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Panty Shot - Dawn has shown her underwear all of twice (Black in Dp39, pink in Dp122). Candice had one as well.

Can anyone confirm the latter two?

Deuxhero:Uncyclopedia has this shot that I have verified is real. No clue on the Candice one.

Deuxhero take two:I think that Candice bit was originally from the magic skirt article, where it meant that Candice had an equally magic skirt (she does)

Neofcon: Um where in that shot is Dawn showing anything resembling man's desire.

Cassius335: Hard to tell with that one, but if the lighter pink is the outside of her skirt...

CRBWildcat: I'm still not convinced. The one in Dp39, maybe. Dp122? Looks an awful lot like part of the skirt to me.
MMCC: "The Smurfette Principle - Whether it be Misty, May, or Dawn, only one girl is allowed in the group at a time. Word Of God has admitted it's mainly done for Fan Service purposes. " — Can someone link me where the creators explained their reason for having only one girl at a time? I'm not clear on how that counts for fan service.

Neofcon: I remember reading an article featuring an interview with one of the people behind cartoon saying that "Misty was removed so that they could focus on more eye candy. So we had May and Dawn I guess. BOO YAH! So Yeah...
Character Derailment - Anime Lt. Surge (a type 2 Eaglelander) is the exact opposite of the game Lt. Surge (a type 1 Eaglelander).

I'd like to propose something of an Alternative Character Interpretation for Surge. From what I've seen, all the gym leaders have attempted to egg on their opponents. Brock for example kept referring to Ash not having a chance. And almost all the gym leaders can be heard saying something to the tune of "Is that all you've got?" or "It's going to take more than that to beat me!" in the anime. Since Gym Leaders duties are established not as "winning all the time." but to help push a trainer to surpass a strong challenge in the form of themselves, I feel the gym leaders all attempt to egg the opponent on and somehow incite them to battle harder. All except for 2 have done this to my knowledge. One being Erika, who went with something more like a blow to Ash's pride by saying she'd help take care of the Bulbasaur who she just wiped the floor with earlier, and Sabrina who seemed to prefer making opponents soil themselves in terror. For this reason I feel Surge's bully personality is just him trying to incite the challenger to fight better. ((it ultimately works on Ash though not on most of his other opponents)) After his defeat he shows a personality a lot more like Crasher Wake's. A bit of a Large Ham but generally a good sport and quite a bit closer to his Eagle1 game persona. Even his Raichu shows itself to actually be pretty friendly and to take the defeat gracefully.

Sorry about that. didn't notice the new items go at the bottom thing. Also umm...I'm Flameblight. Yeah I don't know how to otherwise sign this thing. -Flameblight out