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Headscratchers / Cells at Work!

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  • Are Somatic/Body cells born (cloned) with the memories of their original "creator" cell? Or are they blank slates, allowed to become/be their own individual(s) - as much as that's possible in a setting with such a ridged caste system.

    • May turn into fridge horror; in a very "Who am I?" kind of situation, potentially made worse by the potential for Cancer Cell to have been born with the memories of the cell that mistakenly made him in the first place.

    • Since a cell mentions having to teach the clone until he can go off on his own, it seems like they are a blank slate.

  • Ok the series explains illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, cancer, and even immune reactions and autoimmune diseases are widely accepted to be "the immune cells get commands they shouldn't and they follow them" in this work. But what about genetic diseases caused by a prominent bug in the chromosomes (more, less, garbled information)?

    • I imagine the cells view those conditions as the way things are: i.e. someone with Haemoplilia lacks those adorable platelet children running around, and every minor cut is handled as a potential crisis

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  • Are cells who turn cancerous without replicating (such as liver or kidney cancers) going insane from overwork?

  • The liver is depicted as a nightclub with strippers and hot waitresses. Since cells only reproduce by way of cloning, why are they excited by pretty girls?

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