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Nightmare Fuel / A Certain Magical Index

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  • Index's Heroic Safe Mode in the first arc, what with the Creepy Monotone and the general "something's freaking wrong with her" atmosphere.
  • Touma getting his right arm cut off, and then just laughing insanely while bleeding everywhere.
    • Actually, that entire event is explicitly described as an illusion. The alchemist is using the needles to warp his reality, which affects everyone else's. Still very creepy however, as there's a man basically getting himself high so he can inflict psychosomatic pain on others.
    • Though we later find out that there really is something terrifying sealed in that arm. And it really wants out.
  • Particularly during the time when Vento attacks Academy City and Aleister sends Hound Dog to retrieve Last Order.
  • Don't become Etzali's enemy. He can attack your friends, hide their bodies, and then take their places without you noticing.
  • Shizuri Mugino after she Came Back Wrong. She gains Glowing Eyes of Doom and her already freakishly crazy personality makes matters even worse. She even threatens to burn off Rikou's virginity!
    "Gya ha ha!! Oh, now where to start burning her? Maybe I should roast that little face of hers? Or maybe I should press against her pink *** and burn it pitch black!! Hey, what do you think, [Shiage]? You'd better come out, cause I'm gonna burn her into a black mummy! Or can you still get off to fucking a hole like that? I'll count to three. If you don't come out, I'll burn [Rikou's] *** as punishment. Of course, if you'd rather just abandon her, the you can just sit there masturbating to the stench of her virginity being burned away."
  • The Agnese Forces sticking pens into their own ears and bursting their eardrums all to just stop the main effect of Index's current spell. The casual ease with which they did it really reinforces the fanatic feel of the forces and makes the danger far more real when not even basic survival instinct can stop them.
    • What's worse is that Index's spell was pointing out contradictions in their ideology, effectively beating them over the head with their own hypocrisy. They're so brainwashed and crazy that they don't care how wrong they are. Case in point, the nuns who already experienced it instantly try to kill them again.
    • Made even worse than that when we find out why they're so fanatic. The Adriatic Sea arc shows exactly what the "magician"/Church Militant side of the Roman Catholic Church in the world setting does to the magician nuns that fail them. The Agnese forces are magically compelled to wear extremely humiliating and Stripperific clothing then treated as actual depraved sluts because they're wearing those outfits, continually driven to work to the point of life-threatening exhaustion, beaten, and berated for the slightest hesitation or defiance, real or imagined (mostly imagined) and Agnese herself gets all that PLUS she was forcefully fed to a magical artifact that would have completely destroyed her mind, leaving her as a vegetable so that the self-righteous "Cardinal" could launch an attack on Academy City with the fleet of magically summoned ice-ships for the crime of "resisting" a powerful mass-mind control artifact deployed by a self-righteous knight templar "priestess" that went and acted of her own volition by using fireworks at the end of a festival, like they've been doing for years. Basically, if that self-righteous twit hadn't attacked Touma and Orsola in Italy, he would have carried out a massive Why Did You Make Me Hit You? on not only the Agnese forces, but all of Academy City. Even when in Neccesarius' custody, he STILL thinks he's a man of honor and righteousness.
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  • When Sister Lucia uses her "carriage wheel shrapnel attack" on Touma. The shrapnel embeds into Touma's arm, then rips itself out!
  • What happened to Musujime Awaki when she messed up her calculations and found part of her leg stuck in a wall, removing the leg also removed the leg's skin and muscle.
  • New Testament 2: When the Radiosonde Castle was finally brought down, the message left on it was for Touma. This ordinarily wouldn't be anything new, but the tone it set indicated they blamed him for what they lost in WWIII and It's Personal. The message, written messily in red spray paint: Welcome home, hero.It's worse if you consider that they destroyed mountains and rivers to track him down by rearranging the planet's leylines and nearly caused an Ice Age that would destroy humanity. And they did it casually just to track him. God's Right Seat wasn't that bad compared to them.
  • The Tomato in the Mirror scene where Hyouka Kazakiri's head breaks open.
  • New Testament 3: Cendrillon, using magic based on "Cinderella", can remotely mutilate the feet of anyone who has feet of a different size than hers. Worse, Accelerator explains that if she had used it on him, he wouldn't have been able to block it. The spell ignores distance and obstacles to affect the target instantly, so there are no vectors for him to redirect.
  • The various forms of Body Horror GREMLIN inflicts on failed or outlived henchmen.
  • What happened to Misaka WORST, being cut open.
  • Marian Slingeneyer's human modification magic and how she uses it.
  • Don't piss off a Reality Warper or he'll suspend you in the air and instantly remove all of the skin from your body. Complete with three close-ups: an arm, the beating heart, and the staring "face". Much worse in the novels, where the character's innards in mentioned scene explode across the room after WITH BLOOD VESSELS AND ORGANS STILL INTACT AND CONNECTED WITH EACH OTHER. Despite this, the person happens to be still alive. And let's not get into any of the sequences that include the clone of said Reality Warper, (thankfully) edited out of the anime adaption.
    • Exclusive to the light novels: Aureolus Izzard Made a copy of himself that had his memories and thought it was him. It goes crazy when it figures out the truth, and has the power to turn anything it hits with its dart into molten gold, even people.
  • Accelerator. Pretty much anything he does while in violent mode, including brutally killing 10,000 teenage girls, chewing on at least one of those girls' fingers, executing a team sent after him in the most traumatizing and Mind Rape -y ways possible. And then you factor in his Powers which make him more or less invincible. Unless you are stronger than a nuke or happen to have an ability that trumps his and he can't adapt to (so far, only Touma), he is essentially unkillable.
  • New Testament 6: Fraulein Kreutune has grown a monstrous mouth and is driven by instinct to try to eat Last Order's brains. Kakine Teitoku has come back, looking like a white zombie. He's also created an enormous army of copies of himself, as well as demonic rhinoceros beetles. They are all him.
  • New Testament 7: Swarms of man-eating cockroaches that can also chew through metal, concrete, rubber, and plastic.
  • New Testament 8: Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right ambush Othinus and attempt to turn her into a fairy to make her weaker, only for the attempt to make her a perfect Magic God, no longer restricted by the 50/50 paradox. She apparently kills them both. She apparently makes Touma's companions disappear and gloats that everything that has happened has gone according to her grand design, then pulls Gungnir out of her eye! Touma desperately charges at her, only for her to declare, "These small fights are such a pain. I think I'll just end the world." Everything, save for Othinus and Kamijou Touma, is apparently annihilated, and the accompanying illustration is a completely black page.
  • New Testament 9: Imagine yourself in Touma's shoes, trapped in an endless cycle of alternate worlds. Having everyone hate you, even your own parents and teacher, then having someone take your identity, then getting eaten alive, buried alive, paralyzed in a hospital bed and left to rot, and trapped in a pod and launched into space all alone.
    • And that isn't even the worse of it all picture his position being in his position in World Omega, see a perfect world you ever tried or dreamed to accomplish, see everyone you know being the happiest person they have ever been and you don't exist. And the cherry on top is the choice between suicide and denying said world and killing thousands of people by denying that they should exist in the world.
    • Even the idea of knowing that someone can change the world on a whim is horrifuing as we see how Touma reacts to the possibility of yet another magic god on New Testament 12.
  • New Testament 11:
  • New Testament 12:
    • St. Germain's carbon manipulation magic has creepy uses, like opening holes in humans to create a tunnel for his carbon spears or twisted plant monsters in the shape of animals that split into smaller beings like a matryoshka doll.
    • St. Germain's true nature It is a collective identity created by a magician out of the legend of St. Germain. By using microbes and techniques based on acting trances it can easily brainwash people to synchronize them to the network. Many of the people it uses on the novel are espers, so they are injured every time they use magic.
  • New Testament 13:
    • We finally get the Imagine Breaker's antithesis: the World Rejecter. What it does to anyone, even Magic Gods, and how they seem to be fine with its effects, are truly horrifying.
  • New Testament 19:
  • New Testament 20:
    • Crowley's Hazards, the alternate possibilities of Aleister Crowley that were released to the world when Aleister was 'killed' by Lola/Coronzon. These alternative Crowleys include both Crowleys who have mastered magic and those who gave up and abandoned it. Their ranks include several bizarre creatures more fitting of the Regulation-class Materials, such as a large dragon made of organs with several carnivore plant-like maws, a humanoid figure made of concrete pieces patched together, a giant deformed clown taller than a broadcast tower], a humanoid form made of round clock faces and innumerable gears, and a giant with thick, sewn-together skin and tiny Crowleys spilling from the tears in said skin and many more monsters. Imagine all these creatures and more suddenly appearing all over the world simultaneously, and you have Aleister's assault of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

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