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Big Brother Instinct / Naruto

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  • Itachi Uchiha wanted his little brother Sasuke to be strong enough to be safe from Madara. Shame he went about it in the most fucked up, traumatizing, and ultimately futile way possible.
    • According to the story we're told, his goal was to make Sasuke a hero of Konoha. The only way he'd be allowed to continue to live there after the entire Uchiha Clan planned a rebellion. Itachi was supposed to kill all of them, but he couldn't make himself kill Sasuke. That's one for the "Nice Job Breaking Your Little Brother, Hero" category.
    • Let's put it this way: Itachi was torn between the clan and the village, and ultimately chose the village. For the sake of his home, he willingly killed aunts, uncles, cousins, his lover, his father, and his mother... but he couldn't kill Sasuke. Because in the end, while Itachi may have loved Konoha more than his own clan's ambitions, he loved his little brother above everything else. This is shown in the ultimatum that Danzo gave him; either he died with his clan, or kill all of his clan, and they would spare the only child innocent of the Uchiha Clan's sins—Sasuke.
  • Kinkaku seems to have this. He and his brother, Ginkaku, are infamous among Kumogakure. They fight as a team, and work well together. One another's name being their most used words. When Ginkaku is backed into a corner, he calls for his brother to help him. But he doesn't make it. In response to his brother's defeat, Kinkaku goes into rage and enters six-tailed bijuu mode and rampages through the first division of the shinobi alliance. His first words after transforming is "How dare you do that to Ginkaku." Darui apologizes to Kinkaku, but the latter just says it's too late, and attacks anyhow. The two brothers, if not half-siblings are fraternal twins. Their ages are the same, but birthdays are one month apart, with Kinkaku's being in March, and Ginkaku in April. it's accepted by fandom that Kinkaku is the older brother. He is bigger, and also seems to be smarter. And Ginkaku, given his calling on Kinkaku for help, seems to show certain reliance on his brother. And Kinkaku, given his reaction looks out for his brother and can't stand for him to be harmed. Kakuzu even stating he hasn't seen Kinkaku that pissed in a while, and concludes it must mean Ginkaku has been defeated.
  • Kankuro is another example. Although he and Gaara have a poor relationship at first, the brothers become much closer after Gaara's Heel–Face Turn, and Kankuro willingly risks his life to go after Gaara when the latter is kidnapped by Sasori and Deidara — although it doesn't end well for either of them — and stands up for Gaara when an elder badmouths him. Considering how terrified he was of Gaara in Part I (and with good reason!), this is quite a change and shows just how much Gaara's change in circumstances has affected the family dynamic.
  • A is very protective of B, choosing to sequester him in the village to train rather than risk him in combat missions.
  • Neji develops this later for his cousin Hinata, after Naruto defeated him for Hinata in the Chunin Exams finals. He dies performing a Heroic Sacrifice to protect her and Naruto. In Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth, the thought of Hinata going on a date with Naruto made him go on a psychotic rant at one point.
  • In the Canon movie The Last: Naruto the Movie, Hinata proves that her younger sister Hanabi is more important to her than even Naruto. She offers herself to Toneri in an attempt to regain Hanabi's eyes, which he literally ripped out of the poor girl's eyesockets, and in the climax she personally retrieves them by ripping them out of Toneri's eyesockets before his Tenseigan could fully mature. As a bonus, Hinata retrieving Hanabi's eyes also saves the world.
  • Hanabi herself inverts this at first. In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, one of the Adventure Mode sidequests involves Hanabi confronting Naruto due to Hinata's love for him. Hanabi initially dislikes Naruto due to him being an Idiot Hero, but after undergoing a Secret Test of Character — by continually sparring with him — she deems him worthy of her older sister.
  • In the Sequel Series Boruto, the titular Boruto, the son of Naruto and Hinata, can be a Spoiled Brat at his worst, but he loves his cute little sister Himawari with all of his heart. He even threatens his father to not miss her birthday in Boruto: Naruto the Movie.