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Ms Fanservice: Anime

  • Pokémon
    • Ash's female companions are basically supposed to be this to younger viewers, according to Word of God.
    • Even for older viewers there's Cassidy, Lorelei, and Jessie, and many other female characters in this series, especially the evil ones.
    • And don't forget Cynthia the Sinnoh champion.
  • Bulma from the Dragon Ball series is a very noteworthy example, her Playboy Bunny outfit being one of the many instances of fanservice early on. Probably helped by that she's mostly the Token Girl throughout the series.
    • Maron is another glaring example, wearing a rather revealing one-piece bathing suit with her large breasts on clear display. It doesn't help that this is the outfit that she wears for the majority of her appearances on the show. She even insults Bulma and Chi-Chi, calling them "old ladies."
    • Launch and Android 18 also have their share of fanservicy moments, as well as the agent Pasta in the first Dragon Ball movie. Another movie example is Zangya of Bojack's crew.
  • Seras Victoria of Hellsing becomes Ms Fanservice after Alucard turns her into a vampire — her breasts apparently go up a few cup sizes, and she is issued a tight fantasy police woman uniform with a super-short skirt. In the manga, it takes her a few chapters to become this. In fact, the original design in the character presentation had Seras (named simply "Police Girl") without showing any inch of skin or bosom in contrast to Integra who was the one with huge cup sizes and no jacket to hide it.
  • Sayaka Yumi from Mazinger Z and Mazinkaiser (especially in the fourth episode). In the original series it was more prevalent in the manga than in the anime. The busty yet brainy twins, Loru and Lori, from the manga from Great Mazinger and Mazinkaiser also gave good examples. Jun Hono from Great Mazinger also suffered from it.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • The Dark Magician Girl is the incarnation of fanservice for the series. Long blonde hair, bright green/blue eyes, an outfit cut low on her breasts, which are round and large, a very short skirt explosing long legs, and of course she's a Magical Girl, complete with a bright blue and pink outfit, the occasional heart motif, and bubbly demeanor. Even in-universe she's a famous sex symbol. To go with the Dark Magician's alternate art, there's a lot of fanart of an "alternate" Dark Magician Girl with silver/purple hair, dark skin, and a red and silver outfit. Just in case the original didn't quite do it for you.
    • Mai Valentine, to the point it's a Running Gag in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Midriff-baring corset, miniskirt, ankle boots, large breasts, and more. Tea is more subtle but is still very shapely, and her outfits usually consist of a miniskirt or shorts with stockings to emphasize her very long legs, and sleeveless shirts showing off her bare shoulders.
    • Asuka/Alexis in GX— big breasts, a dangerously short skirt, and long legs which are further complemented with a pair of ankle boots. She actively tries to avoid that title, but the love-struck characters won't let her. In the manga, her boobs are even bigger, not helped by the fact her introductory shot is a low angle, and an entire duel centers around her winning a beauty pagent. The dub leans on the fourth wall when Tyranno sees her for the first time - Chazz just happens to be filming a TV show pilot when Alexis appears, and Tyranno remarks "your show just got a whole lot better."
    • Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's with Aki/Akiza, Large breasts, a victorian-style outfit with a long coat, a corset and stockings, long red hair. Early in the series she's pretty much the poster girl for Lady of Black Magic, being a sadist who takes joy in causing pain and suffering by manifesting her cards for real — keep in mind most of Aki's cards are plants and thus an attack from them is usually in the form of Combat Tentacles. And then there's her skin-tight low-cut leather riding duel uniform...
  • Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop. Of course, the only other female member of the main cast is a tomboyish 13-year old, and it's hinted that Faye may be doing it deliberately.
  • Bleach:
    • The mountainous Rangiku Matsumoto is hardly shy about bringing up her godly assets in regular conversation. Hell, more often than not, you'll find that her outfits seem tailor-made to show off her cleavage, her midriff and/or her legs (school girl uniform, bikini and witch outfit in particular).
    • Yoruichi Shihoin is quite exhibitionist; girl has no qualms over strutting around bare-ass naked in public at random points.
    • Isane Kotetsu shows off her Hidden Buxom, muscly shoulders and her long, smooth legs during the Beach Episode.
    • Nemu Kurotsuchi spends much of her time wearing a miniskirt, revealing her similarly long legs to the camera. The anime took it a step further by focusing the camera directly on her large rear when she uses her boobs to suffocate Ishida.
    • Kukaku Shiba has damn-near every mainstream fetish appeal jammed onto her - arm-less, busty, tomboyish, topless from the back, barefoot, even had a Panty Shot in a series where that never happens otherwise.
    • Loly Aivirrne may be psychotic and unpleasant, but her uniform seems modified to specifically show off her figure, whether it's her pigtails, her Thigh-High Boots, her schoolgirl-themed skirt and her Absolute Cleavage.
    • Tier Halibel seems to prefer wearing Stripperific outfits for practically the entire time she's on-screen. Her first shows off some Under Boobs and bares her midriff, while covering her lower face. When she zips open her jacket, her cleavage is revealed almost in full. Her second outfit removes the mask and replaces the uniform with a skirt with a black piece of cloth serving as her undergarments, thigh-high boots, elbow-length gauntlets, black gloves, shoulder pads, teeth running down her stomach and , all of which are skeletal in design and nature. As far as her skirt is concerned, we actually get an upskirt shot, but in the manga, we see that underneath that black miniskirt, she's Going Commando.
    • Franceska Mila Rose, a direct subordinate to Harribel, seems to follow her mistress' lead by wearing revealing outfits, from her default one (which includes a skirt and brassier with very little else), to her One-Winged Angel (consisting of thigh high boots, claws for a bra, opera gloves and bone-like panties).
    • Cirucci Sanderwicci wears a Gothic Lolita dress and exhibits a sadistic dominatrix-type personality, complete with a whip as her main weapon. The camera also takes full advantage of her exposed legs, as well.
    • Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck runs around with torn clothes for the better part of her time in the manga, revealing her legs, her back and her midriff as well as accentuating her cleavage. Nobody's complaining, though.
    • Haineko has quite the voluptuous figure, and she designed her costume to show it off, whether it's her midriff, curves or legs. She's quite busty and pretty herself, and to compound it, we're at one point treated to several shots of her in a schoolgirl uniform, complete with the short skirt and stockings. It helps that she's The Tease as well.
    • Lisa Yadomaru really enjoys wearing short skirts that show off her legs. In the main storyline, she wears a sailor uniform with a shirt so small it reveals her midriff
    • Orihime Inoue often wears outfits that seem tailor-made to show off her curvy, busty figure, with some extra emphasis on her skirt, legs and stockings. Even when she's wearing more modest clothes, like the Las Noches uniform, they're still rather tight and formfitting.
    • Rukia Kuchiki lacks the large chest, but the camera very much enjoys showing off her legs and her often bare feet. The same argument could be made for Sui-Feng.
    • Mashiro Kuna. Plenty of shots spend time focusing on either her legs or other areas, which is emphasized by the fact she runs around in a skin-tight white unitard
    • Three of the female Stern Ritters embody the Evil Is Sexy allure. Meninas McAllon wears a form-fitting uniform that tightly hugs around her chest, a frilled Dangerously Short Skirt and thigh-high stockings, in addition to resembling Orihime. Candice Catnipp is lean and thin, sporting an outfit that exposes her long legs, midriff and chest. Bambietta Basterbine wears calf-high boots, black stockings and a miniskirt; she actually removes the stockings, unzips her shirt (which reveals her Hidden Buxom) and fixes up her skirt at one point with her butt facing the camera.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • While Misato Katsuragi is not the only source of fanservice in this series, she embodies this trope so well that she even makes jokes about it in the voiceover for several of the series' Post Episode Trailers. Jerk Ass Asuka is the second main source, and it's intentional on the character's part. Her Freudian Excuse has the effect of making her a total attention whore.
    • Mari seems to fit this trope as well, her falling on Shinji, bouncing moment previous Crowning Moment of Awesome quoting a comment from youtube "That's a badass and the Dat Ass of such a badass"
  • Fujiko from Lupin III would have to be included, given that Misato and Faye are more than slightly "inspired" by her (and she's inspired, in turn, by the James Bond movies).
  • Black Lagoon has Revy, who can show off her legs that many times and yet still be a relevant character.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya:
    • Mikuri. She was recruited into the SOS Brigade by Haruhi specifically to fit this role. Future Mikuru fits this trope better, though.
    • Haruhi herself is another example. She does seem to like her bunny outfit a lot, and more generally has no problem showing off her figure.
  • Naruto:
    • Tsunade has a large chest and only wears Absolute Cleavage outfits.
    • Mei Terumī, who is also incredibly flirtatious. To the point where her outfit...basically...if the manga was a seinen we could see her nipples through the mesh.
    • In episode 271 of Shippuden, Hinata is in a tight Chinese gown which leaves little to the imagination when it comes to her crotch and breasts. And that's still solid, compared to what her alternate universe counterpart wears in the Naruto: Road to Ninja movie! Hinata in general can be considered a Ms. Fanservice woman. Her bulky coat doesn't even hide her assets very well, we see that she only wears a see through mesh underneath it.
  • Most Gundam series have this in way or another.
    • This harkens back to the days of Sayla Mass and Fraw Bow. Most times it's controlled and subtle (save for the random shower scene or cleavage shot), while others, well, three words: Bikini Bazooka Girls.
    • Most of the women in Gundam 00 are large-chested and wear tight outfits, but it's especially noticeable with Hard-Drinking Party Girl Sumeragi and Anime Chinese Girl Liu Mei. The first season could be particularly blatant about it, especially early on, while the second one was somewhat more prudent. Then there's Nena Trinity - An Evil Redhead with large breasts dressed in Sensual Spandex and long socks/boots.
    • Meer Campbell from Gundam SEED Destiny, a war orphan with large boobs and a great singing voice who is hired to become Lacus Clyne's Body Double. While Lacus's public image was that of a sweet and kind Glamorous Wartime Singer, Meer immediately took it for the Hotter and Sexier route.
    • Parodied in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE with the one fanservice shot in the whole series being a picture of Romary in a bikini, which she subsequently scribbled out with a red pen.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
  • Rushuna Tendo from Grenadier. Her manga incarnation may very well be the Grand Poobah of Fanservice. Even the way she reloads her revolver is fanservice.
  • Keroro Gunsou:
    • Aki Hinata intervenes on Earth's behalf with authority and boobs. No. Really. It apparently runs in the family, as her daughter Natsumi gets a lot of fanservice shots too.
    • Natsumi definitely qualifies, at least in part for being a Schoolgirl Lesbian magnet. And when she gets aged up to adulthood thanks to one of the aliens' devices, she's absolutely smoking hot.
  • Haruka-neesama of Minami-ke is amazing. She's enough of this trope that, in addition to the guys already attracted to her, she also invokes Incest Subtext and Even the Girls Want Her.
  • Code Geass
    • Kallen alone would technically fulfill the quota for this series. The staff have gone out of their way here, taking advantage of pretty much every available opportunity to showcase Kallen's assets, including positioning the camera at an odd angle when she piloted mecha just to get a better view of her behind. And who could forget the time she piloted a mech clad only in a bunny-girl costume. Oh, and making her forget that she's naked in the shower, so that she can threaten/kill a young man.
    • C.C. certainly contributes as well. While she her breast are smaller than most of the other girls, her butt is one of the best. Pizza Butt. She also (partially) undresses herself infront of Lelouch a couple of times, and there is a flashback where she's completely naked for no reason.
    • As far as Euphie is concerned, everyone remembers one scene starring her more than any other. The sequence where she meets Lelouch on the beach, in her usual revealing dress, and apparently in order to dry said dress, ends up talking to him wearing nothing but his overcoat and a smile (back-to-back, actually; Lelouch has a superhuman will to not look at fanservice girls, as he previously proved during Kallen's shower).
    • Pretty much any female member of the cast within Ashford Academy (except Nina). And even she has her moments of this at times. Who knew that she Britannian scientists were allowed to use such short miniskirts?
    • Villetta Nu is Ms. Fanservice for the baddies — except for the Heel-Face Turn... or Heel-Face Revolving Door, to be more precise. Cornelia has quite a few fanservice-y traits to her too... aw, hell, almost anything with boobs (except Kaguya who is the most flat-chested according to Word of God, and possibly Nina) can be Ms. Fanservice at one point or another during the show.
  • Miss Deep in the Read or Die OVA. Her outfit is even more Stripperiffic than Faye Valentine's. For crying out loud, her name is Miss Deep. This is even lampshaded in the English dub: "Sounds like the name of a porn star!" Justified since she's a clone of scandalous spy dancer Mata Hari. Ironically, the actual Mata Hari was quite modestly endowed
  • Lavinia from Soukou No Strain. This is made even more obvious when you realize that, in the source material, she was a bully, but in the anime, she's the heroine's biggest fangirl, the change made apparently to keep the Yuri Fans watching. She was the only one in the thirteen-episode show to have her own episode, which consisted mainly of her trying to win Sara's love, fantasizing about their kissing and making out, kissing Jessie in the shower, and running around naked, with a small bit of plot at the end.
  • The Prince of Tennis. While most of the fanservice in this manga is from the guys, there are still a couple of Ms. Fanservices:
    • Young coach Aoi Hanamura from is a very beautiful lady with a rather large chest, and also fond of wearing leather pants.
    • She's not the only one, either. Yumiko, Shusuke and Yuuta Fuji's sister, is as gorgeous and large-chested as Hanamura is.
    • While An's just 14 years old tops, she's shown to have pretty nice legs.
  • Hevn in Get Backers. The anime really toned her down; she actually doesn't show any cleavage in the very beginning of the IL arc.
  • One Piece:
    • Nami. She's often wearing a bikini or some other revealing outfit. Also, she's quite well-endowed.
    • And Nico Robin, with her Zettai Ryouiki and her vaguely fetishistic leather outfits.
    • Alvida tries to be this once she becomes sexy, but usually gets overtaken by the urge for carnage, or gets sideswiped out of focus by a bigger baddie.
    • "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock. Need we say more? Well, she does provide the page quote for Screw the Rules, I'm Beautiful!
  • Minato Haruka in Martian Successor Nadesico. (An unintentionally amusing scene comes late in the series when, in a shot with generally higher-quality animation, she suddenly has conspicuously airbrushed-and-shiny cleavage.)
  • Slayers:
    • Naga the Serpent is the epitome of this, given that it's pretty much the point of her character to have giant breasts and to wear quite literally "hardly anything" to the point where her bathing suit covers more skin than her normal outfit.
    • Averted with Lina, given that it's a running gag throughout the whole series that she has a flat chest (for anime standards that is).
    • The villaness Mazenda wore a very cleavage-heavy blouse in her human form.
  • Kaere Kimura, and Kiri Komori and Arai Chie to a lesser degree, in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei are straight-up parodies of this trope, taking the pointless fanservice to its logical extremes. Half the time they only make appearances for the sake of fanservice. Kimura keeps flashing her panties, at first in situations where panties should be visible without a Magic Skirt, but later on is seen bent down in some bushes, with only her backside visible, despite it having nothing to do with the scene. The scenes between Chie and Komori become increasingly suggestive, especially since the characters never interact outside them, in any way. Considering the nature of the show, it should be clear that this is something of a commentary about fanservice in general, while still providing it in absurd amounts.
  • Rosario + Vampire. While this trope applies to just about every main girl in that show (even Yukari), Kurumu is the most prominent example. One wonders why she even bothers wearing a skirt if she's just going to show off her panties all the time. Plus, she is the most well-endowed.
  • Soul Eater: Pretty much all the females in the series except Moka and Eruka.
    • Blair is flirty, busty, and loves to wear bikini tops and loves to give Soul a marshmallow hell. She even has a cat fight with the Mizune combined form, who is also a Ms Fanservice.
  • Senou Natsuru in Kämpfer. The twist? He attracts the fanservice part in his Kämpfer girl form.
  • Mylene Hoffman/Agent 009-1 from 009-1 often goes to mission briefings wearing a really short skirt, tends to wear Modesty Bedsheets as a Sexy Backless Outfit and her ample breasts double as machine guns that cause Clothing Damage when she fires them.
  • Urusei Yatsura: Lum's normal outfit is a tiger stripe bikini. She's Got Legs and Bare Your Midriff going for her.
  • Elfen Lied. Lucy/Nyuu (both forms). Even when Lucy is being Ax-Crazy, there are frequent frames zooming in on her cleavage. She's also frequently seen naked. Nyuu takes it even further with her fondness of her breasts being touched. Her cleavage is toned down in the anime adaption.
  • Although all of the girls in Chrono Crusade get their fair amount of fanservice, Satella is extremely flirty and well aware of her good looks, as well as the curviest woman in the entire series. And in the manga, she's also a shotacon, which means she spends a lot of the series giving Chrono special attention.
  • Lamia from Demon Lord Dante, pretty obvious there would be at least one since it's Go Nagai. While Medusa does wander around half-dressed-to-naked most of the time since her cover in the human world is as a model, Lamia wears a fetish-y outfit that, with her dark grey skin and long ears, make her resemble a Drow. And then there's the fact her raison d'être is to have Dante's babies and conquer the world with them. Fortunately for humanity, he thinks with the head on top.
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Hideyoshi fits this trope perfectly. The series is even aware of it, as whenever there is a possible point to insert fanservice, they make sure she is there. Dressed in various costumes including nurse and maid, and appears as the round girl (girl holding up the round number) in various suggestive positions and clothes. The only part that doesn't fit is her flat chest, but for some, that's also an appealing factor... Wait.... HE'S A GUY?
  • Mizuki Tachibana from Gravion, seriously look at the clothing she wears. Couple that with the all the Gainaxing, Male Gaze and Clothing Damage, she might as well be called misstress fanservice.
  • Junko from Desert Punk invokes to trope to get other mercenieries to do her job for her.
  • Female assassin Yuki from SEX likes to wear leather and latex bondage gear and extra high heels on missions. She's also seen lounging around half-naked, for no reason whatsoever. Main character Kaho is also this, increasingly often as the story progresses.
  • Suou, her exploitable fanservice style personality made her even more a fanservice bait than Yin was.
  • Misaki of Maid-Sama!, aside from having to work at a Maid Cafe. She has been caught in a couple of indecent incidents.
  • The subject of most of the fanservice in Birdy the Mighty is its title character, Birdy Cephon Altera. More to the point, this is how she makes her living, as her alter ego Arita Shion. As herself, though, the fanservise she provides is quite satisfactory.
  • Karina "Blue Rose" Lyle from Tiger & Bunny. A bit of a unique situation in that she's well aware that her attire is rather risque and even her parents comment on how it might be inappropriate. However, since she's a superhero sponsored by Pepsi, they choose what she wears. Technically speaking, Karina's position as this is more of a Deconstructed Trope: she's marketed as a mix of Faux Action Girl (she does have decent ice powers, but her fanservicy outfit puts serious hampers on her fighting skills and she doesn't have much hand-to-hand skill) and Romanticized Abuser (people think she's a hot dominatrix, but she's as much a tsundere)... and she hates it, due to how far her public image is from her real personality.)
  • Kureha from Tokko. She likes to walk around topless with only a unzipped leather jacket covering her, a jacket that tends to come open in fight scenes.
  • Shizuki Kumiko form Gekkoh. A Yakuza schoolgirl whose body seems far to adult for her school uniform.
  • Hannah from the second Black Butler anime doesn't wear underwear under her dress save for a corset, has big boobs and hips, has a very beautiful face (save for an eye of hers), and gets frequent Clothing Damage.
  • A few females in Zero no Tsukaima due to all the Fanservice, like Kirche. Heck, even Louise counts as this despite her flat chest, what with her Zettai Ryouiki and her nice legs.
  • Toyed with in Axis Powers Hetalia, since the female characters do have more than one trace and yet the males are way more sexualised than they are. (And yet the fans sometimes slutshame the girls and "forget" how the dudes are way more fanservicy).
  • Neko from K serves as the main centerfold for the fanservice girl. This was a stark contrast to her voice actress' previous role in Bodacious Space Pirates.
  • Saki:
  • Mirai Nikki:
    • Yuno, throughout the whole series.
      • Early on, she and Yukiteru visit a water park where Yuno loses her swimsuit.
      • Later on, Yuno chains Yukiteru to a chair so he can't leave her. This requires her to attend to all his, ahem, "duties", including feeding him and letting him pee. And on top of all that, she spends the entire time in nothing but a bra and panties.
      • Near the end of the series, Yuno starts wearing an black lacy dress with Zettai Ryouiki boots and straps all over. Add in the fact that she's wielding a katana the whole time, she basically turns into a Lady of War sprinkled with Ax-Crazy.
      • Yuno went from having an appropriately-sized chest for a middle schooler (fairly small in the beginning) to having large breasts in the course of about two chapters.
      • In one of the last few chapters, she gets her HAPPY END sans censoring.
    • Minene also gets in on the action occasionally. At one point, the Twelfth chains her up in her underwear sans bra, with only Godiva Hair to protect her naughty bits. Oh, and she gets a gratuitous Shower Scene without censoring twice in the series.
  • Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai:
    • Sena, especially in the anime. She's susceptible to Gainaxing.
    • Kate has her moments as well. Among other things, she gets a brief Male Gaze moment in one episode, and She's Got Legs, as her outfit shows.
  • The anime movie Coral Reef Legend: Elfie of the Blue Sea gives us the teenage main character, Elfie. Her design is very simple at first sight, and certainly more modest than we're used to see in modern anime, but upon looking at her closely it involves several fetishes: she's a cute long-haired girl who wears a red dress with semi-Detached Sleeves that: let us see her shoulders, has a hole in the front that exposes Elfie's stomach, and possesses a Dangerously Short Skirt that allows her to show off her long legs. Not to mention, her sweet yet firm personality and the shit she goes through makes the viewer love her and want to protect her.
  • Kaya Miyoshi from Bakuman。 is the most notable example of the series. Her boyfriend Akito Takagi openly admits Buxom Is Better.
    • Aiko Iwase invoked this trope when she tried to seduce Hattori because she had a crush on him. Unfortunately for her, he's a professional editor and he didn't take advantage of her.
  • Irina Jelavich aka Bitch-sensei from Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is blond, has blue eyes, always wears Stripperific costumes with a big cleavage, short skirts and sandals. Additionally, this teachers gives Marshmallow Hell and French kisses to her students if they want or not. She also tries to invoke this trope whenever possible, but humorously fails most of the time. But even without trying, she's so sexy that even the clothes of other people she just borrows become instantly erotic.
  • Ghost Talkers Daydream's Misaki Saiki belongs here simply because of the sheer number of fanservice tropes that apply to her, in-series: see the Ms. Fanservice entry on the related work page.
  • Mami Tomoe of Puella Magi Madoka Magica is this, being a cute blonde with a large rack and shapely legs. Her Magical Girl outfit even emphasizes said assets. The Puella Wiki even has an entire page dedicated to her breasts, and only she has fanservicy shots during the third movie.
  • Coming from the minds that gave us Gurren Lagann we have Kill la Kill where both main characters, Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin, wear very Stripperific combat clothes.
  • Highschool of the Dead: Every female character in the show. Every. One. Probably the biggest example (in more ways than one) is Hospital Hottie/Badass Driver Shizuka.

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