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I been around TV Tropes for a while now, a long while. But I didn't make myself known until Mid-August 2009. This is a great wiki!

I'm mostly a big fan of Video Games, Anime, and Western Animation, along with the many Voice Actors, American, Japanese, and others, that go with them. I also like certain Films, Live-Action TV, Comic Books, and Web Comics.

Speaking of Video Games, I run a YouTube channel containing all sorts of different playthroughs of games I've enjoyed in my life, including the games for pages I've contributed to, below. I even created a few of my own songs inspired by different video game tracks I've enjoy, and they're all themed after the soundfont of the Sega Genesis, my very first video game console.

Check out my channel here, subscribe to me if you like it, and check below for a Long List of what I have, or will have, in it.

On June 1st, 2016, I realized that I haven't updated this page since November 2011. I finally decided to give this page a huge cleanup into what is it now.

My Notable Contributions:

Well, at least to me, anyway.

Launched Tropes and Works:

What you see below might surprise you!

  • Oxygenated Underwater Bubbles: A trope that definitely should be able to exist, based on proof of its presence in different Video Games, especially the Sonic the Hedgehog games. I also created its Laconic page.
  • Thats Not Very Nice: A scrapped trope for being one of the many Stock Phrases.
  • Kirby's Return to Dream Land: Responsible for creating the page as Kirby Wii and renaming its title for This Very Wiki after it was revealed as Kirby Returns to Dream Land, then got a bit help in the third and most recent change by which it's actually "Kirby's Return to Dream Land''.
  • Drinking Game/Mother 3: Started the page all from scratch. Quite cleverly, really. Go on, have some fun!
  • Single Plural Title: Scrapped, as it can already be used as a One-Word Title.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Megamix: Created nearly all of its info for both its main page and its YMMV, out of respect of it being my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog Game Mod of all time.
  • Fox Eye: Long story short, I've essentially made myself the head contributor of all info and content related to this developer on This Very Wiki, with the intention of making a solid mini-database for what I consider my favorite set of the most obscure and Niche games I've ever enjoyed and thus, my biggest video game Guilty Pleasures of all time. However, this is honestly a slow work-in-progress, as I have yet to play and beat all of the games, and not all of them were even released in English, which makes this plan even harder for me to do unless there are other Tropers here that miraculously know about these games, as well. Nonetheless, I created this developer's main page, YMMV page, and Trivia page all from scratch. I've also made, or had a hefty contribution to, some of its games' own pages:
    • Holdover: This game's page was made before I even knew what Fox Eye was. It was my discovery of this page from its entry in Oxygen Meter that eventually led me to create almost everything else regarding Fox Eye's material, here. Upon encountering Holdover's page and subsequently the game itself, I gave it a massive, much-needed update on things that weren't already covered by its inception. I also added its page image and a fun little caption based on my amusement of what its cute protagonist's possible inspiration behind her looks to go with it.
      • Heartwarming/Holdover: I did make this page, however, mainly as a cleanup and a move from its main page.
      • YMMV/Holdover: I made this one, too, along with the YMMV pages of the game's contemporaries and developer. It was initially after I fully-discovered what made Fox Eye's games so tick... Only for the discovery to strike such a hard chord with me that I decided to keep writing more Fox Eye material to this site.
    • Aqua Cube: Completely made this one from scratch, as well as its page image and YMMV page.
    • Hades Vanquish: Same as Aqua Cube, including a YMMV page and a Heartwarming page. Also has a page image and caption.
    • BLUE GUARDIAN: Margaret: Similar to Hades Vanquish, including its YMMV page but also a Nightmare Fuel page. Its main page is probably the biggest work page I've made from scratch, so far. I've noticed on its Related Pages section that over 8 thousand people are learning about this game just from its main page on here alone. None of the other Fox Eye-related pages have gotten even close to that many hits. Even when I added all of their numbers together, the end result didn't even come close to Margaret's number of discoverers on This Very Wiki. So I'm astonishingly sitting and wondering: "...Where the hell are they all coming from?!". For an extremely niche Metroidvania, this is amazing to me.
    • Sacrifice Girl: Just like with Holdover, I didn't make this page, first. Someone else did, and it was likely due to my initial call for help that I thought I needed working on the above game's pages. The most I've done with this page so far is make its Trivia section, and add a main page image and a caption to go with it, but I feel like I should replace the image so that it actually shows its main character like the other Fox Eye pages do.

      With all of the hard work I contributed to the pages of this Doujin Soft developer and some of its games, I consider all of my work on Fox Eye-related content on TV Tropes to possibly be my Magnum Opus of all of the contributions I made to both creator pages and work pages on This Very Wiki. I again emphasize that this developer as a whole represents my biggest Guilty Pleasures, and after you find out why, you're probably gonna wanna ask me some things, because damn, even I'm still surprised about how much I put into these games' pages, of all things. They contrast so critically hard from my bigger favorites and just about everything in my following list, below, and I'm still a bit struck and nerved in the mind on how I got to learn of them to begin with, and exactly why I'm being so sheepish over this...

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