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I been around TV Tropes for a while now, a long while. But I didn't make myself known until Mid-August 2009. This is a great wiki!

I'm mostly a big fan of Video Games, Anime, and Western Animation, along with the many Voice Actors, American, Japanese, and others, that go with them. I also like certain Films, Live-Action TV, Comic Books, and Web Comics.

Speaking of Video Games, I run a YouTube channel containing all sorts of different playthroughs of games I've enjoyed in my life, including the games for pages I've contributed to, below. I even created a few of my own songs inspired by different video game tracks I've enjoy, and they're all theme after the soundfont of the Sega Genesis, my very first video game console.

Check out my channel here and subscribe to me if you like it.

6/1/16 UPDATE: I haven't updated this page since November 2011. This page needed a huge cleanup, and I finally gave it one!

My Notable Contributions:

Well, at least to me, anyway.

Launched Tropes and Works:

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