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Naruto pairings:


  • Sasuke and Sakura were teased together for most of Part I, most notably in the Chunin Exams arc, where Sasuke activates his Curse Mark and viciously breaks Zaku's arms because Zaku hurt Sakura, and then Sakura is able to calm down Sasuke from an early Start of Darkness with a Cooldown Hug. Another notable moment comes in the Invasion of Konoha arc, where Sasuke tells Naruto to save Sakura and run while he holds off Gaara, because he doesn't want anyone who is precious to him to die before his eyes again. They weren't teased together for most of Part II because of Sasuke's absence. However, once Team 7 reunited in the War Arc, they started being teased together again. First, when Sakura shows the power of her Yin Seal by demolishing a bunch of Ten-Tail clones, Sasuke is shown sporting a proud and flirty smirk, while Naruto looks absolutely terrified of her. Then, Naruto and Kakashi individually ask Sasuke if he thanked Sakura for saving him and try to persuade him to think of her unwavering love for him. Sasuke eventually accepts and reciprocates Sakura's feelings. They are married with a daughter in the epilogue.
  • Near the end of Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, there's a shot of Sasuke lying in Sakura's lap.

  • It's well-known that Masashi Kishimoto purposefully had Naruto and Sasuke kiss early on because he thought there had been no rivals who kiss in manga, saying additionally that it set up tension between Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, and that it was something he wanted to surprise fans with.
    • At one point when Sasuke is dying in the manga before the timeskip, the kiss is called back among a bunch of panels that shows that Sasuke is having flashbacks about his and Naruto's rivalry. It also includes a scene where they're both experiencing positive emotions, and thus subtly implies he doesn't see the moment in a negative light.
  • On the night "Madara" infiltrated the Leaf Village to go see Naruto following the Pain arc, Naruto is lying on the floor in deep thought about Sasuke. His comments and tone are indistinguishable from the way a person pining for him from afar would be thinking about the young Uchiha. "Where are you Sasuke?", "Are you done being angry?", "Are you thinking about me?" etc.

  • Shikamaru and Temari. Particular tease-worthy are their scenes in Shippuden, where the only member of the Rookie 9 besides Sakura that Naruto sees before leaving to help Gaara is Shikamaru...and all his appearances are partnered up with Temari, and that's not even getting into the actual interactions the two have in those scenes. Naruto even asked them if they were on a date, which they both deny. They are married with a son in the epilogue.
  • When Temari rescues Shikamaru during the "Sasuke Retrieval" arc, Shikamaru notes that she's just like his mother. Temari is also there when Shikamaru ends up crying later.

  • There was a fair amount of this between Naruto and Sakura, although, in retrospect, almost all of their moments are negative and not very romantic, largely because they get ruined as soon as they come and are often Played for Laughs for the sake of comic relief. It starts with Naruto thinking that he likes her a lot because she's pretty in her debut, and then realizing in final movie that the only reason he has a crush on her is because he merely wants to win her over to beat out his rival Sasuke at something for once; Sakura blushing when Naruto was fighting Zabuza and wondering since when he made her blush; Sakura willing to let her team fail during a test to protect Naruto's dream of becoming Hokagenote ; Sakura going on a date with him in Part Inote ; Sakura blushing when Naruto returns to the village after the three-year Time Skipnote ; Sakura trying to calm him down when he was out of control by the Nine-Tails and being willing to give up the hunt for Sasuke because Naruto was hurtnote ; Sakura going to feed him when he is unable to move an armnote ; Sakura hugging him after he defeats Painnote . There was also a scene in which Sakura laments being only able to do small things for Naruto as she was healing him after he gradually grew into his four-tailed state. Yamato then says what she can do is less important because, according to him: "I can tell just by watching you, Sakura, just how much you—" (Naruto wakes up, interrupting him). Kishimoto has stated in several post-series interviews that all of the above was deliberately written to make their definitive and repetitive Ship Sinking in Chapter 469, the epilogue, and The Last: Naruto the Movie all the more noteworthy.


Boruto pairings:

  • In Boruto: Naruto the Movie Sarada compliments Boruto's Innocent Blue Eyes, making him blush. Later he makes a Declaration of Protection to her, which makes her blush.
  • In the Anime, when Mitsuki says that Boruto and Sarada make a nice couple, they both vehemently deny it on several instances, but both are visibly blushing in episode 24.note 
  • There's this image from the Shonen Jump 2017 calendar.
  • On the scene mentioned below between Sarada and Sumire, Sarada is visibly surprised of learning of Sumire's crush on Boruto.
  • Played for Laughs when, as a Call-Back to their parents' Accidental Kiss, Boruto falls onto Sarada and ends up kissing... her foot.
  • In the final chapter of the Naruto manga (which wasn't adapted into the anime), Sarada follows Boruto around.
  • Eida's power makes anyone instantly fall in love with her; the only exceptions are Otsutsuki clan members or their Karma vessels, but it's shown that Sumire, who is confirmed to have feelings for Boruto, is immune to it... and so is Sarada as well.
  • When Eida brainwashes the entire world into believing that Boruto killed the Seventh Hokage, Naruto, the only ones unaffected are Sarada and Sumire. Sarada then begs her father, Sasuke, to believe her that Boruto is innocent. She awakens her Mangekyou Sharingan in the process, established to awaken when an Uchiha experiences an intense feeling of love.
  • After the timeskip, Boruto returns to the Hidden Leaf Village and speaks to Sarada. The first thing she does is rush to hug him warmly, telling him that he's late. In a significant moment, Boruto hugs her back.

  • In Manga Chapter 19, Sumire asks Sarada if she's attracted to Boruto, which she denies, to which Sumire responds that she in fact is attracted to him, and coyly winks at Sarada.
  • In Episode 15 of the Anime, the background music when Sumire and Boruto meet again is "Naruto And Hinata" from "The Last: Naruto Movie".
  • In the third Boruto novel, Boruto is almost moved to tears when he sees Sumire lying hurt in hospital. He was so eager to see her that he doesn't even notice that he slammed Metal Lee into the hospital wall when urgently opening the door to her room. She tries to reassure him that shes ok, but that only affects him more.
  • In Manga Chapter 56, While Sumire gives Kawaki an injection, she reassures him that he doesn't need to worry about her medical skill, and besides, tending to him means she gets to ask him more about Boruto. Kawaki responds by asking if she likes Boruto and she freaks out and begs him to keep her crush a secret. Sumires' boss, Katasuke, comments to himself that her crush on Boruto is "so very obvious" anyway.
  • In Episode 219 of the anime, Sumires romantic feelings for Boruto are finally adapted from the manga. When Sumire is watching Borutos interview with her friends, she is the only one to notice that something isn't right with Boruto and worries he might be pushing himself too much. When Cho-Cho then comments that "You watch Boruto quite closely, don't you Class-Rep?", Sumire gets flustered. Later, when working with her colleague Katasuke, he notices her feelings and asks if she's worried about Boruto. When he goes to make her a cup of coffee, she blushes to herself and wonders "Why am concerned about Boruto?"

  • Though he ultimately has complex feelings over the start of their relationship, Mitsuki frequently refers to Boruto as "his sun" in the early parts of the anime, with Boruto initially acting weirded out by the statement to later barely reacting like he's gotten used to Mitsuki's mannerisms. In later anime episodes when Mitsuki shows his preference for Boruto over others Boruto usually just has an indulgent "that's just how he is" face.
  • Mitsuki likes to hang around Boruto most of the time to keep watching him and learning how to essentially be a human and even though at the beginning of their friendship Boruto would find his attention a bit weird he never expressed disgust or offensiveness or told Mitsuki to back off as Mitsuki genuinely comes across as naive and well-intentioned in learning how to socialize with others.
  • Boruto and Mitsuki are often seen around each other in their time off missions. It started off as Mitsuki tagging along with Boruto and Shikadai's shenanigans but evolved organically into a "just need to find one to find the other" situation.
  • Boruto and Mitsuki have very distinctly polar designs to reflect their "sun and moon" dynamic, with Boruto having blond hair and blue eyes while Mitsuki has light blue hair and golden eyes. Boruto's outfit is a modern sporty look that is mostly black with pink accents while Mitsuki's is an airy traditional robe with light colors accented by blue.
  • Boruto and Mitsuki's dynamics are represented in ending 6 (Laika) as a pink thread for Boruto and blue thread for Mitsuki. The two threads are seen weaving and intertwining before splitting apart to represent their separation and "conflict" during the Mitsuki arc. Interestingly, it's the same visual metaphor that was used for Sakura and Sasuke's (a canon couple) threads in ending 2 (Sayonara Moon Town) with the two colors coming together to form Sarada and splitting apart in a time of crisis.
  • Before his anime arc, Mitsuki's only personal belonging in his bare bone apartment was a portrait of Boruto he kept on his bedside table. After his anime arc, he gets more framed pictures of his friends but shifts the original Boruto photo to his pillowside instead.
  • Their relationship is not totally one-sided as Boruto very clearly also values Mitsuki and gets easily depressed when Mitsuki is injured or absent. When Mitsuki was injured by Kakashi in their academy graduation exam his classmates were trying to cheer up Boruto (who thought he lacked conviction to become a shinnobi after losing to Kakashi). Boruto was still hesitant and moody before hearing Mitsuki wake up and after being reassured that it was worth it and that he only learned how to do something for others from Boruto himself, he finally cheered up and lead the final charge against Kakashi to take the bell.
  • After Team 7 lost to Deepa, Boruto and Sarada started their training arc while Mitsuki was recovering, with Boruto being reminded of Mitsuki when looking up at the moon and getting frustrated at himself for being weak and letting Mitsuki get injured. Bonus points because Sarada also remembered Mitsuki when looking at the moon.
  • Boruto was also very despondent when Mitsuki left the village without telling anyone why and would walk around Konoha and their usual hanging spots just to sorely feel Mitsuki's absence and regret not having paid more attention to him before he left. After he and Sarada left the village too to find Mitsuki Boruto wouldn't stop thinking about Mitsuki to the point fans started a game of how "how many times did Boruto say or think Mitsuki this episode", yes the yearning was off the charts.
  • In episode 12 when their friendship was still relatively new Boruto brings Mitsuki to his home for dinner and Himawari comments how he finally brought a friend home with Boruto acting defensive about it but Hinata was also excited about having her son bringing a guest over. It was also the first formal meeting between Mitsuki and Naruto, with Naruto asking Mitsuki to "be good" to his son while Boruto argues that he's the one that's good to Mitsuki.
  • In episode 51 Mitsuki was apparently invited to Boruto's birthday party first as Sarada shows up later with her mom and is surprised to see him already seated at the table with Boruto and teasingly comments "Looks like you've made yourself at home".
  • In episode 159 when Mitsuki falls ill and collapses Sarada is the first to notice and she runs off to get not the two adults/team leaders present but instead goes to Boruto directly like anything wrong with Mitsuki has to be relayed first to him. Afterwards when they set off in search of a doctor Boruto is the one carrying Mitsuki instead of say the 2 adults or Sarada that is physically stronger. When faced with an eccentric, borderline sadistic doctor Boruto is visibly hesitant in leaving Mitsuki in her care.
  • In episode 162 when Mitsuki joins up with the team again Boruto (and Sarada) are both overjoyed to see him and run up to him, with Boruto reaching out to grab Mitsuki by the shoulders while they speak.
  • In episode 167 after Boruto wakes up in the hospital and gets his bearings, the first thing he asks Shizune is where Mitsuki is. After being told of Mitsuki's critical condition he's visibly depressed and covers his eyes while answering that he's not surprised. Same thing happened back in episode 63 when Sarada told him that Mitsuki was in a bad condition and it left Boruto feeling even worse after what happened to Naruto and Hinata.
  • In chapter 69 of the manga, when Mitsuki asks Sarada how she feels about Boruto she bounces back his question, saying that his "eyes light up" around him.
  • After the manga timeskip, when an enraged and borderline suicidal Mitsuki chases him down to try to kill him in name of (who he thinks is his sun) Kawaki, Boruto defeats him without harming a single hair on Mitsuki and correctly identifies his mental issues, telling him straight on that Kawaki was not going to illuminate him no matter how hard Mitsuki tried to stay close to him and that "I'm your sun, it's that simple" confirming that he already accepted and embraced this role long ago.
  • After their manga fight and declaring himself to be Mitsuki's sun, Boruto states that he always believed Mitsuki to be a person capable of shining on his own but if he really needed a sun in his life then Mitsuki was "welcome to come to him anytime" before Boruto left the village again.
  • There is some controversy about the translations of Eida and Mitsuki's conversation in chapter 8 of TBV because the original japanese statement did not have a defining pronoun ending in the "why do you love Kawaki"/"why do I love Kawaki" debate between different translations. Essentially, this changes nothing because they're both discussing the merits of being artificial beings (Eida as a cyborg and Mitsuki as an artificial human) chasing after the concept of love and the importance of realizing their self-worth before anything else. The entire conversation boils down to the parallelism between Eida loving Kawaki blindly and Mitsuki loving Kawaki (that he thinks is Boruto thanks to Omnipotence) and Eida even calls them out with "wow we're totally having a love talk aren't we" and Mitsuki blushing in response.



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