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Aiwass is the true Big Bad
All of Aiwass' behavior - giving Aleister knowledge, letting Aleister summon and capture it, showing minor interest in humans - is merely a facade to distract everyone else. It's actually a pure example of a Jerkass God, sadistic and desiring power for the sake of power. Aiwass originally chose Aleister to act as a tool, because of his hardships during his early life. It manipulated him into constantly failing at everything, so that it could enjoy his suffering. Since he had always been failing to begin with, Aleister never suspected a thing. This is why Aleister never succeeded at anything despite all his talents. Aiwass was responsible for Aleister's drive to wipe out the Magic Gods and magic, in order to remove potential competitors. Because of its strange behavior, it managed to fool the Magic Gods into thinking that it wasn't a threat, hence why they referred to it as a "failure".

In this theory, Aiwass doesn't actually think anything of humans, contrary to what it claims. It would therefore ultimately be defeated thanks to the efforts of humans (to add further insult to injury, completely normal humans like Shiage would play an important role in this).

  • While this theory was technically Jossed, it was recently revealed that Aiwass' true master was Anna Sprengel all along, and she is the one that seems primed to become the new Big Bad.

Imagine Breaker and World Rejector did not originate from the collective will of magicians
Imagine Breaker is described as arising from the collective desire of magicians (Magic Gods in particular) for a standard that would let them return the world to normal. This is seemingly supported by Othinus using Imagine Breaker in such a fashion. Following on from this, it's claimed that World Rejector came into existence when the Magic Gods grew dissatisfied with Touma and Imagine Breaker. However, it's important to note that when Ollerus first explained his opinions about Imagine Breaker, he explicitly states that this is just one way it could be used, and that its true origin may be something else. And while plenty of other knowledgeable characters have claimed that the powers have this origin, all of them have been proven to be far from omniscient. Othinus didn't know about the existence of the other Magic Gods, the other Magic Gods didn't expect that Aleister could remove their immortality nor did they know about World Rejector (at first), and Aleister never figured out that Lola Stuart was actually his daughter possessed by Coronzon.

In that case, what exactly are these powers? Given that both of them apparently choose their possessors, they are probably sapient beings. Imagine Breaker may be the white dragon that has occasionally appeared when the right hand is severed (this assumes that it is a separate entity from the "Invisible Thing"). World Rejector may actually be a demon. Coronzon, another demon, is the first to know about the power's existence (as suggested at the end of NT Volume 12) and manipulates Kakeru via Fran.

The so-called "Invisible Thing" is Touma's original personality and power
Prior to the start of the series, he fought and defeated gods and demons using the exact same method employed against Othinus in NT Volume 9, becoming known as "The One Who Purifies Gods and Slays Demons". As that volume shows, the reality-warping powers of Magic Gods mean that even universe-destroying battles can leave no lasting consequences. However, he became too invested in the role, wanting to ensure that every person could get along no matter the cost. Eventually, he was defeated, but not killed. Perhaps noone wanted to kill him, or perhaps he'd gained Complete Immortality somehow. Instead, his power was sealed by convincing him he was a normal human. This is why he continually insists that he's a normal high school student in the series, no matter how extreme the situation he's in. It's also why, when the "Invisible Thing" emerged during World War III, he was able to force it back inside him (as it's his own power to begin with). The reason why the "Invisible Thing" has been beaten twice is because Touma is restraining it/himself. The High Priest's constant attempts to make him use his true power were to try and force him to remember his past.

It's harder to explain Aleister's understanding of the situation. My theory is that he's not nearly as knowledgeable as he thinks, as shown when he was unaware of Lola being his daughter, possessed by Coronzon. He heard the name "The One Who Purifies Gods and Slays Demons", but didn't know much else aside from them being capable of defeating gods. He inscribed the name on the Anti-Art Attachment, perhaps considering it a lucky charm for his anti-god weapon, while Dramatically Missing the Point about the original person.

In this theory, the dragon that appeared in Volume 2 and in Chapter 69 of A Certain Scientific Railgun is a separate entity, possibly the source of Imagine Breaker (given that the ability is apparently intelligent and chooses its wielder).

The final arc of the series will begin when Touma realizes the truth and regains his original personality and memories. He'll then become the final boss, but without any dramatic shifts in his personality, making the final battle a case of Good Versus Good.


Touma's School is not really for lower level students
-His school is not actually for low powered espers, but for students whose powers are so different from the media or hard to understand that scientist just give up in them and throw them all together, while the other schools have electromasters, aerohands, and teleporters; Touma’s high school has a guy that negate all supernatural phenomena, another one that is the only functional esper magic hybrid in the world, a vampire hunter even an eternal loli-like teacher!
  • The only reason Sogita Gunha don’t go to the same school is because he is one of the only two level five who is not a sociopath, murderer or outright insane so they have to showcase him in a school with a higher budget
    • This is a fairly plausible idea. We can also throw in: someone who is frequently theorised to be the #6 Level 5 who no one knows anything about; a mysterious headband-wearing girl who keeps showing up in illustrations; a brain of one of the Board of Directors who can influence people's minds without an esper ability; an Anti-Skill member who takes on espers with a shield; the daughter of one of the Board of Directors.

Imagine Breaker is actually Purgatory
-which represents 'Reality' and the other right hand paired with it, World Rejecter from NT 13 is Eden/Paradise, which contain the 'Ideal'.

Think of it. The arm seals 'something' within it, and of times we can see 'that' out it looks like a Dragon in Mikoto's case, EIGHT-HEADED DRAGON. Izzard's imagination or otherwise, that poses a great question: why a dragon?

Now, let's review what we know about Purgatory first, based on legends and what can we get from Bible. Purgatory, or Hell, is where souls of dead, sinned people was cast into the undying flames to be cleansed of its 'filth', which is sin. It seals a 'great snake', which is often translated into Dragon BESIDE the ten-horned, seven-headed beast. And what's the connection of this with Touma?

Magicians are told in the past to get their magic by contracting with a devil; their 'magic' are borrowed power from the Devil, which tainted the world with their presence. Purgatory, being the special place in which Devil is sealed of course hold power to cancel the magic. But what about esper powers? Why can Imagine Breaker cancel that too? Because it represents 'Reality'. Purgatory was not only created from an idea of moral lesson or scary bedtime stories, but it holds the reality that every life will end sometime-an endpoint. Nothing is eternal, everything in the end will return to the void. Even light can be extinguished after it spent the potential energy that fuels it. Not only that; there'll be no one above any other in there-this idea, this thought, which has been rooted for so many years in human history, essentially became a subconscious part in humanity's thinking logic. Even if you don't have a religion to follow, the 'fear' of getting 'judged' limits your ability to act, causing it to grow real, just like Idol Theory. Imagine Breaker literally invoked this principle and brought down everyone to normal, magicians or esper, to the level that they can talk eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart (and sometimes with fists).

For the second spoiler, you'd better be reading the NT 14 first. Really.

Esper Networks, Level 5s, Index's Magic God potential and part of the end of the series.

We've seen multiple examples on the "science side" of Espers connecting to a network and boasting their abilities and that their abilities can be boosted or otherwise effected by being on this network. (As well as their personalities) This can be seen the level upper arc in Railgun, Accelerator's collar in Index, the network in the "hero arc" in the New Testament that cause a bunch of esper's to go berserk, Mikoto's level 6 shift in railgun again. Which leads me too my point...If Accelerator at the end of the series becomes a level 6, what if in order to boast their powers he uses the Misaka network to share his calculating power with the sisters and they connect to Mikoto who uses her electricity to mimic mind control and establish a network with other espers.(Assuming Accelerator doesn't use his abilities to create his own network seeing as his power could do that with enough practice and as a level 6.) Mugino could send data by manipulating electrons. (Maybe when she levels up she can control all particles more fluently other then just laser beams) Misaki with Mind Control I could see her making a network, and applying the level upper logic change people's perceptions and "insert" memories of Esper's getting more experience practicing their powers, even changing personal realities by changing their person itself.(At a high enough level) Since a huge part of esper powers in this series seems to rely on perception and sense of self. Kakine with his abilities of creation could create an efficient form of wireless communication that could connect to people. (Not to mention in time create his own personal realities.) Takitsubo, though not a Level 5 (yet), potentially could do so if she can control AIM fields later. With this in mind the level 5s could all become 6's and maybe even connect all of Academy cities espers and Gemstones into one giant network and share their collective calculating power, AIM Fields, and even edit and alter each other's powers. Like multiple cells in one body.

As for the Magic side, it's said that Index has the potential to be a Magic God in the latest novel, and it's shown she can "feed" people knowledge like with Levina Birdway in Vs the World. Not to mention with the power of belief and people reciting magic together. (Such as with a Latin Chorus and the Pope drawing power from believers) Maybe if the Magic side can find the "common roots" of all these various religions and beliefs they can also unite their powers, as to be a Magic side compliment to the Science side networks. Where everyone's magic get's stronger and we get some major characters becoming magic gods, with items to reduce the 50/50.

And Maybe there could be some middle man.(Maybe Accelerator by redirecting damage to his body, Kakine repairing himself, or Tsuchimikado after leveling up his Healing to the point where he heals faster then he can be damaged by the backlash could unite both of this giant Gaian hypothesis like network into on giant unified body. It'd be neat to see a bunch of people and factions that were divided for a long time, to be united for a common goal.

Shiage actually does have an esper power; it's unnaturally good luck!
Maybe a bit of Fridge Logic, but look at all the shit Shiage pulls off with absolutely no powers. Sure, he's absolutely a Guile Hero, but the fact remains that everyone is utterly shocked that he is still alive, much less regularly foiling plans. He seems to get unnaturally lucky, so perhaps he does actually have an esper power of luck. Also possible that he merely inherits all of the luck that the Imagine Breaker cancels for Touma.

The whole franchise is a in-universe novel series by Saiai Kinuhata, which exaggerates a lot
The Japanese version of Railgun is ""A Certain Super Railgun"" to be exact. Whose Verbal Tic? Saiai loves B- and R- movies, so she took real-life events in Academy City and the whole franchise world and beefed them up. Just like SCP Foundation to Real Life, it could be possible that most of the violence and conspiracy in the light novels are made up by her to amuse her readers. Real life there could be:
  • No WWIII
  • Misaka Clone Sisters are all alive, employed in public functions
  • No Fre/nda incident
  • Hound Dog Unit members are more "normal" SWATs chosen from the Antiskill
  • Liberal Arts City still functional

Accelerator's real name is Nate River from Death Note
Just think about it.He never reveals his name because the Kira investigation is still in process.They are both albinos,their clothing style matches.Remember season 2 how he deduced the location of Last Order.Also his brain has immense calculating powers(before he took the bullet),he can do complex calculations in miliseconds.And remember how in Death Note for Near there are scenes where buildings start to circle around him?Those were not just random graphic depictions,that was vector manipulation!

The Espers in Academy City are..
All Conduits, whose top scientists reverse engineered the Conduit gene to unlock the supernatural potential of the students.

A Level 6's powers will be the manipulation of the 4 Fundamental Interactions of the universe.
Basically, Level Fives are people who are the closest to completely controlling the interactions which govern every single aspect of the universe. They are: Gravity, the curvature of space-time caused by mass; Electromagnetism, which causes like-charged particles to repel and unlike-charged particles to attract; Strong Nuclear Force, which binds quarks to form nucleons and nucleons to form nuclei; and Weak Nuclear Force, which can bind all particles in the Standard Model together.

Teitoku can already control the Nuclear Forces in order to create elementary particle combinations which are naturally impossible, to create new matter. Accelerator can already manipulate Gravity as a vector, and as a Level 6, might be able to manipulate space-time itself. Mikoto and Shizuri would have Electromagnetism. The former can already observe a wide spectrum of EM waves, and create a strong magnetic field for her railgun attack with her electricity; the latter uses Electromagnetism to direct electrons into strong lasers.

This Troper thinks that Gunha already has the power of space-time manipulation but doesn't know how to use it besides using it subconsciously, evident by his OHKO punches, which accelerate to twice the speed of sound in a short time made possible by compressing space-time around his fist so that his fist can accelerate more per unit distance.

Misaki's mind control ability is vaguely Electromagnetism, since she probably manipulates the electrochemical pulses in brains for mind control? Or maybe she's not an esper ansd actually a magician, evident by the time when she completely believes Touma about magic?

  • NT 11 reveals that her ability actually manipulates moisture in the brain. However, it can be used with incredible preciseness which allows her to perform VERY delicate operations with it.

The 6th Level 5 might control magnetism, similar to Magneto.

Since the greatest of God's miracles is life, especially sentient life, wouldn't the logical conclusion of Imagine Breaker be...
That he can't dispel things that that aren't inherently supernatural. The miracle is the creation of life, not its continued existence, and so he doesn't have instant death powers.
  • A good thing, too. Could you imagine a counterpart to the Imagine Breaker that has the opposite effect of destroying anything not supernatural? Human beings, vehicles, buildings, the Earth...
    • What if the two met?
      • Since the Imagine Breaker itself is supernatural, it would trump the other.
      • Or maybe it's just that Imagine Breaker is fulfilling Touma's inner desire for the world to 100% normal. No magic, no espers, just normality all around. Touma's power isn't dispel magic or an equivalent, it's actually forcing everyone else to conform to Touma's subconscious beliefs in how the universe should work. Esper powers are explained as the result of someone having their own internal reality being radically different from the "real" reality. The "real world" has espers with supernatural powers. That's normal for them. Being out of sync with that particular side of reality would likely result in a "dispel" ability, as in the case of Touma. His power extends to his luck, as he believes him having bad luck is completely normal for him. Even the plot of the show might spring from his powers, as running into women requiring help is pretty much a normal thing for Touma. Hell, Touma could be a powerful high level esper with a very sneaky ability that he has never consciously used. The exact nature of Touma's power is simply too complex to be a mere "dispel."
      • So that would mean like, example: A reality that is normal is 0, no gods, espers or magic. An esper or magician affects reality so that's either -/+ 1 to reality. Touma's power reverts reality to 0 even if it's on -/+50. Touma is so badass.
      • ... so basically Touma is the anti-Haruhi?

  • Actually, this is possible! In Vol. 14 of the light novel it´s hinted if Touma´s ability should become at full power, he also could erase natural magic like the ley lines of the earth or the life energy of a person... Some people even think, then he would be able to DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD JUST BY ONE TOUCH!

  • This Troper thinks that the Imagine Breaker works by forcing anything which comes into contact with it to obey the laws of the universe, thus cancelling any supernatural effects. Life is obviously created according to the laws of the universe, so it's safe. Haruhi, on the other hand...

Psychics and Magicians deteriorate reality bit by bit each time they use their powers.
Tohma exists as a counter-force to keep the world in balance. Thus, the Imagine Breaker is the natural enemy of the supernatural, all for the sake of keeping the universe from imploding.
  • Where are all the Flame Haze when you need them?
  • If the spoilers for New Testament 8 are anything to go by, this is partly true: the world has apparently begun to collapse due to a number of reasons. One, humanity’s “recognition” aka the “era” has repeatedly destroyed and remade the world. As a result, the layer realm and foundation supporting the world have grown distorted, however, magic, which is drawn from a different layer than the natural Gemstones, was enough to rapidly change the world, but the AIM fields of Academy City’s artificial espers advanced the damage even further. In that world that is distorted by the thoughts of those viewing it, if Academy City’s many espers continue to stimulate it with their Personal Realities, the reality of the espers bringing changes from the microscopic world into the macroscopic world will erode the world.

IB DOES NOT negate supernatural power but rather negate anything that Touma `subconsciously` think as supernatural power..
think like this.. if IB really negate supernatural power *only*.. it should not be able to negate Misaka's Railgun.. as Misaka's Railgun is after she applied her power..the Railgun doesnt need to be feed with electricity continuosly after it is fired ( i don't think this is plot hole ).. That is why Touma cannot negate souls, life force etc because Touma never regards those things as supernatural subconsciously.. things like negation speed ( IB cannot negate fast enough, etc ) maybe got affected when Touma subconsciously think that the enemy's attack is too powerful to be negated instantly thus IB cannot negate fast enough... plus with Touma "dense" personality, IB true power cannot be utilized..

By: Raja Hafiz

  • If that is really the case then why does it work when Touma doesn't even know that there is a power at work to begin with?

Touma is...
An Anti-Spiral sleeper agent. The various magic and psychic powers are just how this world manifests spiral power. Touma was put in place like Nia in order to be awakened when the number of spirals in the planet reaches critical mass. Unlike Nia, however, he was made as a weapon, not just a messenger, and was given an experimental ability to negate spiral power. This is why he Chronic Hero Syndrome, he has a subconscious urge to use his Imagine Breaker every chance he gets.
  • So does that mean Level Upper is just a recording of Kamina yelling "Who the Hell do you think I am?!"
    • And on that note, wouldn't that mean Accelerator is this world's Kamina?
    • This Troper seen it more like Kamina->Touma, Simon->Accelerator
    • Exactly, both Kamina and Touma can stop a mental breakdown with a punch to the face.
      • Also, just before Touma gives Accelerator a fist to the face, he says "Grit those teeth, strongest!", similar to how Kamina says "Let's see you grit those teeth!" before throwing Gurren's fist at Simon.
  • The Human Eradication System of the To Aru planet will be triggered when an esper reaches Level 6. Yet another reason for him to stop the Sisters project.

Kuroko joins St. Millefeuille All-Girl High School from Otome Kikan Gretel after she graduates middle school.
Let's see...Willing to do Ecchi things? Check. Schoolgirl Lesbian? Check. Loveable Sex Maniac? Not required but check. She's an absolutely perfect candidate for St. Millefeuille All-Girl High School.

Touma's Imagine Breaker doesn't negate his luck, but actually bestows it in a roundabout way.
I have a theory about Touma's Imagine Breaker.

Have any of you read a Xanth book? My theory is based greatly on Bink's talent. Basically, the theory goes that the Imagine Breaker doesn't actually negate luck, but does it in a roundabout way. It constantly puts Touma in precarious positions in order to strengthen him, without having to do actual training that might attract the attention from powerful people.

It's main objective is to gather as many as possible strong and varied mating candidates to pass on Touma's genes and extend his bloodline using a roundabout way that will cause them to fall in love.

If Imagine Breaker really does negate luck, Touma should've been dead a long time ago. Instead he's got a growing harem of people from various fields. He's got a magical library, one of the strongest psychics in the world, 10k of her clones, a saint, several nuns-in-training, a teacher with possible anti-aging genes, another melee-based mage, and a loli bondage lover.

Actually the 'loli bondage lover' is forced to wear that by her bondage-loving superiors, according to a more recent light novel. And she's not in the harem.

  • Overall, nice hypothesis, that'd make the whole plot of Index make a lot more sense, but what then is your understanding of what Touma's power actually is? Because it's hard to see what it's 'dispelling' in your version of events. So how do you think it works?
    • Correction: several HUNDRED nuns-in-training.
  • As a counterpoint, I feel this could actually be his misfortune working smarter, not harder. Compare his current misfortune potential to his previous potential: Past Touma falls in love, gets dumped. Current Touma falls in love, gets tortured in hilarious ways by his overpowered and massive harem. Or, Past Touma could get in a car crash, current Touma could die from an Eldritch Abomination (including ones he's on good terms with). Plus, his misery and suffering levels have risen drastically since meeting Index, just look at the number of hospital visits he has. (Having his entire right arm sliced off comes to mind).

If Mikoto tapped into the Sisters Network her powers would be boosted to Level 6
The Level Upper works by increasing the available mental processing power and leaked experience. That sounds a lot like the MISAKA Network and since Mikoto should theoretically be able to access the Network (being able to do everything the sisters can do and then some) she should get a similar effect. The fact that they can boost the brain damaged Accelerator back to his normal levels temporarily is further proof of that.
  • Inverse of that - If Mikoto taps into the Sisters Network and downloads all of her memories and experience, all the sisters immediately gets boosted to level 4 or 5!
  • Accelerator only got half of his original processing power back due to the MISAKA Network. Even when he majorly powers up TWICE in the series so far, becoming even more insanely powerful and rule-breaking than he was originally, he's still not a Level 6 yet. Even if Mikoto connects to the MISAKA Network, I doubt that she'd even be able to surpass the second ranked Level 5, since he and Accelerator are on a completely different level than Mikoto and everyone ranked below her. Remember, a the definition of a Level 6 is "one who is not a deity that reaches the senses of the Heavens", meaning it that it is a godlike level of power that is far beyond Mikoto's reach even with the help of the MISAKA Network.
  • Couldn't it be a case of compatibility though? Certainly accelerator only gain half his original processing power back, but that could be because they process information differently according to their power, if the original Misaka connects herself to the SISTERs network, it is likely that she would be able to utilize their processing power more efficiently than Accelerator can
  • The next couple chapters of the Railgun Manga will provide the answers. Mikoto's awakened at least.
    • I wouldn't say that she's awakened. "Demon Mikoto" is something that was forced upon her, not something she obtained by herself.
  • As of Railgun Ch 64, confirmed with caveats. Using a similar set up to what was used on Hyouka, Mikoto can get just over halfway there. Exterior's full power is needed to keep her stable until she reaches Level 6.
  • According to Gensei, it is possible using this method. However, she will be completely destroyed as an individual by the time she reaches it. Accelerator is the only one who can reach Level 6 and still remain stable.

The goal of the Level 6 Project was never to get Accelerator to Level 6, it was to get Railgun to Level 6
  • Sure, Accelerator is the strongest. But he is also incredibly unstable. And any gamer will tell you that grinding low level mooks (sorry Misaka Imouto) is a less efficient way to level up than to fight a boss. The Level 6 project as we know it was a smoke-screen. The goal was to have the Sisters get stronger, to test the limits of their powers, and to gain real world combat experience. Then, once that point was reached, 'leak' the existence of the project to the Railgun. Eventually, she would intervene, and when all other routes failed, she would confront Accelerator. During the fight link her into the Radio Wave Sisters network, and have her download all of the Sisters' XP and skill points, and as per the Level Up experiment, tap into the network to boost her own power. That alone might not be enough to level her up, but combined with the fight against Accelerator, it would push her past the turning point. And while she might have gone after Accelerator intending to die, Human survival instincts, plus having a Sister sacrifice herself to protect Misaka would have been enough to push her to fight for real.
    • The real purpose of the sisters experiment later and it has nothing to do with anyone reaching level six. It's actually intended to fail so that Aliester can send the sisters all over the world and thereby expand the Misaka Network all over the world.
      • The experiment finished without a hitch? Cool, SYSTEM reached (as per Tree Diagram's prediction), Right Seat of God, eat your heart out; the experiment somehow stopped (as per canon)? Cool, use the SISTERs' condition as an excuse to spread them all over the world, thus expanding the Misaka Network (and the associated AIM Dispersion Field) across the globe, allowing the deployment of an artificial angel worldwide. This WMG could very well be yet another layer of failsafe for Aleister.
  • While it may not have been part of Aleister's plans, it's definitely in Kihara's plan as of the current events in the Railgun manga.
    • The fact that Mikoto is described as "Aleister's favorite" implies that yes, this was the plan the entire time.
    • Actually, looking at the original text, Gensei is using Misaka's body to trigger the awakening of a sleeping power that is a/the favorite of the General Superintendent which hides in the shadows of the "main plan". Basically, Mikoto is nothing but a tool in order for Gensei to achieve whatever he is trying to achieve.
    • Yes—to create a Level 6 and apply the same effect to Aleister. It's been known for a long time that that is the true purpose of any Level 6 Shift project.
    • Actually, - Vol.22 points out who... what is important to Aleister.
  • Yes and no. Mikoto can reach Level 6 with the Network's support (see above as to how), but anyone reaching Level 6 but Accelerator will become unstable and lose control, wiping out the city.

Touma's bad luck made him Oblivious to Love.
This editor somehow thinks that due to his bad luck, Touma came to believe he won't be able to get lucky in scoring girls; so he might as well forget it even if an opportunity exists right before him because his bad luck will interfere with it. Plus his childhood experiences with other people he won't be that opportunistic as to try to score with a girl.

And then things turned out to be the reverse when he still hangs on to that perception of his... any observing fans can notice that the majority of his Harem are made of human extraordinaire.

Touma can share his Chick Magnet by hitting you.
For examples look here.

Chances a rising with the height difference.

Touma isn't a Level 0, he's a Level 6.

Touma's esper powers are clearly unique, even for a level zero. This is commented on numerous times by people like Crowley and Fiamma, and his right hand apparently isn't the extent of his powers, at least according to Terra. The reason? Touma is actually a Level 6.

  • Similar then to Louise being ranked zero just because her magical element being mythical no-one knew how to measure it.
    • Alternatively, given how his powers seem to work — by "resetting" the changes an esper or magician makes to reality — he may actually be negative level esper.
  • That fits my theory about what a Level 6 is, namely someone whose Personal Reality is so powerful that it goes beyond them personally and actually overwrites reality including the personal realities of others to create a sort of Super-Reality that is manipulated according to their will, essentially becoming God (which is the kind of power that Level 6 is rumored to be). In this case, since the majority of Touma's power is currently being used to restrain the Invisible Thing inside his body, the remainder of his power is exercised through contact with his right hand. That power is exercised by being automatically attuned to basic reality (you typical normal reality) and the effect of the power being to "reset all abnormal values to zero." So when his hand contacts these abnormal values in the form of various supernatural powers both, esper and magical, their values are reset to zero, which nullifies them, aka Imagine Breaker.
    • If that would be truth, then we can't be sure that the "reality" we see now is the original reality of "To Aru-Verse". He may reset the changes, and even normal world, to his idea of "Normal world".
    • If Touma really is a Level 6, that could also explain why the System Scan consequently fails to detect any powers in him. Academy City has never had a Level 6, so they naturally have no real idea of just how powerful they are, and thus the System Scan can only measure up to Level 5. Touma is so powerful that his power goes beyond the scale, which System Scan misinterprets as him being a Level 0

Touma isn't an esper or a magician... he's God!
Or a part of him at least. He's good by default, he can match his Imagine Breaker to any power, however strange or reality breaking that power is, and a part of his name means "God". Also God is a certified damn bad ass.

Accelerator's final major act in the series will be redirect forces within the entire universe
His abilities have gotten pretty powerful and considering his original goal (to become so strong that it would be sinful to fight him) it would be pretty ironic.

Touma's adventures before Index?
Considering Touma's luck, his ability and his tendency to charge into situations attempting to help people, the likelihood that he was involved in some other adventures before Index should be pretty high. Getting involved with Stiyl and Kanzaki wanting to erase Index's memories may not truly be his first interaction with magicians. Also, his memories are conveniently gone so we're not going to know for sure - unless some character from his past pops up soon.
  • He probably had some smaller adventures in the past, but I doubt he had anything to do with magicians. Right from the very start, Touma did not believe in magicians until Styil came. To him, breaking Index's Walking Church only convinced him that the clothes were not normal, not that magicians existed. Unless he lost his memory before meeting Index, there's no way he would have been so stubborn on magic not existing.
  • As of NT 7 we know that he had some things happening with Kumokawa Seria and Shokuhou Misaki before but we still don't know what exactly.
  • The precedent post is actually a common misconception. Hints to a past relationship between Kumokawa Seria and pre-memory loss Kamijou Touma are actually first shown in SS 2, and implied even heavier in the Love Letter SS.
  • NT Volume 11 explains Touma's past with Misaki.
  • Biohacker explains his past with Seria and Ayu.
Pierce Aogami is definitely NOT just a Level 0.
When two out of the 'Idiot Trio' aren't who they seem to be and we STILL don't know his true name after 20 over novels, there's no way the author isn't planning for him to have some sort of significance.

  • Current theory (though not particularly serious) is that he is the Sixth Level 5, and is hiding his identity for some reason.
  • I can see a plot arc where Touma learns the name of the sixth Level 5 and tries his best to find him, getting into a whole lot of trouble along the way, only to find out in the end that it was Pierce Aogami. And cue Touma facepalming.
  • He may not be explicitly hiding his identity, but just not mentioning it though. Fans have scanned through the books and noted that the author has never stated Pierce Aogami's actual level - people just assume him to be a Level 0 because he's grouped together with the other two. There hasn't actually been an occasion for him to refer to the fact that he's a Level 5. I'm really hoping this theory comes true, though I'm going to miss his name...
    • Let's not forget that the three consist of : one level 0, who is also a Double Agent; one level 0 who is..., not really technically a level 0, and is involved in global conflicts; and the last one is a student of undefined level and undefined identity, he's either the only normal guy out of the three (so normal you wouldn't need to know anything about him : normal, full stop), or is hiding a secret at least as big as the other two
  • I can see this happening. Touma will ask Tsuchimikado if he knew, and why he didn't tell him. Tsuchimikado and Aogami will simply say "You didn't ask".
  • Or Touma used to know about Aogami Pierce's power but since he lost his memory......
  • Aogami Pierce is not even a real name. He has blue hair, and he is pierced. Aogami Pierce = Blue haired pierced. So, if his identity is fake, there is fat chance, that he is not level 0.
  • By NT 7, we see someone that's referred to as #6, although by no means affirmed, since Misaki seems to imply that it's just someone putting on an act, if Aogami is indeed #6, it could be that his power is something that makes him the ideal spy, and him being part of the Idiot Trio could very well be part of Aleister's (or perhaps just Academy City's Dark Side) observation on Touma.
    • A strike against Aogami as #6 is that at the end of NT 12, someone who works for #6 calls him "You damn intellectual." That doesn't seem like a word ANYONE would use with Aogami.
  • What if Pierce Aogami was deliberately sent by Aleister to keep an eye on Touma and make sure Touma didn't get involved with the dark side of Academy City? Memory manipulation doesn't work on Touma because of Imagine Breaker, so to ensure Touma doesn't interfere with anything the best way would be to stop him from coming into contact with such dark elements. Aogami was meant to act as this limiter, but when Index fell onto his balcony and everything started to unravel, Aogami's role becomes obsolete. So he just keeps hanging around as a friend of Touma's.
  • Actually i think Touma already knows who it is cuz there is a chapter where he reads the list of level 5
  • I'm currently rewatching the series and there's a scene when Touma meets Tsuchimikado and Aogami for the first time after he lost his memory, so he doesn't remember them. One of the FIRST things Aogami says when he doesn't recognize them right away is to suggest that Touma lost his memory out of heat.

Touma's right hand is a Power Limiter
His right hand instantly negates any power it touches, so maybe it was put on him to seal his true powers. His name does mean something like "He who is above God". Also his right arm does grow back.

  • This was pretty much confirmed in Vol. 22. Imagine Breaker seals "The Invisible Thing" aka the dragon head that appeared when Aureolus Izzard chopped off Touma's arm. The dragon reemerges when Fiamma of the Right chops off Touma's arm.
    • This dragon was most likely a hallucination of Izzard, he couldn't believe, that Touma pwnt him, so he went ape-shit and started seeing things, that's more or less what Stiyl confirmed at the end.
      • But isn't it confirmed that Izzards's power is to make his thoughts reality? After all, Touma was laughing after having his arm cut off, and it's pretty obvious that he was terrified of Touma BEFORE the dragon judging by the reflection in his eyes.
      • You're both missing the point/forgetting the part where the dragon COMES BACK ON ITS OWN. Izzard was present when it first appeared and it would make logical sense to write this off as an effect of his magic ability. But then it appears again during the fight with Fiama of the Right, as mentioned above, and again when Touma fights Misaka during the Level 6 Shift attempt on her in the Railgun manga. Izzard didn't make the dragon. It comes out every time Touma gets his right arm cut off. Also his arm will grow back just to seal it.
    • To correct the above, the dragon is only confirmed to appear on two specific occasions: once in Index OT Volume 2, and once in Railgun Chapter 67 (this time with seven friends). On all other occasions Touma's right arm is cut off, the Invisible Thing comes out.

Imagine Breaker doesn't work the way we think it does
It bugs the fandom a lot that Touma can do things like block a stone golem mid-punch without any difficulty. What if, instead of just canceling magic and esper abilities, Imagine Breaker actually resets reality to its default state? So when blocking a railgun blast it actually brings the coin back down to the speed it would be going at if it were thrown by a normal unpowered Misaka. Imagine Breaker then is a reset button that undoes (to a degree) the effects abilities have on the real world.
  • Sorta confirmed in NT.

  • Note that in every series but the manga, Touma has never flat-out blocked Misaka's Railgun. This would be a good explanation of how he could, though.
    • Actually he blocked it in the very first volume
    • Nope, it missed.
    • It mentions that he blocked it off screen later in the story.
    • Touma being able to actually block Mikoto's Railgun is very questionable; as far as I know that one panel from the manga shouldn't count as canon and a short off-screen mention is dubious and may be a mis-translation. In actual scenes we have seen, Mikoto has never actually aimed her Railgun to hit Touma which fits with her characterization of holding back and trying not to really hurt anyone for the most part. She has smacked him with electricity but thus far there does not seem to be an instance of Mikoto using her Railgun for anything but scaring him.
  • So Imagine Breaker is actually Gold Experience Requiem? Well, a nerfed version of it since he actually has to make contact for it to work. Perhaps Touma has a Stand but doesn't know how to properly call it forth yet...

Mikoto is actually a Gemstone esper
We know that Mikoto got her power at a super young age, we see her manifesting sparks when she's perhaps 4 or 5. What's unknown is when she went to Academy City and how much (if any) of the Curriculum she went through before the scientists asked for her DNA map to start Radio Noise. While we do see some kids is the story's present how exhibit some small form of power, that's also ~10 years later and after Academy City better established the esper program. Mikoto's father is later shown to be heavily involved in research/something to do with Gemstone espers, which begs the question of how he got involved in that and why he knows about Gemstone espers at all. We also know that her father knows and works with Aleister Crowley, possibly being involved in the creation of Academy City. He also is shown to be (very legitimately) concerned that Aleister will use Mikoto for his plans/experiments, whether it is because she's grown to be a Level 5 or because she's a rare Gemstone esper is unknown.
  • The biggest piece of possible evidence is Mikoto's Sisters. Esper powers shown in other characters are something that needs to be developed through Curriculum and serious training, starting as a Level 0 and working your way up as you hone your personal reality. The Sisters seem to defy this in two ways. 1) They seem to have their powers innately, as Testament only taught them essential things about the outside world they would have to have had their powers just by being created in direct contrast to how espers are supposed to be formed. 2) Prior to Touma putting a stop to the Level 6 Shift Project the Sisters basically treated themselves like expendable drones and shouldn't have had individual, personal realities defined enough to form espers powers until afterward; alternatively they did have the differentiation and some level of individualism but couldn't express it which instead should mean that they all would have different powers.
    • Since the Sisters did did have powers right off the bat and were identical to Mikoto's in all but level, this could mean that there is a genetic component to being a Gemstone esper or to the powers granted by personal realities. Then again, there's also evidence that what we've been told about personal realities so far is either not entirely true or completely fabricated...
      • Erm, okay. One, lots of misassumptions about Misaka Tabigake. His work has nothing to do with Gemstones, but with "finding flaws and correct them". Him knowing about them isn't weird since they aren't exactly a secret (if they were, how did the hairdresser knew as well?). Nothing in his conversation with Aleister indicates that they work together either. Second, and most biggest reason, Gunha is explicitely called the only Level 5 Gemstone, as such Mikoto can't be one as well. There is also their fight, in which she should have recognized Guhna as a fellow Gemstone if she were. While the references to Mikoto passing the PPC are too numerous, a recent "interview" do tell us about when and why she went to Academy City (questions 28 and 29). Also, Gemstones typically have weird powers not reproduced by anyone else in the city, and Mikoto's Railgun is simply the highest form of Electromaster, a common power in Academy City. There is also how Kuroko doesn't believe in the existence of Gemstones, which would be weird if she lived with one. Finally, the Sisters getting the same powers as Mikoto (albeit weaker) isn't that weird. We have exemples of esper powers produced without the Curriculum in the android Rensa and the Five_Overs.
      • Which brings me to my new point. It has been foreshadowed as early as OT Volume 8note , lampshaded in NT Volume 7 by the existence of Rensa herself, and explicitely spelled out in the recent NT 11note : brain may not be the only component in creating esper powers. Coupled with the existence of the Parameter List, this looks like it could actually be a really important piece of the puzzle.
Angelene and Saten are distantly related
Since they're both implied to be serial skirt flippers.

Nah, Saten's skirt flipping is only reserved for Uiharu. Angelene only flips someone's skirt to draw attention away from an argument.

Touma is a reincarnated Lucifer
Think about it, Michael presumably used a previous form of Imagine Breaker to seal Lucifer away for a thousand years. A thousand years is quite obviously over. So Lucifer returns to Earth in a reincarnated form (you could argue Touma as his first and only reincarnated form or just the latest in a series of reincarnations), but to make sure he doesn't cause any chaos or anything, Imagine Breaker follows him into his reincarnations. The strongest evidence for this would come from when Imagine Breaker was hacked off Touma in Volume 22. Something tried to come out of Touma's shoulder, but Touma himself utilized ANOTHER power that could literally swallow that something - and it is implied that this power that Touma utilized has always been held back/kept in check by Imagine Breaker. A power so great it requires the constant presence of Imagine Breaker to negate it? The answer is Lucifer's strength, the power of the strongest angel who once sat at God's Right Seat. As for the whole Messiah thing Touma has going on, before Lucifer fell, HE WAS A GOOD GUY. And it would make for wonderful irony if the guy running around convincing people to make Heel Face Turns turns out to be worse than all of them put together.
  • From around Volume 18, a dragon is associated with a fallen angel stained with evil. When Touma's arm got chopped off the first time by Aureolus, a dragon emerged.
    • Remember that Touma was laughing after having his arm sliced off and that Izzard was terrified before the dragon, and also what Ars Magna does: it makes thoughts real. Think about it. This is all essentially confirmed when you look closely at Izzards eyes.
  • Maybe Touma's the Anti-Chirst. Seriously, he's the rep. of the Aeon of Horus that supposed to overtake the Aeon of Osiris (Christianity's age). Plus, Touma is pretty popular. You know where this is going...
  • Why would Touma be a reincarnated king of babylon? Lucifer isn't actually a fallen angel. In the original text the only time the term "Lucifer" is used is to refer to one of the kings of Babylon. The OP means Satan here, not Lucifer.
  • Debunked thoroughly by the following three points.
    • Whatever the Hell Touma or what's inside his arm is, it's not a Christian figure of any kind, good or evil. The man he was fighting, Fiamma, possessed an amped-up version of the same power that threw Lucifer out of Heaven in the first place. As well, Fiamma was so learned in Christian lore, he schooled the Roman Catholic Pope on it. If it was merely Lucifer, he would not have lost his cool and would have just used the Holy Right to suppress it.
    • Another point against this is Aleister Crowley's lecture to Fiamma. According to Crowley, Fiamma's mistake which undid his plan was trying to interpret Touma, Imagine Breaker, and what was inside Touma's arm within the framework of Christianity. It's much more likely that the thing residing in Touma's arm is a figure from Crowley's own religion of Thelema.
    • Finally, there was a noncanonical (but still supervised by Kamachi) audio drama in which Touma encountered Lucifer... or rather, an incomplete form of it summoned by a magician trying to use her little sister as Lucifer's vessel. The summoning backfired, with the older sister becoming the vessel. Touma saved her by touching her and breaking the summon. Nowhere was it implied that Imagine Breaker would have reacted any differently than if it was some other magical figure attempting to cross planes.

Touma is sealing an angel similar to Aiwass
Okay, hear me out. As the previous "Touma is Lucifer" entry says, the Dragon symbolise an angel stained with evil among other things (within Christianity, straight from Volume 18), and since Aiwass says DRAGON is the most accurate title to refer to itself, then maybe what Touma is sealing is an evil angel of the Horus Age similar to Aiwass. Imagine Breaker, from what we know, is of Divine Origin—though it might not be God's creation, so it would kinda fit considering Aiwass is, and I'm quoting directly from Fiamma's talk with Aleister:

Fiamma: "[...]An angel that cannot be explained by the Bible or theology is also the symbol of an element that is inside this world created by god and also outside of the hands of god. It is the beginning of the destruction of the fate established by god."

I know the theory of the Invisible Thing being Lucifer has circulated around, but I doubt it. First, he couldn't beat Fiamma's One Above God powers: let's remember the Holy Right kicked Lucifer's ass in the past, plus Lucifer isn't above God power-wise (from what we know, can assume); second, Kamijou Touma is the One that cleanses God and exorcises the Devil, so I doubt the Invisible Thing is from Heaven or Hell; third, Touma has a third power that trumps the Invisible Thing and seals it back in. Fiamma was literally squirming from the Invisible Thing outdoing everything he had after reaching his One Above God status. So I doubt that the Invisible Thing is Lucifer's powers manifesting. But I can see why people would think that. If Kamachi says more about Lucifer and we learn new things about his Toaru history and his rebellion against God, then it might be a good/decent theory.

  • From the way Aiwass talked in Volume 20, even it didn't know exactly what Touma's right hand was (and beyond, we can assume), but found him interesting nonetheless.

  • It seems only Aleister knows the real secret of Imagine Breaker and the Invisible Thing as of yet, but with Fiamma supposedly being able to understand from his Osiris knowledge, that'll change in New Testament.

Touma is sealing Choronzon, the Horusian Lucifer from Thelema
Enough said. More of a theory based on the previous entry.

  • Jossed by NT Volume 18, which reveals that Coronzon is possessing Lola Stuart. It's still unknown what the entity inside Touma is.

Kinuhata Saiai and Franky are SUUUUUPAAHHH related.
There is not more I can add to that.

Saten will become a Magician
Wasn't magic, if I remember early Index correctly, specifically designed so that people without powers would be able to compete with natural born psychics. To take it a step further, Saten already comes from a line of magicians. That charm her mother gave her actually can work. The only real hitch is that Saten's experiences with Level Upper make her enough of a psychic to cause her to suffer the magical backlash effect.
  • No. Saten went through Esper development and is therefore an Esper who will suffer serious harm if she tries to use magic. Level Upper is only a boost, and even with that taken away she still counts as an Esper.
    • In that way, she's not much different than Tsuchimikado Motoharu.
  • Still, considering how limited her Esper abilities are deprogramming 'might' be able to work, if the esper state is something that is imposed more than innate in the first place, unlikely but possible.
    • Given how it is frequently mentioned in the early volumes, that Academy City's Esper Power Development Curriculum causes physical change to the students' bodies, it is highly improbable that deprogramming would work.

Saten will become a Badass Normal to end all Badass Normal's
If, like the above WMG says, she can't use magic(and obviously, she can't use esper powers), then the only route for her to go now is to take many, MANY levels in badass and become a Badass Normal that can easily take on both magicians and espers (think Batman and Claire Stanfield). And it will be AWESOME.
  • Confirmed I'm pretty sure she uses a bat to take down a giant robot at some point

Saten's true Esper-power is luck

Teitoku Kakine will return with a vengeance
He will break out of his Brain in a Jar predicament and create a new body for himself out of Dark Matter. If Shizuri Mugino could make a new arm and face for herself with her energy, Kakine should be able to do something similar.
  • He will come back as Cyber Kakine.
  • Given the revelation in New Testament Volume 4 that Dark Matter can make flesh, this seems confirmed.
  • Confirmed! He's Back!~

Saten's charm does work and it gives her great luck
How else can you explain her falling out of her chair causing the mouse to move over the link to level upper?
  • Considering she let Touma borrow it (who made sure not to touch it with his right hand), and it gave him luck, yeah, I say confirmed.

Aleister Crowley's real plan is to help the Level 0s.
Aleister has indicated in part that his plans involve things like the creation of artificial angels and even an artificial heaven generated by esper AIM fields. If that is the case, then he is most likely a Well-Intentioned Extremist who is trying to open the doors to power to all the powerless people by breaking the rules that govern the world (ie, the fact that only certain people can reach the upper limits of power as espers and so on). In essence, he is applying his skill as a Magician who has turned to Science to create a back door to people who have no hope for obtaining power as espers but are unable to turn to magic. Unfortunately, he has been so driven by his desire to accomplish this, he has thrown away all principles (as is the norm for this trope) in order to accomplish it. Adding to this is that obtaining his desire might very well break the world itself and you have a stage that is set for a very effective villain.

It is possible to create a successful Esper/Magician hybrid.
Currently, the only "example" of an esper/magician hybrid happens to be Motoharu, whose esper power just so happens to prevent him from dying whenever he uses magic. This basically implies that as far as the parties involved are concerned, an esper/magician hybrid is an esper who can use magic or a magician who can use esper powers. In truth, the way around this is redefining what an esper/magician hybrid is. Such hybrids will fall under one of two categories: first, an esper who utilizes his/her personal reality and ability as the device for activating magic and second, a magician who utilizes a spell to invoke a personal reality. In this manner, the interaction of powers will be such that an esper/magician hybrid can be created without the usual side-effects.
  • But the Alchemist Aureolus Izzard has a spell to invoke his personal reality and alter it according to his thoughts. Does he count?
    • Foreshadowing. Basically Aureolus was set up to serve as a Call-Back when the concept is revealed to be possible. Basically, someone will go "Didn't Aureolus Izzard use magic to do something like this?" which will be met with the main characters going "Oh, that's right." After all, the Deep Bood Arc introduced another bit of foreshadowing when Touma's arm was cut off.
  • Accelerator may be getting there. The second time he uses magic, he sweats profusely instead of bursting his blood vessels.
  • And now that's as broken as he can go. It would be such an absurdity to fight a Angel-class esper-mage hybrid like that.

The end of Volume one is not the first time Touma's memories have been erased.
This basically comes from his conversation with Terra of the Left during the Document of Constantine Arc, where Terra is able to figure out that Touma has lost his memories by questioning him about his Imagine Breaker. The giveaway is that the questions Terra asks pertain especially to the Imagine Breaker. However (unless there is some evidence to the contrary), Touma was not aware of Imagine Breaker's true purpose and he certainly didn't know about that invisible thing that's being sealed by his arm even before he lost his memories in Volume One. In other words, even before the series started, Touma had his memories related to the true nature of Imagine Breaker and its purpose erased well before the series started.
  • Or Touma never knew what the hell his Imagine Breaker was to begin with, so there would be nothing to forget either time.
    • Except that then there would be no reason for Terra to jump from "oh he doesn't know about it," straight to "you've lost your memories." This implies that there's at least something about Imagine Breaker that Touma should have known before his memories were erased in Volume 1 and yet apparently didn't even then.
  • Confirmed by New Testament Volume 11, though not in the way suggested above. He has retrograde and anterograde amnesia specifically pertaining to Misaki, but not to anyone or anything else.

Hyouka Kazakiri is the #6 Level 5.
There must be a reason why Kazakiri can Awaken into FUZE=Kazakiri. However, if she can Awaken, it doesn't mean Mikoto (#3) and Shizuri (#4) and Misaki (#5) can Awaken either. But of course, a possible counter-argument is if you only count human espers, then she doesn't count, as she's only a phenomenon caused by the amalgamation of the AIM fields of all espers in Academy City. And also, there must be certain conditions to be met so that other people (for example, Touma and Index) can see her. So, there's no other possible way to prove this unless the author decides to reveal the full extent of Counter Stop's abilities.
  • It goes with the fact that Level Five Number 6 has not yet been located so far.

Gunha Sogiita's powers work by turning him into his image of a superhero.
If I understand the Schrodinger's cat psuedo-science of this series correctly, it boils down to "Whatever you believe will pop out of box (instead of a dead or an alive cat) will pop out of the box." In Sogiita's case, he believes that he's a Sentai Superhero, and he has all the powers of one.Alternatively, his esper powers run on Spiral Energy

Because magicians use their life force to refine magic to make it useable...
...they end up using up some of their life force and age a bit faster than they normally would. Hence why Styil, Kanzaki, and other magicians look older than they are.

Imagine Breaker's current power is not solely because of it containing the Invisible Thing
It was said that Touma used to bring bad luck to other people as well, and it is implied that Imagine Breaker could actually extend beyond just Touma's right hand, put them together, and one possible explanation is that Touma unwittingly held back on some of its power.This makes sense assuming Index's theory is correct: if Imagine Breaker is active as some sort of Anti-Magic force field (which seems to be the 'original functionality' Terra of the Left referred to in Vol 14), it would also cancel the luck of everyone in range, hence "bringing bad luck to others", and there doesn't seem to be any indication that the Invisible Thing wasn't there to begin with, by which it means that, even if the Invisible Thing does drain any power out of Imagine Breaker, it has done so since before Touma stop bringing bad luck on others.

Why Kakine's rank is second among the Level 5s....
When you think about it, Kakine should actually be ranked higher than Accelerator, because while Accelerator's power is the ability to change the direction and velocity (i.e. vectors) of objects, Kakine's power is the ability to create matter from nothing...and not just any matter, but matter that has its own unique set of laws that he creates. From this perspective, Kakine should actually have a lot more potential than Accelerator, especially since one of the main factors in ranking the Level 5s is how much potential for further research their Ability represents. The main problem with Kakine's power and the reason why he's number 2 is not because he's weaker, but because of all the extra baggage that comes with his power. Think about it for a second, it's not that Kakine creates matter that does whatever he wants it to, but rather that he creates matter that has its own unique chemistry and follows its own unique laws of physics. That means that whenever Kakine creates a new kind of dark matter, he also has to create a completely new set of physical laws governing the nature of the matter he just created. In other words, he has to invent and entire universe-full of physics just to create a new kind of matter. And to make matters even more complicated, he then has to calculate the interference caused by the interactions between the unique rules of the matter he creates and the rules of the existing world. Because of that, the processing demands on his mind are probably tremendous and he can probably only limit the use of his Ability to a few kinds of matter that he created beforehand. In fact, I'm willing to wager that Kakine never actually awakened (as far as I can tell, it was never explicitly stated in the novels) and we only assume that because his power took the form of angel wings. But when you think about it, he probably set it up that way because that was one of the few ways he's found to deploy his Dark Matter in a useful manner. Because of that, he's locked into that form of combat and attack because right now he has no other way of employing Dark Matter in combat because he'd still have to create a complete set of laws governing that matter. That's why Kakine is number 2.
  • This troper thinks that once he creates one kind of Dark Matter and set the laws of physics that govern that kind of Dark Matter, he can create it indefinitely without the high mental demand for subsequent use. Like, he creates Dark Matter A, sets its laws of physics, then boom. He creates Dark Matter B, sets its laws of physics, and boom. Suppose he wants to create Dark Matter A again. Because he already knows the laws of physics of Dark Matter A, all he has to do is create it again, he doesn't have to set its laws of physics again. But it still requires vast amounts of AIM and mental power to pull it off. So of course, if you place your bets on the Superpower Lottery, you would want Vector Redirection since all you have to do is to simply "change the positive sign to negative", so to speak.
    • Part of this is revealed by the way that Kakine doesn't use one or two different modes of attack throughout the novel. This may be reaching a little (since most of Kakine's battles except the one with Accelerator) take place off screen, but Kakine doesn't seem to have much variety to his fighting style. The main weakness of his Ability is that the whole concept of coming up with a new set of universal laws isn't the kind of thing that Kakine can do on the fly. So he has consider beforehand all the potential uses of the matter he creates along with how it interferes with the regular world. And that's not even considering how much time he must have spent trying and discarding products that didn't work or prove useful. For all that Kakine was able to do in his battle with Accelerator, there was probably a ton of prep work he had to do beforehand.
  • A decent theory, but there are a couple major drawbacks. The first is that Kakine never showed any kind of mental strain using his abilities. The second, and probably most important, is Accelerator himself, who, after minimal exposure, during battle, while protecting everyone around them from stray damage and in less than a minute, completely calculated and understood all the Dark Matter Kakine created, utterly shocking him. Kakine's ability is indeed powerful, but compared to Accelerator's power that can usurp control of Dark Matter easily, it really is only deserving of second best. Put another way, Kakine can create matter and control that matter. Accelerator can control normal matter, and with a little effort, Dark Matter too.
    • This doesn't hold up primarily because while Accelerator can figure out the rules governing Dark Matter, that doesn't count as the same thing as being able to create those rules and the universe behind them in the first place. Also, the primary basis for my theory is not that Kakine's Dark Matter is taxing to create. It's the rules that govern it. It isn't a matter of effort, but time. Those wings of Kakine's probably represent untold numbers of hours working behind the scenes to come up with a useable form of Dark Matter that would suit his needs. I don't think he even creates it on the spot, given how when he's pinning down Kazari, the author calls attention to how much weight he's able to bring to bear (I may not be correct in this as I don't know how easy or hard it is to dislocate a shoulder with one's foot). The impression that I was left with was that Kakine was actually carrying a lot of extra mass on his person. In other words, those wings of his are probably folded down and compacted so that they can be stored underneath his clothes when he's not using them. Even the strange explosions that Kakine caused in previous conflicts could potentially be him striking out with his wings and retracting them before they can be seen, while only fully extending them in his fight with Accelerator.
      • Yes, but he does fully comprehend those rules in a matter of seconds. The way Accelerator beat Kakine wasn't just by fighting him. It was by completely and utterly figuring out Dark Matter to the very last mathematical detail. With half his normal intelligence or thereabout. With apparent ease, utterly shocking Kakine. Accelerator showed himself to be much smarter than Kakine. So basically, while Kakine was limited to Dark Matter and the potential therein, Accelerator was limited by... well, pretty much nothing. If it exists, Accelerator, given enough time, can learn to control it.

Touma is God, unknowingly.
Magic has originally been just people forcing their reality onto the reality we know. Touma's powers get registered as a level 0 because his forces are the same as the ones that created the Earth. His reality is the reality that was original, so whenever he "disables" a power, he's turning the world "normal."

Touma is homosexual
yeah, it's the only logical explaination for guy with THAT level of density...
  • Touma has shown attraction to girls' bodies, like Kaori and Oriana. It's just that he's blind to romantic attraction. It doesn't help that he sees Mikoto and Index as children.

The whole story is a dream
Touma is Cobb, Misaka is Mal, the whole universe is a dream created on their limbo.

Mikoto is actually a younger female Raiden.
Both have Lightning powers, and can Ride the Lightning, too.

Why was Megaupload taken down?
It had the Level Upper on it. The site that Saten found it on only had a link to the Megaupload download.

One-eyed Othinus will be eaten by a wolf.
She is an expy of Odin after all.
  • Not a wolf, but Index's pet calico cat, Sphinx.

The Tokiwadai dorm supervisor is actually a saint.
It explains how she is so powerful. The 16 other saints must be out there somewhere.

The Tokiwadai dorm supervisor's esper power is the ability to inflict injuries that should be fatal but aren't.
Snapping people's necks without killing them simply can't not be something supernatural. Her power must allow her to inflict "fake injuries" that heal fully in minutes even if they would normally be fatal. It might be a form of illusion, or it might work by temporarily endowing the person with a Healing Factor. She may even be able to heal people from real injuries by doing this. (As in, you break your leg, she rips off your head, and minutes later both your head and your leg are suddenly good as new.)
  • Except it is stated that only children are subjected to the Esper Power Development Curriculum, and both of the dorm supervisors are adults. If adults could become Espers too, it would make more sense to let someone like Yomikawa, who is against hurting students, become an Esper, than letting a dorm supervisor get that kind of powers.

Aleister Crowley is Index's father and either Laura Stuart or Fraulein Kreutune is her mother.
The resemblances they all share is uncanny. Index and Aleister both have emerald green eyes and long white hair. The artist, Haimura Kiyotaka, even says that Laura Stuart is what Index will look like in her college years.
  • A (rather crack) fanfic explores the possibility. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The "Laura Stuart" part of this has been Jossed by New Testament Volume 18, which also revealed that her name is more accurately translated as "Lola". She's actually Aleister's daughter, Lola Zaza Crowley, though she's been possessed by Coronzon for the entire series.

Touma and Misaki Shokuhou knew each other from before the start of the series.
In Railgun's Daihasei Festival arc, when Touma encountered Mikoto and Misaki, we don't get to see Misaki's face directly, but her mood shifts suddenly and she knows his name without an introduction. Later in NT 6 she visited his school for unknown reasons even preventing Mikoto from getting there. Similarly Touma in volume one is aware of the extent of her abilities, though he doesn't directly name her, but he does seem to think that he can get her to help.

This is likely to be Jossed or Confirmed very soon, but at the very least it seems like The Queen knows about Touma, for reasons independant of Mikoto. Either she got to know him through the Dark Side of Academy city, or perhaps they were Childhood Friends or couples before he lost his memories.

  • Combining this with the theory above saying "The end of volume one is not the first time Touma's memories were erased", maybe Misaki Shokuhou was the one who erased them! By the orders of Aleister! Who decided that Touma knowing something about his Imagine Breaker would be disadvantageous to his plans, and so ordered Misaki to remove that knowledge from him!
    • Touma could have removed Misaki's Mental Out ability by simply touching his own head. Mental Out is not known to kill any brain cells as it's effect.
    • That doesn't mean the theory about him having amnesia before is wrong, however. In fact, (as seen in that first link) Misaki caught on very quickly, instead of just going "Touma, we know each other. What are you playing at?" If we assume they knew each and he's had amnesia before, then what little of her expression we can see is saying "Oh's happened again."
  • Heavily, heavily hinted in NT 7 that Misaki knew Touma from before his memory loss, and as a result of her introduction to him in Railgun, must also know he has amnesia.
  • In Railgun chapter 62, not only does Misaki know that Touma's right hand can help fight off a rampaging level 6, she also knows that she can't establish a telepathic link with him, but is able to find a loophole by giving him a burst transmission of sorts (which starts with a warning that it will be disrupted if he touches his head). That's a hell of a lot of knowledge of someone Academy City treats as beyond top secret.
  • Just remembered: We all know that Misaki is almost certainly not a middle-schooler, and might actually be an adult. If she grew up with Touma, that would make her something of an older sister to him. What's Touma's fetish? Cool Big Sis types.
  • The whole NT 11 is basically this WMG, The Novel.
    • To expand on it, it turns out that they DO have a past together... but it ended with Misaki using her power on Touma to stop him from feeling pain during an emergency treatment and accidentally making him permanently unable to remember her no matter how many times they meet.
      • And with that a ship has sunk

Kuroko's biological mother and father are Kuuko and Mahiro
And Kuuko and Nyaruko's adopted child. This explains the rampant single-target sexuality and her red hair.
  • I am pretty sure this was even lampshaded by Kuuko in her own 'verse, when she was on a fake date with Mahiro. She told Mahiro that they should have a child named Kuroko, and that if he's a boy, they'll have him play basketball and if it's a girl, to send her to Academy City.

The Final Story Arc shall have the Three Protagonists and their allies/harems come together of an epic final battle.
One which shall bring down the corrupt administration of Academy City once and for all and bring down some of the more questionable elements of the magic side too.

In the end of the series, Accelerator will die in a Heroic Sacrifice.
Because after all he has done, despite his best efforts to atone, Redemption Equals Death is probably the only option he really has.
  • As for the other two protagonists, I see Touma losing Imagine Breaker somehow, regaining his memories and getting a normal life. He ends up with one of the girls, most likely Mikoto. Shiage I am not so sure about.
    • Shiage will probably end up in some kind of polygamy relationship with (in order of precedence) Takitsubo, Mugino and Kinuhata. Possibly Fremea at some later date, thought that's less likely. So basically what's going on now, but with more sex.

The Sixth Level Five posses precognitive/temporal powers.
He uses these abilities mainly to allow himself to see trouble coming in advance and to put himself in the best position to avoid it. That is why it is so hard to find him, whenever someone looks for him, he has already seen it coming and knows exactly how to evade him. He is mostly like living off the grid somewhere in the less nice parts of AC, posing as a level zero on mostly just wants to be left alone.

Touma's anti-magic has a minor psychological repellent effect when observed by mages.
Upon observation; there is a natural inclination to ignore the ramifications. Magic in the Raildex-verse tends to "do the math itself", you just command it what to do. This results in a mental "weak muscle" in that regard. Thus, most mages upon having their abilities blocked by Touma will have the tendency to not think about it; thus not thinking about indirect (or non-magical) forms of attack.
  • This is not a spell per se; and some individuals are not effected this way; but a good many are.

Touma's Imagine Breaker is like the Avatar from 'Last airbender'.
Maybe...JUST MAYBE...the Imagine Breaker has existed ever since the beginning of time in this universe and thus the power transfers from person to person each time the previous user dies. How it does this... I haven't the slightest Idea, but the Idea came to me when I thought about how Touma's power seems to reset supernatural things back to normal. If Touma is the 'only' person with that type of power in a world where Espers(?) and Magicians are pretty common, it would make one think that this sort of ability would be necessary to keep a balance. And what has Touma been doing for the majority of the series? Stopping magicians from fucking with Academy City!

Gunha is a mage, not an esper
He has all sorts of random, disconnected abilities, and seems to power them with GUTS! A girl uses fairy tales for her magic; why can't he use sentai shows? Considering that this all seems to be unconscious on his part, that probably also means he's a Saint...which also makes sense.
  • Except he doesn't use any items. Pretty much all magic needs magical items to work.
    • Who's to say his clothes aren't magical? His armbands or bandana could easily be infused with magic power of some obscure variety, similar to how Index' robe was a Walking Church until Touma destroyed it.

Touma is not human, but solely an avatar of a higher species, granted to the world to rescue it and make it a better place
It has been confirmed that Touma is not a normal human. It is also quite plausible that he is not human at all, with his special power of his. But there actually are hints that he is solely the incarnated will of a higher existence.
  • Touma is so much of an Ideal Hero that it seems almost ridiculous. He thinks ONLY of the welfare of others and bringing them is the only thing that makes him happy.
  • He is also a complete Chaste Hero. Maybe there is some program installed in him that prevents him from entering a relationship...?
  • We know almost nothing of his past. What exactly happened there?
  • The same goes for the time between TAMNI and NT.
  • And don't get me even started on all the WMG about Imagine Breaker. But by the way, does breaking Imaginations / destroying Illusions as he calls it himself mean, he can alter reality back to the way it is as we anticipate it? Will he break all miracles on the world? Return the world to place without esper and magic powers...?

Academy City is part of the BioShock Multi Verse
The recently released Bioshock Infinite introduced a broader multiverse of supercities where "there's always a lighthouse, always a man, always a city." The details are specific enough and yet also vague enough that they could be applied to a number of other properties (the "lighthouse" doesn't have to be a literal lighthouse and can be likened to the Windowless Bulding or, with the release of the movie, even to the Space Elevator Endymion; the "man" could just as easily refer to the city's founder as it could be an analogue of Jack/Booker Dewitt, be it Kamijou Touma, Accelerator, or Hamazura Shiage). With that in mind, Academy City wouldn't necessarily take place in the same universe as either Columbia or Rapture but is, rather, another alternate version of the same scenario with similar characters and focusing on the constants between the two game settings:
  • Warring ideologues
  • Potentially harmful superpowers in a bottle/syringe (Level Upper on the streets in lieu of the plasmids)
  • The city as false/failed utopia
  • The violent revolt of an abused underclass, etc.
Some Bioshock related ideas are already at play in Index/Railgun proper (similarly themed stories about the expendability of commodified young girls, for example, with Bioshock's little sisters and the MISAKA Sisters of Index), so it doesn't seem like it would be much of a stretch.

Sogiita Gunha's true power is reality warping
He believes himself to be superhero and that's the reason why he has various unconnected superhero powers. In reality, he could manifest almost any power — as long as he believed he can do so.
  • That's every single esper that exists. They believe that they have the power that they posses and believes it strong enough that they manifest in actual reality instead of just their own personal reality.
    • Then perhaps Gunha, a Gemstone, was brought up without ever learning about ordinary laws of physics and his powers are result of Achievements in Ignorance.

Esper powers act like Sympathetic Magic
New Testament has a number of cybernetic Espers, all of which severely undermine the Personal Reality explanation for powers. First, Umidori boosts her powers by having more hands to project lances from. This significantly increases the amount of nitrogen she can manipulate and does not cause her precision to decrease. Kakine is not strictly cybernetic, but close enough. He makes a large number of exact duplicates of himself, but the duplicates apparently do not have his full set of powers, since he doesn't geometrically replicate. Also, his core regenerated severe brain damage. Rensa is where things get really weird; she can duplicate the power of Espers by rearranging her internal structure. This marks the only instance where someone has duplicated a power without taking along the thoughts of the original user in some manner. Also, apparently she can't duplicate the power of a dead Esper. Between her and Kakine, it is pretty clear Esper powers are not entirely sourced from the thoughts of their users. But the way they work raises more questions: Why is it apparently impossible for Kakine to fully clone his powers, and why can't Rensa replicate the powers of dead people? It appears that being similar in structure to the original user allows a person or object to access their power, but there is a maximum amount available, and the original user anchors their ability to reality... somehow. Probably it's linked to their soul instead of their physical brain, since Kakine's power still works despite having become a networked consciousness. The mechanism is presumably linked to AIM fields because the AIM Stalker ability allows manipulating other people's powers, and Level Upper connected people via their AIM fields. Of course, this raises even more questions; what is up with the Misaka Sisters? The majority of them are structurally identical to Mikoto, but the most powerful two are not. So, clearly their powers are independently sourced, but that leaves the question of why the ones which are identical can't draw on their sister's powers as well as or instead of their own. Two possibilities exist:
  • 1. it is fundamentally impossible to have two powers at once, even via copying an identical one. Yes, Level Upper appears to violate this, but that can be readily explained by assuming the powers were used by bodies of the original owners and projected via the AIM field. This also conflicts with the discussion about using AIM Stalker to give people multiple powers, but as of yet there's no proof that actually works, only that at least one board member thinks it might.
  • 2. It's totally possible, with the right configuration of AIM fields, and this is exactly what's happening in Railgun chapter 61.

The Five_OVER project is a form of grant fraud
Supposedly, the Five_OVER project is an effort to duplicate and surpass esper powers with technology. But there's actually no evidence that's really worked. The most impressive result is the Railgun model, but it shows no particularly exotic electromagnetic manipulation abilities. Railguns are conceptually pretty simple. The other one is supposed to be based on Mental Out, but neither works on the same principle nor achieves the most notable results. It's an airborne hallucinogen, which does not allow mind-reading or total mental control, and Mental Out is definitely not based on inhaled chemicals. Equ.Dark Matter appears to be a successful duplication of a Level 5 power, but in reality it's just the original power being used by the same guy. They're certainly handy; Five_OVER Railgun vastly outmatches the standard battlesuits and the hallucinogenic mold is capable of effectively and harmlessly incapacitating people on a large scale. But they're not really meeting the official goal, and the second one is only vaguely related to what it's supposedly based on. Apparently, someone has decided they're being offered a lot of money to do something impossible, and is pretending to be making progress when they know they're going down a dead end.

The secret to ultimate power is pants
All the most powerful people in the setting, particularly Kanzaki, Ollerus, the top three Level 5s, and Thor wear some form of pants regularly. In fact, Kanzaki's pants are known to be mystically significant. The Sisters, however, are exactly identical to Mikoto and have been imprinted with similar thought patterns but are notably weaker, and do not wear pants. The fifth-ranked level 5 has been through the same cirriculum as Mikoto, and there is no particular evidence to suggest she wears pants. The fourth-ranked level 5 wears pants on rare occasion.
  • This crack theory has got to be the funniest thing I have ever read.

Saten is actually a Level 6
Her personal reality reshapes reality around her, sometimes retroactively. The fact that she believe all of the urban legends she reads about is the reason the gang keeps discovering that they are true.

Kakine will become a mage/esper hybrid
After all, the backlash reaction is not a big deal to someone who can create as much replacement matter as he wants.

Laura Stuart is a Gemstone
Because that would turn out to be such a twist and also balance out with Aleister being on the Science side. Also, to point out, just because she has used magic items before does not mean she has used magic; Himegami has a Walking Church, which is magical. So espers seem to be able to use magic other people have prepared.

  • NT Volume 18 disproves this. It (a) confirms that her name is actually "Lola" instead of "Laura" and (b) reveals that she is Aleister Crowley's daughter and possessed by the demon Coronzon.

Touma's esper power
Imagine Breaker is just a seal put by outside forces to suppress The Invisible Thing, that additionally negates any magic and esper powers (including his).His real power is (go wild people):
  • A level 2 gelman
  • His name. This idea was born from the meaningful names section, where it gets a mention that Kamijou Touma can mean "The Person Superior To God", "Invisible Demon", and "He Who Purifies God And Exorcises The Devil." Touma is kind of hacking into the world and hooking himself up to these things. His Imagine Breaker is actually the exorcism and purification abilities mentioned, the Invisible Thing is actually the Invisible Demon portion and the part where he sucks it back in is the Superior bit. And as for the bad luck thing, well, let's just say that Fate is pissed.

Touma's cousin will eventually get an important role.
Her name, Otohime Tatsugami, means "Youngest Princess of the Dragon King/God". There has to be some connection to Touma's powers, especially since everybody else's Meaningful Name proved prophetic.

The final boss of the series will be ...
Touma himself! Maybe the "Invisible Thing" goes berserk, or he ascends, or some great secret about Imagine Breaker is finally revealed. I'm not saying he turns evil since you can be the final boss without being evil, maybe a Well-Intentioned Extremist or something. And the "hero" who faces him will be Index! NT10 seems to emphasize a lot on her potential as a Majin, and she's in the title!

Bonus points if the author writes a scene where "someone" is established to be the final boss, referring to him in extremely vague terms, revealing that it's Touma in the most epic Wham Line ever in the history of TAMNI, and that novel ends there.

The author actually has no idea what to do with Pierce Aogami.
There's Chekhov's Gunman, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Beware the Nice Ones, Forgotten Childhood Friend, all examples of tropes where someone turns out to be something more. Pierce Aogami was created with this in mind, because the author thought that eventually, he's going to need one of Touma's friends to end up being someone totally unexpected. We've already seen this happen with Tsuchimikado, and by not revealing Aogami's actual name, his esper level or abilities, Kamachi creates a character who could literally be anyone! But whenever there seems to be a possibility of using Aogami somewhere in the plot, maybe the author hesitates and thinks that Aogami could be used to even greater impact in the future, so he doesn't include Aogami in whatever's happening. This happens again and again, and goes on and on, until the author just doesn't know what to do with Aogami anymore. At this point, he will either be revealed to be someone completely normal, or The Reveal will only happen in the final arc.

Touma has, maximum, five volumes left (NT 15) until he make a Face–Heel Turn.
To contrast Accelerator's Character Development.

He is, little by little, learning to be more "selfish" and manipulative and should be turning rogue. Accelerator has been learning, little by little, how to become good since making a Heel–Face Turn.

Aogami Pierce is Exactly What It Says On The Tin...

...Just a blue-haired pierced guy. Because everyone has a Meaningful Name to describe or foreshadow their characters and I don't think this one's an exception.

I mean, sure, it sounds like a fake name, but is it really one? It may be a case of Shaped Like Itself, that's his actual name and Kamijo has no idea. Besides Himegami also has a last name related to her hairstyle, and nobody's accusing her of being anything more than she's shown to be. The author might be trolling the fanbase by being deliberately obtuse about Aogami, and then laughing his ass off as he reads the extremely bizarre theories that spawn around him.

Esper powers are supernatural, and powered by Lifeforce.

Esper powers are vulnerable to Imagine Breaker, so Esper powers are supernatural. That means that they are truly not formed purely out of To Aru-verse Science, or at least, not the science of the Pure World...

So... it looks like Science vs. Magic, but, is more Magic vs. Other Magic...

My guess on what AIM is, is Aleister somehow making a method of altering the Lifeforce circuits in people, to have them always be converting Lifeforce into AIM, which is unlike Magicians, who just make Mana from their Lifeforce on the fly...

Those who could defy the World Rejecter
Thanks to the character development he had gone through by the end of the Othinus arc thanks to what he went through to defeat her, and the words of the Will of the Misaka Network and Mikoto herself, Touma may be able to resist the World Rejecter's power, where everyone else would either want to be with certain people or have too many regrets. This is because the way World Rejecter works is that it absorbs people into what they see as their ideal world. Othinus may be able to see right through it herself, but is just as likely to succumb to it. Mikoto, meanwhile, should she ever discover the lengths Touma has truly been through, may be able to break through the illusion as well, the moment she realizes the Touma in her "ideal world" isn't going to save a girl that isn't her, like she would want.

Touya's Fung Shui Luck-thing he made put in his house actually works

That Fung Shui is the cause of Angel Fall, calling down an Angel aligned primarily with Water, but also with Fire, due to the Distortion of Worldly Laws...

The Fung Shui Circle could be why Touma's misfortune stopped spreading even though it did in the past, because IB had to counter the Fung Shui Luck? Although, that might not be a possible explanation, 'cause if there was constant magic around Touma, Index would sense it?

That Fung Shui might also explain Touma's harem, 'cause Fire is connected to Romantic Luck in Fung Shui, so the Fung Shui Circle would have invoked it. Since the color of Fire is Red, it could affected the Red Strings of Fate for the girls around Touma and starting his harem... But either his misfortune stops the romantic luck from actually giving him a full-time girlfriend, or the girls need to be the ones making the next step, because Love is not all Luck....?

  • First, Feng shui. Second, I'm pretty sure the reason Angel Fall happened was a combination of all the different talismans from different magical traditions, not just because there was Feng shui.

Each of the Level 5s represents one of the seven deadly sins

Accelerator is Sloth (makes sense once you see how he lives), Kakine is Envy, Mikoto is Pride, Mugino is Greed, Misaki is Gluttony, #6 (thought by many to be Aogami Pierce) is Lust, and Guhna is Wrath.

Mirror Universe Concepts

Let's come up with a Mirror Universe

  • Accelerator is dating Mikoto. They met because he saved her sister from a car accident.
  • Superpowers didn't exist until Touma came in where he has the power to give people super-powers. He used the alias DISCORD online and he's obessed with causing choas. He's also Born Lucky.

The #6 Level 5's power is antimemetic
For those unfamiliar with the SCP Foundation, an antimeme is an idea that discourages or prevents people from spreading it. The #6's power would be this taken up to eleven, explaining why nobody knows who they are. The reason the story never focuses on the #6 is because it even applies to the author!

Imagine Breaker is a piece of Aiwass' power
  • Aiwass is the guardian of the world that predates magic and it has a connection with Dragons to the point of even referring to itself as Dragon. Aiwass' original form may very well have been a dragon, with dragons being the original inhabitants of the Earth. Imagine Breaker is the part of Aiwass' power that allows it to revert the world back to its natural state. A natural state that predates humanity and everything associated with it, even its gods. This is why whenever Touma loses his hand, Aiwass' power manifests itself in its most primal state as a dragon. The reason Touma has bad luck because of Imagine Breaker is because he's the host to a piece of Aiwass, a being who predates the current world and thus is being subconsciously rejected by it. And unlike Aiwass itself, Touma isn't powerful enough to handle it, hence his bad luck.

Aiwass is Orochi
  • Tying in to the above WMG, Aiwass' true identity is the legendary eight-headed dragon Orochi. That's why when Touma lost his right arm at one point in Railgun it unleashed eight dragon heads.
    • It's unlikely that the eight dragons are Yamata no Orochi as they all look different. Moreover, as revealed in a later chapter of Railgun, one of the dragons has seemingly been captured by an esper (though another theory is that the esper's ability lets her create a copy of the dragon), further showing that the dragons aren't part of the same entity.

The Anti-Art Attachment is Touma's FIVE_Over equivalent
  • That is, the A.A.A. is an attempt to use technology to recreate and improve on Touma's ability to defeat gods, just as the FIVE_Overs are attempts to recreate the Level 5s' powers using technology. One piece of evidence for this is Mikoto getting "The One Who Purifies Gods and Slays Demons", Touma's epithet, when she analyses the A.A.A.. The reason the A.A.A. is a combination of both magic and technology is because Imagine Breaker (and the things it apparently seals) can't be explained with either magic or science alone. Its name, if following the convention of the FIVE_Overs, would be something like "ZERO_Over Modelcase_"The_One_Who_Purifies_Gods_and_Slays_Demons". Like the FIVE_Overs, the Anti-Art Attachment is actually a failure to properly recreate its model. It's effective at fighting magic and Magic Gods, but it's not immune to esper abilities (as shown when Mikoto hacks it) and, arguably more importantly, its entire purpose is against the intended purpose of The One Who Purifies Gods and Slays Demons (to understand the Magic Gods, according to themselves). This is why Aleister keeps Touma around despite having the A.A.A..

Touma is the only true Level 0
All other "Level 0" espers have fractional power - not enough to merit a 1. Touma is actually zero because his power is to reassert reality. He effectively nullifies powers by multiplying the power by zero.
  • Back in the first volume/episode 4 of the first series, Touma's teacher explains to Index that espers can essentially manipulate probability to force their desired result.
  • This works on magic and divine powers as well because they also alter reality.

Sogiita Gunha's power is "protection"
.Think about it: Using the powers listed on Combo Platter Powers as an example, he has indifference to pain (protection from pain), explosion creation (protection from attackers/debris/etc.), Super Strength (protection from being overpowered/crushed/etc.), a Healing Factor (protection from injury), and electricity deflection (protection from electricity). Every single power listed is either defensive/supportive, or can be used defensively. They're likely just various aspects of his core "Ultimate Shield" (speculative name) power that he's managed to manifest independently.

Touma is a "gateway" to a dimension full of "Invisible Things"
The Imagine Breaker's real purpose is to keep the Invisible Things from invading the world. This could also justify why the Invisible Thing seems to have inconsistent levels of power throughout the series — it's not the same Invisible Thing each time.

Espers have a wider hearing-range than non-Espers
.The evidence provided in both Index and Railgun support this theory. Level Upper could only increase the level of the user's powers, not actually cause powers to manifest. This is why Saten was able to become a Level 2 Aero Hand, albeit briefly. Likewise, Capacity Down doesn't stop Mikoto from being able to shoot lightning (it only makes it impossible for her to control her aim), yet it prevents Shirai Kuroko completely from using her teleport ability. Given how Academy City openly uses drugs, hypnosis and brainwashing to alter the students' bodies, it isn't that far of a stretch to assume that Espers have an expanded range of hearing than normal people. This would also explain how adults are completely unaffected and able to concentrate just fine, even with Capacity Down blasting. Capacity Down simply had some super-annoying sounds mixed in at frequencies above 20 kilohertz (the upper limit for healthy young people). These super-annoying frequencies are what actually prevent Shirai Kuroko from doing her 11th-dimension calculations and Misaka Mikoto from concentrating on aiming her lightning or controlling iron sand.

Imagine Breaker is the opposite of Hyouka Kazakiri
.If Kazakiri is the amalgamation of all the AIM Diffusion Fields in Academy City, and AIM Diffusion Fields are extensions of an espers personal reality, and personal reality is the manner in which espers use their power (ie, Mikoto can control electricity because she believes she can), then Imagine Breaker might be the same but for every non-esper or magician in the world. A normal person wouldn't think that it's possible to summon murder-golems or control vectors, and if esper powers and magic (as implied) is based on belief, then a normal person's belief in how the world is supposed to work might carry the same weight, especially if multiplied by Billions of people rather than the millions that make up Kazakiri.

Alternative Title(s): To Aru Kagaku No Railgun, A Certain Scientific Railgun