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This is for Wild Mass Guesses about Touhou that involve a work that is not part of Touhou. Otherwise, post it in the main Touhou page.

Touhou and Team Fortress 2 take place in the same universe
  • Everyone is obsessed with hats.
  • Extremely powerful or haxxed magic that's never used to its fullest (Yukari, Yuyuko, Merasmus, Bombinomicon)
  • Rule of Cool
  • Crapton of bullets

Yukari is the final form of the Portal Gun
Seriously, think about it.
  • A tsukumogami which grew out of the abandoned Portal Gun? Sure, why not?
  • It could be an early prototype of the Portal Gun, as an AI with a robot body like GLaDOS, which was built but ultimately proven to be not useful (read: Perfectly functional and reaches full-on reality breaking, but aren't useful enough as a shower curtain) and thus scrapped/thrown away and forgotten.
    • No. Tsukumogamis can spawn from old items only, but not from modern electronic devices.

The G-Man is Yukari in disguise
The ability to move from one place to another? Check. Implied to be Omnipotence? Check. Obsession of Trains? Check.

Yukari is the genderbended version of Louis Cypher
Both are blond. Both are secretive. Both are Chessmasters...What else there's to say?
  • Both are Chaotic Neutral (Louis is more of a YMMV)?
  • Could be... it sounds to...true.
  • Maybe they play chess in the weekends?

The Grimoire of Alice is a Lost Logia Tome.
Apart from the usual incredible power possessed by the book, it also gifts its bearer with longevity. It's also part of the reason she left the Makai, as it was part of an Incident that estranged her from Shinki.
  • Must I take this to its logical conclusion?
    • Given the above and the fact that Marisa feels the need to point out that her Grimoire isn't a copy of Alice's, I'd say it's the Book of the Night Sky prior to being corrupted.

The Tails Doll is actually a creation of Alice Margatroid on a bad mushroom trip.
Less of a WMG and more of a fanfic, but I figured I'd post it here anyways, if it's not the right place, feel free to notify me.After the Great Shroom Incident, Alice actually made it a habit to look for these mushrooms and to eat them to take pleasure from the sensations they procur (not before locking herself inside her house so as to avoid trouble for Marisa and any others). Once, she had the bad idea of actually sewing a doll while being in such a state. It started as a Ran Yakumo doll, but as Alice, on that day, was having hallucinations about a blue hedgehog and his yellow two-tailed fox sidekick defeating a mad scientist, she decided to drop the Ran idea and to represent said sidekick instead, both Ran and him being foxes and all... Now Alice, even when tripping out of her mind, is a competent dollmaker, however her insane fantasies made her create something so weird that upon coming back to her senses and seeing what she had sewn, she screamed and threw the abomination out the window. However, her state also caused her to pour much more of her power into the doll than she did ordinarily: raw, chaotic, insane power.So, she threw the doll away, only to have it land square on Hong "China" Meiling's head. The angry gatekeeper was about to turn the doll into a punching ball, but then realized it might be more useful to another person... and it's so that Alice's creation became Flandre Scarlet's playmate, soaking in the little vampire's intense aura of immense power and insanity. After a few years, the doll born from Alice Margatroid's acid trip and fortified by Flan's magic acquired sentience as a youkai and phased itself out of Gensokyo and to another dimension, becoming known as the mighty Tails Doll, Stealer of Souls. Flan didn't miss it: she already had a new companion, a rather unsettling looking teddybear created by Alice on another mushroom trip. This teddybear would eventually acquire sentience too, and its immediate proximity to one of the most moe vampires ever would transform it into the creature known as ''Pedobear''.
  • This WMG has singlehandedly made me more afraid of Flandre than all the innumerable "unstoppable murder machine" portrayals of her I've ever seen combined.
    • So pedobear is a murderer and Flandre is a perv offscreen? OH GOD, IT BURNS!

Yuyuko's ability to kill involves death by moe.
She's one of the cutest characters in the series, and her "unique" ability is simply to kill people. Why wouldn't her ability involve her cuteness!?
  • Alternatively, she just EATS THEM.
  • The 4koma series Life of Maid gives her this ability, and it is as effective as it is adorable. Poor Rinnosuke didn't stand a chance...

The bosses of Subterranean Animism each represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins, plus Satan.
  • Lust: Satori Komeiji, the stage 4 boss, has the power to see into your heart — perfect for lustful intentions.
  • Gluttony: Yuugi Hoshiguma, the stage 3 boss, is an oni, which means that she's a real drunkard.
  • Greed: Rin "Orin" Kaenbyou, the stage 5 boss, likes collecting souls a little bit too much, and evidently doesn't mind "collecting" them from the living (by killing them), as well.
  • Sloth: Kisume, the stage-1 mid-boss, is a tsurube-otoshi — that is, a youkai who live atop trees, and when a human comes close to the tree, a bucket drops down and eats them. In other words, she sits around doing nothing until something really compelling happens.
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  • Wrath: Yamame Kurodani, the stage 1 boss, is described in her profile thusly: "She has no qualms about fighting humans. She has a bright, combative personality." In other words, she's really easy to rile up.
  • Envy: We already knew that Parsee Mizuhashi, the stage 2 boss, was a personification of jealousy.
  • Pride: Koishi Komeiji, the Extra boss, had an ability like that of her sister Satori, but she sealed it away. In other words, she thought that the best thing to do would be to change herself from what she was.
  • Satan: Utsuho Reizui, the last boss. Lives at the bottom of Hell? Check. Controls nuclear power, which many see as evil? Check. Was given her power by a god (Kanako Yasaka, the last boss from Mountain of Faith), but decided to abuse it? Check. Wants to take over the surface world? Check.
    • Except that she is not only downright clueless, but also the pet of a lesser boss.
    • Maybe thats why she is known as 6-ball.
    • I dunno, I think Utsuho would make a pretty good wrath or greed, what with her wanting to take over the world. Since the greed example's stronger than the wrath example, I'll slide her in there.
    • As a counter argument, I'll switch the Komeiji sisters' sins. Satori's constant bragging about her mind-reading powers fit the bill of Pride, and several of Koishi's attacks are Freudian references, not to mention Embers of Love, fitting Lust quite nicely.
    • It was most likely based on Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, on Purgatory part, where Dante walks through seven terraces, each representing a deadly sin, in an order of Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust. And it actually makes sense if you think about it:
      • 1. Kurodani Yamame - Pride. Not that obvious, mostly because not much is known about her, but it is said in her profile, that "she's popular among the youkai that live underground", and it wouldn't be a surprise for a popular person to become prideful.
      • 2. Mizuhashi Parsee - Envy. No comment.
      • 3. Hoshiguma Yuugi - Wrath. She might have a cheerful character, but she still picks a fight with our heroine for no particular reason, just because she likes fighting.
      • 4. Komeiji Satori - Sloth. First, not only she did not do anything about the incident caused by Okuu, but she was totally oblivious to the fact that there was an incident at all. In Marisa/Patchouli scenario she even mentions that she "haven't seen her pet for quite some time and don't know what sort of youkai she's grown up to be", and that "letting them run free is the best way to keep her stress down". Second, the sin of sloth is more akin to apathy and inactivity rather then mere lazyness, it's about not caring about anything. And that definetly fits Satori, when the whole world hates you for your whole life, it's easy to stop caring about anything.
      • 5. Kaenbyou Rin - Greed. Well, grabbing all the corpses she can find is what Rin do, being a kasha, but that's not the best part. Think about it: she went through all the trouble to call for help by sending evil spirits above the ground, when the said help arrives, she then tests our heroine to decide whether or not she is strong enough to help her, when that test was succesfully passed she sends her to stop Okuu, and when our heroine was halfway there, Rin suddenly appeared and was like: "You know, to hell with your help, I want your corpse after all, so please die.". If that's not greed, than I don't know what is.
      • 6. Reiuji Utsuho - Gluttony. Like Rin steals corpses because she is kasha, Okuu eats them because she is hell raven, so it's rather obvious for her to represent gluttony. Let's also remember that she got her power by swallowing a god. note 
      • 7. Komeiji Koishi - Lust. Rather obvious if you think about it. She manipulates unconscious, and it's well known what is said about it in freudian psychology, she have lots of hearts in her danmaku, she shoots danmaku of questionable shape in her famous spellcard "The Embers of Love", and her title is "The Closed Eyes of Love".

Flandre is a humanized form of Marx.
The rainbow crystal wings, the batshit insanity, the colossal power they wield... how can they not be tangentally related?
  • Marx just acts insane, and his so called colossal power was rather pathetic (NOVA was deactivated beforehand, so justified). The wings however are the same.
    • Marx Soul, on the other hand, IS insane.

Flandre Scarlet is the daughter of Arcueid and Shiki
Besides the obvious similarities in physical appearance (and in a sense, personality), Flandre has the ability to destroy just about anything by taking its "eye" into her hand and crushing it, which sounds suspiciously like the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. Of course, this means that Remillia is not Flandre's real sister. Maybe that's why she's locked in the basement.
  • Related to the above: I've seen a fanart on pooshlmer of Flandre and Remilia's with their parents. Who? Arcueid and Alucard.
    • Flandre is 495 or so years old; humans don't live that long. Flandre's power is more related to Kira Yoshikage's Killer Queen stand than anything in Type-Moon.
      • I know. I was thinking time travel would have to be involved for this to be true. Yes, time travel is impossible in Type-Moon, I don't care.
      • Miss Blue, user of the Fifth True Magic ("Manipulation of the concept of time, allowing true time travel") would like a word with you, as would the Holy Grail (pre-corruption).
    • Still seems a bit nonsensical, on that note, there is quite a bit of Flandre and Noriaki Kakyoin fanart appearing, what's that all about?

The real reason Yukari's invasion of the Moon failed?
It was because Bugs Bunny led the moon rabbits.

Yukari's gaps are connected to the Gate of Truth
In addition to the creepy eyes, her official sprite in PCB has hands coming out of it and they aren't hers, much like the titular Gate in FMA. Considering that a gate is just another boundary...

Shou is Pudge from DotA
She looks like being patched together from several other characters (the Ringband of Komachi, the hairstyle of Shizuha, the Hip of Yamame, the clothes of Reimu etc.) and can "attract" Treasure. Pudge does that using a meathook. Also Pudge can slay living stuff and patch it on himself.
  • Speaking about similarities, she's blond and has a spear, but she's not Valkyrie from HoN.

Cirno is a fan of The Beatles.
The Beatles: Rock Band and the entire remastered Beatles catalogue will both be released on 9/9/09, the strongest day ever. This can't have been a coincidence.

Komachi is really a Bleach shinigami
As such she could Bankai; the reason why her Zanpakutou is a scythe instead of a sword is that her's is like Ichigo's and Kenpachi's in that its always in shikai state. Also, she's closely related enough to Matsumoto Rangiku which would explain her lazyness and nice chest(as frequently portrayed).

The UFO cast correspond to the Seven Gods of Fortune
.This is barely a WMG, since ZUN somehow managed to reference them with UFOs at the same time, but let's put it here for reference. Inspired by a fanart I can't find:
  • Hotei: Often seen in American Chinese restaurants, representing good health and abudance. Probably Kogasa Tatara.
  • Jurōjin: Associated with both longevity and wisdom. Due to his association with Fukurokuju, this is probably Nue Houjuu.
  • Fukurokuju: His name literally means happiness, wealth and longevity, (so he is often confused with Jurōjin). This is likely to be Byakuren Hijiri.
  • Bishamonten: Shou Tomamaru, obviously. Her appearence is even based on him.
  • Benzaiten: Goddess of art and beauty. Ichirin Kumoi is probably this, if only because Unzan is a different gender than anyone else.
  • Daikokuten: Associated with both wealth and mice, Nazrin is the perfect fit.
  • Ebisu:: Related to the sea, this is Minamitsu Murasa, ship captain.
  • Note that if you accept the similar SA theory above also, it meant that Satan released the Seven Gods of Fortune by accident. Talk about mixed metaphors!

Sakuya is a ghoul
One of the primary ways that vampires in the Old World of Darkness bind humans to them is by having them drink of their blood, making them their ghoul servants. Ghouls can live quite long through periodic drinking of their masters' blood and can attain a measure of superhuman physical ability. Plus, if a person or vampire drinks three times from the same vampire, he or she is Blood Bound to that vampire, which may explain why Sakuya is so undyingly loyal to Remilia.
  • This makes even more sense if you're talking about Vampire: The Requiem ghouls, which can learn certain disciplines.

Rinnosuke is actually Yuki Nagato.
Just look at his genderswap (ads in the link are NSFW). Which makes us think that there may be a Haruhi somewhere...
  • Yukari, obviously.
  • Alternatively, Rinnosuke is Kyon.
    • Alternatively alternatively, Reimu is Kyon.

Cirno is Satan
Specifically, Dante's version. Her symbol is a 9 in a circle. Fans take that to mean that she's an idiot, but it can easily be taken to mean the 9th Circle, the lowest point in Hell and Satan's location. What's more, Cirno is an ice fairy. Ice, as in the means of punishment for those in the 9th Circle. And she has six wings, the mark of a seraph, which Satan originally was. By calling the ⑨ an idiot in the Phantasmagoria of Flower View manual, ZUN wasn't just calling Cirno an idiot, he was calling Satan himself an idiot!
  • Holy frigging crap it all fits! That also justifies her false claims of being "THE strongest": Satan believes he is stronger then God whereas it's not actually so. Do want Devil Cirno as an extra boss!

The Lunarians are Lunarians
At the end of Final Fantasy IV the Red Moon, and all the Lunarians aboard, left the Blue Planet in search of a planet that was ready for them. Eventually they happened upon the planet Earth according to Touhou, complete with a seperate realm full of empowered humans, youkai, etc. The Lunarians decided that this planet was ready for them and stayed.
This also means that the lunar rabbits are the current form of the Hummingway species, who were shown to be quite rabbitlike in Final Fantasy IV DS and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

ZUN really wants permission to include Jojo characters as partners to the protagonists in a game.
He has fitted countless references to the manga series in the games, modelled numerous characters after some of them, i.e Sakuya, Youmu, Yuugi, and even has dialogue almost directly quote the series "How many breads have you eaten?" (Remilia: Marisa scenario). Hell even some spellcards reference objects from the series (Red Stone of Asia: Kaguya in StB).
Perhaps ZUN really is just waiting for the chance to include his favourite characters, pair them with touhous with similar powers, Sakuya/Dio/Jotaro, Flandre/Kira, Giorno/Yuka/Wriggle/The Moriya Trio, Youmu/Polnareff, and just smack the fanbase with a massive 180 on his all women law.

Most of the bosses in Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil are expys of Mahou Sensei Negima! characters.
  • Patchouli Knowledge = Yue Ayase
  • Sakuya Izayoi = Chachamaru Rakuso
  • Flandre Scarlet = Evangeline (Battle mode)
  • Remilia Scarlet = Evangeline (School mode)/ Ako Izumi (She was one of Eva's victims in volume 3, and she has a similar appearance to Remilia)
  • Hong Meiling = Asuna
  • Cirno = Remaining "Baka Rangers" (Rather, the idea of them)
    • I thought EoSD came out BEFORE Negima...
      • "Is that so~" Oh well. It was a fun WMG.
      • It's commonly believed Yue is a Patchouli Expy. So it's the other way around.

Nazrin is a Planeswalker
As you can clearly see, at some point there was an Ondu Relic Hunter named Javad Nasrin. And those Eldrazi relics look rather like her dowsing crystals. Clearly, at some point Javad managed to gain control of Eldrazi tech, becoming a planeswalker, and ultimately ending up in Gensoukyou, where people started misspelling her name.

Keine is a time crack youkai.
They both eat history. Not just that, but "The Pandorica Opens" tells that the cracks have spawned in every universe. Which would include Gensokyo.

Sakuya is somehow related to Aeon.
Both have silver hair, can manipulate time, and dress very formally (Sakuya's Meido next to Aeon's aristocrat might suggest he's her superior somehow). Aeon says immortals disrupt the flow of time, so Sakuya was sent to Gensokyo to make sure so many immortals aren't having an impact on the outside world. Her working for Remilia is just a facade so she can stay close to Flandre, one of the most powerful immortals, and observe any ill effects on the time stream. Also, similar to how Aeon only has limited influence beyond the Time Rift, only Gensokyo's fantastic nature allows Sakuya to use her abilities freely.
  • Flan? Remi has the ability to manipulate fate. If anything could affect the timestream, that'd be it.

Reimu is a Saiyan
Or at least of Saiyan descent. That's where all her power really comes from.

The thing that Utsuho consumed wasn't a sun god.
It was Deathwing. This explains why she turns into an Omnicidal Maniac as soon as she gains these powers. Also, Deathwing was trapped underground for quite some time, so it makes sense here, too. That and her theme syncs with the Cataclysm opening cinematic.
  • By this same logic Satori is the Lich King. Her title even seems to support this, as she is The Girl Even Evil Spirits Fear. They even both live in giant citidels/palaces. The musical sync is there too.

Sakuya is not a lunarian
she's Akemi Homura.

Gensoukyou is Vault 69 from Fallout
Unnatural female to male ratio? Check. Nuclear Power? Check. Liberal use of lasers? Check. Inability to leave the setting? Check.

There is no other explanation. Gensoukyou is part of the Vault Experiment created by Vault-Tec in order to determine how people would behave on spaceship-like conditions.

Reimu is a descendant of the Hokuto bloodline
Her ability to "vanish from existence" is exactly the same technique Kenshiro uses to defeat the Big Bad of the series. The name of the technique is the same as Reimu's ultimate technique - Musou Tensei. It's the ultimate technique of Hokuto Shinken. Also, the Fatal K.O. theme from Hokuto no Ken 2 plays when she uses Musou Tensei in Hisoutensoku.
  • Actually, it's a remix of her theme, Mystic Oriental Love Consultation. However, it is made to sound similar to the Fatal K.O. theme, so your confusion is justified.
    • You could also call it a mix. What's missing to prove her Hokuto Relatives, would be the ability to use the powers of fallen comrades. However, it doesn't appear to me that Reimu has felt "true sadness" (the requirement to use Musou Tensei) - so she might not even be at full power.

Shikieiki is related to N
I propose that N is Shikieiki's younger brother.

Daiyousei is Yuma
Seriously, just look at her.
  • What about Kisume instead?

Sakuya is a Belmont
Following the theory of Sakuya being a former vampire hunter who was defeated by Remilia, The Belmonts throughout the series had a watch that stops time as one of their weapons. Since her real name is not known, she may well be an unknown Belmont whose story was never told.

The Scarlet Devil Mansion is connected to Unseen University through L-Space
Because, really, why not?
  • Side WMG: Remilia's apparent ability to control fate is actually due to imported Narritivium, which is why she can never quite prevent the heroines from somehow winning.

Gensokyo is the Dream World discussed in Yumekui Merry
And Merry is the protector of the Hakurei Barrier from the outside, while Reimu protects the outside world from the inside. The Dream Demons are actually Youkai trying to get into the outside world, and since their existence would be nullified due to the outside world's disbelief in the unnatural, they have to go in through dreams, where there is a Willing Suspension of Disbelief.

Kasen Ibara is a diclonius.
  • She has pink hair, pinkish-red eyes and her known ability "manipulation of artificial arms" sound somehow similar to vectors.
  • Also, her buns ae large enough to conceal the trademark stubby, cat ear-shaped horns of the diclonii.(Somehow, her title hints that she may have horns....)

Eirin Yagokoro may be a reincarnation of the Greek god Apollo.
  • She has a bow and arrow(archery),and she's a pharmacist (healing)
  • She even has this spell card "Apollo 13" (this refers to the space mission, though)
  • If this was true, then Kaguya would be Hera, and Mokou would be Hephaestus.
  • Which makes sense, since they're both immortals(gods) and Kaguya and Mokou hate each other.
    • It is stated that Eirin has aspects of the god Omoikane; who is associated with intelligence. (Of course, Omoikane and Apollo could be aspects of the same being.)
      • Given in Legacy of the Lunatic Kingdom, a possible reason for Hecate's grudge against Chang'e and the Moon is that Chang'e husband killed Apollo, this becomes interesting again. And possibly not a crossover theory, or maybe an official one.

Seihou is the future of the Earth outside the barrier.
We know that for Maribel and Renko, Future Food Is Artificial. This will eventually result in all plant life but cacti becoming extinct. In desperation, mankind begged, pleaded, prayed for this one species of life besides themselves to save them. It couldn't. It was just a cactus. Mankind despaired. But within the Gensokyo Barrier, because of the dreams of man, cacti with an abundant amount of mana started appearing. Out of compassion and self-preservation (Gensokyo needs the outside world to survive) this dream breed of cactus was sent back. Miraculously, it retained its powers and "Saboten Energy" was born.
  • Just as Planned by Yukari, I would easily wager.
    • Rather, they're a hybrid. There was something special about the cacti in Seihou, whatever killed off life wasn't just mankind taking in resources and not replenishing them. Cacti were immune to whatever killed off all other plantlife and the smiles of children. Let's call it an "Illusion Drought." The Gensokyo Dream Cacti were born from mankind hoping this would save them; but they would not have survived the outside world for very long. Someone crossbred the Gensokyo stock with the Seihou stock; creating a type of mana/power that would exist in the outside world; but was terribly unstable.

Gensokyo is actually the island of the Amazons
It would explain the whole no men thing.

The Scarlet sisters were turned by Dio Brando
This is why they love Sakuya so much; she reminds them of "daddy."

Sakuya is Mina Harker
Dracula extended her life span, but did not fully turn her. After Jonathan's death, she became a vampire hunter, but being the proper, Victorian lady she was in her previous life, she couldn't bring herself to kill the Scarlet sisters, who were still children in her eyes. Instead she became their caretaker, choosing to keep them out of trouble rather than destroy them.

Remilia is taking steps to becoming the next Dracula.
Daughter, inheritor, whatever. She's acquiring Hobgoblins and cave troll; I mean, a Chupacabra. The current Retcons over who Dracula is (Vlad Tepes? Mathias Cronqvist? Gabriel Belmont?) are in her favor; if his identity is becoming lost to the outside world; it's up for grabs in Gensokyo.

The First Lunar War wasn't because of Neil Armstrong, but rather because of the Silence.
Long story short: the Silence control Earth through a type of post-hypnotic suggestion, and the Doctor uses that against them to ensure every human who watched the broadcast of the moon landing will kill them on sight. The Silence, hunted and running, use the human space program to flee to the only place within range that contains no humans... and run smack into the Lunarians. Despite their phenomenal power the Lunarians are completely unprepared for fighting an enemy they forget about as soon as they look away, and while they eventually win it isn't without heavy cost.

At least one of the UFO endings on Silent Hill was the product of Nue
While it's granted that Seeds of Non-Identification may not alter shapes to a definite form, but rather make people see anything other than the actual form of what's concealed, it's pretty viable for people to perceive the objects concealed by the seeds as UFOS (as proved by at least Sanae). Whatever happens on those endings can be explained by Nue just having her kicks out of altering the shape of random objects just to see what happens. This might just imply either that Silent Hill is secretly within Gensokyo or that Nue can somehow circumvent the Hakurei Border. Mamizou may have also been involved, given that she canonically has lived outside Gensokyo up until the events of Ten Desires and that she can shapeshift herself.

Flandre's name was originally Una Nancy Owen
Remilia gave herself and Flandre (And possibly Sakuya) new names with new fates to ensure that Flandre would not destroy the world without reason or kill certain SDM residents unless they were trying to kill her first. Changing the family name from Owen to Scarlet both made them sound better and cooler (Owen Devil Mansion doesn't have that same ring to it) and so that anyone from their home area that still feared the Owen Devils from the sisters somehow being responsible for the events of Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christie wouldn't recognize them should they be traced to Japan and somehow Gensokyo. Why Una Nancy Owen? Because it's both the name Agatha Christie used for the female in U.N. Owen, which is Flandre's theme song U.N. Owen Was Her, and is European and sounds ironically nonviolent compared to the connotations now related to Flandre, which sounds to me uncannily like flammable, as in Flandre is a pyromaniac. Lataevinn spellcard's fire explains it all. Flandre's not being hit by a Nonindicative Name, despite not being Flandrerized much.

Gensokyo is a Time Lord.
The change between PC-98 and Windows was it regenerating after it died. Every single person inside regenerated to some extent.

Sakuya is a Time Lord.
The Scarlet Devil Mansion is her TARDIS.

Patchouli is Twilight Sparkle
And Touhou is set roughly 100 years after MLP. Several years after the end of the show, a huge disaster befalls Ponyville and kills all of its residents, except for Twilight Sparkle. Heavily injured, she casted the forbidden inter-dimensional magic and sent herself to our world. Our world, being ruled by xenophobic humans, rejected her, got scared of her, and there were also the occasional Mad Scientist who want to capture her For Science!. This turn of events, as well as the death of all her friends, greatly traumatized her, so much that she reverted back to a shut-in just like how she was at the beginning of MLP, and maybe even more extreme. This all changed, however, when she stumbled upon Remilia Scarlet and her ability to change fate. Remilia was interested by Twilight, and used her ability and changed her name to Patchouli Knowledge, giving her a human form. Twilight, now Patchouli, was extremely grateful to Remilia, and when Remi decided to go to Gensokyou, she just go along with it. This is also why she's known as the one-week magician, to remind her of her old friends. Her five elemental spells each represents the other five of the Mane 6, and her Sun and Moon spells represent Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.(Actually, I haven't watched My Little Pony at all, so sorry if I got some characterizations wrong)
  • To add to this, this means that the Philosopher's Stone is to stabilise her human form. Wood - Flutter, Fire - Dash, Earth - Apple, Metal - Rarity, Water - Pie. It explains the Familiar (Koakum Army) instead of Shinkigami.
  • No. Just... no.

The presence of youkai of non-Japanese ethnicity implies that there are non-Japanese Gensokyo counterparts.
This explains, for instance, where the Chinese Girl characters come from.
  • Not exactly. The current form of Gensoukyou is unnatural, a barrier against the lessening of fantasy. The foreign characters could have made it into Gensoukyou before this was necessary. That said, there's nothing stating that Gensoukyou is unique, and the Lunar Capital shows that you don't need a boundary youkai to set up something like that.
  • Is not only the Lunar Capital, there is the hell of blazing fires from SA with is underground but not *really* underground. There's a great chance that other legendary magical places also exist in sealed form like Avalon, Atlantis, El Dorado, Shangri-La Mount Olymp etc. And probably the entire Makai and Netherworld.
    • The abandoned hells are in fact actually underground. Hence Okuu's powerup resulting in a geyser.
  • So, Asgard is basically the Nordic version of Gensokyo? And maybe, just maybe, the Sanctuary used to have a barrier, but somehow it weakened over the years?

Rumia is a Grue.
It is pitch black.
You are likely to be eaten by her.

Reisen has the wild card
I got the idea when reading the following lines from the Alternate Interpretation compendium:
So, basically, Reisen is the ultimate of not being able to tell anything. She's, I think this is the right term, somewhat sociopathic with the ability to apparantly completely change her personality to match whatever she needs for the current situation. For all we know the cute, helpless bunny appeal is all one big facade to rule us in.
This is precisely what the wild card does, it lets you change your persona, your personality, at a whim. Meaning that if she manages to somehow get Sakuya's "The World", she might even be able to seal away the moon.Note that this has hardly any basis in canon. Which probably is why I think this would be awesome.

Kasen is Moses
She's got the horns. She's a hermit. She's all over laws and morality. She's Moses.


  • Alternately, Sanae could be Moeses, considering "The day the Sea split" and how she talks about losing the power of miracles. Moses split a friggin' Sea too, and that's a miracle!

Lunopolis is an actual documentary about Lunarians.
They secretly control the Outside World, which is why the exiles fled to Gensokyo.

Either Miko or Byakuren is Rita Repulsa
Think about it. All three were sealed for roughly one thousand years, have underlings(Miko also has all the Taoist humans she treats as mere servants), and Byakuren and Rita were both self-interested at first, but later became truly "good". Maybe the same could be assumed for Miko. Also, Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, and maybe Youmu are the Gensokyo Rangers, and Kanako is Zordon.

Haruhi Suzumiya is the Hakurei shrine's god.
Because of this.

Flandre can Snag her playmates
OK, Flandre has a lot of creepy fanart with her reaching for someone with a hand. This may or may not be invoking The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You.The Snag animation is a hand reaching for the Pokemon in much the same way. Plus, you really think Sakuya joined up with them willingly? Her skills just scream Belmont !

Alice is Cthulhu.
Those doll shows in the Human Village? A plot to get the Necronomicon so she doesn't have to be woken up before the stars are right.

Yukari considers Gensokyo a Role-Playing Game.
And every stage 1 boss plays the part of the pinata.

KirbyM is male.
There are simply more male fans than female fans.
  • "Kirby" is a masculine name.

KirbyM is female.
The "self-insert" character in the "Daily Flashes," Unnamed Character, is female.
  • The posts themselves have a generally more feminine tone.

KirbyM is a waffle-based robotic life form.
KirbyM is quite obviously a robot, this has been proven by science.
  • Alternatively, KirbyM is the Pyro.
  • "Walfas" sounds kind of like "Waffles".
    • Acknowledged and explained at the end of the old "about page. "Walfas" sounding like "Waffles," not KirbyM being a robot.

The Danmaku rules work on the same principle as Magic's Golden Rule
...That is, where the rules as written and a character's powers and objectives conflict, the character's intentions win out. This is why Phantasmagoria of Flower View has different gameplay - both characters in each clash see themselves as the aggressor, so they compete head-to-head (where the main games always have an aggressor (the PC) breaking ground and a defender who got in the way).

The Yamata No Orochi exists somewhere in Gensokyo
ZUN just hasn't introduced us to him yet. The fact that he is mentioned by Rinnosuke in Chapter 26 of Curiosities of Lotus Asia as "the great many-headed demon Yamata no Orochi," which further supports my theory.
  • If that happens, said "Orochi" could end up being a she, if anything. I mean, look at Miko as an example.
  • Also, if it does happen, there would probably be a Susano'o equivalent showing up as well, and the story would likely be tied to the sword that Rinnosuke has in his shop (the Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi), not to mention that someone may end playing the role of Kushinada-hime (the maiden described in the legend)... Hm...

Rin Satsuki was Yukari's sister and she was the one who killed Mima
Because of this, Yukari retgoned Rin Satsuki to prevent her from killing anyone else. However, this activated Rin's Manipulation of Revenge, which allowed her to be reincarnated as Meimu, and is secretly planning to take revenge on Yukari by killing Reimu. But she'll likely fail.

The soccer ball from Touhou Soccer is the container of the remaining Hourai Elixir
Kaguya had leftovers. Why else is that ball immune to anything and everything thrown at it, including 4 master sparks at once, Flandre, Gungnir, Patchouli/Alice/Marisa combo, the Hakurei Barrier, Shinki's hair, Eiki's judgement attack, Youmu's moon-destroying swords, thousands of explosions, beating through several people, and lots of other stuff? It regenerates instantly due to the Hourai Elixir.

The Soccer Ball is actually Reimu's Yin-Yang Orb painted over for the occasion. That's how it survives every city-razing blast it receives.
Credit goes to Fenrirknight 7 in the Youtube comments.
  • This would explain how Reimu somehow comes up with a "Super Technique" just from Soccer. ...okay, Soccer that has everyone concentrating their super god-like powers on the ball.

The Necronomicon will become a Chekhov's Gun.

Suwako is the Christian God
We know that at some point in the past, Suwako had a child with a human, because Sanae is one of Suwako's descendants. We also know that Sanae's special ability is to create miracles. Now if Sanae can create miracles (with a bit of preparation time) despite how many generations there are between her and her ancestor, just imagine what the first generation was like. So we have the child of a deity, who can create miracles. Now let's look at Suwako for a moment. Her ability is stated as "creating earth". That can easily be misinterpreted as meaning that she created the Earth. With all this in mind, consider that many of the details of the Bible could have been lost to time or changed to suit the needs of the author, and that the Bible was not committed to text until hundreds of years later. It's not a stretch to believe that the original details have been lost to history.

Junko was the source of power behind Enoshima Junko.
There isn't much of a line between Despair and Resentment. Perhaps Enoshima Junko was a person in her own right at one point, but Divine Spirit Junko used her as an avatar, forever ruining her.Indeed, it was Junko who somehow caused The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of Mankind to become infectious to humankind in general. Horrible as it was, she purified its effects against the souls of anyone who observed it; causing the entire world to crack apart.

Alphes is Alphys
After the barrier was destroyed, she was recruited by Twilight Frontier at an anime convention and drew artwork for the fighting games and promotional material, based on the art style of Mew Mew Kissie Cuite.

Okina's Doors are related to Doraemon's Anywhere Door and the Monsters Inc Doors
In Hidden Star in Four Seasons, Okina's ability is to create doors. When you use the Anywhere Door, a door is created at the desired location.

As for the ones in Monsters Inc, They are doors that lead to another dimension that can bu put anywhere, Just like Okina's.


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