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    Alternia, Biology and Ancestors 

The Trolls' species evolved from the Exiles from a previous game of Sburb played by kids from a past civilization on their world.
It's been millennia since the game so, though there might be the occasional pure black or white throwback, interbreeding has lead to most people on the planet being grey. Either one or more of the past players prototyped them with something that gave them their horns, or it could have been a quirk of evolution during the very long time that passed since then. With their intimate knowledge of the game they knew that one day it might devastate their planet once more, so they purposely developed their culture to give their people as much of an advantage as possible when that day came, although they've all long-since forgotten the point of it by now.

That's why, as mentioned in the WMG a few above, they're taught to "become architecturally adept while very young". It might also be why they don't have real family units (the less close attachments they have to other people the easier it will be for them to focus on the game instead of getting worked up about everybody back home who died; the lusus-system might have been put in place specifically so there would be a strong creature devoted to their well-being there for prototyping) and why most members of their species head off-world once they reach adulthood (so when the meteors start crashing most trolls will avoid destruction through the simple act of not even being there; of course this being purposeful depends on whether they were able to achieve space travel before forgetting what they were preparing themselves for, but if some of the Exiles worked for their game session's shuttle service before getting exiled they could have had the knowledge of how to build/fly them from the start).

  • Doesn't explain the blood.
  • Doc Scratch probably has more to do with most of that.

On troll genetics:
In troll genetics, the terms "dominant" and "recessive" refer not to how the genetic material expresses itself once combined, but to how much of the material survives long enough to combine in the first place. There appears to be a significant gap in time between the genetic material being produced and the actual fertilization taking place, at least some of which time is spent with the material sitting in open buckets.
  • More like Andrew studied the Kojima school of genetics. Moreover the problem with that is that any "recessive" genes would be dead or faded by that time.

In parallel with how the kids found out that there were hidden sides to their guardians, the trolls will find much the same for their Famous Ancestors.
The ones that cared about them anyway. For example, Vriska may find that Mindfang was an Unreliable Narrator and wasn't as ruthless or cruel as she seemed to be, or that she had deep feelings of remorse for her actions. This will cause her to Flip The Fuck Out

Alternatively, they all worked for Lord English.

  • In addition Mindfang made her journal like a trashy romance novel so that anyone who wanted to find her treasure would have to wade through pages and pages of the stuff.
    • Most trolls don't care, and Vriska at least would probably find it a relief if Mindfang wasn't a total bitch.
  • We've already learned that there's a hidden side to the ancestors, though none of the trolls (except possibly Aradia) have yet.

Sollux has two ancestors. Karkat has none.
Look at it this way, it has been confirmed that Terezi and Vriska are sisters. And it is highly likely that Eridan and Feferi are siblings, the same is true of Team Charge. What's notable about all these pairings is that all of them have consecutive colors on the hemospectrum. From this we can determine that: Equius and Gamzee are brothers. Kanaya and Nepeta are sisters. This leaves Karkat and Sollux as the only odd ones out.

Sollux, true to character, will probably have two ancestors, leaving Karkat with none. Where did Karkat's genes come from then? He had some of the random genes left over in the 'slurry', including many recessive genes that, with some mutations, gave Karkat his red blood.

  • This doesn't make any sense, it breaks all known patterns. Anyways, Karkat does have an ancestor, the Sufferer.
  • On the more technical side, it's implied that each troll actually has ''six''.
    ** Actually based on screens from [S] Past Karkat: Wake up and from general similarities, each troll is genetically related to one other, but are almost identical to one of their parents, similar to how John is pretty similar to Nanna or Dave is similar to Bro.
  • {Jossed}. Sollux's ancestor, The Ψiioniic has been revealed.

The so-called Troll Ancestors don't actually exist.
  • The only proof we have of their existance is Mindfang's Journal and nothing else.
  • The journal could have been made at any point in time and delivered to the past via meteor.
  • Doc Scratch has stated that everything that has happened (doomed timeline or not) will always happen.
    • In the same manner that Nanasprite left a note for John one of the lusisprites (most likely Spidermomsprite) wrote it for the trolls to find.
    • Probably Jossed... but it does make Scratch's corroboration very interesting.

Wait this has interesting implications that should be posted.

  • The basic assumption of this is that everything said of the ancestors is probably true but all that has been shown is a lie.
  • Doc said he doesn't lie, but he said nothing about showing lies. Also Hussie suggest at least some of the whole "Story from Scratch" is... flawed information.
    • The demoness is really Aradia's Kangaram Lusus presumably kidnapped at the point of the mindhoney massacre.
    • Somehow Spidermom's death was indirectly caused by Tinkerbull.
    • Crabdad probably isn't the sufferer, the sufferer may have been that lobsterdemon judge, because black blood isn't exactly on the hemospectrum either. Instead Crabdad is what was constructed to serve as a guardian for the sufferer's descendant.
      • Of course, AH also yelled at Doc Scratch for "writing troll fanfiction again," and then strangled, that whole thing might not even be close to canon...and of course his whole "not lying" thing might have been a lie...doubtful, but possible...

Trolls & Ancestors
Warning! This one is long. Let's start with the basics first.1. Trolls procreate by mixing genetic material together and having a surrogate Mother Grub give birth to the children.2. There are two classes of procreation pairings. Caliginous and Flushed. Trolls must submit material for both.3. The feelings that cause these pairing provide stronger genetic matches and have a better chance of producing an offspring.

These are the simple biological facts we learned. Now one last fact: A troll has one ancestor they are MOST like as they share the MOST amount of DNA.

But one thing these facts tell us though, is that troll genetic material (like ours) is one half of the whole. There needs to be (at least) two parents (in genetic terms). Now the problem: The Ancestors and the Trolls we know were created through ectobiology. Like the kids and guardians, I think that Karkat used the paradox slime of the Ancestors to first create their respective paradox clones. That's the easy part. Now the paradox slime is combined in a tank. Similar to kids, but with one exception. There is only one tank, not one for each pairing. Because this is how Troll biology works. The slurry thing.

Now assume this is true (even though I'm not 100% sure that it is up til this point). In the slurry, the genetic pairs form into twelve pairs (6 Flushed and 6 Caliginous). So each Ancestor has their biological material mixed up in two young Trolls (one from a flushed pairing and one from a caliginous pairing). I would also guess it would form a sort of giant daisy chain rather that several smaller daisy chains, just because it fits well.

I think this also explains some of the slight differences between the Trolls and their Ancestors.Example 1: Vriska isn't quite up to the level of villainy as Mindfang; she seems a little bit too dramatic and a few of her plans prior to entering SGRUB are sort of a joke. Now what if Vriska was caused by the genetic material of Mindfang and Dualscar's Caliginous relationship. While the bulk of Vriska comes from Mindfang, but maybe her Big Ham side comes from Dualscar.Example 2: Feferi's Ancestor is the Condesce. Feferi's a lot more accepting and wants to abolish the caste system to a certain extent. She almost wants to bring things to the way they were prior to the scratch. This may be because of the major Black Feelings toward the highbloods that the Suffer had on his death mixed his gentic material with the Condesce's genetic material.

Before your say that Karkat is the Suffer's descendant, remember I pointed out that each Ancestor has two descendants (one Flushed and one Caliginous). So yeah that still works. And this also doesn't sink any ships due to genetic relationships, it isn't called an incestuous slurry for nothing, folks. The troll takes on primary traits (blood color, appearance, basic personalities) from one parent and secondary traits from the other.

  • Irrelevant anyways; the Ancestors are the genetic children of the Trolls and their Ectobiology lab prominently showed 2 tubes which means this six timing stuff can't possibly be true.
    • It still could be, but instead of a do-decagon like I was imagining it would be two hexagons. Still works in the case of two tubes for combination.
    • And I don't remember seeing a panel that outright states in which order the Ancestors and Trolls were actually made. A key point about the Ancestors' scratch dealt with the fact: they weren't playing the session they were created in and thus always destined to scratch the game (Doc Scratch mentions this being the Glitch that marks Lord English's target, his calling card). So maybe the Ancestors were always meant to be the Ancestors and therefore the ones that appearified for the paradox slime. Though really this is speculation based on the facts, my wild guess was the fact that 6 of the trolls were born from redrom feelings and the other 6 from blackrom whether this refers to the Ancestors or Trolls doesn't really matter it just would have made my guess a paragraph longer to explain that possible wrinkle.

The skin of trolls turn black when they mature.
Everyone thinks that the adult trolls are being obscured in shadow, but look at her Imperious Condescension and the Helmsman here. That face is way too detailed to be in shadow, and if the Helmsman's face was in shadow, you wouldn't see the blood so clearly on his face.

The Trolls' society somehow evolved from the society the kids built after the events of Homestuck.
Or at least some society that had previous experience with Sburb.

As of this writing, I am currently at the beginning of act 5; namely the page that I am about to describe. When cG steps outside and we see the exterior of his house for the first time, it is eerily reminiscent of the bizarre constructs the kids' houses have become after a bit of Sburb-facilitated shenanigans. But what piques my interest more is this paragraph on that very page:

"It's almost as if [The Trolls] have placed great cultural importance on teaching children to become architecturally adept while very young. It has been this way since ancient times. No one seems to know why that is."

It seems like the Trolls’ culture, or possibly Alternia’s as a whole, is designed to prepare the Trolls for a session of Sburb, which would only be feasible if the Trolls or their predecessors had previous experience with the game.

  • Well, the kids can't have preceded them chronologically, since the events of Act 5 take place long before Earth even existed. However, they could have shaped their culture around Rose's GameFAQs guide, which is currently being broadcast across all of space and time.
    • I'm pretty sure that with all the stuff the series pulls with time travel, temporal placement means next to nothing.
  • Jossed.

The lowest blood rank is red. Hence, this is why the Trolls show contempt for humans.
The Trolls blood seems to be ranked in order of when their star sign occurs in the year, theefore making AA the lowest ranked Troll. We have seen that Tarvos's blood is the same colour as his text, and so Aradia's blood is probably red like that of humans. Also, Aradia's lusus is probably killed by CuttlefishCuller.
  • CT seems to be in cahoots with Aradia. I doubt he'd associate that closely with the lowest class, so she probably isn't. (EDIT: Never mind, he refers clearly to someone who has the best of manners despite the worst possible blood, so he probably does mean Aradia.)
  • Jossed. The contempt the trolls show for the humans is less because of the color of their blood (at least Karkat doesn't have this excuse), but rather because of how stupid the Kids behave in their opinion.
  • Confirmed actually, at least in the case of their initial confrontations. Such as Equius and Dave's or Rose and Eridan. They assume their text color is their blood though, not assuming it's red constantly.

Troll gender is purely psychological and based off their Lusus.
Because there is no way they can ALL donate their genetic material to a mother grub as described and not be the same sex...
  • Alternatively, the troll species has 3 genders, with the grub-queen being a third gender.
    • Unlikely, since the Mother Grub is a special sort of lusus (gA's is one).
      • Her's is a Virgin Mother grub.
  • It would certainly explain why bisexuality is the norm—troll gender has nothing to do with reproductive equipment, and being straight, gay, or lesbian is the equivalent of only preferring, say, blonde hair.
  • Jossed: Trolls do have a biological gender that's innate.

It Was Earth All Along
Or, more specifically, Alternia is Earth after the Exiles from the kids' session have reestablished it. The ruins that Aradia desecrates look strangely similar to the ones on Jade's island. Alternatively, Alternia could be a parallel Earth due to the different states of decay in both sets of ruins.
  • Jossed.

Dropping typing quirks is a trait only purple bloods have access to
Eridan, Feferi, and Gamzee are the only ones we've seen drop their quirks. (Karkat is seen imitating Feferi's quirk in Alterniabound, but he's a mutant.)
  • Nepeta said perfect once. Sorry.
    • Perhaps dropping their typing quirks unintentionally is somewhat of the troll version of a typo?
  • Aradia drops her quirks at one point.
    • Which leads to a bit of fridge brilliance: she's a red blood put into a robot that's a blue blood. What do red and blue put together equal?
  • This is officially Jossed. Any of the trolls can drop it, they just don't feel like it.

The burden of trollish reproduction is outsourced on the mother grub creature. None of the trolls are going to be incubating tiny pink embryos inside their torsosnote . A one-from-column-A-and-column-B gender pairing isn't necessary for reproduction.

In fact, because of the cast of peripubescent trolls and because of the artstyle, there's no evidence trolls have primary or secondary sexual characteristics as humans would recognise them. In the Alternian language, 'female' might be shorthand for 'prefers the relative comfort and freedom of wearing a skirt.'

  • But, Vriska wears pants...
  • The fact that the Trolls don't even have a concept of 'homosexuality' makes sense with this.
    • One explanation for this is because, if I correctly recall the ways in which troll romance is weird, the pairings that contribute their genetic material do so to a large amount of incestuous slurry. (And no, this theory is not solely an excuse to use that phrase.) Theoretically, it wouldn't matter what the sex of trolls involved when the filial pails get passed around, especially because Andrew hasn't really extrapolated on that in terms of differences from human concepts of "male" or "female". (Probably because he agrees that the job of coming up with genitalia for your alien race should be left to the musclebeast artists.)
  • Word of God is that Trolls have vestigial genders. They are basically a post gender society. Homosexuality does exist, but it's basically the equivalent of a fetish.

The trolls are several inches/feet/yards/miles taller/shorter than the kids.
It's not like we've seen them side by side. The trolls have only been enxt to things that presumably would be the same size as them.

The explanation of Troll reproduction vastly simplified the mechanics of inheritance
Okay, so, this makes me feel like Psycho Mantis in The Last Days Of FOXHOUND, even moreso than I did in that pointless rant aways above. (Don't read it, it's pointless.) Anyway, my current guess as to how to get that explanation to satisfy me... Most multicellular life on Alternia is a colonial organism composed of multiple symbiotic species' gametophyte stages. (Here's the silly bit): when the cells undergo reproductive mitosis, a combination of physical and psychic connection means that each gametophyte has some sort of... sympathetic resonance with the mind of its parent colony. The stronger the feelings between each parent in a pair, the more... something... the resulting sporophyte of each species. Point is, that increases reproductive fitness in the context of the Matriorb. Anyway, after that silliness is done, and the sporophytes of each species compete in the matriorb, the most fit undergo meiosis, and the resulting gametophyte cells form the appropriate colonies. (Given the signaling that pretty much all multicellular life performs with its symbiotic bacteria, it's not too surprising if something like that could actually work.) If true, this has the side-effect of giving Alternian life something very close to LEGO Genetics.
  • Let's just say no. Mother Grubs are a symbiotic species with the Trolls and it's hard to draw the line between them, but trolls used to reproduce similarly to humans.

     Beforus Trolls 

The moment the Pre-Scratch Summoner would appear...
...Is when Dante finally reaches Rufio: Make him pay.
  • "Jossed" if his sillhouette counts, but it did coincide with Dante releasing an audio clip of him reading Dave.
  • And now Dante has reached that point, and there's no sign of any further appearance of him...

Meenah will eventually use her Thief of Life powers to bring herself and/or the other Pre-Scratch trolls (or at least Aranea) back to life and then they will attempt to defeat Lord English
It's said that Lord English can only be destroyed through a number of time-based glitches and loopholes. What's a bigger glitch/loophole than twelve trolls, whose timeline has been eliminated from the face of existence, coming back to life? In fact that might even be the reason why Meenah attacked Roxy in the first place, she was going to steal Roxy's life so that she could use it to help revive the others! Or at least revive Aranea if there are no others.
  • Jossed via misunderstand. That doesn't fit in with the role of a Thief; that's much more in line with a Rogue of Life than anything else. However, Meenah as the Thief of Life has both the literal interpretation of her title, that she's a murderer and ruined the lives of the others with sburb, or a more metaphorical take, in that her alternate as the Condesce basically distorted Alternia to the point where virtually all the other Ancestors were completely miserable, save herself.

The pre-Scratch Ancestors escaped the Scratch
I know, this doesn't make any sense, right? They're all quite clearly dead.


Doc Scratch says this about the A1 Scratch: "This reset would come at the cost of wiping the failed heroes from existence."

But then Aranea says something slightly different: "the choice to do so came with accepting the annihilation of our existing forms"

Almost similar, but not quite. It's implied that Ancestors are in dream bubbles because Meenah killed them all before the Scratch erased them. If so, "existing forms" could translate to "existing bodies". In other words, the price of the Scratch was to erase the bodies of the pre-Scratch Ancestors from existence.

And this is totally different from just erasing the A1 trolls. Why?

No-one said those bodies had to belong to the alpha timeline.

So according to this WMG, the Ancestors had their doomed timeline selves start the Scratch for them. But why hasn't Doc Scratch, Aranea or even UU indicated anything about this? In a word, Void.

It's already established that Void blocks out Doc Scratch omniscience. But UU takes it a step further and says Void can destroy knowledge. Which seems to indicate some form of altering memories. Depending on pre-Scratch Darkleer's abilities, he could have blacked out the entire session and erased the memories of their doomed timeline counterparts, making them think they were from the alpha timeline. In other words, they pranked Doc Scratch. And he still wouldn't be lying about his earlier statement, because doomed timeline players are failed heroes, after a fashion.

How did the alpha timeline trolls physically leave their session then? This is where Roxy's dream self and The Great Flood references come into play. The B2 kids somehow create an Ark for the A1 session, which Roxy sends through the void using her Message In A Bottle Modus. They could probably also send Jake's size changers (the ones Liv Tyler has) so they could grow/shrink the Ark, and maybe other things too. Like their planets. And then they blast off for eithier the Furthest Ring or another Yellow Yard that Hussie set up in secret. This will make them a Spanner in the Works for Lord English's ambiguously defined plans.

Speaking of Hussie, this troper guesses the Hussie that died was also a doomed timeline self, and the real Hussie is hiding out in a secret base somewhere, explaining why he can still narrate even though he's dead (Dream Bubbles are not the Fourth Wall). A revelation like this is just the sort of thing Hussie would parody with a fourth wall breaking segment.

Convoluted and complicated? Yes. But this is Homestuck.

  • First and largest problem: it was Meenah's plan specifically that saved them from utter destruction. While what exactly the Life aspect does is still ambiguous, and it may very well cover the use of alternate selves, the fact remains that Meenah's plan couldn't invoke the use of the Hero of Void, especially given Aranea says nobody liked Meenah at all.
    • Secondly, the Aranea we see is God Tiered. A God Tiered player tricked into being a sacrifice with implanted memories probably wouldn't even qualify as Heroic or Just, whereas the implication otherwise is that Aranea died in a Heroic Sacrifice against Meenah.
    • Thirdly, without a God Tiered Seer of Light, there's virtually no way they could have navigated to the Alpha Session anyways; a Slyph's domain doesn't cover that and we have no idea who the Seer of the session was, if there even was one. Even Terezi's abilities weren't even enough to navigate the Furthest Ring, Rose's specific abilities were uniquely suited to the task
    • Fourthly, there's far too much extrapolation here. The Alpha Kids don't even know who the Pre-Scratch Trolls are, and given Meenah attempted to murder Roxy might not even care if they die! There's no indication that Void powers can alter memories, and there's no way without the influence of the Handmaid's duplicate that the doomed timeline doubles could be part of the plan. Not to mention there's no sign of Trolls anywhere in the Alpha Sessions mythology and all signs point to them dying at some point; there's already room enough for them to be a Spanner in the Works without introducing a convoluted plot to save 12 characters that haven't even been shown!
    • Lastly, the Green Sun's ignition and flash came only a fair amount of time after the Trolls completed their session; given the dire straits the Pre-Scratch Session was in (seemingly identical to those of the Beta Human Session), they wouldn't have had time to see the flash and know where to go.
  • Going with Jossed for a writing reason: Andrew is culiminating a variety of arcs and the story is winding down now, despite evidence to the contrary. Not many characters have been introduced completely new at this stage; only UU and uu are completely new to Act 6, and even they are reflections of Karkat. With all the plot threads Andrew is busy tying closed, it's extremely unlikely that he will introduce 12 largely new characters (as the theory relies on the fact that they are different from the Aranea and Meenah we saw) and save them, especially when the prophecy about the total deaths of all the original 12 trolls is taken into account. The theory hinges on an interpretation that Aranea and Doc didn't say the same thing, which is total YMMV. Aranea's comments are the same as Doc's when you consider she probably meant "current forms" as in their iterations as players. From there, the theory dances on so many loose connections that it's impossible to put any weight on it.
  • Meanwhile, Meenah apparently killed everyone using her session's Tumor.

Meena will be a Red Herring of some sort
She is a purple-red fish.
  • Already Jossed. If nothing else, she's providing characterization on the Condesce.
    • I didn't say what she'd be a Red Herring for, merely that she would be one.
      • That doesn't mean anything. A Red Herring is at heart an intentionally misleading character, and with Meenah's successful plan to save the Pre-Scratch Trolls and providing characterization on the Condesce, she cannot be a Red Herring. Also purple-red has a name, it's Fuchsia.

Meenah killed herself in order not to cease to exist, due to the Scratch.
Aranea just happened to die previously on their adventure.
  • There's no indication death via Scratch is in any way different from death any other way.
  • Now that you bring it up, does scratching count as dooming the timeline? The Babies/Grubs being sent in reverse order and all.
    • No because it was predestined. See such plot events as Jake and Jade being in contact, etc.
  • Close, though the WMG is probably Jossed as it seems Meenah killed everyone, Aranea included.

All of the dead trolls will be effectively opposites of their Post-Scratch counterparts.
As mentioned above, the dead trolls presented thus far are Face Heel Reversals of their counterparts- Meenah is less caring and more violent than Feferi was while Aranea is more sympathetic than the sadistic Vriska. It could be a theme amongst the rest of them, once introduced!
  • Given what we know of some of the other troll ancestors, this has some weight: The Sufferer crusaded for peace while Karkat is perpetually angry, The Summoner led rebellions while Tavros lacks confidence, The Executor questioned the supremacy of highbloods while Equius believes wholeheartedly in it, The Handmaid is rebellious towards Doc Scratch and Lord English while Aradia serves the spirits she hears without question... It is, however, a far more difficult case for other ancestors.
    • Only the problem is that Ancestors are one-dimensional stereotypes while players are much more complicated. Compare the Alpha Kids to their counterparts as Beta Guardians, or the Beta Kids. Roxy and Rose in particular are strongly opposed, but even then they're not one-dimensionally the exact opposite of each other. Remember too the Sufferer's cool broke over into rage, while Karkat's rage is always tempered by his true kindness, the Summoner's rebellion ended in failure, like Tavros's, the Executor lamented his decision the rest of his life, while Equius's whole hearted devotion to the blood caste system led directly to his death, and the Handmaid was groomed to be nothing but a slave, while Aradia willingly learned to serve. Exact opposites, no. Overlapping highly, absolutely!
      • Even comparing Meenah & Feferi, they aren't exact opposites. Feferi could be pretty callous and didn't exactly let down Eridan the easiest she could, and Meenah at the very least is very outgoing and energetic. One's Ax-Crazy and the other is a Genki Girl who happens to be a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant. Also on Pre-Scratch Alternia, the Vast Glub could never be used as a threat to cull entire castes, eliminating one of the tentpoles of the Condesce's empire, and possibly the only thing keeping her from being overthrown.
      • And outright Jossed by Aranea's characterization.

Pre-Scratch Ancestor!Karkat and/or Condesce!Feferi were responsible for Pre-Scratch Alternia's peacefulness
By which I mean, if Condesce!Feferi wasn't a peaceful ruler to begin with, then Ancestor!Karkat would have led a successful and bloodless revolution to improve the lives of low-bloods, flying in the face of tradition. Chances are Condesce!Feferi would have no problem with it. That was how Hero!Sufferer and his group came to grow up in such a peaceful environment.
  • The impression I got was that if it weren't for Scratch's meddling, there'd be nothing for Ancestor!Karkat to rebel against in the first place.
    • Seemingly that is the case.
  • Interestingly though, there are implications that part of the reason Beforus was the way it was was in fact partly because Feferi was the empress instead of Meenah, and while Ancestor!Karkat never became any sort of Sufferer, Kankri still found problems in the structure of Beforan society.

The Dead Pisces Troll (Meenah) was the Token Evil Teammate of Pre-Scratch Alternia's Session...
...And Post-Scratch Alternia only has a caste system because she switched with Feferi.
  • Keeping in mind, of course, that the Pre-Scratch session failed because the trolls were a peaceful species and that Alternia was a utopia. Meanwhile all we've seen of the Pisces troll is that she's Ax-Crazy...
    • Is she really axe crazy though? Sure, she attacks Roxy, but she's portrayed along the lines of a 90s era mosh-punk, and she didn't exactly try too hard to hold her once Roxy fought back. Maybe her surprise attack was just her way of saying "hello".
      • ...When was the last time you introduced yourself to someone by pulling a weapon on them? At any rate, she's confirmed to have violent intentions against Roxy, saying she wanted kill her "for the halibut".
  • And that Feferi was far too peaceful and friendly on Post-Scratch Alternia, even willing to abolish the caste system entirely- the two of them must have been switched before departing!
    • For what its worth, Equius says that the higher you go on the hemospectrum, the more naturally bloodthirsty and violent you are prone to be. Perhaps it was a lot harder to know how to express yourself in pre-Scratch Alternia, but the Condesence and those who share her blood color were just the grand high sociopaths of that era.
  • Was thought to be confirmed untill 9/24/12 with the reveal of Kurloz Makara.
    • More generally, Aranea was right: Meenah turns out to be a pretty cool chick when you get to know her (to the point she's actually trying to raise an army to fight the Big Bad), especially compared to quite a few of her teammates; even Kankri comes off as less sympathetic than her. And Damara may well be an even better candidate for token evilness, though admittedly Meenah had something to do with that.

The Summoner was the only Pre-Scratch Troll to reach God Tier.
It explains the wings, obviously, which nobody else has.
  • Jossed, at least Arenea did.
  • Maybe he was the only one not to do so?
    • No, Porrim said that she didn't either.

Pre-Scratch Alternia was named "Mars"
This troper thinks it would be hilarious if the trolls turned out to be Martians all along.
  • Mars has two moons.
    • But Alternia has 3, 1 green and 2 pink. Moreover Mars doesn't really have proper moons, Deimos and Phobos being nothing at all like the moons of Alternia. Besides, why would Mars remotely make any sense? Pre-Scratch "Alternia" was a peaceful planet, and Mars was the god of war.
      • Actually the little pink one wouldn't count as a moon, the same way our moon doesn't count as a solar system planet.
      • Aranea says that the green moon was created after Doc Scratch started pulling strings, and not from her universe. Furthermore, the trolls aren't exactly aware of Earth's mythology, so it's not like they'd know he was a god of war. Troll Will Smith is also a philosopher, after all.
    • So you sayin' this's some John Carter of Mars sorta thing?
      • If it comes true, the movie will probably be referenced. Also the name "Princess of Mars" will come up.
  • Jossed. The planet was called Beforus.

Pre-Scratch Alternia was named "Earth"
As different option to the above.
  • Jossed. See above.

Mystery Troll Girl is future!Vriska
The Beta Session kids and trolls are all going to age up 3 years before meeting the Alpha Session kids. Therefore, the present for the Alpha Session is the future for the Beta Session. So in Jake's dreambubble/void space/whatever, he's seeing Vriska, who died three years ago in his present, and thus looks different.
  • Hairstyle has never been shown to change with aging.
    • Trolls don't have fashion either. Is it really that shocking that she might get a haircut after hanging out with John for who knows how long and getting a new set of clothes and glasses?
      • Nobody in Homestuck has ever gotten a haircut. Hairstyle is kind of a Distinguishing Mark, being consistent between infants to adults and between alternate universes.
      • Oddly enough, the same updates that Joss this WMG also Joss the haircut notion, since Meenah and Aranea have different haircuts from the Condesce and Mindfang. Due to how the Scratch works, they must have had identical haircuts as children, meaning someone did change.
      • That might be invalidated by the fact that their blood color and horns remain the same; something that for trolls is far more important.
  • Jossed. She's a new troll named Aranea, and says she's Vriska's (and Terezi's) Ancestor.

This troper now has this idea of The Grand Highblood ruling Earth while The Condesce is in The Medium. Heck, he'd probably serve Lord English willingly, since English is his mirthful messiah.

  • Makes sense to me. Maybe not other ancestors in particular being there, but Roxy had to get troll lingo from somewhere, and someone has to be populating those red coral/knife cities. I was gonna guess mostly sea dwellers, but it could be the whole hemospectrum.
    • There were no B2 trolls by the time the Condesce returned to Alternia. The Handmaid was the sole remaining survivor and the Condesce killed her. I understand that's why there's the indication of time travel, but we also know causes of death for many of the Ancestors. Sufferer, Summoner, Disciple, Dolorosa, Dualscar, Psiionic, and Redglare's deaths were all directly shown or mentioned, and there's no indication English could or did form a time travelling troll army, as to Alternians, he's basically their cultural personification of death.
      • Furthermore, and more on topic, the Condesce could easily have gathered genetic material and used it. She entered the Incipisphere for some reason; maybe it was to snag the ectobiology stations and make tons of wrigglers. Roxy also is implied to have picked up troll lingo not from any living trolls, but overhearing dreambubbles, given she and the AR alone use it and it baffles Dirk. There's also no indication the Red cities are inhabited! Remember Doc Scratch's apartment was surrounded by tons of buildings? Canonically there's seemingly nobody living in them, as unlike Midnight City, no indication is ever given that people live there.
      • Dirk wasn't necessarily baffled by his AR's use of "pail." We didn't get any of the conversation past the pun to see. The dreambubble theory is just one everyone came up with before we learned that they lived in a future that has at least one troll out in the open. There are other possibilities now.
      • Back to the Ancestors, while we do know the deaths of many of the Ancestors, the Grand Highblood was not one of them, and he'd at least fit as an underling of Death. Plus, there were whole legions of unseen trolls roaming their universe for centuries, so the Ancestors aren't the limit as to who could be "taken by Death."
      • The Vast Glub uttered by Feferi's lusus ensures the destruction of any troll not of her blood color. There's no evidence that Condescension's ability to extend life could save them from it- Psiioniic was killed by a combination of exhaustion and, the Vast Glub. Condesc was explicitly unable to save him, so there's no chance that Grand Highblood would have been able to survive it even if he was present on her ship. However, if somehow she was in possession of a matriorb or mothergrub, there's no reason to assume she could not have bred new trolls. I don't think this is likely however (where would she GET genetic material- assuming it's a reproductive fluid- besides herself, and I doubt based on her personality that she'd want a bunch of tyrian bloods roaming her planet) and it's extremely safe to assume that Condescension is the only remaining B2 troll besides the surviving players of sGrub.
  • Jossed by Dirk.

The Alpha universe is what the Pre-Scratch Trolls would have earned if they hadn't failed, plus one Condesce.
Seeing as how Scratching the Alternian and Beta sessions both caused the ancestors/players to switch places, and that the new universe is supposed to be based at least to some degree on the players, then it seems plausible that the Troll Ancestors' reward would be a universe where the Beta Kids' Ancestors would be the player characters. The ghost trolls are the ghosts of the pre-scratch ancestors dropping by to see what they could have won, and the Pre-Scratch Condesence is just naturally crazy (going by Equius' comment about how Trolls tend to be more bloodthirsty the higher up on the hemospectrum they go, with Feferi being an extreme exception to the rule and their pre-Scratch Ancestors being in a more peaceful setting and thus likely to calmed/treated, possibly in a moirailish manner) and happens to like the idea of an alternate version of her being the wicked ruler of untold billions.
  • Jossed via a misunderstanding of the Scratch. Ordinarily the only difference between a Scratched universe and it's pre-Scratch companion is the order the Ectobabies were sent in, and the resultant differences because of that. For instance, as you point out, pre-Scratch Alternia was likely peaceful because Feferi was Empress instead of the Condesce, and likewise the viciousness of the post-Scratch Alternia empire was in large part shaped by the Condesce, though Doc Scratch's influence shouldn't be discounted. The abnormal source of other differences on Alpha Earth is the Condesce. In all physical respects, the universes are basically identical.

Meenah's Master plan was to become royalty.
Probably an obvious one, but when Meenah mentions her plan working and that it probably had to do with the scratch; I got thinking. The troll's world was as peaceful as it was because Feferi was in power, and was willing to give up that power to bring harmony to their alien world, right? So what if Meenah wanted that power? To be the ruler of all trolls? Then the way she could've gotten that power, was by replacing Feferi as the Condence in that age. Since the scratch pretty much just switches the time location of the ancestors with that of the off-spring, maybe Meenah's master plan was to keep the caste system so she could be queen.
  • Only Meenah would never be queen, only her alternate. When she says plan, she probably is referring to the Scratch. Remember, John and the Beta Kids pulled off the Scratch without even knowing what it did, only that it would reset and save the session. It's entirely possible the Pre-Scratch Trolls did the same thing, without knowing about the whole ectobaby switcheroo.
    • Meenah doesn't have to know that. If she made a deal with Doc Scratch or English, she could be led to believe SHE, herself would become queen.
      • LE at least has never contacted anyone directly; it's not in his nature. Doc however might have tricked her. Aranea seems to suggest that while Meenah was a real pain in the rump, she wasn't outright evil though.
  • Jossed: In fact the opposite is true, the reason why Meenah played the game in the first place was to AVOID becoming ruler.


    The Post-Scratch Trolls as a Whole 

The members of one of the troll teams will be the paradox-clone parents of the members of the other.
Karkat has to get the baby-making DNA from somewhere, after all.

Relatedly, if Equius and Aradia are one of the parent pairs he's going to be so into it when he finds out, not because he cares about having a kid but because they have genetic children out there and she's not a queen. It's so depraved.

  • Now this troper is imagining Tavros and Gamzee calling Aradia and Equius 'mom and dad'. Would that be funny or creepy?
    • Jossed, they're all paradox clones of themselves.

There are thirteen trolls, each corresponding to a constellation.
Fits the theme number, and gives them the catchy title of the astrologists.
  • Jade has said there are twelve.
    • Not just any old constellations, evidence suggests that they correspond to the Western Zodiac
      • And then there's #13, Serpentarius, which is kind of weird and not counted, but would fit with the 413 motif. Plus, she just * counted* twelve - no indication there couldn't be another.
      • Alternatively, Ophiuchus (formerly Serpentarius) is represented by the protagonists. Indeed, at least three of the kids birthdays fall under Ophiuchus, and there is some reason to think John's birthday is not actually April the 13th.
      • 12 would also be consistent with the ACTG naming scheme that has been observed for the characters' usernames; there are a total of 16 possible combinations, four for the protagonists and 12 for the trolls.
      • John doesn't match up with that anymore (GT replaced by EB). So the troll's chumhandle could be GT. Or UU.
      • This troper thinks the white text is a good candidate for Ophiuchus/Serpentarius.
      • New troper is thinking Gamzee is Ophiuchus (or his apparent split persona) as the new traits are matching up.
      • Karkat or his ancestor seems a good candidate for Ophiuchus troll. It's been established that the trolls' symbols correspond to their position in society - if people can't tell his blood color from his symbol, Karkat must be wearing a fake (or a symbol ordinarily worn by a caste between Gemini and Leo rolls, hence his sorting in chumrolls despite his grey text.)
  • While it doesn't seem likely that there's additional Trollslum accounts, there's a theory parading around the forums that twinArmageddons (the chumHandle representing Gemini) might be shared between two people. Should the user of that account make a canon appearance in the comic, This Troper is hoping they're a pair of like-minded Creepy Twins who share a keyboard!
    • Jossed. Sollux Captor is indeed just one troll and only has a twin in his dream form.
  • The Ophiuchus troll, if she exists, is the UU whose theme is "The Thirteenth Hour" on the Alternia album. While the sixteen known characters' chumhandles come from DNA, U represents uracil in genetics, which is a part of RNA. Given the formula of double letters belonging to girls (Jade, Rose, Feferi, Aradia), UU would be female.
    • Actually there's a song called 'Umbra Ultimatum'. If this is true this would fit as both a theme and a chum handle.
  • For instance the main loop here will terminate on the death of the universe, labeled U okay something tells me they wont be a good thing if this theory turns out to be true.... On the same page, Karket also codes the virus to execute when he dies. Maybe this is means that UU is actually a reincarnation to execute itself when he dies, or else another 'life'. Assuming this being so, there could be a window for Karkat to reach god tier, if there is a way to do so from the veil(dream bubbles, maybe?)
Don't rule it out as impossible just yet; correct me if i'm wrong but i dont remember it ever being explained how aradia became a zombie/ghost sort of deal after she died. Maybe she had a virus written for her too? Sollux is a programmer and it is implied that they were something of an item when she was killed. Besides Sollux is a psionic, we can't rule out the possibility that he knew what vriska would do and took measures to ensure aradia was at least somewhat okay afterwards.

All of the above are Jossed. As of current canon, there are only two possibilities for a 13th Troll, either one in the future along the lines of J, or the troll Empress.

  • pipefan413 survived Earth's reckoning. There is no reason why the troll's session could't get much the same glitch, or if it even is a glitch.
    • That was fedorafreak. pipefan is Dad (and later Nannasprite).

This may be yet proven true however, as what appears to be an unknown troll is shown observing the post-scratch session as of Act 6. To add further credence to the theory of he/she being the one which represents Orphiuchus, his/her console has what appears to be a Rod of Asclepius engraved on top, Asclepius being the Greek deity which Orphiuchus represents

  • Jossed. There are at least 17 trolls introduced thus far and still relevant to the plot. UU and her brother are also unrelated to the Troll Session we know, which was the spirit of the WMG. Betty Crocker is the Troll Empress, and what seem to be alternate versions of the Trolls (ancestors or descendants) have been appearing in dream bubbles.

The slaughter of the trolls is leading up to a Bad Future, like with Alternate Future Dave
God-Tier Aradia will go back in time and make it aaaaall better. I hope.
  • It's also possible that Karkat uses Aradia's time travel device to go back and try to fix things. If only because having him meet his own past/future self in person would be hilarious.
  • I so very much hope so. Would explain why Future-Karkat and Future-Terezi don't seem to be all that traumatised. Unless -they- came from a Bad Future
    • Andrew has Jossed this. I don't have a link unfortunately. Besides, Sollux himself said all the trolls were going to die. We simply assumed it meant dream selves.

The fate of the Trolls
With the deaths of Tavros, Feferi and Kanaya, it's not hard to see that the troll bodycount has just begun, and that these initial deaths will be the cause of others. How? Well:
  • Terezi will attempt to kill Vriska in order to make her pay for killing Tavros. She will either succeed through superior skill (similar to the first circle of revenge they participated in) and then die shortly afterwards from injuries sustained in the battle, or fail and die followed by Vriska being killed by the newly-ressurected and very pissed (evenmoreso because [Tavros and Terezi are dead) God-Tier Aradia.
    • Terezi is actually confirmed to be alive one hour after the mysterious countdown timer goes to zero. Unless Hussie decides to retcon things. Or unless she's being...impersonated.
      • Andrew has hinted he might retcon this
      • She survives the Troll Session.
  • If Feferi's death is any indication, Eridan will track down Nepeta and try to kill her for rejecting him. I say try because Equius will step in and defend her from Eridan, dying as a result. Nepeta will finally snap and kill Eridan in a beserker rage, and when the rage subsides she will be traumatized by the experience. Because we all know how much fun breaking the Cutie is.
    • Alternately, she runs into Gamzee with a similar result, especially given the scratches on Gamzee's face. Nepeta manages to fend off Gamzee, which explains why he's only painting with his blood, while Nepeta [[Fanon dies from]] internal bleeding.
      • Both Jossed, in that Gamzee killed Equius and scratched himself with Nepeta's claws before presumably killing her, admittedly via blunt force trauma.
  • Aradia and Sollux will reunite and, having been informed of whatever plan will be formed to deal with Jack Noir, will resolve to sacrifice themselves to hold Jack at bay and allow the plan to be completed. While they're gone, Gamzee will reveal himself as the mastermind behind everything and kill Karkat; due to the Unspoken Plan Guarantee hinted at here, this will happen shortly before the Kids attempt to create the Scratch. Nepeta, harboring the red feelings for Karkat that were mentioned here, will attempt to kill Gamzee and die as a result. Elsewhere, Sollux and Aradia are killed by Jack Noir.
    • For the same reasons as Terezi, Karkat is also alive one hour after the countdown ends.
      • This Page shows a memory of one of the trolls in a dream bubble, and clearly shows Karkat and Terezi at the very least quite seriously injured, most likely dead. It seems to be a version of Aradia's memory.
      • Sollux is MIA, Karkat is probably dead, and Aradia is waiting from someone else and not reuniting with anyone.
      • Semi-confirmed, though not in the manner described. Sollux and Aradia are waiting at the Green Sun to help slow down Jack Noir.

  • This page indicates the blood colours of all the trolls who were/will be killed or maimed and subsequently found by Gamzee to write this specific rambling note in their blood. This includes the blood colours of Feferi, Terezi, Sollux, Nepeta, Kanaya, Eridan, Tavros and Equius.
    • It is mentioned in this arc in the dream bubbles that this particular page of rambling honks written by Gamzee on a book about death are situated a doomed timeline, should never have happened and was repaired by at least one version of Aradia. What this means for the future of the trolls, we can only speculate.

Alternative fate of the trolls
  • Nepeta will die in a horribly ironic manner; her Lusus's namesake Juan Ponce de Leon, died upon being shot with a poisoned arrow...and Nepeta's Trollian handle is arsenicCatnip. So Nepeta will die much like Grandpa Harley; Equius will finally fire a bow at Bec Noir, only for him to redirect it right into Nepeta. This will cause Equius to flip the fuck out, and unless someone slaps him out of it (like Aradia in yet more call backs), he's probably going to let Noir stab him to death. However, he's going to die regardless.
    • Pounce De Leon died from being crushed in a cave-in.
      • Jossed, clubbed to death by Gamzee
  • Eridan will also be stabbed by Noir. Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves
    • Chainsawed by Kanaya
  • Gamzee will undergo Dying as Yourself. It will be a Heroic Sacrifice though, as it will allow some of the other trolls to escape to the kids dimension. Unfortunately, they still won't live for much longer.
    • Gamzee is still completely insane and pretty much unstoppable.
  • Sollux is pretty much doomed. He will probably encounter Terezi and Aradia first, and it's possible he'll die in front of Aradia in another Call-Back.
    • Yep, d00m c0nfirmed.
      • MIA, possibly dead.
    • Update, he's been found. And still alive.
      • Not anymore, though no one caused it but himself.
  • Aradia's fate is a bit up in the air, as while she did die already, it was before Sollux made his prediction about the trolls dying. So it's possible she could run out of time again.
    • Immmortal and God tiered. She stopped Jack, if anyone has a chance to survive, it's her.
  • Simlarly, Vriska's fate is up in the air because she already died in the game itself. This leads to the possibility that she may be the only surviving troll. On the other hand, Sollux never said that only he would die twice. There is also some other foreshadowing.
    • Doc Scratch says that if he was a gambling man he wouldn't bet on Vriska living to see the "silver lining" (although as another point for Vriska's survival, he never outright says she's going to die).
    • Then there's the odd dream sequence with Wayward Vagabond where Vriska appears as a bug: The sequence begins with a reference to an earlier scene with Jade that ended with the line "You eat a bug and you don't even care." Note that Vriska fed trolls to her spider-Lusus.
    • Finally there's Terezi's statement that luck dosen't actually matter.
    • In conclusion, this troper thinks that Vriska will have a Fate Worse than Death, or a Karmic Death as she is eaten alive. For more irony, it will be when she actually does manage to kill Jack Noir.
      • Adding that Vriska might be the last to die. Why? The 8-ball is the last to be pocketed!
      • Stabbed in the chest.
  • Finally we have Karkat and Terezi. They will survive past the countdown, and probably enter the kids dimension. Karkat, or at least his weapon, will play a role in defeating John's denizen Typheus- this is because Zeus fought Typehus with a sickle in Greek Mythology. However, they are still probably going to die; Karkat and Terezi might be Together in Death, or Terezi will die in Karkat's arms, letting Karkat to deliver a final speech to John before he dies, telling him that he can save all exsistence from certain destruction.
    • Again, Karkat is probably already dead.
      • They both survive.
  • The kids will then somehow save the troll race from extinction. They might recreate Alternia at the end of their session, playing the role the trolls once played for the kids, or they simply will just use alchemy and ectobiology. Or they'll do both.
    • Jossed, the kid's session is barren.
  • It is entirely possible that the kids will come across the afterlife at one point, as foreshadowed by Dream Jade and Feferi. If the afterlife is as easy to escape from as Problem Sleuth was, the trolls might be back. But then they might not.
    • Even if they are, it isn't likely because the Kids are focusing on hard resetting their session.
      • Actually, its even easier, after all, Sollux could leave simply because he didn't know he wasn't supposed to...
      • Sollux is an exception.

All sixteen characters will somehow reach God Tier.
Including all the ones with dead dreamselves and, in Tavros's case, dead realselves. IT WILL HAPPEN SOMEHOW.
  • Not to spoil fandom or anything but that is highly unlikely and also impractical.
    • Dave Strider is too cool for godtier. This fact is canon it was mentioned that Dave made a better hero of time than Aradia.
  • Though Hussie has confirmed on his formspring that Godtier merch will be available for all 16 elements and that they would be revealed through story telling and fan service.
  • As of the end of Act 5, all four kids are god-tier - yes, even Dave. The trolls look a lot less likely though...
    • Though Gamzee reached them... somehow.
      • Turns out he just made the outfit, and didn't actually ascend.
      • Jossed , yet kinda confirmed at the same time. All eight kids make the God Tiers, but only Vriska and Aradia do so for the Trolls.

The influence of Bec Noir on the Trolls is driving them all slowly insane.
Think about it- Eridan was always the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, until he arrived in the lab, and his emotional failings became too much to bear in Bec's thrall, creating pure rage that made him kill Feferi, Kanaya and the Matriorb. Gamzee was angry for the first time when he went into the lab, and then we get him telling us through pesterlog that TC: I AM GOING TO MOTHERFUCKING KILL ALL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS. Are they all insane?
  • This is probably likely to be jossed. They also lack sopor slime, which except for a couple of the trolls, was something they always slept in. Gamzee's Face–Heel Turn is directly related to this, as he brings up the dealings of his ancient ancestors, which the slime is meant to suppress.
    • Not to mention all of the high bloods are prone to mental instability; Feferi and Equius mention how lucky they are to have avoided that.

The Trolls aren't all connected, and they aren't all going to be helpful
So far we've only seen three out of the expected 12. When Spade Slicks gets to the screen where he talks to CG the screens are seperated into groups of 3. From CG's talks with John it seems like they're all playing the same game. Only 2 out of three trolls have started to act at least helpful to John, Jade, Rose and Dave so maybe we haven't seen the last member of CG's team. The third member will likely try to be begrudgenling friendly to our heroes.
  • One can argue over the "helpful" part, otherwise jossed.

The Trolls fail at everything they do, which will soon become advantageous.
The Trolls are aware of this fact, and sincerely trying to help the kids by being Sour Supporters. Just some... okay most of them aren't really getting the hang of it, due to collectively jumping up and down the timeline to throw in their two cents' worth. Or otherwise trying to off the kids by being Friendly Enemies, in which case gC's the only one on the ball. Not entirely sure yet. They could even be working at cross-purposes.
  • Jossed.

The trolls are products of this damaged future.
This explains why trollish movie titles are plot synposes, and why troll fashion runs as far as various shades of grey, and why the the trolls seethe with poorly-concealed jealousy of Earth culture. The lights of Skaia was dimmed or extinguished, and the universe is suffering for it.
  • Jossed - the kids are products of the trolls' session, not the other way around.

The troll Blue Team is evil.
I don't mean lovable evil like the trolls we know already. I mean proper antagonistists.Here's what we know about the two teams at present.

Red: huge idiot bluh bluh Karkat, plushie-executing nutjob Terezi, lovable losers Gamzee, Tavros and aC, and gA, who seems pleasant enough, Chainsaw Good notwithstanding.

Blue: Sollux (nice guy who wants nothing to do with this madness), incredible douchebag aG, creepy misanthrobopist cT, the enigmatic cC and cA, and... aA.

The only two who don't match up to this scheme are Sollux and Terezi. And the two teams do seem to be working together in the future, judging from the troll logs and what cT did for Tavros, so this may be entirely off-mark. I guess we'll be seeing pretty soon.

  • There's a certain amount of speculation that aG is, quite literally, Tavros' rival in the Pokemon Fiduspawn sense of the word. Following this through, cA could be Gamzee's rival (in terms of the whole LAND DWELLERS/SEA DWELLERS/accidentally ejected Faygo bottles thing) and Sollux could be Karkat's (in terms of programming). Fitting the others in is trickier, but hey.
    • Then there's the other theory, spawned by the Red frog temple missing its Derse and the Blue one missing its Prospit, that the Red team are the Prospit trolls and the Blue team are the Derse trolls. Seems a little odd to make Karkat a Prospitian, but hey, if Terezi can be one...
    • Whoa holy shit. Even if the Blue Team isn't antagonistic, it definitely has at least one bastard in its ranks (aG, holy shit aG). Adding to that, there's also cT's obsession with blood hierarchy and his creepy controlling relationship with Nepeta. Adding to that... look at the picture of poor Gamzee's dead lusus. Does it look like it was wounded to you? All while cA expresses his hatred of land-dwellers. WHAT A COINCIDENCE
  • Jossed: Vriska is on the Red Team anyways.

The Trolls are just emphasis's on parts of the main character's personalities.
  • cuttlefishCuller represents her Enthusiasm and kindness. She is what mainly shows when other characters interact with her.
  • Nepeta Represents what she will never do, but what she considers doing.
  • Kanaya represents her subconscious. This is what she does unwittingly, and how her enviroment makes her react.


  • Karkat represents her subconscious. This is what she behaves like unwittingly, and how others makes her react.

  • Jossed.

In the troll's session, The Gods of the Furthest Ring are The Felt.
Going by the previous theory, this would also make them a previous group of Sburb/Sgrub/whatever players. This would explain why they don't look like anyone else in Homestuck. Also, Doc Scratch is there to facilitate Alternia's ultimate purpose. If The Felt made Alternia, they made it with the intent of summoning their boss.
  • Jossed. The Furthest Ring connects all sessions, so there's no individual instance of it for each session. It's why Feferi's still able to visit Jade in her dreams.

The few troll players who apparently don't have any type of mutation are the clone-parents of the others.
All of their paradox ghost slime was then mixed into an incestuous slurry, which spewed out a load of mutants because troll biology is designed so the young are meant to be created drawing on the traits of billions of troll, not just a small handful.
  • Jossed.

The Sburb sessions really aren't as independent as the Trolls have claimed.
Obviously, since Jack has managed to screw them over somehow. But there's also the Uber-bunny, that could only be created in a Sburb session... and Jade got a hold of it, apparently, some time ago. How did her penpal manage to make it, and transport it to her if every session was walled off from every other?
  • If her pen pal isn't a troll.
    • He isn't. But they are. The Troll and human sessions are seriously messed up.

Sburb isn't meant to be competitive, and the trolls put themselves in this mess.
tA mentioned modifying the code of the game, and this is the first mention we've had of two competing teams. tA made it so that the two sessions could interact, and in doing so exposed all the players to whatever space exists between sessions. This is the only reason that the kids' game, regardless of how screwed up it gets, was able to influence the trolls'.
  • The reason the Human's game influenced the Troll's is because they were tied together by the Trolls meddling with the Kid's timeline. Sollux didn't do anything of the sort.

The Trolls fail at everything they do, which will soon become advantageous.
They tried trolling the kids. Didn't work out. Then they actually did try helping the kids. Didn't work out. However, the kids won't realize that was accidental and will be beyond angry with the trolls, who will respond by trying to more directly sabotage them. Won't work out.

Karkat and Gamzee's one-sided relationship may be a case of Fridge Brilliance.
In the Western Zodiac. Cancer is opposite (and therefore in conflict with) Capricorn. As Karkat has the former sign and Gamzee the latter, this may explain why their relationship is the way it is. If any of the following conflicts come up as well, this theory may yet hold:
  • apocalypseArisen (Aries) vs. gallowsCalibrator (Libra)
    • They were shown to be pretty good friends, and Aradia's death drove Terezi to try and murder Vriska. However after that, they've not interacted at all.
  • adiosToreador (Taurus) vs. arachnidsGrip (Scorpio) (may act as a counter to Dave and Bro, since aT has already been established as Dave's foil, and Scorpio is notorious for its sexual implications, just like Bro is for his porno puppets.)
    • aG is the one who crippled Tavros/aT.
  • twinArmageddons (Gemini) vs. centaursTesticle (Sagittarius)
    • They are both in some form of Triang Relations with Aradia/AA: Equius/CT secretly pines after Aradia, and at the very least, Aradia has a thing for Sollux/TA.
  • arsenicCatnip (Leo) vs. caligulasAquarium (Aquarius)
    • A popular ship, although Nepeta denies it.
  • grimAuxiliatrix (Virgo) vs. cuttlefishCuller (Pisces)
    • Cuttlefish in a sense, and being the Only Sane Man of the teams.

     Karkat and the Sufferer 

Karkat's Sburb Title will be important again
Kanaya is apparently now a rainbow-drinker, i.e. a bloodsucker. And Karkat is the Knight of Blood. Either he's due to become her protector, or her slayer.
  • Alternatively, he's getting stronger the more dead people there are.
  • Or he's going to become a more literal Blood Knight.
  • He's going to do the Bloody Thing. He even has Spades Slick on a console to bug him into it.
    • His title was never unimportant. But the specifics about this are jossed.

Due to Ectobiology Shenanigans, there are two Karkats
The implications that Karkat's blood color probably doesn't occur naturally in trolls, along with Kanaya's statement that, if a paradox clone is mutated, it is not a true paradox clone and is not sent back in time, it is possible that the current Karkat is a mutant clone, which would mean that somewhere there is another Karkat with a different blood color. Since he the trolls' ectobiologist, Karkat would have likely done this himself, but have a number of reasons for ensuring either that he had the same blood color to distinguish himself from the others, or ensuring that he would have a more normal blood color without realizing that he would still stay the same.
  • Probably Jossed: by all appearances the Signless / Sufferer was a normal ancestor, aside from his blood and flashbacks to the pre-Scratch session.

Karkat will survive Gamzee's rage by becoming angry.
"But he's always angry", you say? No, he's always frustrated. He's Surrounded by Idiots, and grew up as a red-blooded pariah- there was hardly ever a day when he wasn't frustrated. Remember how he accused Vriska of spreading her hate so thin that it meant nothing? Karkat is the exact same way, never able to express anything more than a dull, simmering bitterness.

But now... His allies are the last trolls in the universe, and they insist on killing each other off. His people are threatened by an Outside-Context Problem that looks just like one of his closest friends. The biggest threat to his well-being is a fucking Juggalo. For the first time in his life, Karkat's simmering blood will finally come to a boil. He's going to get angry, and whatever gets in his way will die horribly.

  • And the fact that he may be related to His Honorable Tyranny may help his case.
    • Not related. Also probably dead in all likelihood.
  • Also you are assuming that Karkat could ever actually hate anyone other than himself. His own team has regarded his attitude as worry or meddling not actual hatred.
  • Jossed. He defeats Gamzee with The Power of Friendship.

Karkat's ancestor is the reason his blood color is regarded as a mutation.
With the revelation that he apparently led a failed rebellion, and the fact that even his symbol became 'heretical', it makes sense that his blood color would also be purged from the hemospectrum. He was probably wiped off the record as well, so that when Karkat was born/left the caves/whatever trolls actually do, he found no evidence to any other troll with blood like his, and regarded himself as a freak. With her long lifespan, the troll Empress is probably the only living troll who remembers the rebellion, so no other troll would have seen blood like his either. The only hitch in this is that the cancer symbol apparently re-entered the system to be Karkat's symbol. Who knows why/how.
  • Symbols are assigned in some manner through the trials each troll undergoes. Karkat may have simply been tenacious enough to get a symbol long forgotten. After all, after a few generations, nobody would remember the rebellion ever happened at all.
    • The rebellion was the biggest disaster for troll-kind ever. Not talked about? Sure. Forgotten? Unlikely.
  • More likely it's the fact that the sufferers symbol was a red 69 and karkat's flipped that turnways and made it grey. It's like Supermans glasses.
    • Jossed. We now have an explanation for Karkat's symbol: it represents the irons the Sufferer (aka the Signless) died in, and apparently the Sufferer's followers are responsible for him getting it. The blood color was always a mutant one.

Karkat had hate sex with Gamzee a) to calm him down or b) to get close enough to kill him.
  • Those purple bloodstains could be from additional wounds on Gamzee, or transferred from his face during a makeout session.
    • Alternatively, he could have just engaged in sloppy makeouts with Gamz to 'deal' with him temporarily, hence his refusal to mention it to John. (If the whole 'not a homosexual' thing is a huge cultural barrier for him, Karkat can't imagine trying to explain a blackrom version— especially if his first conversation with John is so close to appearing on the kid's timeline.)
    • It would also correlate closely with Spades and Snowman's "Hate Snog"
    • Unlikely; Andrew loves to tease shippers but such blatant sexual actions are right out. As for the makeouts, plausible, but neither of them have ever displayed any interest in each other.
    • Right idea, wrong quadrant. As of the 8/22 update, it's revealed that Karkat calmed down Gamzee via moiraillegiance.
    • To add onto the above point, the reason Karkat has purple bloodstains on his face is from when they hugged. If I recall correctly, their cheeks were pressed together, which would be why Karkat now has blood on his face.
      • Jossed - less pail, more pale.

Karkat's corpsesmooch is what cause Kanaya to become a Rainbow Drinker.
Karkat is the Knight of Blood. Rainbow Drinkers are like vampires and are associated with blood. There is clearly some connection.
  • Andrew has specifically jossed this one to my knowledge. Something to do with her own role as a Slyph + her past on Alternia. Karkat's powers are unrelated.
    • It seems that all the players have abilities before they enter that are not related to their aspects. The time players both control time but one could flash step before he entered the game and the other had telekinesis before she entered the game. Kanaya may have been destined to become a Rainbowdrinker all along but had to die in order for it to happen.

The "Karkat" John is talking to is actually Gamzee
Quote: "IT WAS. A MOTHERFUCKING. JOKE.". One of Gamzee's personalities types the same way.
  • Because we all know Karkat never references other quirks of the trolls.
    • What would be the point of that? Also if it is really Gamzee he is doing a spot on imitation.
  • Extremely, extremely unlikely, if not Jossed, for a couple of reasons. 1: If you're implying that Gamzee killed Karkat offscreen, keep in mind that Doc Scratch had just got done saying "What sort of story would this be, with our Knight and Seer made to stay cadavers? Certainly not one the alpha timeline would allow. And not one [Terezi] would allow either." In that sense, does it really matter whether it's Bec Noir or Gamzee that kills Karkat and Terezi? 2: We SAW Karkat, drenched in Gamzee's blood, at Vriska's computer.
  • So very Jossed as of 8/22.

Karkat and John have Inter-species relations and Karkat is his own ancestor
In either the alpha timeline or a split time line, Karkat and John have delicious hate(on karkat's side)/love(on johns side) sex and Karkat is made the old fashion way, by submitting their generic material in that mass bucket of incestuous slurry.

John, being human and having red blood, is the wild card in the troll reproduction cycle that gives Karkat his red blood.

  • Jossed. Karkat's ancestor is the Sufferer, there was a whole sequence about it remember? His rebellion was so pants shittingly terrifying that he and his blood color were wiped from history.

Karkat lobotomized Gamzee.
Gamzee was mellow due to the effects of the supor slime pies affecting his brain. Karkat realized that, and, unwilling to kill a troll he's considered his very best friend since the beginning, opted to return Gamzee to the way he was by using his sickles to give his friend a lobotomy, so he'll have no memories of him being a descended Subjugglator.
  • 1. How would Karkat even know how to lobotomize someone? 2. How do you lobotomize someone with a sickle? 3. Is Gamzee just standing still while this is happening or did Kanaya kick him in the balls again? 4. A lobotomy is not laser guided amnesia it is the process of cutting appart the brain, he wouldn't be back to his sopor self he would be catatonic.
    • 1. You're talking about somebody who created 12 babies from scratch, creates viruses that destroy computers and is generally the only sane man in a clique of trolls that have various psychological problems. I think he's capable. 2. Watch the curve of the blades. Simply drive both into the frontal cortex. 3. Ambush. 4. The effects of a lobotomy varies. Some people who have had them still go on to lead normal, if somewhat different lives.
      • The machine made the babies, he pressed buttons. Sollux made the virus Karkat executed it. Straight needle-thin objects are required for lobotomization and a sickle may not be thin enough. Ambush the guy who teleports might actually work (have worked? since it technically already happened we just didn't see it) seeing as it was already done against Dave by Bro, however Bro did have the same ability. It is true that the results of lobotomies is veriable and that they are still done today, but not on mental patients. It's done on epilepsy patients to basically kill the part of the brain causing the problems. Did do the research.
  • Jossed.

Karkat is a member of the highest class of the blood caste system.
Andrew's said that Karkat's text et al are grey because "he's opted for blood anonymity". Between that and his open disgust with the aristocracy the obvious reason for it would be that he's a member of the lowest class and doesn't want anyone to know. But another reason could be that he's a Defector from Decadence who finds the other high class trolls he's known so loathsome that he'd rather pass as someone trying to hide how low-ranking they are than be associated with them. The reason the Thresh Prince is his hero is because he actually managed to get the blue-bloods he lived with to loosen up while Karkat just ended up giving up on the lot of them. But a few hints of his real rank occasionally show through, like in his insistance that he'd be the best leader.
  • I'd like to second this notion. Though the way I figured, it was less a Defector from Decadence and more that he wanted to be a leader without having the role handed to him just because of his blood - Similar to Nicolas Cage, which makes it all the more fitting given Karkat's love of guilty-pleasure films.
  • Jossed and inverted. He's so low he's considered a mutant. Which is whey he prefers an anonymous grey.

Karkat's blood color is, in fact, the highest blood in the blood caste system
Because that would be quite the plot twist. Also, then that would mean that, supposedly, the White Text Man is on a higher blood scale. That is, if he's a troll.
  • It wouldn't really mean that, because we don't know what color Karkat's blood is. It's not gray.

His Honorable Tyranny is Karkat's ancestor
Because they are both candy red. Also, His Horrible Tyranny does seem to resemble a crab- he has shell-like plating and his horns kind of look like crab claws. Since Karkat's zodiac sign is Cancer, the Crab... yeah you get it.

The Signless is a 13th Ophiuchus troll.
There is a possibility. Think about it.
  • It's pretty clear that this was another ephitet for the Sufferer, whose 6ym9ols were erased from history. He cannot be Ophiuchus, because we know that he is Karkat's ancestor and thus is also Cancer.

The Sufferer was actually a High blood
  • His blood could be higher than royalty or lower than rust but since he didn't seem to have any mutant poweres he was more likely a highblood.
    • The higher caste on the hemospectrum you go the lower the birth rate. At the time the Sufferer was the only candyblood to have ever existed.
      • The Hemospectrum is arrayed like the normal visible spectrum; that is the higher the wavelength the higher the energy (power) and therefore the higher the status. Red would be either the lowest presented or (and this would actually make sense, considering the Rustblood's role) just above Aradia.
      • Feferi's color appears closest to Pink/Magenta which is not technically present in the the visible spectrum (in terms of wavelengths). Here is an article explaining the weirdness. So either Hussie doesn't know this and I'm barking up the wrong tree or the colors are not based on the visible spectrum entirely, but simply ordered that way for convenience.
      • Alternatively, Ultraviolet light runs through colors just like visible light and Red would be the lowest on the UV tier, but the UV tier would still be above Visible Spectrum tier.
    • Jossed, Hussie has said the blood color of Karkat and the Sufferer is not on the acknowledged hemospectrum at all.

The troll's blood is a magical effect, and Karkat is an Antimagic Being.
If you took Karkat's candy-red (which would be the default mundane color) blood and carried it, say, 15-30 feet away from him, it'd turn an olive color, as per his placement. Conversley, If you placed any other troll's blood (even Equius') near Karkat, It would become candy-red until taken away.

Karkat is colourless as far as the trolls are concerned because of how blood colour is determined.
Blood colour isn't genetic; it's influenced by the lusus that chooses you. All trolls are born with the bright red blood, like everything else on the planet, but after the trials it begins to change. The same might happen for sex and horn shape, among other things possibly: everyone is born sexless (or all the same sex, at least, like clownfish which are all born male) and the reason why sexual dimorphism exists in their species is only because they grow to match their lusus.

Karkat's got a defect that makes him resistant to the physiological changes. If you cut open Crabdad he'd bleed an olive colour, which corresponds to Cancer's placement (in between Gemini which is yellow and Leo which is green) but Karkat still retains the red of an immature, unaligned troll despite going through the same stuff everyone else did and having a custodian, which is why it's so embarrassing. It's also why he's got small nubby horns that look absolutely nothing like anything Crabdad has—they're the "default" shape.

  • I was going to point out that Terezi was almost never in direct contact with her lusus, due to the whole... not-born thing, and Kanaya raises her Mother Grub precisely because of her blood color. However, the lusus is assigned/found/whatever after the trials, so this fits. In addition, Terezi shows less similarity than the eight trolls (possibly seven, depending on Equius) we've seen besides her and Karkat. I think you might be onto something here. In any case, if this is true, I think it would be amusing if blood rank was more-or-less inversely correlated with some standard of performance on the trials.
  • Jossed.

Karkat's blood becomes temporarily invincible upon emerging from his body.
Thus why it was flashing different colors.
  • Jossed

Karkat's is the noblest blood of all...or not
The trolls' blood caste system spans the entire spectrum of colour. The lowest we've seen is Aradia's red-orange, and the highest is cC's maroon. This would mean that Karkat's mutant candy-red blood is exactly at the turning point of the colour wheel. He's either the absolute lowest or the absolute highest. Either way it will make Equius' head explode.
  • According to Andrew, Equius wouldn't care, and he'd just file Karkat under the "lowblood" heading because he's a racist asshole.

Karkat will at some point manipulate evolution on Earth.
Which is why vertebrates have mutant candy blood, why frogs exist on Earth, and why trolls look so much like humans we look so much like trolls.
  • Kanaya and Karkat had the most influence on our universe because they created B. Slick.

Karkat's blood level will be interpreted differently by everyone.
Specificaly, the lowest 5 bloods (and Gamzee) will think of him as the highest, while the highest five (and Sollux) will think of him as the lowest. All of the lowers are either friends, or would not care, while the upper portion is mainly the blue team. Notice that this leaves Terezi out. She thinks his blood is cherry.
  • Nobody cares.

By the time Karkat feels ready to tell all the others about his blood color they'll already know about it.
Gamzee was right there when he was crying, and their tears are the color of their blood. He's too chill to care himself, but he could let it slip to one or twp of the others without thinking about it and then gossip would take over.
  • They all eventually go through the Land of Pulse and Blood anyway, so... yeah. But maybe they don't make the association?
  • Pulse and Haze. And again, his blood color is a bit of an Open Secret.

Karkat Pantas (i.e., Pantskat) was intentional.
I do believe this to be the case, and not a joke theory. However, I'm not sure where best to put this if not this page, as there doesn't seem to be a single "meta guesses" page, unless this is it.
In the Spritelog/Chatlog between Nannasprite and fedorafreak, fedorafreak mentions alchemizing a "useless, excessively tall pant". Later, during Doc Scratch's monologuing sermon about the Ancestors, the Sufferer's leggings are mentioned as a holy artifact (they are both grey, like Pantskat's trouser-esque attire, and seemingly long). The Pants-kat imagery appears immediately after the Doc Scratch interlude. Coincidence? Maybe.
  • Not a coincidence if those references only existed after Pantskat became a fandom meme!!

     Lowbloods (Aradia, Tavros, and Sollux) 

Nepeta's dream will have a consequence in reality
Aradia is going to see Equius soon.

However, Aradia presumably still has the power to hear spirits, so she might just see Equius's ghost. Then again, Valentine's Day is coming up, and Andrew is suspiciously not referring to Aradia in his Formspring when he talks about Equius being a one-note gag character, so who knows?

  • Aradia is hanging around dreambubbles. She hasn't been seen with Equius yet.

Aradia is Betty Crocker
All the perceived evil that she has done is actually just her trying to preserve the timelines.
  • She could have time shenanigans to give Dave the miracles video.

Aradia is the Cuestick of the Felt.

...or at least, Doc Scratch is trying to make her fill this role. Look at her hair in this strip here. Those are mini cuesticks embedded in it.

  • Lord English is the cuestick, which makes a lot more sense. The Handmaiden merely has the mini cuestick to indicate her affiliation.

The Aradia we're seeing is Dream!Aradia
Doc is taking her to the crypt in Derse we saw in [S] Wake, where she will/did ascend to God Tier later.
  • Jossed. See below.

Aradia committed suicide
She considered herself already doomed and saw no reason to keep on "living". A conversation with a kid may have accidentally prompted it by making her realize what she was missing compared to when she was flesh and blood. Jossed, as her robot exploding was due to Aradia being reincarnated, so she's very much flesh and blood now.

AA's desecration of the blue frog temple foreshadows that the Skaia of the blue team's session will get destroyed.
Like the possible foreshadowing of the weathering of the earth frog temple and the kids session, the weathering of the red and blue frog temples on Alternia correspond with the trolls' sessions. Blue team's Skaia will be utterly decimated for some reason, and the only way to salvage the session is to somehow merge with the red team's session, thus creating the 12-troll session.
  • Jossed. Both the blue and red teams share the same Skaia, since it has actually been only one single game session from the start.

Aradia is, was, and will be Skaia.
Somewhere it was mentioned that the frog temple survived not one, but two meteor impacts. As it's confirmed to represent the kid's SBURB session, it's safe to assume all frog temples are only damaged by internal mechanics; that is, temples are only damaged if their corresponding planetary body is damaged. And yet we clearly see OH MY GOD ARADIA IS SLICING APART THE TEMPLE!

This is because, as she fused with the frog head, she symbolically becomes Skaia. Or half of Skaia becomes her. And so she will arrange for the devastation to occur in chrono-disturbed synchronicity with her acts, after she's gotten to Skaia as a dreambot of course, and then THINGS WILL GET WEIRD. Blue loses all its planets but ultimately wins....

  • Jossed.

AA had to give up all or some of her emotions in exchange for her power
Why else would she say she forgot what anger felt like?
  • She was DEAD.

At some point Aradia's going to run into the Hegemonic Brute from the trolls' session.
And then she'll accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) drag him with her through time to a point where something nasty will happen to him. Which will mean that before ever even running into Eggs and Biscuits "YOU HATE TIME TRAVEL YOU HATE TIME TRAVEL YOU HATE TIME TRAVEL YOU HATE TIME TRAVEL..." already.
  • This is quite possible due to Hussie's love of using continuity nods.
  • Probably not.

Tavros is really behind everything that has happened to the trolls, God tier Tavros that is from the future
  • Think about it, he can control bec, that means that he may also be able to control bec noir now and he's gotta be a bit pissed off at everything that's happened to him.
    • Aside from the fact that Tavros is DEAD.

Tavros kissed the girl.
Recall the troll flash. Aradia beat the everloving shit out of Vriska, before leaving her with Tavros. Shortly later, Vriska's dream self wakes up. Later near the end of the act, Vriska is seen with her eye and arm fully restored, suggesting that she is living through her dream self, and her real self is dead, like Sollux. Suppose that Vriska died from Aradia's attack. Now, recall Sollux's untimely death. How exactly was his dream self awakened after his death? With a kiss.
  • Jossed. Tavros was unable to kiss or mercy kill Vriska, leaving her to bleed out.

Tavros is coming back
Sollux said that everyone would die once, and that he and only he would die twice. Therefore, since Tavros lost his physical body, his Dreamself is still alive and usable.
  • Jossed. Terezi tried and failed to revive him because his dreamself was already dead.

Tavros will possess Jadesprite and kiss Jade.
He will, perhaps after falling down the stairs, attempt to possess Becsprite to warn Jade and the humans about Vriska and steal a kiss. What Karkat was thinking about was the future he saw.
  • Jossed.

Tavros strongly hates Eridian
I've seen enough love triangles in my time, I wanna see a genuine hate triangle.
  • But Tavros is incapable of hate!
    • Tavros and Eridan never speak together in canon.

The mind honey is a Chekhov's Gun.
Sollux or Aradia will use the mind honey as a Psycho Serum to enhance his or her psionic powers, or another troll will use it to awaken dormant psionic powers.
  • Mind Honey was presumably destroyed along with Sollux's hive when Jack was blowing up planets
  • The gun already fired long ago when Vriska manipulated Sollux into killing Aradia. Note the honey on his mouth and in the half-empty jar in his hand. That's why her house was leveled.
    • Presumably it's since been destroyed completely when Jack blew up the lands.

Sollux Captor is the Tumor
When he was speaking with Aradia in front of the green sun, whilst flying, he's shown to have one black eye and one white eye. This makes sense because Sollux can fly himself into the green sun, thus preventing two of the main characters' deaths.
  • Jossed. Both the Tumor and the cause of Sollux's death are very different.

Sollux isn't going to die after the events of [S] Cascade.
It looks like he's sacrificing himself, but he's not going to die. According to the Homestuck Laws of Symmetry, he actually CAN'T. If you look at it this way, there are an even number of kids and an even number of trolls, an even number of Prospit and Derse dreamers (Sollux himself being the only exception), and most importantly, an even number of boys and girls. If Sollux died, one of the three remaining troll girls would have to die (I'm not counting UU because she's already an outlier in this situation). Aradia can't die unless it's heroic or just, Kanaya presumably can't die because she's a rainbow drinker (I'm not sure how that works though), and Terezi can't die because Doc Scratch himself said the Alpha Timeline wouldn't allow it. Previous troll deaths have also come in boy/girl pairs; Tavros and Feferi (who incidentally were both killed by the people who were romantically interested in them), and Equius and Nepeta. Based on that, it would have to be Aradia that dies if Sollux does, and as God Tier, I don't think she will be dying any time soon.TL;DR, Based on HS Laws of Symmetry, Sollux won't be dying unless one of the troll girls is going to die too (and for all intents and purposes, that's impossible for now).Anyway, that's the WHY he's not dead yet. As for the HOW, I think it's going to have something to do with his once-mentioned and as-of-yet unrevealed Prospit dreamself.
  • Jossed. He dies.

Holy crap, Sollux.
Indestructible demon with time travel powers who has assembled followers and has some connection to a billiard-ball-marked server?

I do believe he just summoned Lord English.

  • And as a side-guess, Sburb is a game designed to kill Lord English. It... hasn't worked out so well, yet.
    • 2x side guess combo: Sburb is a game designed BY Lord English
      • Possibly For the Evulz.
      • I assumed it's designed to destroy the universe so he could do whatever he wants with the destroyed universe afterwards.
      • Probably to let him out in the first place. After all... "THE DEMON IS ALREADY HERE."
  • Jossed.

TA is from Prospit, AA is from Derse.
They both get visions from the future, but the nature behind them is a bit different. Derse gets the Eldritch Horrors—- Err, the Dark Gods rather, to give them advice, while Prospit gets random visions of the past and future with no real frame to put them together in. ...Of course, the Dark Gods only tell them what they feel is vaguely relevant, and never tell a person the full story either.
  • Jossed, Sollux has two dreamselves and Aradia has none.
  • Confirmed in the sense that Aradia's dreamself was from Derse and Sollux keeps his Prospit dreamself.

Sollux is dead, dead, dead, dead, dead forever, DEADDEADDEAD!!!! And not coming back.
The whole rest of the story is his dying dream.

Sollux will have his kernelsprite prototyped with himself.
In the same vein as Aradia, but pre-medium entry. It says that only one sprite will be dual-prototyped, but that could just be pre-medium. They have to learn that additional pre-medium prototypings empower foes more somehow.
  • Nope.

The "curse" that Sollux's code brings in SBurb itself.
What does Karkat, all his friends, and everyone they meet have in common? They're all involved in a game of SBurb. Since SBurb destroys your planet, it could probably count as a curse! Also, it's called a Mobius Double Reacharound Virus, which the troll's SGrub game performs. This doesn't explain the lusus death, but that's in another paragraph, so it might not be actually related to Sollux's curse.
  • The curse was a formality.

     Midbloods (Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, and Vriska) 

Nepeta will go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge
The cut marks you see all over Gamzee's face would be made by her out of revenge for Equius' death.
  • Nope. While the marks are made by Nepeta's weapon, Gamzee did it to himself after catching Nepeta's arm in midair.

Nepeta is perfectly OK.
After all, we didn't see anything onscreen happen to her. All we know is Gamzee survived their encounter, and managed to make her bleed.
  • Well, bleeding moderately-to-heavily (and having a broken wrist) is not perfectly okay... but it's a lot better than the alternative.
  • If Nepeta lives, then there will be three alive trolls from the blue team (8r8k). Since Tavros is dead, there are five trolls that are alive (alive enough to consciously capable of manipulating the physical plane) on the red team (H 34 DS). Also, she can't be dead because DEAD. hasn't been written on a panel with her.
    • She's unmoving and there's a huge pool of blood. Terezi walked right past her and she was still there. Totally alive.
      • Her body being separated from her head pretty much seals the deal.
      • She is cat based, logically, she should have nine lives...or at least due to rule of funny...

Possibly not counting with her dream self, Nepeta had nine lives.
She was the Leo troll, after all; also, puns of any kind shall not be missed, in special cat ones. Though, we don't know if she died because she spent her other 8 lives during hunting, or if it was because Gamzee killed her nine times (which seems to be the most probable outcome), it's unknown. Sollux said he'd die two times, but never said anything about trolls who would die any more times than that.
  • Her powers of Heart haven't been revealed yet... And Andrew does know what they are presumably, considering he managed to slip in what Equius's Void powers were, and Terezi's, Karkat's, and Kanaya's/Jade's powers are current plot points.

Nepeta will kill Gamzee
She's the most harmless-looking troll who's still alive, and it would be hilarious if she were the one to stop the chain of deaths after Equius failed. Plus I noticed something about claw marks on Gamzee on an earlier WMG.
  • Oh so very, very Jossed.

The Shipping Wall will also include "spades" and "clubs" relationships.
This will then complete the whole card suit theme Nepeta's got going on there. Spades are likely to represent enemies (since they used to be swords in early versions of playing cards), while clubs will be neutral or unshippable (Even a shipper has his/her limits, right?).
  • Jossed though, Andrew said Nepeta isn't interested in black ships.

Kanaya will become an imperial mother grub
This is the reason why the jade bloods are held in such esteem and why a mother grub is willing to give up brooding for them. It is because they are the only ones capable of producing mother grubs, drones, and trolls. However this will in addition to mutating her form cause her intelligence to become roughly the level of her lusus. This event will fill Vriska with regrets.
  • Most likely Jossed. Dead people don't reproduce.
  • Still up for grabs! They can if they're undead and able operate an ectobiology lab!]]
    • Jossed, Lusi aren't trolls, they're seperate species and Kanaya couldn't mutate into a mother grub. The Matriorb was the egg of an imperial mother grub, Kanaya was going to hatch it.

Kanaya is not the corpse to worry about.
The Horrorterrors have a way to use Feferi's corpse as a host or a conduit into the waking world.
  • Jossed. Kanaya is indeed the corpse to worry about.

Kanaya is going to Kimesis for John. HARD.
Her current relationship with Rose is based on her belief that the first conversation she ever had with Rose was an attempt at aggression, that has caused her no end of strife. When she eventually discovers all of this strife has been caused by a single act of trolling by John, AND that he simultaneously embarrassed Rose seconds after their first conversation, in the most lewd of ways possible for Trolls, she will know unbridled rage towards him.

Completely, utterly unbridled.

  • Word of Gay says Kanaya would never be interested in John.

Terezi knows Vriska's plans, and plans to turn it around so she pays for good.
Terezi has Dave amass all that money so Dave can be Terezi's weapon against Vriska's John. Indirectly, she also tricked John to fight his Denizen so that alpha timeline John would possess his jetpack and indirectly find Rose, then her Meow journal, which leads to Bec's creation.In other words, at first glance, it looks like Vriska is in control when Terezi is assisting Vriska every step of way, to set her up for a big fall.
  • It wouldn't be too surprising if Vriska had told Terezi herself; after all, she did brag to Terezi about her "Little Advantage" with disastrous results and shows no sign of having learned her lesson.
    • Terezi has shown no sign that she knows anything about Vriska's creation of Bec Noir. Currently in canon, the only person who does know is Tavros and he apparently hasn't told anyone yet.

Terezi has inadvertently framed herself for Tavros' murder.
Think about it. She just got her favorite chalk all over the body and murder weapon and has his blood all over one of her scalemates and a piece of chalk. If somebody else finds them, who knows how they will react?
  • Everyone's dead or doesn't care.

Terezi's Super Senses are a manifestation of Psychic Powers.
That's why she can smell and taste colours, she uses synesthesia to subconsciously make sense of information she percieves with her psychic powers, this is why Tavros's blood smells like chocolate here, but not here, and why she smells Karkat's blood colour, Dave's text and human blood colour as candy red, but smells Sollux's eye colourz as appleberry blast even though his red eye's the same shade. The smelloscope is either a Magic Feather or a psychic lense allowing her to focus her perception on distant targets.
  • Jossed, look at any panel from her perspective. It fades in and out, showing she's clearly breathing. Likewise she's certain she can teach Sollux this.

Terezi leading John to his death was an attempt to Murder the Hypotenuse.
Terezi found out about Karkat's kismetic feelings toward John, but she wanted Karkat all to herself. So she lead John to his Denizen prematurely, knowing he'd get killed so that she could be the sole target of Karkat's hatred, which would have skyrocketed due to her machinations.

Granted, this troper isn't completely convinced Terezi is the jealous type, but figured it was still worth adding to the list.

  • Possible, but I always pinned Terezi's feelings for Karkat as being more red (the glory of Troll biology is that it makes Polyamory obligatory).
    • True. Still, troll romance is ridiculously complicated, and maybe Karkat, despite his knowledge, isn't that good at balancing his redrom and blackrom evenly. Whether Terezi has red feelings or black feelings, maybe Karkat just put too much of his general focus on John, instead of splitting it between Terezi and John. But these are still just theories.
  • Maybe if she only decides to off John when she realizes that he's fundamentally a nice guy. As Karkat's kismesis, he wouldn't be in competition with her... but John's not much more capable of blackrom than Tavros is, I don't think, and caliginous feelings can often shift to flushed. Terezi might have been afraid that if John wouldn't reciprocate Karkat's hate, Karkat might begin to consider other attractions to John.
  • Jossed by Word of God: She did it to try and fight fate.

What Terezi meant by their little moment
Read Karkat's response as a complete sentence. The period at the end seems to indicate that it is indeed a complete (poorly worded) sentence.

The aftermath of [S] Flip...
Coin? What coin?Surely you jest, Ms. Serket. The persecution sees no coin.SHE'S BLIND, REMEMBER?
  • Jossed.
    • And what a shame that was...

Once the story shifts back to the kids' game, Terezi will become The Atoner and desperately try to get John and the Daves to forgive her and let her help them as much as she can, to make up for it
Basically, she will fulfill Vriska's prediction to the letter, because how can an author drop a speech like that and not have it come true? Rose and even moreso Jade don't really have any direct connection to her stunt, so they'll probably hold it agaisnt her only as much and as long as the boys do. John's way too trusting (he already followed her very next piece of advice) and doesn't really seem capable of holding a strong grudge, so while he's not going to forget it right away it'll probably not be completely insurmountable to get his forgiveness by the end of the story, though she'll still have to work at it for more than apathy. But the Daves, especially Future Dave, felt the sting of betrayal as sharply as it can be felt, and it'll probably be not until the very end that they trust or forgive her (even if Davesprite is willing to talk to her nonhostile-ly, and even congratulate her, that's not the same as forgiving. It's still huge evidence against this going exactly the way I see it though).
  • Jossed.

During the LARP session, AG's eyepiece will explode.
It will turn her left eye and left arm into a blue bloody mess, and lead her to look like her appearance in the present. It will also be extremely cathartic to the readers.

Vriska will be The Atoner by the time she enters the medium
Or at least she'll not particularly want to live. The way her luck is she's not getting dice rolls she wants, and she's known to survive to the end.
  • Jossed. If anything, she's worse than before.
  • She tries to become The Atoner later.

Vriska will be killed or injured with a newspaper.
You don't have to be all that unlucky to get whacked around with a newspaper. It's sort of a gray area.
  • Possible that this has been further foreshadowed in a recent update, which showed that Jade has at some point acquired the Paperkind specibus, and has demonstrated that she can use it to whack people around with newspapers.
  • Jossed. In two different timelines, one doomed, one not.

Others know of Vriska's plans, and play along knowing she dies for her gamble for glory.
Chances are Dave(time-traveling into the future, and discovering this); Rose (Communing with Horror Terrors), Sollux (Double vision into Kids' session), Aradia (Dead, and knowing the future), and Feferi (Dream-talking with Horror-Terrors) know of her plans, and play along to make Vriska pay in the end because they've seen or know about the future, and decide not to fight fate so Vriska can pay.
  • Maybe Sollux and Aradia but none of the other characters are that cutthroat. Even if Vriska is a HUGE BITCH.
    • None of the trolls are that cutthroat, not even Aradia. Also Vriska played all of them far more than they played her.

Vriska will be the one to kill Jack Noir
She's going to steal the kill by delivering the finishing blow. Somehow, this will cause all the glory to fall to her.
  • That was her whole freakin' plan. Become the instigator of Jack's power, and then kill him. But don't worry - John is her backup plan, who she has claimed will be even more powerful than her.
    • Terezi implies Vriska isn't strong enough, Future Dave outright states John isn't strong enough.
    • Doc Scratch implied that she may be strong enough and wouldn't bet against her.
      • But she is killed by Terezi before she has the chance to.

Vriska Will Do Something Inhibiting Out Of Jealousy Of Rose And Kanaya
Whether or not Rose and Kanaya actually have feelings for each other, the other trolls seem to think so. A most likely outcome of this is that she will somehow continue to make everyone's lives worse by tampering with Rose's destruction of the Green Sun.
  • Vriska doesn't even know about Rose's relationship with Kanaya. Nor do most of the other trolls, aside from Karkat. I don't know where you're getting this "the other trolls are shipping it" outside of possibly Nepeta, but she ships EVERYTHING.

Vriska's death is permanent
Being killed is her just dessert. Her dying was Just enough to constitute her not coming back. She's done too many awful things, and deserves to have died at Terezi's hand.

Vriska's death isn't permanent because it is neither sufficiently heroic nor sufficiently just
Vriska's death was not a Heroic Sacrifice in the pursuit of a just cause, and therefore insufficiently heroic. Terezi ultimately chose to stab her in order to prevent the Bad Future she had foreseen, it was an I Did What I Had to Do / Shoot the Dog moment, and therefore insufficiently just due to her killer's motivation.

Vriska's death isn't permanent because, now we've seen her chatlog with John, her death is insufficiently just
Vriska's death WAS just a few panels ago... But that was before we saw how much she hated being a "good troll". Now we have, the perception of her death has changed, and to remain dead would be unjust.
The Trolls' ancestors are carbon copies of the Trolls sent back in time during Karkat's ectobiology session.
It's stated that Karkat produced 2 sets of 12 Trolls, but nothing is ever said about mixing of codes; He simply created 2 identical sets of grubs, sent 1 dozen back to their appropriate wriggling days and the other dozen back to a time appropriate to their ancestors'. You have to admit, the ancestors all line up to the current Trolls just a little too precisely for the similarities to be written off as ancestor worship.
  • Probably Jossed, but it does make Scratch's jossing of it particularly interesting.
    • They're the genetic children of the modern trolls.

Vriska will destroy the Green Sun
Her title is the Thief of Light, as in the Green Sun's light. Rose is only the Seer of Light. Even though Vriska is dead, no one knows if she will come back or not.
  • Erm... very little room was left for her to come back outside of dreambubbles...
  • Light=Fortune

Vriska mind-controlled Karkat into blinding Terezi.
Vriska's a one-trick pony. She couldn't mind-control Aradia, so she attacked Aradia with someone who was controllable. She can't mind-control Terezi, so it's reasonable to assume she would use the same method. It's even possible that Karkat's invitation for Terezi to come live in his lawnring was foreshadowing that Karkat lives close enough to her to walk to her tree and stab her eyes out.
  • Alternatively, Vriska attempts to use the same trick twice. It fails when Karkat arrives at Terezi's hive and has the everloving crap beaten out of him. Terezi has just mentioned that she's capable of this, after all.
  • Jossed in [S] Make her pay: Vriska blinded Terezi indirectly via mind-controlling Tarvos.

Vriska will destroy a universe
The Scorpion And The Frog. The frog being the universe
  • That would explain why the kids have a null session. And would totally be in line with Vriska's attitude.
    • Jossed.

Vriska will cause the death of Rose's realself
She's caused a good chunk of bad events so far, so why not add another one to the list?
  • Jossed.

Vriska will be a Karma Houdini
Thus becoming the greatest troll in all of metafiction.
  • But Hussie is a character in the comic, so if anything, he will be the greatest troll in all of metafiction for creating Vriska.
  • Jossed.

Vriska, no matter how much luck she can steal, is still going to get trashed by Bec Noir.
It's quite clear that she loves playing really high stakes, so what stakes could be higher than challenging someone who was prototyped with a First Guardian, killed a Guardian who could Flash Step and win duels with a puppet (and an alternate-future form of his charge who became a Sprite), and is just flat out murder-happy? Except that since he was prototyped with a Reality Warper, he could simply carve a bloody blue swath through Vriska before she could even try to steal his luck.

In other words, Vriska, by causing Bec Noir to be made and then having the audacity to try to defeat him, is pretty much asking for it.

  • Moreover, it's going to get her outright killed. As Doc Scratch kind of predicted.
    • Alternatively, Tavros will save her. He is the only one who cares enough to do so: the rest won't bother risking their lives for the douchebag.
    • Jossed. She stood the best chance out of anyone shown yet and could've beaten him possibly.

Vriska is out to kill everybody.
She should have been able to tell that stopping John would have disastrous consequences, considering the whole "watch from any point on the timeline" thing. There is almost no way that she didn't know what she did would cause what happened. Plus, that face she made... did not look very pleasant whatsoever. As for why... Who knows? Maybe she decided a world without Nicholas Cage isn't worth living in, and wants to take everyone else down with her. Or maybe she's just a huge bitch. (bluh bluh)
  • Confirmed insofar as stopping and killing John was completely deliberate. Not so much with the malicious intent.
    • annnnnd Jossed.

Vriska is able to give luck as well as take it away.
This explains why, in the Midnight Crew interlude (being the future of the troll-verse), Clover was so lucky despite Vriska already having All The Luck.
  • Clover is not related to Vriska at all.
    • Though it may have been implied in this page, where Doc Scratch describes Vriska of having the luck of Clover.

Vriska and Snowman are somehow connected (or the same person)
Both have an 8 motif, and both are described by those who know them as BLUH BLUH HUGE BITCH
  • Vriska's Exile is the Black Queen, who becomes Snowman. So...confirmed?
    • Similarities yes, but they already existed.

Vriska is an Unreliable Expositor
At least about SGRUB, at any rate. We're going to get a later revelation that if the troll's did follow their instincts and kill one another they would have quickly became a null session. Or that if they did follow their instincts they would actually learn to overcome them. Especially since most of the troll's current problems come from things they DIDN'T deal with in their session.
  • Vriska's idea was incorrect, and that was simply part of her own struggle to find her identity.

It is not Vriska's fault that Bec prototyped himself.
The point is moot whether or not Vriska stopped John from prototyping one of the dolls. Bec would've still prototyped himself in order to save Jade and/or the planet Earth. Really, it's Sburb's fault for giving Jade a ridiculously hard entry item and for sending such a huge meteor Earth's way.
  • At the same time, everyone will still blame her.
    • Haha no it is her fault entirely. Alpha timeline shit aside, she caused it.

Vriska will try to steal Clover's luck
Since Clover's so lucky, this doesn't work. Well, unless Vriska is so lucky by that point, that it's guaranteed to work. Or they're both equally lucky, causing a paradox.
  • They don't even know the other exists. And she's DEAD.

Vriska's gambling addiction has reached Omnicidal Level
It is clear that Vriska's gambling problem, mixed with own insecurity, will eventually lead to the destruction of all reality. The latest comics showing that she used her powers to mind control the Courtyard Droll of the Kid's session to indirectly influence the the Draconian Dignitary to create Becquerel in the first place is pretty damning evidence of her own slipping sanity. The trigger of this is inconsequential, but this further proof that that she is directly responsible for Bec Noir/Jacquerel in the first place and consequentially for the Scratch. The reason? Like Magus wanting to summon Lavos, her only goal is to defeat Jacquerel, but unlike Magus, who did it for revenge, Vriska's only doing for petty glory and to boost her own long deteriorated self-esteem.

Vriska from the doomed timeline where she fought Jack Noir will appear in the Alpha Universe and prototype herself as a sprite
Jake's sprite, probably. She'll get to the Alpha Universe by following the light of the Green Sun, which probably could still be seen in her doomed timeline. It would be completely unexpected, and Vriska is the Parody Sue character, so of course she'd have to become part-Sprite to catch up with Jade.
  • Alternately, UU is the doomed timeline Vriska.
    • Or someone (John?) will prototype a sprite with Vriska's dead body. Preferably after the new kids enter the game, unless he wants the enemies they face in the Medium to have all the levels. All of them.
      • Probably Jake, considering the bit of forshadowing with "You have a thing for sassy spider based girls that will probably never affect your life in any way, ever."...and he doesn't appear to have any dead relative remains with him...even if he did, it would be pretty awkward for there to be TWO Jades fact, perhaps the alpha kids will ALL prototype something different...following up with other theories, if Jaspers does in fact become this timeline's first guardian, that would be suitable for mom, and make the endboss not incredibly easy to kill (considering Jade has all the powers of a god tier, a kernelsprite, AND a first guardian...), and bro might prototype his autoresponder...wait, perhaps the other thing Jake will prototype will be the fairybull he killed...(preentry, that one)...and perhaps Jane will finally get Dad prototyped?...(he was never ectobiologically created, but he appeared in both timelines, as a midpoint between Jane and John...he has to come in somewhere...)
      • Jossed as of what we know for several reasons. 1) Vriska from the doomed timeline is doomed, and even if she were to flee her session after defeating Jack, there's no indication she'd be able to find her way through the Furthest Ring to the Alpha Session, which is a difficult task even for Rose. 2) Vriska's body is on the Troll asteroid which is impossible for it to enter the session until at least Jane has entered, and there's many indications that John and Jade will reach the session prior to the others anyways. While a Tier 2 prototyping is possible though unlikely, a Tier 1 is impossible. 3) By that point, Vriska's body will have been decomposing for 3 years, so unless they cremate the Troll bodies, well that'd be kinda gross! 4) It has been suggested (via WV's need for the healings) that the Trolls may end up healed in some fashion anyways, or conversely, are all supposed to end up dead (via Mom Lalonde's book series). Looking at parallels, the most commonly suggested ideas for sprites are Poppop Crocker for Jane (Tier 1 unknown, but occasionally suggested to be PS-related shenanigans), the Auto Responder for Dirk (to parallel Davesprite), and either Grandma English or Jake himself for Jake.
      • Don't be so quick to call Jossed until all the prototypings are done, bro. (1) Time is meaningless in the Furthest Ring, (2) the Session clearly exists before Jane enters, and there's no guarantee that they'll do Tier 1 prototyping before entry, especially given the lack of prototyping towers, (3) Nanna's ASHES were good enough to get a full body, so a clean skeleton (or cremated body, post-"human corpse party") could be enough, and skeletal Vriska might even appeal to Jake's love of skulls, and (4) is essentially a meaningless statement.
      • Furthermore, it has been stated in the past that Sprites are drawn towards the doomed and dead. If a doomed, god-tiered, non-alpha-timeline Vriska jumped into the new Alpha session, then wouldn't that make her a prime candidate for sprite prototyping? And wouldn't her love of abusing game mechanics past the breaking point make such a move appealing to her?
      • Indirectly Jossed by another method anyways; the Alpha Session seemingly doesn't even have sprites, lacking prototyping towers and the Black Ring is orbless.
      • Pre-entry prototypings, anyway.
      • Confirmed by the most recent update. Well, sort of. Instead of Vriskasprite we now have... Tavrisprite.
      • Jossed in principle however, it was the Alpha Vriska.

     Highbloods (Equius, Eridan, and Feferi) 

CT and his lusus are a tag-team robot-fighting team
When CT breaks the robots he builds, he powers them on first and takes them out in a fair fight. Hence his lusus's and his own injuries.
  • Jossed.

Equius will construct a new dream-bot for Jade
And the kids will utilize it to bring Jade to god-tier levels. Jade will become half-robot.
  • Jossed.

Equius is literally suffering from Testosterone Poisoning.
Or whatever the Troll equivalent is. His uncontrollable strength, mood swings, and er, hangups, are all the result of a dangerous hormone imbalance. Or a, uh, dangerous trollmone imbalance.

Eridan is Skipper Plumbthroat.
His theme song in Kanaya: Return to the core is a chiptunes remix of Catchyegrabber, the tune sung by Plumbthroat on the Squiddles album. If the Horrorterrors are Squiddles, then Eridan will have to try to kill them.
  • Sure is hard to murder when you're dead.
    • Unless the afterlife is right next to the intended victims... If anything, his death may make this more likely. He doesn't accept his death, and tries to kill the Horrorterrors from the dream bubbles. While he may be unable to exit the bubbles, he's good with long-range weapons.
  • Ignore the silent letter and you have Plumthroat. Eridan's blood is plum-colored. Probably unimportant since he died from chainsaw bisection at the waist, rather than, say, how Gamzee killed Equius, which certainly would have left him with a plum throat.

Orphaner Dualscar is Skipper Plumbthroat
Similar to the above "Eridan is Skipper Plumbthroat", but Eridan's dead now. HOWEVER, whatever the SUPREME HIGHBLOOD actually did to Orphaner sent him to the Furthest Ring... where in the finest tradition of crazed trolls everywhere, he began to take them down through sheer DETERMINATION!
  • Hard to murder when you're dead and also an unimportant minor character.
Equius' ancestor was an Archeradicator, despite his strength.
That's why Equius wanted to be an Archeradicator so badly, yet also cherished the STRONGNESS that stood in his way.
  • The strength problem was dealt with by giving him a supermassive bow that fired arrows the size of a building, making him into a living siege weapon.
    • He could have crafted said supermassive bow himself using a possible wealth of technical knowledge, reflected in Equius' robot-building hobby.
      • Jossed.
      • Not jossed, he could've been one before his exile.
      • Now confirmed, he was almost certainly the E%ecutor of the Sufferer.

Eridan is a closet asexual.
In troll society, the failure to reproduce is punishable by death. As a highblood, there's an awful lot of pressure on Eridan to uphold the ah, societal norms, and so Eridan rejects his sexuality - or lack thereof. He's not aromantic though.
  • Feferi is the only one who knew.
  • Only he never displays any of that? He looks to be a perfectly normal and actually overly romantic even by troll standards. Sounds to me like someone's reading themselves into a character and seeing things that don't exist.
    • Besides which, what would being "asexual" even mean in the context of troll society?
      • Remember that providing reproductive materials is mandatory in troll culture. If someone doesn't provide, regardless of the reason, they're culled on grounds of not being a contributing (read: necessary) part of the community. Not seeking sexual partners would land a troll square in culling territory.
      • Which is precisely why he would pursue his quadrants so hard. He's in denial. Though, admittedly, six sweeps is confirmed by Vriska to be just about the beginning of puberty for trolls, so he's probably too young to really tell. It is possible he's a late bloomer jumping the gun and trying to push himself into quadrants he doesn't want yet because he's panicking.

After Eridan comes back in some way, Jade's blabbing out to him that she was working with her "grandson" on the bunny will come back to bite her...
Why? ...Because Eridan will use that against her somehow...
  • How? There's no conceivable way that it could be used "against her"; it was a simple bit of exposition about Jake and not some massive plot revelation that Jade is ashamed of. And at any rate, Alpha timeline Eridan has never been seen in any dreambubble at all.
    • Not sure what's meant by "Alpha timeline Eridan", but if you mean the one we're familiar with, we did see him early in A 6 I 2...
      • That's an alternate timeline Eridan who went God Tier. The Alpha or Main timeline Eridan who killed Feferi and Kanaya hasn't been seen at all or referred to once since his death.
      • I was thinking about the pre- or post-Scratch distinction. All the terms Homestuckers throw around is getting confusing.

Eridan will have the most character development of any character in Homestuck, more so than even the Kids.
He's the Aquarius troll. In astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and the unexpected. It seems only reasonable he'd grow out of his genocidal tendencies and start accepting trolls (and humans) for what they are eventually.
  • If by character development you mean joins the bad guy, then yeah, confirmed.
    • If by confirmed you mean Jossed.

The Angel's from Eridan's planets served no actual purpose.
They were more like cuccos.
  • They tied into his Myth Arc but he perverted it.
  • They may have been his consorts.
    • Consorts have always been reptiles and much more different from the way the angels are presented. They seem to be like the fireflies in the Land of Wind and Shade, or the brains in the Land of Brains and Fire.

Feferi still has a chance of going god tier.
Since Aradia's 'quest bed' actually existed in the heart of Derse, chances are good that her Dream-Self's quest bed is located in the furthest ring due to her strong connection with the horrorterrors via her surrogate mother. Which would further explain why all the trolls die once and are otherwise since Feferi IS the Witch of Life and being god tier would undoubtedly give her the power to outright resurrect the dead, considering how she was able to awaken Sollux' Dream self before doing much else in Sgrub. Though her chance is fairly diminished due to the fact that she's not one of the four 'main' roles. (of Breath, of Light, of Time, of Space)
  • Feferi's awakening Sollux's dreamself had nothing to do with her title. She and all the other troll girls are princesses of the moons of Prospit and Derse, just as all the troll boys are princes of same.
    • Likewise if she was going to awaken, she already would have.

Feferi anticipated her death and everything she's being doing has been to take full advantage of that.
Being close to Sollux, she more than likely felt there was some merit to the thought that all the trolls were going to die at some point. With this knowledge, she spent the time getting the gods to produce Dream Bubbles.
  • Anticipated her dream death, yes. Her real death, nope.

Feferi keeping her personality after becoming a ghost after her death is linked to her role.
Because would you really expect someone with the title of Witch of Life to lose the true essence of life?
  • Given recent Aradia and Tavros developments in the dreambubbles, that may be normal anyway.
    • Yeah based on Tavros, calling this Jossed.

Feferi's death truly is only the beginning.
Likely, Feferi reached her peak and never found a quest bed because like Aradia she had a special case. That is, to learn what it really means to be alive, and what better way to learn to appreciate something than when you no longer have it. Naturally, this would mean that instead of her quest bed being in her land, it's actually within the furthest ring and all she has to do is find it. Of course, since the Furthest Ring is an eldritch location, she would only be able to locate it under certain conditions related to her role.
  • Yeah, the whole Witch of Life, since it wasn't apparently crucial to bringing back Tavros, is looking like a Chekhov's BFG.
    • She's dead and can't leave dream bubbles presumably. Even if her bed was there, she has no way of getting to it.
      • Actually, death is very very cheap in Homestuck, (possibly even moreso than in problem sleuth, at least in some ways, but less so in others...)...Sollux could leave his dream bubble simply because he didn't know he wasn't supposed to, there may be absolutely nothing keeping them there other than the mere fact that they don't know that they CAN leave...
      • Arguably jossed. There are indications that Sollux could only leave his Dream Bubble because of the bifurcation of his dream self into two "half dream selves." Since only one is dead, but the other was taken with it to the dream bubble, his dream self can leave the bubble and is later referred to by Karkat as a "BULLSHIT "HALF GHOST" OR WHATEVER."
      • Plausible, maybe? Roxy was able to waltz right into one of the dream bubbles. It's unclear is that has to do with her being alive, or her power, or something else, so maybe it's not just Sollux's duality thing.
      • Alive players have always been able to physically enter dreambubbles. Aradia and Rose have also demonstrated this capability.

Feferi's lusus will be killed... being decapited when she enters the Medium. There has to be a maximum range to the area that can be taken through, and it would be pretty much impossible for a creature that HUGE to fit inside it. I don't recall it ever being said that a prototyping had to be done before entering, and Feferi could use something inanimate for the first prototyping anyway, like John did. Two reasons for this theory: One, it would be something of a reference to this. Two, how else are they gonna kill that thing?

  • Jossed (somewhere): if a player enters the session with an un-prototyped kernel the game becomes unwinnable, and the trolls did win before having their prize destroyed by Jack.

The Feferi Jade talked to in her second dream was actually Dream Feferi
From the afterlife she's probably able to communicate via Dream Bubbles due to her strong connection to the Noble Circle of Horrorterrors.
  • Jossed, Feferi herself was killed not long after the death of her dreamself was shown, so the Feferi Jade was talking to was Feferi herself.

cuttlefishCuller is a mermaid.
The use of a trident and interacting with sealife without any form of breathing equipment whatsoever seems to point to this. Equius and Vriska's conversation hints at her being a sea dweller. Also, her sign is Pisces (the fish), which makes this all the more appropriate.
  • She has gills, but that's about it.

Feferi doesn't interact much with Nepeta because she is afraid of cats
She is, after all, practically a fish.


     Gamzee Makara and the Grand Highblood 

The Countdown Without a Clock to Claim It is counting down to the death of the last troll
Gamzee will be the last, quietly dying of his injuries as he watches the miracle of a new beginning to take his mind of his group's end - the fact the he chose the beginning of Jadesprite to watch implies that Jadesprite is very important.
  • Possibly Jossed: This log has Karat and Terezi post from what we later learn to be one hour after the CRITICAL MOMENTS ends. Confirmed by Hussie, barring his threatened retcon or a major revelation like one of the character's being impersonated.
  • Completely Jossed.

Gamzee will revert back to his old self.
....because from the way Kanaya kicked him over the edge of that cliff in his last appearance, it seems very likely that he'll end up landing on his head. When this happens, he'll suffer brain damage as a result and he'll end up like the way he was before. This could be a reason why he's seen later on looking serenely at his screen with a dazed look on his face.
  • Unless Karkat is weeping with joy because Gamzee is giving him his own Warhammer of Zillyhoo I don't think that's going to happen... then again, it's quite possible he is!
  • Jossed. Gamzee shows up fully intending continue his killing spree, but Karkat moirails him into submission.

Dave has set the wheels in motion for Gamzee to renounce his Juggalo lifestyle.
Well, Dave did say that "[Gamzee will] finally figure out who [he is] and why [he worships] all this ridiculous clown bullshit", and the music video he sent Gamzee clearly pissed him off. Now, it's only a matter of time before he goes renegade from his old beliefs.
  • Jossed. Gamzee retains his beliefs even after going insane.

Tavros' murder was what threw Gamzee off the deep end.
While he was going through his sopor slime withdrawl, he started looking around for more, and found the bloody corpse of his best bro impaled with his own weapon. That's got to mess him up somehow. Also, Terezi heard Sober!Gamzee's trademark "HONK honk"s while she was searching the crime scene, so he probably already knows about the murder.
  • Actually, Gamzee's honks were around even earlier: Lower right hand corner of this page.
    • Which, as you can tell by the scene, still occurs after Tavros' death.
    • The OP seems to be forgetting where Tavros was between being murdered and Terezi finding the body, ie falling through open air. Gamzee couldn't have found the body before going insane because Terezi was the first to find him when Tavros landed next to her and the honking was heard while she inspected it. Also Gamzee couldn't have found it earlier and just tossed the corpse off another ledge, as the corpse is still dripping blood and his leg breaks in two from the impact.
    • But just because Gamzee hasn't been seen anywhere near Tavros doesn't mean he hasn't seen Tavros. He could have been standing on another ledge, and seen Tavros' free fall. The two events— Tavros' death and Gamzee going insane— are suspiciously close together.
    • Jossed. Seen here, Dave showing him the MIRACLES music video was what threw him off of the deep end.

Gamzee's cuts at zero hour weren't made by cat claws...
This trooper thinks the cuts might have been made by a sickle. Meaning there must have been a fight between him and Karkat, and considering Gamzee's state of mind right now, I doubt he would let Karkat live if he won.
  • No they were directly caused on panel by Nepeta's claws.

That wasn't Future Terezi, but Future Gamzee
Presuming he just pilfered Terezi's glasses here.

Gamzee was saved because he had Lil Cal
And is indeed impersonating Karkat
  • Jack doesn't care about Cal that much considering he used him as a weapon against Aradia real reason.
    • Considering his omnipotence, he may have thrown Cal so it would end up in Gamzee's hands. He does have a weird sense of honour regarding people) in posession of items he uses as weapons, who aren't using the items as weapons against him.
      • Not anymore on the honor front.
      • To be fair he thought he was sort of an honorable fighter until he found out the people he was fighting JUST WOULDN'T DIE and then they banished him to another session.

Although Gamzee is still alive at the critical moment, he is mortally wounded.
Plot Armor only ensures that he'll survive until the critical moment. He's probably back to his old self and going out with a smile.
  • Jossed. Karkat reformed Gamzee without any bloodshed, and at the critical moment he's exchanging words with Scratch, completely alive.

That's not Gamzee Flashstepping
Gamzee can create and manipulate puppets. That's his shadow doing it and messing with everyone, not Gamzee himself.
  • Gamzee can NOT create and manipulate puppets. He can plant suggestions into people's heads while they're dreaming. The puppet getting created was part of the dream, and they became real in case of the players (due to their dreamselves).

Gamzee didn't actually forget his title.
He is the Bard of Fuck.
  • This was a joke theory, but Jossed.

Gamzee is the Bard of Death.
Based on "==>Elsewhere..."
  • And with the trolls dying one by one, he may be the last, smiling at the miracle of a new beginning as he joins the corpses that surround him at 0:00:00.
  • Considering what just happened, this is very likely.
And Jossed.

Not only did Gamzee pose as Future Terezi and Future Karkat here, he actually meant what he posted as Future Karkat
He actually was (that is to say, will be) feeling physically ill, and posted about it on a random memo on the nearest available computer.
  • Jossed apparently, Karkat and Terezi have had time to take care of that. Presumably it comes across because Karkat just beat the shit out of Gamzee.

Gamzee is cA
Or rather, Gamzee is a split personality of cA. Slime pies and faygo are most likely to blame for this.
  • [1] -> [2] ?????
    • You see, that bottle got launched so hard it looped around the whole world. And Gamzee changed personas in the mean time. It was a mIrAcLe.
  • Yeah jossed.

Gamzee is setting himself up as Dark Link to John's Wind Waker.
John's previous chumhandle was ghostyTrickster, and clowns are similar to tricksters. In [S] John: Rise Up, the music track is called "Savior of the Waking World"; Gamzee is claiming to be the Mirthful Messiahs. Note, also, the mythological connection between Capricorn and Typheus: according to one tale, Pan threw Typheus into a river, and the parts that were submerged became fishlike, while the dry bits were goatlike.
  • Jossed in that Gamzee has set himself up as a rival to Dave.

Gamzee is hording the troll-corpses somewhere connected to the "coffee machine" we see in Act 6, and that beverage ain't coffee; it's troll-juice
A pretty straight-forward theory. First, no one seems to know where the "coffee machine" came from. Second, no one seems to know how it works. Third, Dave's "[this] coffee sucks" comment; it doesn’t taste like coffee, but to him that’s what it looks like, so he labels it “bad coffee” and doesn’t think anything more about it. The reason it doesn’t taste like coffee, though, is because it isn’t. Fourth, we never see any of the trolls drinking or referring to drinking coffee; pretty weird when you consider Karkat does not sleep at all from the end of their session until the meet-up scene on the asteroid. Fifth, the "film" we see on the coffee is part of the hemospectrum.
  • Pretty jossed. Gamzee saved their blood and is using it as "potions". Besides that film actually exists in shitty coffee.

Equius, Nepeta, Eridan, and Feferi will become God Tier...
By Gamzee putting them on the Alpha Kids quest beds, considering they are also Void/Heart/Hope/Life.
  • Doesn't work that way. Trolls don't sleep on beds after all, and those beds don't correspond to their dreamselves (who are deceased anyways).

Lord English will be summoned by Gamzee
Ties in with the above theory of him being the Bard of Death. Okay, he isn't, nevermind.
  • Jossed

Gamzee will put an end to the Trickster madness
  • This is actually plausible. Consider what we know;
1. Gamzee HATES the Tricksters for some unknown reason(maybe because he didn't intend for it to happen and he thinks it might screw up Caliborn advancing in the game).

2. He's also murderously insane.

3. And on top of that, he's been seen in both sessions and is a clown, which could offer immunity to the Trickster Touch.

So with those in mind... It's possible that - BRAINSTORM - Gamzee will kill the Alpha kids and leave their bodies. Then the Beta kids will arrive, see the Alpha kid corpses, and put them on their Quest Beds, causing them to go God Tier.

  • Jossed.

Gamzee has manipulated things so he will go Trickster
This will lead to him becoming a bigger bad than Lord English, as foreshadowed by Tavros

Ideas for Gamzee's and Eridan's titles and Eridan's planet.
Because they're not confirmed yet and I feel like it.

Gamzee Title Ideas:

Eridan Title Ideas:

  • Guard of Sound
  • Prince of Flame
    • Confirmed as Prince of Hope
      • Except that all he does with the role is destroy hope.
      • It was recently revealed that the Prince is a destructive class. "Prince of Hope" can translate to "Destroyer of Hope" or "One Who Destroys Using Hope".

Eridan Planet Ideas:

  • Land of Islands and Vibration
  • Land of Depths and Magma
    • Confirmed as Land of Wrath and Angels.

The white substance on Gamzee's face and inside Eridan's wand is the blood of Doc Scratch or Lord English.
Knowing how blood is important in Troll society, either Scratch or English have allowed their blood to be found by Gamzee so he uses it as his facepaint and by Kanaya so she can create the White Wand to help manipulate Eridan as a tool for the Felt.

The reason Gamzee is the most important one in Homestuck is due to being English/Scratch's tool against his knowledge, using his Sgrub powers to manipulate the other Trolls toward helping the Kids create the Scratch and be one step closer to bring Lord English into the Kids' session. This idea comes from seeing Gamzee in the background as Vriska put John to sleep, during one part of Bec Noir's creation; he's doing something during that scene to use Vriska...what, though, I do not know.

  • Gamzee may well be Lord English himself.
    • He got blood from A) a man on the moon who's part cueball and puppet and cannot be harmed or B) a time travelling demon from the future. Yeah that's possible.

As for Eridan, he is currently being used to blind Sollux (so as a Code Cracker, he cannot see the code of Lord English and figure his weakness,) AND kill Feferi, due to how the Horror Terrors fear the Green Sun and the Felt, and use her to counter the Felt's encroachment.

  • The Felt work for the Horrorterrors, English is one of them. Moreover, Sollux had plenty of time to see the code, sweeps of it. The wand was broken by Kanaya, it wasn't anything all that special.

The Scratch will save the trolls from Bec Noir.
Vriska's fairy trail will lead Noir back to the troll meteor, but the Scratch will move him to the trolls' session before he can do anything.
  • Jossed... so very jossed...
    • Un-Jossed that's not how it happened.
      • Re-Jossed The Scratch causes the problem how could it also solve it?
      • Paradox = Chaos, every solution is it's own problem.
      • Jossed via misunderstanding of the Scratch!

Vriska will confront Vampire Kanaya
It would be a great way of seeing if there was anything sympathetic left about Vriska's character.
  • Confirmed.

Alternatively, we'll get a [3] joke with Aradia.

  • Oh, an it will happen on Valentine's Day. In the real world.
    • Okay, the Valentine's Day part is Jossed, the former is... sort of confirmed, but it seems Kanaya is either Ax-Crazy or The Unfettered.
  • Jossed really. Vriska and Kanaya part ways without having really spoken about anything.

Vriska and Tavros were switched at birth...or something
Tavros, the second-lowest troll on the blood hierarchy, has no psychic powers, unlike Aradia and Sollux. The only other troll seen to have mind powers is Vriska, who's several steps up in the hierarchy. It's said here that the lesser bloods are the ones that are the ones that have psychic powers. This might have something to do with their...unique relationship.
  • Are you forgetting Tavros's psychic powers of cOMMUNION,?
    • And Terezi's second sight? It's birth-inherent, she just had to lose her first sight to gain access to it. Though it could be argued that all the trolls have this power, since she accesses it through her awakened dream self.
  • It says those of lower blood are more susceptible to psychic powers; they're more affected by them. It says nothing about them being the only ones to have such powers. I figured this is why they'd die first (they'd hear the lusus' voice well before anyone else would).
    • Official word is that lower bloods are, in fact, more likely to have psychic powers than higher bloods— Vriska is just a rare exception, and in fact, she would also be among the first to die in the event that Gl'bgolyb raised her voice.

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