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The Commander – Porky’s soldier of unimaginable power and unfathomable apathy. But as each moment draws the world to its inevitable conclusion, so do they draw the Commander toward his. And whether or not it’s fate or coincidence, the decision always remains: the choice between tragedy and rebirth, the choice between sunflower and blade

A P.O.V. Sequel to Mother 3, seen from the point of view of The Commander—a brainwashed Claus implanted with cybernetics—showing he isn't quite the soulless killing machine seen in the game. With good writing and art, this comic shows a bit of what might have been going on that the Mother 3 heroes didn't notice, exploring what happens when The Commander is off-screen as well as in-game events.

Currently in-progress. Can be found here with commentary (and some fanart), and here without.


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