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04:35:20 AM Nov 26th 2016
Any chance we could make a new Trope Image that adds the XY and SM twerps? Maybe not immediately until we know how the SM gang will iron out.
08:31:17 PM Jul 6th 2014
I think there needs to be a clean up in terms of the tropes and how they are written. Many of them have the same bias viewpoint, a negative one at that. Some of them look like they belong to YMMV or Trivia, but I'm not sure if they do or just need a rewrite.
05:59:40 AM Jul 7th 2014
Any specifics?
09:31:44 PM Jul 10th 2014
edited by
Kodomomuke, Lighter and Softer, and Franchise Zombie comes into mind.
09:35:27 PM Jul 10th 2014
There's overly-detailed negative stuff on the YMMV pages, too.
07:27:03 AM Sep 24th 2012
Could we have a page for the Rocket Radio Show? Or at least mention it somewhere in the description? It seems like a big detail relating to the anime.
08:56:41 PM Aug 18th 2012
Can anyone give any evidence for the whole "GS ball is coming back for Best Wishes 2"?
04:09:02 PM Apr 23rd 2012
edited by Arivne
Back in September 11th 2011 someone named Centimental deleted the following line. They didn't give an edit reason and didn't add anything to Discussion to explain why they did it, so I'm undoing the deletion.

Just recently (May 4th/5th) Centimental did it again with the following lines, so I'm reverting them too.

  • Demon Head: Jesse of Team Rocket when she gets mad at James and Meowth, and Misty when she gets mad at Ash.
  • It Belongs in a Museum: An archeologist named Tiara says this to Team Rocket in "Control Freak!"

Centimental, if you feel content should be deleted could you please leave an edit reason? Thanks.
02:30:57 PM May 10th 2012
Those were removed because those examples belong on the Character page.
02:14:56 AM May 22nd 2012
edited by Arivne
Thanks! I have moved the Demon Head and It Belongs in a Museum entries to the appropriate Character pages.
06:17:33 AM Feb 25th 2012
I'm changing the Freudian Trio entries regarding the Best Wishes trio, because while Ash is certainly the Ego, his friends don't quite fit their current designations.

Iris might better qualify as the Super Ego - while she can be hyper, she's toned down much and serves as the Only Sane Man to her Idiot Hero and Agent Peacock friends. Sure she has moments of Not So Different, but who doesn't - that's largely how The Spock is treated in many stories.

Cilan, meanwhile, better qualifies as the Id - he's so ridiculously over-the-top and flambuoyant that he needs to be reigned in by his friends - usually Iris but sometimes even Ash. And when he gets passionate about something, it shows.

It's also an interesting subversion when you think about it - the Idiot Hero is the most balanced and stands between the other two, the Ted Baxter needs to keep an eye on her friends, and the oldest member and Smart Guy is often a Large Ham.

I'm willing to debate this point, but for now I'm changing it.
04:10:49 PM Nov 25th 2011
If no one has any objections, I'm going to move the first quote (about the Japanese opening) to the Quotes page, leaving the "I wanna be a very best..." thing.

Just that with more than one quote it looks a bit crowded.
10:43:23 AM Nov 26th 2011
Alright, moved to the Quotes page. I'll put it back if anyone disagrees.
12:33:18 PM Aug 28th 2011
Almost no government besides the Police characters (Eg Officer Jenny)? No wonder we have KIDS walking around with creatures that could KILL them if abused!

I guess Pokemon is a Subversion of Crapsack World... Besides Orre
08:09:46 PM Apr 21st 2011
When should the Sinnoh League results be un-spoilered? It has now been over three months since the dub of said episodes.
07:26:00 AM Apr 1st 2011
Was the image troper-made, or is it official?
06:59:07 PM Mar 15th 2011
edited by Darkaros
Two recent edits I've made:

1) Removed this:
  • Adaptation Decay: A rough 25% of the show deals with substance that was actually in the video games.
    • Character Examples:
    1. Game!Misty self-describes as a world-famous beauty. This is actually pretty ironic, as not being such in the anime is of some importance to her character. What makes it also bizarre is that she does so in the version of the games that was actually based on the anime. Go figure!
    2. Anime Lt. Surge (a type 2 Eaglelander) is the exact opposite of the game Lt. Surge (a type 1 Eaglelander).
    3. Ditto for game Koga in comparission to The Stoic anime Koga.
    4. Game!Tate and Liza are Creepy Twins with Twin Telepathy. In the anime, they are closer to May and Max Expys.
    5. Sabrina's creepiness, on the other hand, was Upped to Twelve and included a creepy, frightening, and somewhat tragic backstory about Sabrina discovering her psychic abilities at a young age and being so bent on powering them up that the side of her that had actual human emotions and wanted to have fun and be a kid manifested itself into a doll, leaving the rest of Sabrina to grow up into a cold, emotionless husk of a human being.
    6. Steven Stone is an important, (former in Emerald) champion who is helpful, charming and a mentor of sorts in the games, but in the anime he's often considered worse than most COTD and is no better than a typical ruin maniac. Ironically in the games he mentions how you most likely think of him as a simple ruin maniac, then takes it back.

Because Adaptation Decay was redefined for In-Universe use only; however, I think at least some of the information is relevent, but I'm not sure where to put it. Maybe it can be moved to YMMV Adaptation Distillation or some other trope comparing changes between adaptations; any thoughts?

2) Removed a bunch of [=~ tags since the wiki is phasing it out in favor of automated punctuating and no ptitles. However, some Pokemon movies are bugged (At least, on the main page...)- for example, Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys and Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea have glaring ? marks where the accented e should be. It would also be nice if works like Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai, etc. had the articles uncapitalized. A final annoying bug is the lack of colons, which should be on most of the movies' titles.

Does anyone know how to fix this? It probably involves moving pages or something advanced poor old me can't do. It also annoyingly doesn't show up properly on the discussion page, at least for myself, so refer back to the main page to see the movie titles' awkward formats.
10:13:31 PM May 3rd 2011
For 1: #s 2, 3, potentially 6, and especially 5 could fall under Character Exaggeration, but I'm not so sure about #s 1, or 4. (For 1: Fiery Redhead Battler to Tsundere, believable and exaggeration. Self-esteem issues to Beauty Queen... more of an inversion. Also, contrary to what many think, May and Max are not creepy.)
05:45:19 AM Feb 23rd 2011
What happened to the punctuated titles? Did someone disable them? I saw the same thing in other pages, too!
05:31:33 PM Feb 16th 2011
It seems like that the new movie is actually two movies, one focusing on Zekrom and the other on Reshiram. I am terrible at names, so if the way I did it is wrong, you can fix it if you like.
12:18:18 AM Feb 13th 2011
I'm trying to think of the trope that would describe that people make a big deal out of Pokemon that are not from the Unova region. Referencing in the games that you can't catch any of the Pokemon from the previous generations until you get the National Dex.

Also Shoo away the clown should describe Team Rockets Unova team right?
02:23:34 PM Feb 4th 2011

  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Ash is more resistant to this phenomenon, but his friends, his rivals, and other recurring characters generally stick to their latest captured or evolved 'mon for combat purposes. In fact, if a recurring trainer battles with a 'mon that hasn't been seen in a while and doesn't cite a specific tactical reason (and sometimes when they do), there's a good chance that it's going to evolve (if it can evolve) or leave for one reason or another (if it can't evolve). The big exception to this, of course, is Dawn's Piplup.

This one is marked as a YMMV. Question is I'm not sure about the action to take. Should this go to the page, be marked as In-Universe, or just be cut altogether because this isn't a video game?
11:21:02 PM Mar 14th 2011
It's an in-universe example; Pokemon battles are akin to sports, after all, so Complacent Gaming Syndrome can apply in the context of the series. I'll add it back, but feel free to remove it if anybody objects.
06:50:45 PM Mar 15th 2011
I added the In-Universe tag so that the wiki would stop recognizing it as YMMV; YMMV only applies to things out of universe (for more meta tropes, such as this one) or aren't lampshaded, after all.
06:22:25 PM Jan 27th 2011
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Right now, with the exception of Sabrina and the Anime-Onlys, (Brock's family Needs More Love, BTW,) the Kanto Gym Leader Folder is just an abridged version of their game descriptions with the exception of Surge's, whose discrepancy is covered in the YMMV page. Granted, each of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders has an entry with a voice and their element, even when they have no other Tropes; but since we don't have such entries for their Hoenn or Frontier counterparts, it seems inconsistent. (And what little we have in the Kanto section unprofessional.)

Perhaps we should adopt a policy of only having subheads for Gym Leaders that are more fleshed out than (or fleshed out differently from) their game counterparts and listing voice info for GLs that didn't change that much between any Tropes that encompass three or more GLs and the first subhead.

EDIT: Apparently, I need curly brackets for Ptitles.
06:36:15 PM Jan 27th 2011
Oh. sorry, i planned put the Hoenn gym leaders, but, well...i forgot. Sorry.. Well, in either case, between the Kanto Gym Leaders mentioned, the more similar to their game counterparts are Koga and Lt.Surge. the problem is that i was in one hurry when put them there and... well...
02:40:06 PM Jan 27th 2011
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Just venting here: Cilan. What. It's likely that it'll make sense when the other two members of that trio get their dub names; but on its own, it makes me think that the writers dropped the ball here. Given what Ash the Player Character has to go through with criminal organizations and Legendaries and all, I would've dubbed the guy as Arthur.
04:26:50 PM Jan 27th 2011
...U-um, I think you might want the Just Bugs Me page, not here. I can't tell if you're trying to say you'll like the name when Cilan/Dent's brothers get named too (???) or you just don't like it in general? I've seen a lot of positive responses to the name though, actually.
06:02:06 PM Jan 27th 2011
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Basically, I'm saying that there could've been a good pun that the dubbers could have used. Which, by itself, is IMO not enough to warrant an IJBM. (Especially since I could have made too much of the potential connection.)

As for the name itself, given the franchise's problems with Pronunciation, I wouldn't be surprised if its pronounced as a "k" rather than an "s"; which to me would have Unfortunate Implications. (Even if it turns out to be a Dragon Ball reference.) But if it's pronounced "sil-an", (or "si-lan",) then it's a reference that I don't get.  * It may well be that his two brothers could bring it all together. Until then... this post is basically a Stream Of Consciousness until such time as the brothers are named, in which case, it'll go to the respective page.

EDIT (2/2/11): The other names have now been revealed... Cilan refers to Cilantro, i.e. an herb that starts with C. Chili is a fiery food that starts with C. And Cress.. starts with C and is 1 letter off of Crest. But they probably chose that name because that was already an established RPG name.

Better than the Japanese names at least, just taking 3 english words starting with "tri-" and dropping the "tri". In which case, I would've thought that "Dent" should've been the name for the Water-Type, not the Grass-Type.
07:45:16 AM Feb 12th 2011
"Cress" is referring to watercress, for the record
07:31:02 PM Jan 10th 2011
Since Black/White is a semi-reboot, should it be split off into it's own page?
08:28:24 PM Jan 10th 2011
...If you're talking about the games, it already is. If you're talking about Best Wishes, why should it? It follows in the same continuity as Ash's previous travels. It may be retreading Kanto episodes slightly (apparently), but that doesn't make it a reboot.
03:32:19 PM Jan 13th 2011
Yeah, was talking about the anime. I'm watching it raw and I misunderstood the introduction.

It does seem different from the past seasons though, Team Rocket seems to be getting stuff done. :Shrug:
08:32:13 AM Sep 27th 2010
edited by Maz
Soo..should we replace the pic with one that is showing the new group? Haven't seen any great ones so far, this is the best I could find: (second one)
04:14:32 PM Sep 30th 2010
I added a somewhat good picture from the ending credits, but it has annoying text covering up some of it.
09:56:16 PM Sep 14th 2010
Character Derailment.

The only one that counts is Paul. All the others are counterparts, and this is in a different continuity so they can be however they please.

Shouldn't that entry be deleted?
03:35:20 PM Sep 15th 2010
Hmm...i guess that you is right. Dissident opinions?
07:44:06 AM Sep 18th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Went ahead and pruned as follows:

  • There are sadly actually several examples of this trope, but mileage is always varying as to which ones count and to what extent.
  • Actually, Lt. Surge was a lucky one:
    • In the games, Jasmine is an extremely shy girl and the only gym leader without disciples. In the anime, she is not shy and is one of the few gym leaders with visible disciples.
    • Erika is a soft-spoken and somewhat vain girl in the games, but in the anime she was much more assertive and down-to-earth.

Covered by the anonymous poster.

Kept (and promoted to the reference line) Liza & Tate because when you can use "Y's Expy" or "an Ersatz of Z" to describe a character which has distinct behavior in the original, that shows that the writers just didn't care, and thus the Trope applies. Also kept the Surge and Steven examples because it is a direct opposite of their game's portrayl, (though we could say the same for Bill,) whereas Jasmine and Erika may merely have suffered For Want of a Nail. (Especially Erika: not only is she running her own business; but the Sabrina of the Anime is not just a complete psycho, she isn't actually the Gym Leader, (her Dad actually had that post,) hence Erika's basicaly the Senior female. (Yes, Daisy could be older, but she's not as responsible.)) On the other hand, an argument could be made for Surge that it's just a front.

As for Sabrina, well, it's easy (and all too common) to derail a desire to train a lot of psychics into a Living Doll Collector.

Also removed this:

  • In the games, Misty self-describes as a world-famous beauty. This is actually pretty ironic, as not being such in the anime is of some importance to her character. What makes it also bizarre is that she does so in the version of the games that was actually based on the anime. Go figure!

That's not derailment. That's more Hidden Depths and self-esteem issues which could be resolved quite well with time and puberty. We know that she can outshine her sisters if she puts a little effort into it. (The Summer Festival, her Goldeen Showgirl Skirt, and her mermaid outfit are all in-anime evidence.)

On the other hand, that's all Season 1. Misty plus Togepi arguably equals Chickification, which is a Sub-Trope. If she wasn't a Faux Action Girl to begin with (and that case can be argued.)
09:43:34 AM Sep 18th 2010
I yet guess that more examples not count. The motive that i guessed that is right is that the trope description of Character Derailment mentions "Note that if this is a result of adaptation, it should fall under Adaptation Decay. It only counts as this trope if it happens in canon." Paragraph 6 of Character Derailment.
06:26:07 PM Sep 18th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Definitely true for Surge and Steven. The egregiousness of the Psychic examples makes it borderline. Went ahead and transfered all. Also restored the Misty example to that Trope. Erika and Jasmine, again, are more of "For Want of a Nail". Or perhaps it's more of "decay" is a negative term and the changes to Jasmine and Erika are either neutral or positive.

Just to be clear, Misty not (wanting to) be(ing) a beauty is Trans-Adaptaion and is Decay. Togepi-influenced (or general Johto-influenced) derailment is within-continuity and would still fall under Derailment.
10:19:38 PM Sep 10th 2010
Can we get a drawing of Misty (with or without Togetic), Brock, Tracey, May, Max, and Dawn (with Piplup) to put on the page until the end of September? Perhaps caption it
Companions of days gone by. Though Brock has faked us out before...
04:03:02 PM Sep 4th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Not on It Just Bugs Me! because it's a gripe but of borderline relevance (except perhaps as Fridge Logic.): IMO, the writers wasted a perfectly good opportunity for a region-spanning Brick Joke  * Early in the Sinnoh Region, when Dawn gets her Poketch, its chief model is Marina. With how she treated battles as performances in the dub, (and how she wanted to be a Pokemon Idol in the original, before the concept of Contests came about,) I always thought it would have been good for her to have been in the Sinnoh Grand Festival as a Grand festival-only rival that defeats Dawn in the latter rounds and would go on to win it. Marina being beaten by Zoey in the finals would also have worked for me. And I also envisioned this season ending with Ash winning (the Sinnoh Conference) against her good friend and his fellow Legendary-helping Protagonist, Jimmy.
10:54:01 PM Sep 25th 2010
And now I learn from Bulbapedia that The latter match did happen, but only part of it was shown. As a Movie Intro cap at that!
09:21:49 PM Aug 31st 2010
Hun and Viewer Gender Confusion.

Maddie confirmed, on her Serebii forum thread, that he was accidentally made female in the dub.
03:40:37 AM Aug 23rd 2010
  • Failure Hero: A lot of fans are getting tired of Ash and his friends never winning a competition, ever.

This not changes the fact that the the only thing treated with Failure Is the Only Option are the "main" tournaments, a Failure Hero fails more often.
09:26:31 AM Aug 26th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Perhaps we should refile that as Yank the Dog's Chain. I mean, Ash just beat a thorn in his side, and now he's about to be Curb Stomped by a trainer with a Darkrai?! He's about to go International! Come on, guys!
12:05:22 PM Aug 21st 2010
Ok, I'm having to call this: Can someone please justify how Misty, who is a Type A Tsundere and often argues with the protagonist (to an extent that it is easily confused for Slap-Slap-Kiss), a Chick? That "argues with the protagonist" is completely against The Chick's job description (regardless of the type of Protagonist). Also, Brock rarely if ever got into an argument with either Ash or Misty and is even listed as the Team Mom! (Not Dad, Mom!) And if your answer is six letters and ends in 3.14159, I'm calling Chickifcation!

And as far as Superego, I could be convinced on Misty's part, if I see a few examples of her pestering Ash to do things By the Book. To say that you're more rational than Ash or Girl-crazed Brock isn't saying much. On the other hand, May and Dawn need a good bit more justification than that, in my opinion. In fact, the actual article has a different solution that always has Brock at Superego and even has Dawn as the Id in her set.
01:46:55 PM Aug 21st 2010
Well...If Brock's the Chick, where does that leave Misty? The Lancer? I don't think The Bitch is a Trope...
10:11:43 AM Aug 23rd 2010
Isn't Brock more of a The Big Guy or a The Smart Guy?
08:34:13 AM Aug 26th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Cassius: Well, the definition of "The Lancer" in the Four-Temperament Ensemble page (referencing Five-Man Band) is "the disagreer", but that's just as bad a flanderization. Misty and Ash really are Not So Different and if they ever got together would be listed as Birds of a Feather.

HoOh: The Smart Guy, yes. But he's also the team caretaker and also an island of sanity when those two particular companions become childish. As for The Big Guy, Misty's and Brock's Pokemon provide just as much value, plus or minus situational factors.

Actually, by that ruling, when Misty contributes to the team, it is usually in the manner of bringing in the reserves. Heck, her method of knocking Ash out of his tournament-loss-induced Wangst is straight out of Boot Camp. Yeah, she does have her moments, but most of these are with the Character Of The Day. (The second movie notwithstanding.)

Indeed, for the Made-for-TV Movie, Mystery Of The Mirage Pokemon, it's debatable as to which of Misty and May are The Lancer and The Big Guy and which of Brock and Max are The Smart Guy and The Chick. (Of course, given that the latter two don't do much in that movie makes it even harder to determine.) Of course Cyber-Mew could be The Smart Guy and Max either a Sixth Ranger or The Chick (with Brock completely off the team). (I see that movie as a mea culpa for the unintended fake out of having Misty appear just prior to, but not in, Movie #8.) On that note, for the four-human team in Hoenn, I would also sooner put May as The Lancer than The Chick, mainly because she is on an actual quest, (and becomes quite good at it,) which sometimes runs at cross-purposes with Ash's. (EDIT: Potholed the wrong Trope at first)

Oh, and Cassius, if someone is usually described as "The Bitch", then this trope can be easily substituted. Unless The Hero is The Millstone.

EDIT: Perhaps what it all comes down to is that she is a battle trainer who isn't getting badges who is traveling with a battle trainer who is; and those few that are still available are drowned out by her A-type "qualities". (EDIT: Until she became a "mom", which led to its own problems.  *) Since we rarely see her in a situation that can't be solved just as well by Ash, (water-based scenarios notwithstanding, heck the first half of the Whirl Islands were an arc in the Limelight for her,) it is (still) for the best for her to have left Ash's team and be her own hero. (And not merely be Kicked Upstairs into training a pool.)
03:04:58 PM May 15th 2010
  • Boring Invincible Hero: Limited to Gym matches, which Ash rarely loses for long.
    • And even then, he's been known to occasionally botch it and spend a few episodes training obsessively for a rematch, so even then it's a tossup.
    • Outright averted whenever Ash goes up against Paul or a member of the Elite Four of whichever region he's traveling through, since they will kick his ass.
    • Hell, he has yet to win in any of the leagues.
      • Except for the filler Orange Island League.

Ash regularly loses gym battles and battles against non-gym leaders. In other words, he not fits.
01:20:58 PM May 18th 2010
I'm not that versed with the later show, but, at least four Kanto gyms were initial losses (Brock, Surge, Sabrina, Blaine), and technically Ash didn't win Brock's badge. Really doesn't work.
03:04:01 PM May 7th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
I'm also thinking about adding Like You Would Really Do It to the Trope List. I mean getting our hopes up with "Team Rocket's Disbandment?! Respective Roads!" near the end of the BF and then "Team Rocket Breakup" in mid season. If Meowth actually leaves in the yet-to-be-aired "Goodbye Team Rocket! Meowth's Love!" then I would be shocked. Heck, all those times where Brock either left the party or conceivably could have (i.e. someone liked him back or his family needed his help at the Gym...)

Furthermore, due to the announcement of the 5th Generation, I'm also thinking of adding a hottip to the caption: "One of them will be leaving soon."
05:22:30 PM May 6th 2010

The characters are not playing video game and spinnoffs(ie- the Pokemon Trading Game, etc), regularly broke the main series rules.Come on, if Gameplay and Story Segregation is counted, the own games not respect their own rules.
02:41:04 PM May 7th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Actually, the first season fourteen episodes made a good number of references to stuff like levels and such. Given that Butterfree was the first Pokemon Ash released, the Dig example and the earliest instances of "Pikachu, the horn!" would... actually count as Early Installment Weirdness due to the fact that they seemed to be going with the games at first and later dropped it when the mechanics didn't serve the plot. Maybe I need to add that item to the Trope List.
02:49:09 PM May 7th 2010
edited by cassius335
Thunder Armour is from Hoenn, though, so there's no excuse there.

And the element system does get to reffered to frequently and often used incorrectly, though some examples of that might be more appropriately filed under Gretzy Has The Ball...
03:06:48 PM May 7th 2010
For that one, however, it has to be internally inconsistent. I mean, have we actually seen a normal-type Pokemon shrug off a shadow ball in-Anime?
08:02:04 PM May 15th 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Speaking of Internally inconsistent, in Episode 625, Ash had Pikachu use Thunder on Team Rocket's latest Humongous Mecha while both he and a soon-to-be acquired Gible were in the claws of said mecha on account of the fact that Gible's immune to electric attacks.

EDIT (5/17), quote from the dub:
I forgot that Gible is a Ground Type Pokemon and Electic atacks won't have any effect [on it].

Since I strongly doubt that Pikachu's Thunder(bolt/shock) was a miss every time he was up against a Dragon-type, This puts Screw the Rules, I Have Plot! back into play. Or maybe it's more like the current writers are packing player's guides that the first season's writers either didn't have ot didn't bother reading
07:18:02 PM Jun 11th 2010
For this one, Pikachu have to have REALLY affected a Ground-type in the anime(seriously, Geodude or Onix Ground-type was mentioned at all in the anime?)
03:09:56 PM Aug 17th 2010
edited by MagBas
In either case, the powers, weaknesses, resistances and abilities of the pokemon- both in the anime and in the game world are supposed to be natural, not defined by game rules. The game portrayed in the anime and in the game have no real life equivalent and the things actually ruled by game rules in-universe are consistent(well, at least, not annoy the viewers).
03:38:28 PM Aug 18th 2010
But it's not consistent. The Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors mechanic from the games does exist in the anime, and it is being followed and referred to regularly, except when the plot suddenly demands otherwise(the anime does try to justify this in some cases, but not always). Now I'm not sure if it fits the trope in question, but there is definitely something wrong there.

11:25:40 AM Aug 19th 2010
edited by MagBas
In the anime, the pokemon types are not supposed to be "game mechanics", not more that birds having wings is a "game mechanic" in the real world. And, in the in-game universe, is the same thing( Gold and Silver have many mentions to the Steel-type being "discovered") I guess that the trope you is searching is Plot Hole- but remember that this only applies with something that contradicts something in the anime. If the only basis is the game, remember that "in the games" not means "canon to the anime"(by the way, only circa half of the dual type pokemon have their secondary type confirmed, the Rock-type was mentioned as resistent to eletricity lots of times, between other diferences. And the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors looks be simpler than the games: "strong to" look always mean both "causes more damage " AND "suffers less damage " and "weak to" look always mean both "causes less damage" AND "suffers more damage" ) And finally, who say that the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors in the anime is identical to the video games? Yes, is hundreds of times more similar than the one of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, but...
03:02:07 AM Aug 20th 2010
edited by
True, it's not supposed to be a game mechanic(which is why I don't really have a problem with it when there's an explanation like attacking the horn). But the Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors in the anime is obviously supposed to be identical to the one in the games, because as I said, the characters mention it regularly. I would say it's a case of the attacks being as Strong as They Need to Be, but going be the description and the examples on that page, it doesn't seem like it completely fits.
01:05:11 PM Aug 20th 2010
The rock-type is resistent to electricity in the anime.This was mentioned lots of times yet in the first season. In the games he is not. And be similar not means identical.
03:33:52 PM Aug 20th 2010
Are you sure this wasn't a translation error? And even if it wasn't, these things happen even in the later seasons, which are considerably more accurate to the games.
03:05:30 PM May 3rd 2010
Shouldn't second and third film be titled Pokémon: The Movie 2000 and Pokémon 3: The Movie rather than Pokémon 2000 and Pokémon 3? That's the names they always go by, isn't it?
08:50:33 PM Mar 30th 2010
Where'd the movie pages go? If space was an issue, we always could've made them one huge page.
03:37:30 AM Mar 31st 2010
edited by Xplayer1
It looks like the article for the First Movie was cut since it was apparently blank. NVM, I must have read the cutlist wrong.
10:22:08 AM Mar 23rd 2010
Why have all the movie work pages changed to Pok?n? Does anyone know how to change this back?
05:51:31 PM Mar 29th 2010
not just those, several pages have the word Pokemon changed to Pok?n?. this is either a prank or a glitch/error in the database
06:46:27 PM Mar 29th 2010

It must be an error. There may be a problem with typing in the letter "e" with and accent(é). I don't really know if that's true, but this issue has been going on in this site for a while now.
03:52:01 PM Mar 21st 2010
Why is this in an Anime namespace instead of a Series namespace?
06:38:04 PM Mar 21st 2010
My guess is that Anime includes the series and the movies.
02:34:20 PM May 7th 2010
Because the primary Canon is the Video Game one.
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