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"Memoria is an adventure comic that takes place in a world similar to our own, and follows four friends as they try to both protect and learn the truth about it, all while going after a loved one."
Memoria website

An undisclosed amount of time after Mother 3's rather ambiguous ending, we have Memoria.

Memoria has a new chosen four go on a grand adventure, intially starting as a Brother–Sister Team that leave their hometown to look for their missing brother, meeting familiar and unfamiliar characters to the Mother fandom as their quest progresses; discovering new truths about the mysterious world they live in.

As the name suggests, this comic has a strong link to memories:

"There is power in your memories. Look deeply through your past, but reserve recalling your best times for moments when you really need to. Every time you relive a memory, the chemicals in your brain change how your mind perceives it. Eventually, your most precious moments may become a blur of truth and falsehoods. Memoria is a story about memory. There are few things more important."
Gekko, the series' writer.

The ultimate truth, according the the creators, will be difficult to comprehend but will explain why it is the way it is and promises to bring together the elements of all three Mother games.

Previous webcomics by the same creators, Gekko and Meedee, include Harmony, The White Ship, and the side comic, SMOTHER.

Starts here. Updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Unfortunately, the authors have ended the comic, due to time constraints. Luckily, they posted the scripts for the remaining chapters here.

Not to be confused with the defunct MSPA Forum Adventure, .Memoria, which used to be on this page. Or with the 2013 sequel to the German adventure game The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav.


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