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Awesome Music / A Certain Magical Index

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Being a long-running Light Novel with a popular Spin-Off, both of which have currently two seasons of animated adaptation each, A Certain Magical Index (as well as A Certain Scientific Railgun) brings a great deal of songs to the table, and all of them are awe-inspiring.

  • The first opening for A Certain Magical Index anime adaptation, PSI-missing, has keyboard synthesizer and electric guitar tunes symbolizing the Science side combined with deep lyrics and vocals by Mami Kawada symbolizing the Magic side. This song successfully encapsulates the main premise of this series about how Magic and Science are more or less two sides of the same coin. Many fans consider this song as "The song that started the whole series".
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  • Index's Theme Music Power-Up, "jellyfish", is freaking awesome!
  • Episode 12 of Index Season 1 gave us a very nice insert song called "Ame".

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