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It could be possible that the first two letters of the Red Blood Cells' ID Codes correspond to "A-type, Exists", with the first part referencing Type A antibodies and the second part referencing the presence of RH factors.
  • An intriguing theory (Senpai RBC is AA), but the leader of the transfused blood cells are labeled as DB5963, which wouldn't make sense as there isn't a "D" blood type. Additionally, Kouhai RBC is labeled as NT4201. If I had to hazard a counter theory, it would be that the prefix designation refers to an occupational duty, or simply as an identifier.
  • Actually, AE3803 is the hex code for her hair color. This also applies to AA5100 and her brown hair. DB5963 is still in the colour range (but is kind of pink). Cells at Work! [BLACK]'s AA2153 is purpleish, but NT4201 is not a legitimate hex code.
    • That is... astounding plausible and I think the best explanation we have here, at least for AE3803 and AA5100 I think we've cracked this one lads.

When the appearance of the body all the cells live in is revealed, he’ll...
  • ...look exactly like Ordinary Cell and muse about how bad his luck is. Because he gets sick all the time

Cells take the form of their current host
So if their host is a cat, the cells would be represented as different breed of cats (Siamese, Persian, Maine-Coon) and if their host is a bird, they are different types of birds (Hawk, orpesy, eagle). If their host is an alien, however...
  • Alternatively, Cells usually have the form of whatever body they've come from, right down to species, subspecies and even what breed the host life-form is.

The way in which the B Cell from Episode 3 of the Anime claims to need to run back to swap out antibodies when the Influenza A virus hit after the Influenza B virus had been eradicated, as well as how the Effector T Cell from the same episode reverted to a naïve T-cell at the same point, could lead one to think that the characters aren't the actual cells themselves, but merely the designations given to the cells, with each death of a cell and redesignation of their ID code to a new cell being why those things happened.

The narration is done by either the Brain, or just one of its cells.
  • How else would the narrator know so much about what goes on inside, and even outside, the body/world? The brain knows!

The body that we are seeing go through all these problems, belongs to a version of Touma Kamijou.
  • Only somebody with his type of "rotten luck" would wind up experiencing all this crap weekly, if not daily, while still being able to get over it all in the end.

I know these cells can't reproduce with each other, and this is more of a pun than anything, but if NK and Killer T Cell had a child, would they make a Natural Killer T Cell? On a more serious note, how would NK-T Cells dress like? Black tank top on black pants?
Considering that NK-T cells are very few in number with an important and specialized role, they'd probably be an elite military unit the way Killer T cells are akin to S.W.A.T., with black military uniforms and a stronger Mildly Military flavor. Since NK-T cells perform functions that mirror those of other cells, they could show up as a Five-Man Band where each has a specialty that echoes one of the other cell types: The Big Guy is the Killer T-like brawler, The Lancer is the NK-like swordsman, there's a Dendritic cell-like motivator/troll, etc. Lack of NK-T cells can lead to increased risk of cancer, so we might see these guys if there's ever a Cancer Cell the Third.
  • Agreeing with the above; NK-T cells are among the rarest - if not the rarest - white blood cells, comprising only 0.1% of Lymphocytes, making the rare Basophil at least ten times more common. They would be the white blood cell equivalent of the US Navy Seals or various Green Beret/Commando divisions of other militaries, it might be even better to compare them to elite units of those already elite divisions such as the US Seal Team 6, the British Black Fox units during the during the Cold War and the similar безымянный/"Nameless" KGB special ops units of the Soviet Union. These cells would be the absolute elite of the immune system - in universe anyway; in truth they're much like the basophils in that we have a general idea of some of their capabilities but the full picture is still quite murky, which sort of fits with a top secret black ops unit of elite soldiers.

AE3803 is a sickle cell.
It would explain the shape of her Idiot Hair, as well as her ineptitude but determination in spite of it; she can’t do her job as efficiently as her normal red blood cell peers, but she does it all the same.

The body from Cells at Work! [BLACK] belongs to a recently-divorced middle-aged Salaryman.
Being middle-aged would make poor health more likely due to age, so when crises hit they hit hard; being a salaryman would contribute to ongoing stress, given that the spikes we see are noted as being 'even higher than normal,' and explains why the stress is chronic. Salarymen often have poor diets due to grabbing meals when they can, and that, plus post-work drinking, brings down general health. The recent crisis is a result of the divorce: It's noted that he stopped smoking ten years ago but started again, so he likely stopped when he met or married his wife and resumed after she left. His poor hygiene and lack of self-care is depression resulting from the divorce and his poor diet is a mix of indifference and an inability to cook, as many Japanese men rely on their wives for meals. Excessive drinking is also frequently a sign of depression. His erectile dysfunction is caused by depression as well as stress, as it's noted that erections "used to be more frequent," as in when he was still with his wife. Her departure also explains the unsafe sex, probably with a prostitute given that it resulted in an STD. Plus, heart attacks are a stereotypical risk for salarymen.

The age of the cells reflect the age of the body.
With the obvious exception of the platelets, all of the cells we see are within a non-specific young adult range. This is the same age that the body they are inside currently is. As the body gets older, this same generalized age increases, until it reaches the point where stem cells rapidly mature into old age before being differentiated. This could serve as a metaphor for how the body becomes less and less efficient as it ages, ultimately leading to its death.
  • Langerhan cells are depicted as old gentlemen, though.
    • True, but the platelets are still children. If there's exceptions one way, presumably there can be exceptions the other way. This is just following the general majority.

If we ever figure out cellular immortality, Cancer Cell will come back... the one who provides said immortality to the rest of the body, fixing imperfections instead of causing them. Because that would be heartwarming to the extreme and a perfectly anime ending for such a tragic character.

More dangerous/deadly or historic pathogens - if they appear - such as TB, Ebola, The Plague, Smallpox etc. will approach the Bishōnen Line, appearing as handsome/pretty human-like beings rather than twisted monstrosities.
That poor body...


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