yikes has the normally very tame team RWBY swearing enough to make a sailor blanch. Of course, given just who they are dealing with, its understandable.
  • Chapter seven of the Star Trek (2009) fic Written in the Stars has Fem!Kirk go all out on the Romulans. It's awesome.
    Kirk: You would have destroyed yourselves because the only one willing to help you was a half-Human, half-Vulcan Ambassador who was too late to inject the Red Matter into the supernova. It stopped it, sure, but then he was chased through the black hole he created by Nero. But do you want to know why he was the only one willing to help you? Because you lot were a bunch of fucking fascist bastards who will spend the next century trying to destroy the Federation – the only ones who can save you! Not just that, but saying things like you just said doesn't make a lot of friends; that you were fucking proud of Nero's actions for destroying Vulcan and ending billions of lives! It's no wonder we didn't want to help you when you fucking assholes needed it! No wait, hold on… you felt you didn't need help because you believed there was nothing fucking wrong with that star. You thought it was a lie created by us in order to mask our supposed “dishonourable intentions”. Your inability to comprehend that we would want to help you, fucking blinded you all to the fact that the star was dying, and unless you get rid of that fucking single-mind of yours, you're going to end up like Vulcan sooner or later. Sooner if the Vulcans detonate the Red Matter, or later if the star dies and kills you all. So I suggest you all shut the fuck up, go and examine those so-called fucking heroes and the fucking star… and think very, very fucking hard about your actions for the next fucking century.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction Prison Island Break, Shadow swears a lot; more so than any other character in the story. According to Word of God this was intentional and borders on a Verbal Tic.
  • In the Death Note Crack Fic A Charmed Life Light does this when under extreme stress. It's very Godly.
  • In Hogwarts Shuffle Harry becomes extremely frustrated when risque thoughts of the girls in his life keep intruding on his attempts to get a handle on his malfunctioning magic.
  • Strange Times Are Upon Us: From Brokosh after he finds out the dilithium crystals are busted and the spares fell out of the ship during a hull breach.
    Brokosh: (puts a fist through a screen) FUCK! FUCKING FUCKED-UP FUCK!
    Meromi: Hey! Don't break my ship!
  • When Cloud learns that the passcode he's been using in Once More With Feeling is a proprietary one (aka highest possible security clearance), he lets out a string of profanity that awes Reno, impresses Sephiroth (who grew up in the military), and makes Genesis wince at the sheer impossibility of it.
  • In The Power of Love Fleur lets one off when Jasmine and Hermione inform her that it's a who and not a what which will be held hostage during the Second Task.
    Fleur: Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d'enculé de leur mères!
  • In Lady Black, Lord Potter Tonks, the "Lady Black" in question, teases Daphne about having rubbed off on her when the latter swears.
    Daphne: Fine! I can curse too, you poxy fucking worst example of a lady of a goddamned noble bleeding house, a pitiful fucking example if I ever saw one as sure as shit! There! But you will go through the ceremonies if it is the last fucking thing I do because I am not losing my bloody magic over you and your dumbarse insistence on being difficult! Arse, bollocks, fanny!
  • Quicken: When Lisa figured out that Emma's super-power brought her back to life, she had this to say:
    Lisa: That's — fuck, it's just fucking — how the fucking fuck could that fucking... what the fuck, that's fucking fucked!
  • The infamous Spongebob Squarepants Grandmas Kisses Dub.
  • This Bites!:
    • Cross's reaction when he's inserted into One Piece.
    • Cross's breathlessly relieved reaction after leaving Smoker's presence following his "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    • Soundbite's deafening reaction to finding out that the salt-filled vial that Kureha gagged him with was, in fact, filled with sugar instead.
    • Chopper's reaction to being told he has five minutes to get Kobato roused and on their side before several injured marines arrive. It even leaves Soundbite speechless.
    • Nami's (thankfully-censored) reaction when she uses the Impact Dial during the Davy Back Fight. Live on the SBS, much to her loved ones' frustration.
    • Jabra drops a long one over the idea of not getting to finally fight Luffy after waiting since the Davy Back Fights.
    • Cross gives one as a big Bring It to the Marine reinforcements swarming at them at the climax of the Enies Lobby arc.
  • In chapter 12 of Star Trek Odyssey URE, after Jaden and Sonja make it possible for team RWBY to harm Ron, Ruby manages to cut Ron with Crescent Rose, causing a sizable spray of blood. Sonja then lets one of these out in panic upon remembering that Ron is a former Borg drone who still has nanoprobes in his blood.
  • Whispers in the Night:
    Madame Bones: Language, Daphne.
    Daphne: Yes auntie. I'll be sure never to say any curses like shit, bugger, fuck, bloody hell, or other indelicate words such as dick, prick or cock- SON OF A BITCH!
  • A Chance Meeting of Two Moons: Luna uses the Equestrian equivalent during her mental rant in chapter 12 (side Luna), technically making it a Cluster B Bomb.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: Night Blade peppers his Screw This, I'm Out of Here! speech to Xvital with enough F-bombs to qualify.
  • Various Chilean fandubs apart of dubbing anime with local slangs, also use F-Bomb slangs, A LOT, like conchetumarenote . Some examples are:
  • In lord Martiya's Lilanette Week, Lila Rossi has a penchant to use them when speaking Italian or thinking. It's hinted as a side effect of her being originally from Rome (see below in the Real Life section).
  • This parody of Steven Universe has Pink Pearl dissolving into this.
    White Diamond: Now I remember why I used my mind control beam on her.
  • In the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal, this happens when strong-minded characters are provoked beyond all reason. Air witch Olga Romanoff, on learning the security of her Air Station has been breached by an adventurous Assassin who found a way in, is reported to have cursed most eloquently in her native language for five straight minutes without repeating a profanity once. Meanwhile, howondalandian Assassin Johanna Smith-Rhodes has been known to be equally eloquent on both Vondalaans and Morporkian when annoyed. Her sister Mariella has a whole expressive vocabulary to describe a potential Abhorrent Admirer.note 
  • In the Miraculous Ladybug fanfic Fox Rain Lila is prone to this whenever she switches to Italian. Justified as so far she hasn't spoken in standard Italian but in the Romanesco dialect (Rome's dialect), that in Italy is quite infamous for this and even has its own entry in the Real Life subpage.
  • A Shadow of the Titans: When Jade finds out that the HIVE is loaning her out as an intern to the Joker, she has a momentary Heroic BSoD that ends with her breaking out in what's described as "an unholy mix of Cantonese, Japanese, and English profanity".
  • In Yule Ball Drama Harry reacts poorly to realizing that Hermione is most likely to be what he needs to rescue during the Second Task.
    Harry: This... this is how Ron, Ginny, - this is how Dumbledore is going to split us up! They're going to use this task to kill her! Fuck you, Weasleys! Fuck you, Dumbledore! Fuck you, Ministry! Fuck you Goblet of Fire! Fuck you, YOU FUCKING EGG! FUCK!
  • "Teachable Fucking Moments", a Inception fanfic, revolves around a confrontation between Eames and a young punk who's been scratching rude words into the paintwork of his beloved car. Four of the first five words of the fic are "fuck" (the remaining one is "fucking"). After that, it gets creative.
  • From the Town of Salem Affectionate Parody Town of Salem IRL, after spamming his last will, Vincent, The Sheriff gets accused of being the Executioner and lets loose a string of profanity (which is Censored for Comedy by the profanity filter).
  • In misakiyu's illustrations of SilfofinaDragon's Sengoku Basara fanfics, Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura's son Masa's Split Personality Sei usually says this several times.
  • Among his other illustrious skills, Steve Rogers (yes, that's Captain America) in Bucky Barnes Gets His Groove Back & Other International Incidents reportedly has the ability to fit nine utterances of the word 'fuck' into a not-that-long sentence, and once said 'fuck' fourteen times in a row after breaking an art pencil. (And considering that this was mentioned back during the war, Steve might very well have had good reason to swear himself blue, considering how expensive art supplies would have been for him back then.)
  • In Whiskey Time Travel when Harry is given a ring to denote his friend-of-family status after saving Fleamont and Euphemia's lives, it automatically transforms into a second Potter lordship ring, ruining his attempts at anonymity.
    Harry: Oh shit, bugger me in the fucking arsehole, goddamn fucking fuck!

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