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Recap / A Certain Magical Index

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Since A Certain Magical Index is very long and its details vary in its various media, this recap will group by story arcs, taking note of the differences between the light novel, anime, and manga adaptations. See here for A Certain Scientific Railgun's recap page, and here for A Certain Scientific Accelerator.

Warning! Recap pages do not get spoiler tags. All spoilers on these pages will be unmarked.

Light Novels

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    Original Series (Part 1) 

    New Testament (Part 2) 
  1. Vol.1 Freshmen
  2. Vol.2 Homecoming
  3. Vol.3 Hawaii Invasion
  4. Vol.4 Baggage City
  5. Vol.5-6 Ichihanaran Festival
  6. Vol.7 Agitate Halation
  7. Vol.8-10 Magic God Othinus
  1. Vol.11 Mental Out
  2. Vol.12 St. Germain
  3. Vol.13 Magic God Invasion
  4. Vol.14 World Rejecter
  5. Vol.15 Salome
  6. Vol.16 Element
  7. Vol.17 Kamisato Kakeru Rescue
  8. Vol.18 Aleister Crowley
  9. Vol.19 Processor Suit
  10. Vol.20-22 Coronzon
  11. Vol.22 Reverse Kamijou

    Genesis Testament (Part 3) 

    Side Stories 
The chronological order of these side stories in relation with the original series and with each other is not clear.
  1. SP
  2. Norse Mythology
  3. Road To Endymion
  4. Miracle Of Endymion
  5. Necessarius Special Entrance Exam
  6. Love Letter Competition
  7. New Testament SS

Anime Adaptation

    Season 1 

The first anime season that covers volumes 1 through 6 of the original light novel series.

Vol. 1: Index Arc

Vol. 2: Deep Blood Arc

Vol. 3: Sisters Arc

Vol. 4: Angel Fall Arc

Vol. 5: Three Stories Arc

Vol. 6: Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

    Season 2 

The second anime season that covers volumes 7 through 13 of the original light novel series. The season starts off with the one volume 5 story that was skipped over, and ends with a side-story that takes place after volume 13.

Vol. 5: Three Stories Arc

Vol. 7: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Vol. 8: Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Vol. 9-10: Daihasei Festival Arc

Vol. 11: The Queen Of The Adriatic Sea Arc

Vol. 12-13: Academy City Invasion Arc

Side-Story: Skill-Out Uprising Arc

    Season 3 

The third anime season that covers volumes 14 through 22 of the original light novel series.

Vol. 14: Document Of Constantine Arc

Vol. 15: Battle Royale Arc

Vol. 16: Acqua of the Back Arc

Vol. 17-18: British Royal Family Arc

Vol. 19: DRAGON Arc

Vol. 20-22: World War III Arc