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Drinking Game / A Certain Magical Index

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Take a drink for every time...

  • The Imagine Breaker cancels out someone's power or attack. Take another if the person is shocked that it's capable of doing so.
    • Take two if the attack in question appears to shatter like glass.
    • Take one big gulp if Touma didn't even realize there was a power being used in the first place.
  • The Imagine Breaker gives Touma bad luck.
  • Touma punches someone.
  • There is blatant Ship Tease.
  • Touma winds up in Heaven Canceler's office.
    • Two if he's there with another character.
    • Three if another character is there and not Touma.
  • Mikoto has a Tsundere moment involving Touma.
    • Take another if it results in her using her powers in anger.
  • Index bites Touma or eats something.
  • Accelerator reflects something.
    • Take a long swig if he fails to reflect something and gets hurt as a result.
  • Kuroko has a Psycho Lesbian moment.
  • A girl is struck by the 'Kami-Yan disease'.
  • The Imagine Breaker fails unexpectedly.
  • There are wind turbines visible in the background.


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