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"I... I really like puppies, you guys... they're my favorite thing."

It's been 12 years since the defeat of Giygas, and Tracy and Picky, siblings of two of the combatants in that epic battle, are heading off to college in sunny Fiveton. But strange things begin happening when a time-traveling girl appears. With a time tear causing havoc in town, could the events of Giygas' invasion somehow be happening again? Or is someone else behind this new nightmare? And could Tracy soon be endowed by the mysterious powers of PSI?

Mother 2: Harmony is a fancomic by the sibling team of Gekko and Meedee that manages to bridge together MOTHER 2 and MOTHER 3 in ways never anticipated before. The first comic ended on November 16, 2009, but Gekko and Meedee promise to create other series in the same universe.

Harmony (as well as five side comics, Lydia's Journal, Tale of the Jacket, A Harmony Halloween, A Winters Tale and The White Ship) can be found in its entirety here.


The series now has a loose sequel. Memoria.

This series contains examples of:

  • Absentminded Professor: Dr. Andonuts.
  • Adaptational Badass: Both Picky and Tracy compared to the game. Particularly Tracy as she can use psychic powers just like her big brother.
  • Another Dimension: Nearly all the enemies the team fights come from other dimensions via the time tear.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Kang's little sister, Ling. Her most notable appearance is in A Harmony Halloween where she insults, basically, everyone.
  • Arch-Enemy: Pretty obvious this is how Porky feels about Ness.
    Porky: I've been waiting for this— for centuries! Spankety spankety spankety!
  • Ascended Extra: Tracy and Picky were NPCs with minor roles in EarthBound.
    • Same goes for Scamp, the lead character in the White Ship side comic.
  • Badass Normal: Picky and Lydia neither have psychic powers, but are capable of holding their own.
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  • BFG: Picky's weapon of choice that he borrowed from Jeff, Mr. Bazooka.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Double Subverted with Ness. The first time he accidentally teleports into a pole and is knocked out, but then returns just in time to save Tracy from Porky's attack.
    • Played straight with Kang.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Porky is defeated, the portal is closed, but Dr. Andonuts, Marvin, and the zoo animalsnote  are pulled through the portal to Nowhere, leaving their fates unknown to the characters in the present.
  • Blinding Bangs: Picky! And also Porky.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: Kang, although Lydia has her moments.
  • Cain and Abel: Porky and Picky.
  • Continuation Fic: Duh.
  • Crapsack World: Lydia's home time, which her journal illustrates in great detail.
  • Deus Exit Machina: If Ness had been able to fight when he arrived, the comic would have ended much faster. So instead, he PSI Teleports straight into a light pole, putting him out of commission until the climax.
  • Emphasize EVERYTHING: Scott's and Sven's names are always italicised or bolded, respectively. It has become a Running Gag in the fandom.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Harmony continues the tradition. Enemies include a dumpster, Picky's phone and evil books.
  • Fan Web Comics, natch.
  • Fauxreigner: In A Winters Tale, Sven, who reveals his true form as a Mook from EarthBound
  • Finger Snap Lighter: Paula does this in A Winters Tale to light the stove and prepare hot chocolate.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Kang desperately strives to be a great warrior prince like his father, but he learns there's much more to it than just attempting to master PK Starstorm and putting himself into danger headfirst without his family's consent.
  • For Halloween, I Am Going as Myself: In A Harmony Halloween, a real zombie came to the party, who everybody thought was Picky in costume.
  • Goggles Do Something Unusual: Lydia's glasses not only help her see, but also give her the ability to "spy" on enemies' stats.
  • Halloween Cosplay: A Harmony Halloween has a bunch of these, including Ness as Luigi, Paula as Peach, and more partygoers dressed as video game characters than I care to count.
  • Hellhound: The One-Headed Cerberus (And maybe even X-Mas Surprise)
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Dr. Andonuts saves Lydia from Porky, but as a result is sent off to another time.
  • Hilarity in Zoos: They go to the zoo and... inevitably all the animals are evil and are attacking them. Such as an octopus and a fat-tailed dwarf lemur.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In SMOTHER comic #7, Ness gives his daughters a serious discussion about how dangerous using PSI can be outside of emergencies. He then telekinetically pulls over the sugar bowl for his cereal. His entire family calls him out on it by looks alone.
  • Manchild: Porky, hoo boy. "MINE, MINE, MINE!"
  • Mind over Matter: Tracy, Ness, Paula and Kang (Poo's son) all have psychic abilities.
  • Mind Screw: Starface Starface Starface
  • Mythology Gag: The Sword of Kings is apparently the only sword in Dalaam.
  • No Animals Were Harmed: Even though there is a stampede of crazed zoo animals after the four of them, they can't hurt the animals and have to resort to other ways to stop them..
  • Norse by Norsewest: Sven in A Winters Tale has shades of this.Of course, it turns out to be all just an act.
  • Parental Abandonment: Picky, although it's not as much total abandonment as it is "They really just don't care"
  • Platonic Life-Partners: While it's ambiguous if Picky and Tracy will be involved romantically, it's clear that the two has a strong bond.
  • Running Gag: Everyone has 1,023 unread e-mails.
  • Tempting Fate: Picky in the Fiveton University library. "Hey! The lights are working." (black out) "Of course..."
  • Time Travel: A lot of the Harmony series revolves around time travel.
  • The Faceless: Ness's dad towards the end of the original Harmony series.
  • The Power of Friendship
  • Romantic False Lead: Both Tale of the Jacket and A Winters Tale feature rivals who take a shine to Tracy.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Tracy and Picky. Lydia and Kang. Moreso the latter.
  • Shout-Out: Harmony has made the occasional shout out to fellow fan web comic The Chosen Four, and vice versa.
  • We Can Rule Together: Porky asks Picky to join him as the commander of the Pigmask Army. Picky actually considers it, but Tracy (or rather, the fond memories of their friendship) convinces him not to.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Somewhat parodied with the sign at the zoo's entrance, which says "What Could Go Wrong?" over crackling thunder
  • Verbal Tic: Sven has one, kinda, when he is in his fake human form from Cheddar he says "yes?" at the end of his sentences a lot. He also has a fake accent-a.


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