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I been around TV Tropes for a while now, a long while. But I didn't make myself known until Mid-August 2009. I'm a big fan of Video Games, Anime, and Western Animation, along with the many Voice Actors, American, Japanese, and others, that go with them. I also like certain Films, Live-Action TV, Comic Books, and Web Comics. I will be making folders of those mediums, as time goes by.

NOTE: Right now, this page of mine is critically outdated, since I haven't made any notable changes to it since November 2011. Once I can find the time, I will do a series of necessary tweaking & reconstructing to it. Everything you see below is subject to change.

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    My Accounts 

Here's a list of the Anime and/or Manga I've seen. It's a very, very, varied list, so don't be too surprised in what different genres you'll see here. Just remember that only a select sum of titles here are my favorites. Work in progress.

    Video Games 
I'm now finally taking the time to add the Video Games I have played, owned, and/or enjoyed. Like the Anime list, some of the games here may come with my own commentary on them, so prepare yourselves!

    Western Animation 
This will be a very slow process, due to having to remember some old shows and how this list may also be extremely large by its end, but here are some of the Western Animation series I've watched and most likely enjoyed.

    Tropes That Represent Me! 

    Further Reading 

Launched Tropes and Works:

My Notable Contributions:

Well, at least to me, anyway.

Still in progress... Stay tuned for more!