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Tear Jerker / Naruto

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"Your words cut deep. Deeper than any blades."
Naruto is known as, among other things, one of the saddest manga there is. If someone asks you why, simply point them towards one of the following scenes.
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Part I (Before the Time Skip)

     Introduction arc 
  • When Naruto's forced to clean Hokage Rock after defacing it with paint, Iruka tells him he's not going home until it's completely clean. What's Naruto's answer?
    Naruto: So what? It's not like there's anyone waiting at home for me!
  • The way Mizuki manipulates Naruto throughout the first chapter; taking advantage of his loneliness and desire to graduate just to trick him into stealing an important scroll. And to make matters worse he reveals the reason why Naruto's been treated as an outcast, then tries to murder him and Iruka, all with a smile on his face.
  • Iruka's tearful apology to Naruto for ostracizing him with the rest of the village for years is a touching yet sad moment, especially when Naruto starts crying too. Iruka's just taken a giant Shuriken to the back that was meant for Naruto, making the scene even more emotional.
  • Way back in Chapter 3, Sakura telling Sasuke that Naruto is a jerk because he doesn't have parents. Bad enough that Sasuke heard this, but if Naruto, who was impersonating him at the time, heard this, who knows what that could do to him?

     Land of Waves arc 
  • Inari's backstory (especially, the horrible death of his adopted father) is a punch to the gut. Simple. The manga makes it even worse.
  • Haku throwing himself between Kakashi and Zabuza near the beginning of the series is also especially gut-wrenching, especially when a dying Zabuza asks to be laid down next to him. In the manga it was even worse, as Haku was killed much more graphically.
    • Followed by an angry, tear-filled speech by Naruto to a seemingly impassive Zabuza, screaming about how Haku was so devoted to Zabuza, loved him so purely, that he gave his life and dreams up to help him. And it drives Zabuza to tears.
    • Haku's entire life is just absolutely tragic. His father killed his mother, then tried to kill him due to the stigma towards anyone with Kekkei Genkai. He was forced to live on the streets and scrounge for food before he was eventually found by Zabuza, and dedicated himself to becoming the perfect tool for him, and in the end he dies a bloody, painful death to save him.
  • When Sakura discovered Sasuke, lying (apparently) dead on the ground, and, clutching his body and with tears running down her face, recites shinobi saying #25: "A shinobi never shows his feelings no matter what the circumstances. Feelings are a weakness that only cloud his judgment and weaken his sense of duty." Then she begins to wail.
    • Tazuna is standing right next to her, and when he hears this he thinks:
      Tazuna: So this is what the life of a ninja is. It's unbearable.
    • Naruto is clutching his chest and standing there heartbroken as he hears her crying, making it even more heartwrenching. The look of pain and emptiness on his face is terrible.
  • Zabuza's final speech to Haku's corpse as he dies beside him.
    • And it's set amidst an unexplainable sudden snow, like it would be in Haku's home village.
      Zabuza: "Is it you, Haku? Are you weeping? You were always at my side. The least I can do is to be beside you at the end. I know it cannot be, but I wish I could go to where you have gone...How I wish I could join you there...Haku..."
    • And then a single snowflake lands on Haku's face, melting and rolling down his cheek like a tear.
    • Made worse now with Unshō Ishizuka's (Zabuza's voice actor) death in 2018.

     Chuunin Exams arc 
  • When Sakura gets her Important Haircut. Because boy, the circumstances and her inner monologues...
  • Hinata's "fight" with Neji. When Neji warned her that she could end up dead and asked her why did she keep on fighting against fate, and she told him that he was the one who truly fought against his own destiny, he was ready to kill her right then and there.
    • Shino neither cheering for either of his teammates, nor bothering to check if either one was alright after their matches comes across as pretty cold, even for Shino. After all, it was Naruto who helped Hinata get over her fear of Neji during her match, not her own teammate.
    • The fact that Hinata needed a crash team after that fight, but her only thought was, "Naruto, do you think I changed?"
  • Rock Lee's sheer will to win during his fight with Gaara, which kept him standing even after being crippled and knocked unconscious, is enough to open the water-works. Guy hugging him brings a few more tears.
    Might Guy: (crying) Look at you. Not even conscious, and still you want to show the world what you can do...
    • And more than this, when Tsunade breaks to him what his chances are of ever being a shinobi again, and Guy's subsequent speech on the balcony. "And on the one in one thousand, no, one in a million chance something should happen to go wrong, I will die right along with you." Tears welling up just typing that one line.
      • Cue Lee jumping into Guy's arms and crying uncontrollably while the audience does the same.
  • When Neji and Naruto are fighting and Neji explains that destiny tells everyone who to be. The reason is that he thinks his father (who is the twin of Hinata's father, only born 2 seconds later) was killed by the Hyuga clan to be given to the Cloud Village (since the Cloud Village did not believe the shinobi representative tried to kidnap Hinata and steal the Byakugan's secrets). The truth was that Hinata's father was supposed to be killed because he killed the cloud shinobi to protect Hinata, but Neji's father offered to die in his twin brother's place. He didn't want to do it for the clan or the village, but simply because they're brothers. Even Hinata's dad pointed out how crazy that was, but to no avail. Neji's dad did it of his own free will and it wasn't revealed to Neji until after the Chuunin Exams.
  • In the anime, even though he's a big Jerkass, Zaku Abumi's backstory may evoke Cry for the Devil to some. The guy grew up as a dirt poor street urchin, forced to steal food in order to eat, and who was (perhaps regularly) beaten because of that. Then Orochimaru arrived and promised him power. Much like Kimimaro, Zaku may appear as a tragic figure because he found purpose serving someone who didn't care about him. The boy was a "Well Done, Son" Guy towards a man who, from the beginning, only saw him as a disposable pawn.

     Invasion of Konoha arc 

  • Any time the Third Hokage talks about the Leaf. Naruto and every other potential Hokage have big shoes to fill.
    Third Hokage: "They are all... my family!"
  • Just before the Hokage Battle Royale, the two undead Hokage realize that they've been brought back from the dead to be used as puppets to fight their former student and successor. The First Hokage very solemnly says, "Whenever you live, there will always be war."
  • Gaara's backstory. Along with the scene comparing Gaara's lonely life to Naruto's (eventually) friend-filled one, there's also Gaara being openly treated as a monster and not even able to ask for small favors from his neighbors. Even when he is at the peak of misery, his sand-shield prevents him from being able to end it himself. To top this all off, the key scenes are accentuated by "Sadness and Sorrow", possibly one of the saddest pieces of music ever heard. And of course, after he meets, fights, and is defeated by Naruto, he finally sees that it's possible for people like him to have friends. Cue his Heel–Face Turn to the side of good.
    • When Yashamaru told Gaara how he REALLY felt about him and that he's a monster and how no one will ever love him...and then tried to blow him up. Gaara's own uncle tried to kill him for something that wasn't his fault in the first place, after years of tricking him into thinking he was the only person who loved him.
      • And to make matters worse... Yashamaru was almost right. If Naruto hadn't intervened in Gaara's life and showed him how strong having friends and loved ones could make you, which resulted in his Heel–Face Turn... Gaara would've become even WORSE than he already was and then, there wouldn't have been a Heel–Face Turn and who knows? Gaara could've very well become a monster!
      • And then it turns out his uncle didn't hate him after all, but was forced to do this by Gaara's father. Ouch!
    • Gaara's life becomes even sadder once you actually think about what he went through. Gaara was once a kind and shy little boy who always tried to connect with people and make friends, no matter how much he unintentionally scared or hurt them. But the poor kid couldn't control his sand because he didn't receive proper training. As a result, he always hurt people when he got upset or sad because they were running away from him. And then things went From Bad to Worse, when his father and the Sand council decided that he was "too dangerous" to be kept alive due to his hurting people. So instead of giving him proper training, they decided to "test" Gaara and have his uncle attack and lie to him. And of course, since he was so young and already had been having a bad day, he fails this "test" and as a result becomes an Omnicidal Maniac.
      • But then Fridge Horror (or Fridge Tear Jerker) kicks in... Remember his section here? How terrifying he was and how he killed people left, right and center because he thought it could prove his "existence"? Well guess what? The reason he acted in such a way is because that's all he knows how to do! As mentioned here, all Gaara has even known is killing and hurting people. And so when he snaps, it makes perfect sense for him to become a sociopathic serial killer! The REAL reason he did all those horrible things like killing and threatening people, and disrespecting his siblings, it wasn't because he was "evil"; it's because his poor young mind couldn't handle what his father and uncle did to him! And this means that when he was fighting Naruto, claiming how his purpose was stronger than his and Sasuke's, he was only speaking from what he knew! And now, to make things even worse... Remember Gaara screaming at Naruto when he was crawling towards him using only his chin? He wasn't being incredulous because he was a villain, he was just being a scared, lonely and confused child that couldn't understand fighting for anyone but himself........ Are you glad Naruto showed up when did now?
  • When Naruto has an epiphany in the middle of the fight with Gaara. Possibly the most heartbreaking thing in so far is Naruto, as a small boy, looking into the mirror and trying to see what makes everyone hate him so much.
    • That was the saddest scene in the whole series. When Naruto, bloodied and wrecked, is crawling by pulling himself along with his chin and eating dirt with each inch, still trying to fight Gaara who is also lying on the ground. When Gaara starts calling out trying to understand what drives this guy. Then Naruto opens his mouth and perfectly describes every feeling that has tormented him for his entire life. Gaara’s eyes widen, in shock that there is actually someone else out there who is like him; someone who lived a horrible life, excluded from everything because of something neither of them can control...
    • After his fight with Naruto, Gaara says to his brother and sister, "Kankuro...Temari...I'm sorry..." Note that his siblings spent most of their lives terrified that Gaara would kill them, and that now Gaara is trying to make amends. Add to this the lullaby-ish piece of music being played at the time, signifying his rebirth into an actual, caring person.
  • The death of the Third Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. The last thing he sees before passing is Orochimaru screaming at him, which slowly turns to the image of a silent young boy watching calmly as his teacher dies. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment as he's choosing to remember his student as he was before things went so wrong.
  • The Third Hokage's funeral. One huge Tear Jerker from beginning to end.
    • It’s a particularly bad gut-punch to see Konohamaru standing next to Naruto and sobbing, while Iruka puts a hand on the kid’s shoulder. Then it shows a flashback of Iruka as a kid, crying in front of his parents’ grave, until the Hokage comes and gives him a hug and a comforting speech.
  • In an Alas, Poor Villain/Cry for the Devil way, the fact that Orochimaru sacrificed Zaku and Kin, two of his loyal followers may evoke pity towards the two fourteen-years-old kids. More in the anime, where Zaku is given a sad backstory.

     Search for Tsunade arc 
  • Tsunade's past. One dead brother and boyfriend within a month?! Her screaming for him to hang on...that was beyond sad. And Orochimaru mocks her concerning her brother's demise.
    • Then Shippuden reveals the truth of this scene - he didn't actually mock her. He was, in fact, similarly aggrieved by Nawaki's death. This means that Tsunade and Orochimaru (as well as Jiraiya and Sarutobi) would both rather not remember that they were ever truly good friends and comrades, but rather selectively choose to pretend that Orochimaru had always been deplorably evil - because deep down, Tsunade/Jiraiya/Sarutobi could never confront Orochimaru if they remind themselves of the good times. It hurts them that much...
    • Made worse in that Kabuto has resurrected her boyfriend Dan as an Edo Tensei zombie soldier, who is forced to fight the good guys' army while having no control of his body.
  • Kabuto usually presents himself as this harmless, bumbling oaf with Nerd Glasses, but is in fact in league with the Big Bad Orochimaru, and...well...poor Naruto's look of betrayal when he realizes this is just too much.

     Sasuke Retrieval arc 
  • Kakashi's final conversation with Sasuke before the time-skip as a final attempt to stop Sasuke's revenge from destroying himself.
    Sasuke: "Maybe if I was to kill the most important people in your life... everyone who's ever meant anything... maybe then I'd listen to you, because maybe then you'd have some idea how I feel!"
    Kakashi: "Hmm... that's an interesting theory, but I'm afraid you're a little late to put it to the test. Everyone you're talking about has already been killed."
  • Also when Sakura tried to persuade Sasuke to stay. What makes it even worse is that Sasuke doesn't stay, even after she truly and completely pours her heart to him. He leaves... not before calling her annoying, then thanking her for everything and knocking her out so she doesn't join him in his betrayal of Konoha.
    • From Bad to Worse: This hurt the first time, since thanks to spoilers many knew what would happen before even seeing it... but then try re-reading it, once everyone on Team 7 has literally jumped over each other trying to kill a former teammate. Until his Heel–Face Turn near the end of the series, this is the last time Sasuke is ever truly decent to Sakura, and he leaves her unconscious on a bench! Goddamn it, Kishi.
    • Just adding to it is the fridge tearjerker that Sakura was right: Sasuke's revenge DIDN'T make him happy. In fact, it caused him more anguish than ever.
    • When Naruto is getting ready to leave, Sakura is there, and Shikamaru refuses to allow her to go with them. As such she begs Naruto to bring back Sasuke. Despite not showing Naruto's face it is obvious, he is struggling to not show his pain on his face.
  • Chouji's speech about having finally seeing the message his friends had scratched into the tree.
    Dad...You were right. I made some really great friends.
    • That was anime only; in the manga, it was just a stylized arrow. But still enough for Chouji to realize he has friends who believe... no, who KNOW he would have been able to defeat Jirobo.
    • If it isn't enough, after Chouji collapses unconscious before the tree, the scene goes back to Shikamaru, and specifically to a butterfly made of chakra that flies near to him, as if it were Chouji's way to say "goodbye and thanks for the memories" to his first and best friend.
  • Kiba and Akamaru's fight against Sakon and Ukon was Tear-Jerker-ish as well: Akamaru is getting severely beaten, and Kiba isn't far from death. Kiba, just watching and getting sadder and more frustrated as Sakon and Ukon beat on him and his dog.
    • Tough to watch for any long-time pet owner...the biggest gut punch was when Akamaru didn't try to eat the food pill Kiba offered him and Kiba nearly broke down in tears right there. Any pet owner can tell you that it's a very bad sign when your animal doesn't want to eat...
  • After Gaara makes his Big Damn Heroes appearance, he gives a brief but meaningful look at Lee's recently healed limbs, realizing that no matter how much he is trying to act tough, Lee is in no condition to assist him against Kimimaro. Obviously, he feels a deep regret; after all, he was the one who caused Lee so much pain. Which is why he decides to trip Lee and take him aside, so he doesn't continue fighting.
  • Kimimaro's Death in the Limelight reveals that he went through more or less the same as Haku, and as a result, displays the same level of devotion to Orochimaru that Haku demonstrated to Zabuza. The first (and last) time he shows signs of emotions is when Gaara states that he has been brainwashed and is nothing but a pawn, which he denies, saying that Orochimaru was the only one ever to understand him. It gets sadder than Haku's case by the fact that Orochimaru ultimately doesn't care about his death. An excellent and heartbreaking Deconstruction of Undying Loyalty.
    Kimimaro: "I am not his pawn! He is the one, the only one who ever gave my life meaning! But how could the likes of you ever understand that!?"
    • In the anime-only flashbacks, we see the Sound Five leader develop his illness and collapse after the Kazekage assassination with him begging Orochimaru's forgiveness. On the medical bed, a single tear pours down his covered face while he anguishes about his purpose being robbed. The somber music doesn't help:
    Kimimaro: "My damaged body is of no use to him! That was my purpose, and it's gone!"
    • In another anime-exclusive moment, Gaara's statement is sadly proven right when Kabuto realizes that Kimimaro is no more, only for Orochimaru to write it off as the Kaguya no longer being useful to him. Ouch...
  • Gen'yumaru's fate. When Sasuke doesn't arrive at the base on time, Kabuto orders a bunch of prisoners to fight to the death, with the winner being promised freedom. Gen'yumaru wins... And then, when Orochimaru enters the room, he knows it was a lie and he won't be walking free, at least not as himself. As his final request, he asks Orochimaru to free his other clansmen who are imprisoned in Orochimaru's base. Orochimaru agrees, then says: "Now, I will take your body," and we hear Gen'yumaru scream. We didn't even know that guy for very long, but it drives home how Orochimaru's cruelty and obsession with immortality cost others so very much.
  • Regardless of what he's like now, the flashbacks to the Uchiha massacre are pretty horrible. Especially the one with Sasuke mistaking a noise in another room for his mother, running in... and it's only a cat. It ends with Sasuke sitting alone next to a lake and wishing to know the nice things his father would tell his mother about him, only to realize at that moment his childhood has been stolen and he declares his existence in pursuit of revenge.
    • During the battle, while clearly being in the wrong at this point, Sasuke gives his friend a damn brutal "Reason You Suck" Speech on how Naruto thinks he knows the former's pain of losing his family. Naruto, having grown up as an orphan shunned by almost everyone in the Leaf, never had to experience that kind of loss so Sasuke's argument isn't wrong:
    "Just shut up for once! What do you know? It's not like you even had a family in the first place! YOU WERE ON YOUR OWN RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT, HUH!? Even now, I'm suffering because I had those ties! How could you possibly know what it feels like to lose ALL THAT!?"
    • Later still, after the Invasion of Pain, Naruto even admits that Sasuke's argument was spot-on and helps to explain how he failed to get through to his friend, not being able to understand loss until Jiraiya's death.
  • The bit after the final attack of the Naruto vs. Sasuke when we see both of them as children holding hands and smiling.
    • Made even sadder after the revelation that the way they shook hands is called the "Unison Sign", an old Konoha tradition of showing that two ninjas are still comrades after a battle.
    • That entire fight, really. "When I'm with you... I wonder if this is what it feels like to have a brother..."
    • It's apparent that while Sasuke has become consumed with his quest for revenge and truly believes joining Orochimaru is a necessity, a part of him still longs for the happier future the Leaf may have offered.
    Sasuke: I've been awake all this time from a dream ... of a future with comrades drunken with the assurance of peace.
    • When Sasuke impales Naruto with his Chidori, and Naruto starts crying at the realization that his best friend really would kill him. Naruto goes Nine-Tails and heals himself, causing Sasuke to ask, "What the hell are you?" to which Naruto replies, tears streaming down his face, "Your friend."
  • The entire Valley Of The End battle between Naruto and Sasuke, former teammates and friends. Sasuke is doing everything in his power to kill Naruto, and Naruto crying Berserker Tears while stating that he's willing to break the bones in Sasuke's arms and legs in order to keep him from going to Orochimaru.
  • Kakashi arriving in the aftermath of the above-mentioned fight and seeing Naruto lying unconscious with Sasuke nowhere in sight. He realizes that he is too late and somberly tells Naruto to forgive him before carrying our beloved knuckle-head back to the village.
    • Taking the full series into context, Kakashi's summing up of the endless cycle that Naruto and Sasuke have become a part of with their battle is indescribably tragic. Read below:
    Pakkun: "The Final Valley, huh? To think that Naruto and Sasuke would battle it out here. It's pretty ironic, don't you think?"
    Kakashi: "Yeah. Look at that river. The water just rages on for eternity like this epic neverending battle. As eternal as the two founders of the Hidden Leaf Village, forever standing as these statues. (looks to Naruto) Naruto and Sasuke; as long as they live, the cycle will continue."
  • The aftermath of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. Shikamaru's first mission as a team leader is a dismal failure. Every member of his team (including his best friend) was hospitalized, some uncertain to survive, some (including himself) probably would have died if the Sand siblings hadn't come to their rescue, and on top of that, the objective was failed. Sitting outside the room where his teammates are being operated on, he resolves to quit being a ninja. His father chews him out for giving up so easily, especially in front of a girl, but he shrugs it off. Just then, the doors burst open; everyone's going to be okay. Shikamaru, lazy, lazy Shikamaru, breaks down into tears, swearing to become a better ninja and leader so he can keep his friends alive in front of his father and Temari.

     Kakashi Gaiden 
  • The ending to Kakashi Gaiden. Especially in the animated version. Just as you stop crying for Obito, that damn narration comes on and you start crying all over again.
    • The ending makes the spat Kakashi and Obito had earlier about Obito not getting him a gift for making Jonin seem worse.
    Obito: "If you're expecting a gift from me you can forget it."
    Kakashi: "That's fine...I doubt it would have been anything good anyway. Better nothing at all than a useless burden."
    • The way Obito dies, by selflessly putting himself in danger by pushing the half-blind Kakashi out of harm's way...
    • Kakashi's desperate and futile attempts to get the boulder off Obito. A moment later he just breaks down crying right on the spot while berating himself for not coming along with Obito from the beginning.
    • Obito's last words.
      Obito: "Just when Kakashi and I were starting to get along. I never got to tell Rin, I love her. I just wish I could have spent more time with everyone..."
  • And the worst thing about all of that? Obito didn't die that day. Kakashi, Rin, and Minato left him behind...and none of them ever even knew it.


Part II/Shippuden (After the Time Skip)

     Kazekage Rescue arc 
  • Chiyo's reaction to seeing Kakashi, thinking he was his father. Heartbreaking because of what happened to Sakumo, heartbreaking because of why she reacted so violently. And then there's the way it affected her grandson...
  • The scene where Naruto asks Kakashi who the White Fang was outside of Kankuro's operating room becomes Harsher in Hindsight if you just finished watching/reading Kakashi Gaiden. The original manga had it so Kakashi Gaiden was released in the interval between Parts 1 and 2, so hearing Kakashi's subsequent reply is heartwrenching. Dub OR Sub. No matter what version you're listening to, Kazuhiko Inoue and Dave Wittenberg display the emotion perfectly. Kakashi hasn't talked about the White Fang - his father - or even mentioned him in the past 15-16 years. His father's suicide affected him that much.
    Kakashi (dub): "That's a tricky one. How to put it. He was... well, in a word... (sigh) he was my father."
    Kakashi (sub): "Well, that's hard to say... Hmm, let's see... Well, in a word... he was my father."
    • Naruto's surprised reaction in the anime sells it too. His face just screams "Huh?", showing how much he might not know about his sensei.
  • The flashbacks to Sasori and Chiyo's backstories, as well as their death scenes, can be pretty emotional. The sad version of Chiyo/Sasori's theme that plays adds to the effect.
    • Sasori having to be hugged by puppets of his parents because Kakashi's father killed them. Even if you're not a big fan of Sasori, it's hard to not want to give the kid a massive hug. He later dies in a similar manner after he chooses to accept his fate rather than try to avoid getting stabbed by them.
  • Just before the groups pair off to fight, Deidara decides to indulge in a little dog kicking. Sitting atop Gaara's corpse and taunting Naruto with the fact that they'd arrived seconds too late to save Gaara. Simply to confirm whether or not Naruto was the Jinchuuriki. His absently slapping Gaara in the face is just the last straw for Naruto.
  • Gaara and Naruto are shown, each standing by themselves in the middle of a dry, barren field to represent the way jinchuuriki are treated by others. Gradually, people begin to join Naruto, until the barren field becomes grassy and he is surrounded by friends and allies... while Gaara remains totally alone.
  • When Sakura is unable to bring back Gaara, Naruto begins losing his composure. When Lady Chiyo tries to tell Naruto to calm down, which causes Naruto to snap. He tells her a Big "SHUT UP!" before giving a lamentful rant at the brutal crap that he and Gaara had to deal with as Jinchuuriki. It's a sobering moment since it reminds the audience just how painful Naruto had it as well as just the mistreatment over Jinchuuriki in general.
    • Naruto just spent three years training to become strong enough to not lose another friend like he lost Sasuke. So he should be able to save Gaara, right? Yet nothing changed, and he breaks down at the realization his hard work was All for Nothing.
    • And afterwards, when Gaara wakes up in a field completely surrounded by Sand shinobi, he has a stunned look on his face. Successive Crowning Moments Of Heartwarming followed by the fade to grey as Naruto discovers that Granny Chiyo is dead. The happiness of bringing Gaara back was very brief as the price of bringing him back from the jaws of death was almost too steep to pay.

     Sasuke and Sai arc 
  • Sai being an Empty Shell. His Jerkass pose, No Social Skills, are so wrong. It's very sad to imagine, how a person can function like this. Danzo' conditioning is really bad.
    • What really sells this is the third ending, Kimi Monotagari, which depicts Sai's failures to integrate with Naruto and Sakura in flipbook form. The end of the sequence has him trying to catch up to them, only for them to outpace him and run away, leaving him standing alone in disappointment and Visible Silence. Replacement Scrappy or not, it's hard not to feel sorry for the guy.
  • Before the mission starts, when Sakura stared at the picture of Team 7 taken before Sasuke's Face–Heel Turn on them and started to cry softly.
  • The Naruto vs Orochimaru fight and Sakura's reaction at the four-tailed fox version of Naruto is just heartbreaking, especially when she starts running towards him screaming at him to stop. It's painful and it really shows how the hero having a Superpowered Evil Side can affect those around him.
    "Naruto, stop! It's okay; I can rescue Sasuke! I'm begging you to stop this right now! Please... Naruto, please stop!"
    • What made that scene even worse was that Naruto tries to kill her right after she says that.

     Hidan and Kakuzu arc 
  • The death of Asuma. It came way out of left field, and seeing Kurenai's reaction was even sadder.
    • The death itself was awful enough, but worse was Shikamaru immediately thereafter taking Asuma's lighter, putting a lit cigarette in his mouth, and then lamenting that he always hated Asuma's smoking because it stung his eyes. He was so stricken that he felt the need to do this when it was already raining.
    • During the funeral, you can see many reactions too. Konohamaru is crying because, far as well as we know, he just lost his last family member. Kakashi and Guy lost another life long friend, with Guy also crying his eyes out. Kurenai looks like someone ripped out her soul. Worse of all, Shikamaru didn't attend the funeral, having decided to deal with the pain a different way.
    • Episode 82 manages to make this hit home solidly: Shikamaru and his father Shikaku are playing Shogi in the middle of the night after Asuma's funeral. During a long unbroken camera shot of them moving pieces, Shikamaru's father attempts to praise his son's efforts, but when he brings up Asuma's death, Shikamaru knocks over the Shogi board, scattering the pieces across the room, screaming that he is a useless coward. Shikaku looks at him, tells him to "let it out" and walks away. He closes the door behind him just as Shikamaru lets out the most heartwrenching cries of grief ever heard in anime, saying quietly, "I'll pick up the pieces".

     Itachi Pursuit arc 

  • Surprisingly, Orochimaru's death hits hard, in a way that some of the much more heroic characters' haven't. We see how he got to be that way and that all his claims of never having been friends with Tsunade and Jiraiya were bullshit. It's not so much the death itself, but all that wasted potential. Those flashbacks really show that he could have been a hero with just a few different life choices. Later, the still-living Sannin discuss how Oro's death doesn't feel real and is subtly implied that Jiraiya especially took it hard despite himself. Perhaps he was still holding out for his old rival on some level.
    • Even when Orochimaru comes back during the war, Jiraiya is gone for good and Orochimaru himself decides to change (in his own way), citing that Jiraiya's unwillingness to adapt his philosophy with the changing times is ultimately what killed him. He tells this to Tsunade who snaps back that Jiraiya may have survived had he reached this epiphany earlier, which Oro doesn't deny:
    Orochimaru: "People change. It's just a matter of whether they die before it occurs. Although (Jiraiya) died just the way he was."
  • Jiraiya's death. It was even sadder after seeing Naruto's reaction.
    "Now, I suppose it's about time I put down my pen."
    • Jiraiya had to fight to the death his former students, Konan and Nagato who have become evil to achieve peace through making afraid of war. Isn't it sad?
      • The two-part Jiraiya's Ninja Scrolls adds a scene which shows him getting the news about the Ame Orphans' "deaths". Poor Jiraiya is on the verge of tears feeling that his efforts were seemingly all in vain and has to be comforted by Tsunade. Then years later, upon infiltrating Amegakure, he discovers that Yahiko did die and that the other two have fallen to villainy. It wouldn't be topped until Kakashi's discovering who Tobi really is.
    • Jiraiya's death scene and his flashback to Kushina and Minato. The significance of that event, and the music playing in the background as Minato spoke to Jiraiya. And, of course, Jiraiya's lament:
      "In the shinobi world, it's not how you live; it's how you die. A shinobi's life is not measured by how they lived, but rather it's measured by what they managed to accomplish before their death. Looking back, my life has really been full of nothing but failure. Continually rejected by Tsunade, unable to stop my friend, and unable to protect either my student or my mentor. Compared to the great and celebrated deeds of the Hokage, my actions are trifling, insignificant things indeed. I wish that I could have died like each of the Hokage. A tale is only as good as its final turn of events, the plot twist, and mistakes are an important part of the plot, too! I've lived my life always believing that the lessons I've learned are what honed me. I swore I would accomplish a deed so great that it would obliterate all my failures; I'd die a splendid shinobi. At least, that's how it was supposed to go. But this... my plot twist... my tale ending like this... The Great Lord Elder prophesied that I would be the one to guide a revolution: A person who will make a great choice that will bring either peace or destruction to the world of the shinobi. I thought I would defeat Pain, stop the Akatsuki and save the world from destruction, but in the end, I failed that, too. How pitiful, how sad that this will be the ending twist to "The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant". What a worthless story it turned out to be."
    • Jiraiya's spirit reaches out to Naruto, who's currently looking for Sasuke, and lightly touches him on the shoulder. Naruto feels it and looks back.
  • The death of Itachi, when he seems about to take Sasuke's eyes but instead performs one last act of brotherly affection before succumbing to his wounds.
    "I'm sorry, Sasuke... This is the last time..." (warm smile)
    • From Sasuke's flashbacks to the happy days:
      Itachi: I'm always going to be there for you even if it's only as an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me, that's what big brothers are for.
    • Despite the split in the fandom about Itachi being a good guy, seeing him cry in Sasuke's flashback... This is Itachi, he's supposed to be emotionless! Add that to him smiling as he died and you have yourself whole new depths. Just the revelation makes you rethink everything he said, every one of his actions up till now... and realize that he was being deliberately vague the entire time. In retrospect, Sasuke's flashbacks before facing Itachi were a strong foreshadowing of his true affiliation.
    • After the flashbacks finish, the present-day shows Sasuke crying, of all people (shown above). Goddamn it, Kishimoto!
  • The whole ordeal from the Eight-Man squad's perspective can be seen as plain sad, considering that they didn't accomplish a damn thing in the end. Sasuke's new team proved too elusive for them to catch up to (outside of one of Naruto's shadow clones for a brief moment), the Akatsuki hindered/blocked their progress every step of the way, and after the main fighting is done, Tobi whisks Sasuke away before they can reach him, leaving everyone crestfallen. Naruto is especially devastated given that his friend was taken by their enemy with no possible idea of what would become of him until later on. At least the Sasuke Retrieval storyline had the silver lining of delaying Sasuke's transit to Orochimaru so he wouldn't be possessed right away, but for this, there's absolutely nothing to be happy about. Poor Naruto...
    • The anime rubs salt on the wound where the team makes a last-ditch effort to gain a trace of Sasuke's presence in the rain. It goes about as well as one would expect and you can feel the group's disappointment and frustration when Kakashi sadly tells them they have to call things off.

     Invasion of Pain Arc 
  • News about Jiraiya's death reaches Naruto and Tsunade. Tsunade is also horrified to learn that NAGATO is the killer, remembering how Jiraiya tried so hard to help the kid.
    • Jiraiya's death hits Naruto really hard. He just stands there frozen, unable to say anything while the others talk about finding a way to decode the messages he left, until:
      Naruto: "You let him go. Is that right, Granny?"
      (long, long pause)
      Tsunade: "That's right."
      Naruto: "Why would you ever let him do something so risky? You knew Pervy Sage better than anyone, Granny. HOW COULD YOU SEND HIM SOMEWHERE SO DANGEROUS ALONE !"

      Naruto: (turns away to leave) "If the Pervy Sage had been the Fifth Hokage, he wouldn't have let Granny Tsunade take a risk like that. Never."

      Fukasaku: "I can see this child truly loved and admired Jiraiya-boy."
      • Naruto walks out of Tsunade's office and starts walking around the village, too sad to even greet Iruka properly. After night falls, he goes to a store and buys a popsicle ice cream, like the one Jiraiya had bought for him years ago. Then, he just sits at a bench. He doesn't eat it or anything, it just melts. We see drops of liquid hitting the floor but it's not the melted ice cream, it's Naruto's tears. He truly has reached Despair Event Horizon.
      • The anime makes it worse. Before the opening, we see Jiraiya hiding two popsicle sticks behind his back which perfectly transitions to the opening, where Jiraiya shares the popsicle with Naruto.
    • Tsunade seems to be keeping a rather level head throughout the entire deal. Then, she blows off Shikamaru and steps out of her office, seeming to simply need some air after a trying few days. She doesn't even make it down the hallway before collapsing against a wall, her mind swarming with memories of her oldest living acquaintance, from their last meeting all the way back to their very first. We see tears flowing down Tsunade's face, while she silently curses him for going off against Pain alone, showing that Jiraiya's death has left her absolutely heartbroken.
    • What makes it even worse? Their final talk has Jiraiya playfully tell Tsunade bet he won't make it back, saying that her horrible luck is sure to save his life. He then adds that if he returns alive...before trailing off and looking at her meaningfully, shocking her...before he deflects the conversation instantly and laughs off how he's not meant to be happy. When she's waiting for his return, Tsunade privately smiles and muses when he's back, she won't allow him to put up a tough front any more for her...there are strong hints that she was finally starting to reciprocate his feelings, only to have him die on his most important mission, breaking her heart all over again.
  • Kakashi's death due to exhaustion after fighting Pain in a futile manner. Especially when he meets up with his dad around the campfire in a Afterlife Antechamber his regrets had stuck him in, confirming that it wasn't Only a Flesh Wound and that he really was dead (at least until Nagato resurrected him).
    • A bit low-key, but realizing that Sakumo waited in limbo for decades to see Kakashi again, so that he could apologize to his son and seek forgiveness, can hit you pretty hard. The subtle relief he gives off, both at seeing Kakashi being pulled back to the world of the living and at finally getting to reunite with his wife, is gut-wrenching in its own right. A long-dead hero of Konoha, finally finding peace.
  • Pain destroying Konoha. A moment of pure awesome has never been so gut-wrenching.
  • Hinata finally, sincerely tells Naruto that she loves him and that she wants to protect him from Pain. And then, Pain stabs her, apparently killing her.
    • It's made even worse if you think about it this way: this was the first time Naruto ever heard anybody say that to him genuinely.
    • Hinata stepped out knowing she would die, that all she could accomplish was putting Naruto back in the game. That Anguished Declaration of Love? Tying up the one loose thread in her life... and saying goodbye to the person she loved the most.
    • In the anime, Hinata actually lands a hit on Pain, and breaks some of the rods holding Naruto down. Pain just keeps beating her...and she continues to get up and fight...even crawling over to Naruto to try to yank the rod out after all the punishment she had already taken. And then that final Shinra Tensei...
    • And Naruto screaming Hinata's name, the absolute silence as she slowly, agonizingly tries to force herself to her feet, slipping and falling with a pained gasp, then rising again... one arm hanging limp at her side, the other gripping her stomach, limping and stumbling across the space that separates her from Naruto, then falling to the ground again... rising again, blood trickling down her face, as Naruto begs her to stop... and then the flashbacks begin, set to the tune of "Experienced Many Battles"... collapsing again only a few feet away from Naruto, forcing herself to crawl on her hands and knees to reach him, Naruto looking like he's about to cry, Pain watching, unable to comprehend why she's fighting so hard, even knowing she'll die... Hinata wrapping her hands around the stake pinning Naruto's hands to the ground... and then, that line:
    • And then all sound vanishes as Pain drags Hinata into the air, smashes her to the ground and impales her with one of his stakes... And then she begins to bleed out...
    • At that moment, Naruto became shocked and emotionless to the point where he can't even blink. All the tragedy he witnessed since he learned of Jiraiya's death has been bottling up inside him up to this point...
    • And frankly, Pain didn't even have anything against Hinata personally. His desire for revenge was against the older generation, who was responsible for turning the Land of Rain into a battlefield for their wars. He just stabbed Hinata because he wanted Naruto to be Forced to Watch the girl who just confessed her love for him bleed to death in front of him.
  • With Naruto's Berserk Button having been pressed, an Angst Nuke, Chibaku Tensei, and 6-tails later, the Darkest Hour has arrived. The seal has weakened to the point where Naruto is being manipulated by the Nine-Tails, and Naruto himself has given up all hope and put his trust into the very being he hates to save him from his suffering. As a result, the transformation has gone the further than ever before: an 8-tailed muscular monstrosity breaks out of the Chibaku Tensei. Then, as Naruto puts his hand on the seal, ready to rip it off and free the Nine-Tails, Yamato's hand reads 9, as seen here...
  • The Fourth Hokage's trapped soul finally, finally making his appearance within Naruto's mind, to prevent his pushed-to-the-limit son from breaking the seal... and to declare that although he never wanted to see the Kyuubi again, being able to meet Naruto more than makes up for that.
    • Naruto's conversation with the Fourth Hokage counts as one of these; especially the beginning when he wants to know why the Fourth Hokage would seal the Nine-Tails inside his own son. While the manga only devoted a few panels to it, the anime takes it up a couple notches with Naruto's angst-ridden speech, yelled through tears.
      Naruto: "Dad... (punches Minato in the stomach) Why would you ever want to seal the Nine-Tails inside of your own son?! Do you have any idea what I went through because you did that?! All the grown-ups just looked at me with contempt or with fear, and I couldn't make any friends. I just wanted people to accept me or at least not hate me, so I trained really hard to become as strong as I could! Then I met Iruka-sensei, Kakashi-sensei and Pervy Sage, and I was happy because they helped make me stronger! But just when things were looking up, a group called the Akatsuki came after me, so then I had to train even harder than I did before! I got stronger but couldn't stop the Akatsuki from killing my friends, and I mean... just... I-I-I don't know what I'm saying anymore! Damn it, am I supposed to be happy or mad?! I don't even know!"
    • Also in the anime, when the Fourth Hokage talks about how "War breeds from our desire to protect those dear to us" and that "As long as there is love, there will be hate," Naruto has a solemn look on his face as he recalls Hinata's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Pain's backstory. It kind of explains all of his actions... albeit not justified it.
    • Nagato's bond with Chibi. Both felt lost, abandoned, and hungry until they met Konan and Yahiko but the happiness is cut short when he was caught in the crossfire of war.
    • Nagato is forced to kill his best friend Yahiko to save Konan. Not only that, he understandably hesitates, only for Yahiko to push himself onto the Kunai in Nagato's hand. This is a guy who genuinely wanted to help end war with his friends, to ensure no-one had to endure the pain they did; yet those warmongering fools robbed him of sympathy with their cold power lust and were about to murder them both having forced him to kill his other. The way Naruto was brutally treated in his youth, he could well have ended up just the same. You can certainly understand why he had no faith in humanity after witnessing such barbarity.
    • And Naruto has to make his decision.
      Naruto: "You may be right. Truth is... I think the same way you do."
      Nagato: "...I see."
      Naruto: "But even if I understand you now, that doesn't change how I feel. There's no way that I can forgive you. I still hate you!"
      Nagato: "Then you want to settle things with me?"
      Naruto: "I do, but Pervy Sage believed in me and wanted me to continue his quest, and for those reasons... I choose to believe in him and follow what he taught me. So that's it; that's my answer. That's why... I'm not gonna kill you guys."
  • While it's more Moment of Awesome, Heartwarming Moment, and Tear Jerker rolled into one, Naruto returning on Kakashi's back to a newly-resurrected, cheering Konoha definitely counts. That everyone's bawling out of joy, praise and jubilation at Naruto's heroics (especially his mentors Iruka and Ebisu) while remembering Naruto's Character Development over the past years to the tune of "Departure to the Front Lines".

     Five Kage Summit Arc 
  • Naruto heads to the Land of Iron and practically begs the Raikage to spare Sasuke's life
    Naruto: "I know what I'm asking may sound ridiculous to you, but this is the only way I really know how to say it! Sasuke is my friend, and I can't just stand around and watch my friend get killed! And Besides, I don't want Leaf and Cloud ninja killing each other because of Sasuke. I don't want my friends or yours to get lost in their need for revenge!" (drops down to his knees and starts crying) "LOOK, I'M BEGGING YOU!! I DON'T WANT US TAKING EACH OTHER DOWN FOR VENGEANCE ANYMORE!!! Sasuke has always been all about vengeance! He's obsessed with it; it changed him! Vengeance drives you mad! It turns you into someone you don't even recognize! I don't want anyone else to become like Sasuke! I don't want the Leaf and Cloud to kill each other! And that's why...!"
    Raikage: "No matter what, we will dispose of Sasuke! You all ought to hold your ground, afterwards!" (starts walking away) "Shinobi shouldn't lower their heads so easily! You bow your head for a criminal and beg mercy to keep your comrade safe? In the shinobi world, that is not friendship! The history of mankind is a history of war! Those who are weak are trampled! A shinobi world is not so indulgent as to suffer fools."
    (Naruto remains there curled up on the ground in a sobbing wreck)
  • When Gaara confronts Sasuke, Gaara is crying. Just crying wouldn't do it... except this is Gaara we're talking about.
  • The picture of Team Seven breaking as Naruto learns that Sasuke is an international criminal and everyone, even Sakura, is preparing to hunt him down and kill him.
    • First, there's Sakura's infamous fake love confession to Naruto, which he called her out on for lying and then rejected her outright by telling her that he hates people who lie to themselves. It ended heatedly, to represent the strain on their friendship that it and the promise caused.
    • Sai reveals to Naruto that all of his teammates are planning to join together in the hopes of getting rid of Sasuke and how Sakura means to kill Sasuke herself because she loves him and wants to prevent him from living a life of evil. The picture breaking held significance in that sense because Naruto had tried so hard to get Sasuke back and keep Team Seven together, and he's steadily losing hope because it's becoming clearer to him, as much as he tries to deny it, that it's not possible. More than Sasuke and Naruto's fight at the Valley of the End and Itachi's death, this is one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series because of how everything seems to have gone to hell and how it seems that Naruto is the only person in Konoha - or most of the ninja world for that matter - who doesn't want Sasuke dead. So, in that sense, it really is him against the world now because Naruto will not kill anyone, he still considers Sasuke to be his best friend, and even though Sakura tried to get Naruto to forget about the promise, we all know that Naruto does NOT go back on his word EVER. Plus, when Naruto rejected her fake confession, he told Sakura that he was hoping to bring Sasuke back not for her anymore, but for his own reasons now.
    • To make matters worse, the stress and turmoil of it all causes Naruto to start hyperventilating until he passes out.
  • Even though he was seen as a giant bastard throughout much of his time in the series, Danzo's death (topped with the revelation that he really did care for the village and truly respected the 3rd) tugged at quite a few heart strings. Especially his final words:
    "Hiruzen... It's my turn next. Just as you gave your life to protect the Hidden Leaf Village, this time I will, too. I will stop them, but in the end, I never got to be Hokage. No matter how far I ran, I could never catch up to you... You were a tree leaf upon which light shone. I... was nothing but a foundation hidden in darkness. So, what do you think of me, eh, Hiruzen? ...What was I to you?" As he sees a flashback of himself and Hiruzen as boys, young and happy and friends before the burden of handling the darkest affairs of the Leaf turned Danzo into the ruthless extremist he'd become.
  • Karin looking at Sasuke moments from killing her remembering the boy who saved her. She just wanted to see Sasuke like how he was before.
  • Sasuke making a serious attempt to kill Sakura and telling Kakashi right to his face that he's been itching to kill him for a long time. Just to see them going from being a team who looked out for each other and put their lives on the line for one another to actively trying to kill each other is heartbreaking.
    • Even worse is if you try to imagine exactly what Kakashi must be going through. His heart's breaking at all this, lamenting that he now knows how the Third Hokage felt, in that no matter how low Orochimaru fell, he still loved him. If one includes Naruto and Sakura's heated argument earlier, one could practically hear Kakashi's self-loathing for letting his team fall apart, all because he was too careless about the tension that led to it.
  • Then there's Sai, and the regret on his face when he realizes that his attempts to help Naruto only made things worse.
  • Sakura's face was just heartwrenching while she was healing Karin. The tears. And when Karin starts to cry after seeing this. What tops it off was when Sakura almost got Sasuke with the poisoned kunai. She goes in ready to attack, but then has flashbacks, and the very last thing she remembers is that "Thank you." before he leaves. She's visibly trembling and her tears when she says "I thought I could do this."... Sasuke means too much to her for her to go through with it.
    • The most tragic thing of all is that they both don't know. Sasuke didn't know about this hesitation, and Sakura didn't know about the situation with Itachi. As far as both are concerned, one wants to kill him and the other is killing without reason. And then he goes and chokes her, never knowing that despite it all, her unwavering feelings for him...
  • Naruto tells Sasuke that he'll bear the burden of his hatred and they'll die together the next time they fight.
    Sasuke: "What is it with you? Huh? Just what in the hell DO YOU WANT FROM ME? WHY ARE YOU SO FIXATED ON ME?"
    Naruto: "Because you're my friend."

    Sasuke: "I'm not going to change. I don't want to understand you. I won't die. You're the one who's going to die."
    Naruto: "Then we'll die together, Sasuke."
    Sasuke: (smirks) "Fine by me. But at least I'll take you down first."
  • Shizune crying when Tsunade wakes up from her coma, but in a good way.
    "Shizune... You're crushing me..."

     Confining the Jinchuuriki Arc 
  • As Naruto's fighting and losing himself to Nine-Tails' darkness, he hears a soft voice calling out to him.
    Kushina: "No, it's alright. You can stay here. Naruto."
    • Exponentially tearjerking for anybody who's lost their mother.
    • Naruto realizes Kushina is actually his mother, cries as he hugs her and has a chat with her about all sorts of things, which includes them laughing together and Kushina telling Naruto about how she came to fall in love with Minato. She then tells Naruto some special words she reserves only for the men who compliment her hair: "I love you". Naruto gives an adorable smile in response.
    • And then it goes to sad when, after defeating the Nine-Tails, he turns to her and asks "what now", even though he seems to know the answer. Kushina tells him that she can now go be with Minato. The look on Naruto's face after he realizes that he will now have to say goodbye to the mother he just met is hearbreaking.
  • Tears somewhere between the sad variety and the enraged variety have the potential to be shed Kushina explains what happened during the Nine-Tails incident.
    • Tobi is entirely, purposefully responsible for the Nine-Tails incident and everything that happened as a result. Namely: Naruto becoming a Jinchuriki, the Uchiha Clan massacre (since only an Uchiha could tame the Nine-Tails, the antire clan was under suspicion) and, indirectly, the destruction of the Hidden Leaf by Orochimaru (Minato was the only one who could have stopped him).
    • He starts his plan by taking the newborn Naruto hostage and threatening him with a kunai, before tossing him in the air. When Minato grabs the falling baby, Tobi reveals he had planted explosive tags on the blanket. Kushina's frantic cries as the tags start burning are horrible, assuming Minato's panic as he sees his son threatened doesn't get to you first. All that so he could separate Minato from Kushina.
      • Even worse once you go back after The Reveal of Tobi's true identity: Obito Uchiha. Finding out that the boy who inspired Kakashi to defrost and stop being such a stickler for rules, the Uchiha!Naruto, the crybaby, Minato's student, the guy who said "those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum", is the same person threatening a newborn child - his sensei's son is incredibly heartbreaking.
    • Kushina laying next to baby Naruto after Tobi extracted the Nine-Tails from her and cuddling him while crying and muttering "Naruto...". She's slowly dying at that point and there's no way to stop this. Then, we see Minato's face...
    • Seeing baby Naruto and baby Sasuke being cradled by their loved ones (mom and dad in Naruto's case and a child Itachi in Sasuke's) is pretty sad since we know just how utterly awful things are going to get for both of them.
  • Kushina tells Minato that she will reseal the Nine-Tails inside of herself and die along with it. Minato tells her that she doesn't have to do this; instead, he will seal part of the Nine-Tails in Naruto, and part into himself. All to preserve the Balance of Power created by the Tailed Beasts in order to protect the Hidden Leaf.
    • Kushina's words to Minato:
      "If I were to imagine me alive and our future, the three of us together as a family, I can't really picture us as being anything but truly happy."
    • Kushina's last words to Naruto before she dies and the Nine-Tails gets sealed into him, as she tells him the entire list of things a mother usually says to her child over the course of his life... all at once.
    • The deaths of Iruka's parents, particularly when Iruka watches his mother get wounded, apparently fatally, while protecting him.
  • Kisame's death, despite him being a villain and mass-murderer, is incredibly tragic.
    • The sad part here is the fact that it turned Kisame from Affably Evil to Well-Intentioned Extremist. If anything, knowing his background as one of consistent murder and betrayal makes us understand why he would want the "world of truth" promised by Tobi's Eye of the Moon Plan. The fact that he remembers learning about life from his dear partner Itachi doubles the impact.
      Kisame: "Well, Itachi, it seems that in the end, I was not a worthless human being after all."
    • Then, there's Samehada crying after his death.
    • Additionally, Naruto notes that Kisame, while a ruthless enemy, truly did care for his comrades, and wasn't just in pursuit of his own ambitions. Not to mention Guy's pledge: he was lightly played up as Kisame's possible rival and yet, despite meeting several times, Guy couldn't even remember Kisame's name to the aggravation of Kisame and general hilarity
      Guy: "An admirable foe; a shinobi's life is measured by the manner of his death. Kisame Hoshigaki, I will remember you for the rest of my life."
      Miru: Hoshigaki-san.
      Kisame: Nn?
      Miru: Won't you come eat with us?
      Kisame: Please don't try to be friendly with me.
      CD member 1: Come on, I told you to leave him alone. He's just that type of guy.
      CD member 2: He doesn't get along with those of us from the cipher division.
      Miru: We're on a mission together! Those things don't matter!
      CD member 3: What would brain types and physical types have to talk about? (Kisame gets up and walks towards him.) Wh-what do you want?
      Kisame: We're departing at once.
      Miru: Hoshigaki-san. We could do it after the mission is over. Eating together.
      Fuguki: Listen, Kisame. Protect the cipher division and the ciphered message. However, do not let the enemy capture a shinobi from the cipher division. Your mission is to protect the cipher to the death, no matter what happens. You understand what that means, right?
      Kisame: I understand. I will not let them capture a shinobi from the cipher division alive.
      Miru: (after being cut down by Kisame) Why?
      Kisame: Killing my comrades. That is the sort of mission I specialize in.
      Miru: (faint smile) It must be hard... living like that...
  • Konan's last battle with Tobi, which also counts due to Character Development that came too late. We finally learn the circumstances behind why she would be willing to stay in the background while Nagato and Yahiko were doing the badass stuff: she sees herself as the pillar supporting their dreams for peace - aside from obviously falling for Yahiko. That she finally learned how to stand and rationalize for herself in a hopeless last stand against the psychopathic Big Bad amplifies the impact of what was supposedly a Satellite Character's demise.
    Yahiko: We're leaving to chase our dreams and make them come true, and once that happens, even if we're split apart, let's meet back here one day, and we'll all celebrate together!
    Nagato: In that case, we should invite Jiraiya-sensei, too.
    Konan: Yeah!
    Yahiko: Huh... good point.
    • The symbolic moments during Konan's death qualify as well. When Yahiko, Konan and Nagato were young, Jiraiya showed them a signal system in their place: the four of them had a small plank painted red on one side, and white on the other. This was a method to signal to each member regarding their teammates' locations in the hiding place: if it was white, they weren't there, and if it was red, they were in. Before the four left the place forever, everyone but Konan left their planks unflipped on red. In the present, when Konan finally passes away, one of her paper sheets becomes stained with her blood, and blows away. It ends up going into the same hiding place, and lands in front of Konan's flipped plank, making it look like the three, and their mentor have finally reunited in death. This gut-wrenching moment is pictured in this folder.
    • Amegakure actually stops raining when Konan is attempting one last attack against Tobi (even with a metal rod being impaled through her) complete with the sun shining and rainbows appearing. Even if it fails, it does symbolize that, for that brief moment, Konan, the last survivor of the Ame orphans, is not alone.
    • A somewhat rare example of a positive tear jerker happened when Bee promised Iruka that he would protect Naruto after the latter failed to keep him from escaping confinement. Bee explains that while he didn’t know who Iruka was, he recognized the young man as being the person Naruto loved and trusted most. When Bee is shown taking to the trees in order to catch up with Naruto, Iruka is shown locked into a bow of gratitude. It’s hard *not* to cry watching the scene unfold.

    Shinobi World War Arc 
  • Suiren sacrificing herself at the Tragedy of Yosuka Pass:
    Suiren: I wish I could have seen... peace...
  • During Gaara's speech (Shippuden 261), there's a flashback to a younger Deidara blowing up Iwa, and Kurotsuchi standing watching. The expression on her face is sad enough, but remember that it's not just because her village is being destroyed - it's because Deidara is the one doing it and leaving the village, the guy she addressed as her nii-san.
  • Sai seems... distressed when he sees Shin. To put it mildly. But, as they're about to fight the duel they never could, Shin's soul is released from the jutsu after seeing the picture Sai drew that he never got to see.
    Shin: I'm really glad that you finished it. I finally get to see the drawing I longed to see. And it's as though, your drawing has freed my soul from all of its bindings... Sai, these comrades who call you by your name, cherish them. Thank you...

    • The flashbacks to Sai and Shin training in the Foundation show their brotherly relationship in greater detail. Seeing younger Sai genuinely smile is actually heartbreaking.
  • Sasori's death, if only because of his dying flashback and his request to Kankuro.
    • Though in a weird way, it's kind of heartwarming too. Kankuro talks him down and Sasori seems to come to an epiphany and disintegrates with a smile on his face.
  • The return of Haku and Zabuza. It starts with Haku expressing regret that if Zabuza was also summoned, then clearly he was a failure as a tool.
    Kakashi: "Zabuza never thought that you were merely a tool."
    (Haku looks completely shocked)
    Zabuza: "Kakashi, just shut your mouth already!"
    Kakashi: "Naruto... He dug deep into Zabuza's heart and dug out the truth."
    • Zabuza can't bring himself to admit it, even in death. At least, not directly:
      Zabuza: "I already died once. And, I died human."

  • During the same battle with Zabuza and Haku, mirroring the scene from their first fight, Kakashi attempts to strike through Zabuza with Lightning Cutter, but just like the first time, Haku gets in the way and is hit instead. Once again, Zabuza attempts to slice through Haku to get to Kakashi, and he leaps back along with Haku; but this time, Zabuza suceeds, completely slicing through Haku. Bear in mind that Zabuza was also brainwashed he was beyond his own control during that time.
  • After meeting again Kakuzu, The Ino-Shika-Chou trio is stunned to see their master Asuma on the enemy side. Shikaku decides that it will be their task to deal with him. Shikaku's words ("I won't stand for any complaining! This is war. And it's one that we have to win.") are harsh, but true. After all, they know Asuma best and, thus, can save a lot of lives.
  • Iruka's letter to Naruto. Especially "Come back alive, Naruto!"
  • Karura's death scene and the revelation that she really did love her son, enough that death itself couldn't stop her from protecting him, just like she'd promised. This doubles as both awesome and heartwarming, because while it's known that the One-Tail can control sand, it's Karura's love that's protecting Gaara. To put it simply: her love for her son was so strong that she could force the One-Tail's chakra to protect him, and when the One-Tail was removed, that bit of its power never left.
    • Just as bad is when we're told that Yashamaru never truly hated Gaara, because it takes Gaara's crappy/non-existent childhood and makes it ten times worse. When his father reveals that particular bit of information, Gaara has an absolutely devastated expression on his face.
    • A council meeting talking about a four to five year old child like a mere object and calling Gaara a "failed experiment." Then, his father orders his uncle to provoke him emotionally and take away his mother's love as "a test"!
    • The fourth Kazekage admits that he was a shitty father and tells Gaara he doesn't deserve to be called "father" anymore, crying Tears of Remorse for everything he put his son through.
    • A flashback shows that Temari and Kankuro liked spending time with Gaara like normal siblings and children. Of course, their father put a stop to that.
      Gaara: (finally managing to stop bawling) "My mother was wonderfull indeed. Thanks to her, for the first time I received "medicine" from my father."
      4th Kazekage: (crying) "Gaara... you... You surpassed me long ago. I leave the village to you."
    • Made all the more effective because Gaara isn't normally given to displaying his emotions, unlike Naruto. That it shows on his face is fairly telling. This also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, when Gaara shows that he truly learned from Naruto's example, ignoring all the absolute shit his father put him through his whole life and thanking him instead for the one good thing he ever did for Gaara.
    • Also, without the Shukaku within him, Gaara's "absolute defense" is able to take on its true form: not a wall of sand that jumps at his command, but his mother's hands, shielding him from all harm.
    • And to make all of this even more bittersweet, this is the first time that we've seen teenage/adult Gaara crying like he was here. We've seen him cry as a kid and also shed a few tears at the Kage Summit when he felt bad that he couldn't change Sasuke's mind, but here, he's full on bawling. It's devestating to see.
      • This is especially true in the dub, where after Rasa tells Gaara that Karura really did love him, you can literally hear him being on the verge of tears. Liam O'Brien did an excellent job selling that scene.
  • No one ever bothered to ask the Nine-Tails his name -or even if he has a name. Or treat him with anything even approaching kindness. The Nine-Tails is around a thousand years old and Naruto was apparently the first human he'd ever met who didn't want to control him. Kurama gives an apt summary of his experiences before Naruto with the following line as he thinks back to Kushina, Hashirama, Mito and Madara.
    Kurama: No matter what words humans use, they always say the same thing. Obey.
    • We see a flashback with the Sage of Six Paths and the nine Tailed Beasts. He gave all of them their own names and told them that he's going to die soon. His hope was that they would one day find what real strength is. While he speaks, a younger Kurama starts crying over this. Then, present-day Kurama casually calls the Sage "old man"....
  • Kakashi sees Naruto's new Tailed Beast form and thinks for a moment that his sensei, Minato, might have returned.
  • Sasuke crossing paths with the resurrected Itachi, who won't talk to him because he has "more important things to do". Ouch. And Itachi, unable to talk to his brother because he feels he's messed up so badly with Sasuke already and he needs to go stop Kabuto's resurrection technique as fast as he can.
  • Kabuto's mother not knowing who Kabuto is even with her glasses on. He was spying on Iwagakure when he was attacked by the woman who had taken him in, as she was undercover and failed to recognize him. He inflicted lethal injuries on her before he realized who she was, and he tried to heal her but failed, and she did not remember him even as she died. This caused Kabuto to feel as if his life had been meaningless, as the reason he had decided to become a ninja was to repay her for her kindness.
    • Then, he looks into a body of water at his reflection and states that he doesn't recognize himself and that it isn't him staring back at himself. Not to mention how Kabuto's mother was brainwashed to see Kabuto as a stranger to assassinate and another boy as Kabuto.
    • Kabuto thinking that all he wanted was for someone to notice him. He just wanted to be acknowledged.
    • A seemingly random conversation between a Shinobi Alliance soldier and a medic a becomes one when it's revealed that the medic was one of Kabuto's "brothers" at the orphanage, who is still hopeful he'll return one day after the war ends, completely oblivious to how far has "brother" has fallen since he left and is, in fact, one of the reasons why the war is taking place. It gets worse when you consider Kabuto's perspective that all of what he's done since that day is to be noticed by someone. It seems the orphanage still remembers him as he was, but as far as Kabuto knows, he'll probably never know he is acknowledged and loved, and the medic has no idea what a monster he became because of it.
  • Sasuke is not happy that technically winning against Kabuto will mean that Itachi dies again, declaring that all this just makes him hate Konoha even more. Itachi seems to have decided not to try and convince Sasuke to change himself, but just trust Naruto...
    • Itachi says that no matter what happens: "I'm still the Leaf's Itachi Uchiha."
    • Sasuke telling Itachi "When I'm with you I remember the past. The feelings from my childhood spent together with the brother I loved."
    • Even though Itachi chose to side with Konoha and kill his clan, his father and mother fully accepted his decision. They only asked him to promise them one thing, to take care of Sasuke. Fugaku tells Itachi that he's proud of him until the very end.
      Fugaku: "Don't hesitate; it's the path you chose. Our pain will only last an instant, unlike yours. The way we think may be different, but I'm still proud of you."
      (Itachi breaks down into tears upon hearing this)
    • A crumbling Itachi reaching out for Sasuke to give him one last poke to the forehead. It looks like he's going to give him a poke on the forehead, but instead of his trademark poke, Itachi reaches out, places his hand on the back of Sasuke's head, and presses their foreheads together.
      Itachi: You don't ever have to forgive me. And whatever you do from here on out, know this... no matter what, I will love you always.
  • Dan, Tsunade's old lover appears to her before disappearing for good and tells her while holding her face. "I've only caused you hardship. I'm sorry. I'll be waiting on the other side. Please don't come for another while. Because you are my dream itself." He then kisses her forehead. Also heartwarming.
  • The Tsuchikage mentions that whoever undid Edo Tensei is a hero to the whole world. Tears ensue because it's Itachi and the world will never know; in everyone's eyes, he'll still be the guy who massacred his family For the Evulz.

    Ten Tails Revival Arc 
  • The official confirmation that Tobi's true identity is... Obito Uchiha. Especially because it comes after a montage flashback showing us his, Kakashi and Rin's past as well. Lotsa people saw it coming, but it's still shocking.
    • And the hits keep coming for Kakashi. During the battle, he realizes that it might be Obito behind the mask and starts breathing heavily. Guy tells him he's thinking it too, but they have to press on. Then comes the silent montage of smiling, idealistic, kind hearted Obito, before cutting back to the present to reveal him with the mask shattered. The scars and cold look on his face must be torture to Kakashi.
      • For the audience, it was heart wrenching. You see the flashback, from young, humble beginnings, to bittersweet memories, to a tearjerking end. And as it continues, you slowly but surely come to the bitter realization of just who Tobi is, and what Tobi has done - and as it finally reveals what you've known all along, it becomes nothing more than a punch in the gut. Triple Whammy when you realize that out of EVERYONE (read: Gaara, Nagato and Sasuke), HE is the strongest parallel to Naruto of them all. This is someone who Naruto could have become if he'd snapped far enough pull a Face–Heel Turn!!
    • The voice acting in the English dub reflects the change perfectly. Instead of using the same voice as he did moments ago, Obito uses what must be his own natural voice. He now sounds the way he did when he was "Tobi", only now there's no cheerful bounce in his tone, just an empty monotone quality to it.
    • The look on Kakashi's face when he sees the truth. Broken Pedestal doesn't even begin to describe it.
    • When you really think about it, you realize how deeply Obito affected the plot. Had he never "died", he would have never become Tobi. Then not only would both his sensei (who he, for all intents and purposes, KILLED) and his wife would still be alive, Naruto would have had a much happier life, the Uchiha Clan would be intact, and Kakashi would have never lived a life of regret. Ultimately, Obito became the catalyst for the fate of the world-and he chooses to plunge into a terrible war, loses all sense of idealism he once had, disillusioned by the horrors of the shinobi life. It's a tragedy.
    • Then there's Obito's reasoning for doing all this: Rin's death. The flashback does not focus on Obito's relationship with Kakashi; it's focused on his relationship with Rin, the girl he was in love with. Since it's later confirmed that she has died, you realize that her death was probably what caused Obito to become Tobi. It's saddening to see Kakashi ask why he doesn't just blame him; Obito loved Rin enough to be willing to destroy a reality that she is no longer a part of, just because of her untimely passing.
  • The five Kage, all about to die. Tsunade pulls a Heroic Second Wind, instead of healing her own grievous wounds, summons Katsuyu and asks to bring the other Kage to her, so that she can save them. It is directly hinted that Tsunade might not make it...
    Killer Bee: "Hey, Naruto! Him being here must mean..."
    Naruto: "What's happened to everyone over there?"
    Madara: "I'm not sure... But I suspect... that none of them are doing so well."
  • Even after having an entire side of his body destroyed by the rocks that crushed him, all Obito thought of was getting back to his friends and his village. A determination so strong that he actually tried to leave Madara's cave, despite being specifically told that not only was there no exit, but that the White Zetsu material stopping him from dying was fragile and could tear-free with any strenuous movement, resulting in his instant death. It doesn't work of course and after finally collapsing from a mixture of exhaustion and pain, all Obito can do is plead mentally for Kakashi and Rin to wait for him because he is still alive. Which of course makes his eventual fate all the more devastating.
    • Obito finally reaches Rin and Kakashi, only to see that Kakashi has just stabbed Rin through the heart with Chidori.
      "I get it... I'm... I'm in Hell."
    • You can just see the moment idealistic Obito dies and nihilistic Tobi is born.... Completed when Obito, cradling Rin's body and still weeping bitterly, harkens back Madara's monologue about winners/losers and his dream to make the Eye of the Moon Plan come true. He starts looking more focused (eerily looking a lot like Sasuke) as he imbibes Madara's knowledge and plans. Finally, approaching a young Nagato with the Rinnegan and still wearing Spiral Zetsu, Obito's debut as a bona-fide Well-Intentioned Extremist.
    • It becomes even worse when you realize that Obito never had a chance: His fate was decided from the moment when he was rescued by Madara, which took away everything from him, orchestrating his downfall all along, and prepared for every possible outcome in order to Obito went along with his Moon Eye Plan.
  • Obito beating up Kakashi and Kakashi just not fighting back. He didn't even try to defend himself. Also, this: Kakashi: "It's true as you say, I'm trash. But Obito, you were always.. a hero to me."
    • That's not all, as you see Kakashi getting beaten around, you can just feel how much he's hurting from all this. Each blow must have felt a hundred times worse than anything he took in his entire life.
  • Shikaku, Inoichi, and Ao face their impending deaths via Tailed Beast Ball. They decide to go out by performing their duties to the end. Seeing Shikamaru (trying to be stoic but obviously hurting) and Ino (quietly shedding Tender Tears) face the fact their parents are doomed is just heart-rending.
    • Inoichi's last talk with Ino was probably one of the most poignant moment in the series. Shikaku's talk would qualify here, but, a funny moment happened.
  • Neji diving in front of a wood jutsu spear to save Naruto and Hinata.
    "Because you... called me... a genius."
    • Neji's last words are a Meaningful Echo of what Naruto said to him during their Chunin Exam match.
    • Then the seal on his forehead disappears, signifying beyond any doubt that Neji is dead which is especially heartbreaking when you realize that he's the first of the Konoha 11 to die.
      Obito: "I thought you weren't going to let any of your friends die?"
    • From Bad to Worse. Take a look at Obito's face while he says that. It almost looks.... angry. Previously, Obito had remarked that Naruto was similar to how he, Obito, had been at one point. On some deep level, Obito may have truly wanted Naruto to prove his nihilistic worldview wrong. With Neji's death, Obito believes Naruto has failed.
    • Lee's utterly broken expression upon getting to Neji and confirming beyond any doubt that yes, his teammate, his ally, and his best friend is gone. Made worse by Guy and Tenten's reactions; Tenten can barely speak, and Guy throws out some motivational bullshit to keep from breaking down himself.
  • The Second Hokage's revelation of the real nature of the Sharingan and the "curse" of the Uchiha clan. The popular belief is that the Uchiha are doomed to produce monsters like Madara and (possibly) Obito because they reject putting any value on love and friendship. The truth is that they feel these emotions far more deeply than any other people alive, and are so much more affected by their loss that they near-inevitably spiral into rage and nihilism. The Sharingan is the expression of the Uchiha's anguish and despair over the loss of anyone they love, and the longer this pain consumes them, the more powerful their eyes become (and the more their sanity deteriorates). Madara is the ultimate villain of this series because that's how deeply his love for his brother wounded him when he lost Izuna.
    • Adding that to the sad confession of The Third Hokage, confirming Tobi and Danzou's revelations of Itachi to Sasuke. You can see in Hiruzen's look that he's not proud of himself.
    • Even worse, when Hiruzen confirms this, Sasuke gets an incredibly pained expression on his face. That was incredibly painful to see. After all, this is Sasuke we're talking about - the two emotions he's mostly been showing have been rage and indifference.
    • And now we understand better why Obito snapped - his pain at losing Rin really did cause him more emotional anguish than most people. Really, now that we know that Uchiha Clan's tendency for nihilism and self-destructive behaviour truly is In the Blood, it's all the sadder for it.
  • For those who think that the current Shinobi world is awful, the flashback to the Warring States Era gives us the complete and utter misery that came before Hashirama united the clans to form Konoha and the others followed suit. The naration states that in this time of constant fighting, the average lifespan of not only Shinobi, but of ordinary people was to the age of thirty. All of this information given as we are treated to the sight of several furious looking Uchiha cornering and brutally killing one of Hashirama's brothers—-who is little more than a child in armor.
    • What turns this from tragic to absolutely horrifying is that we are given a close up of his face and we see that he's crying and looking so utterly terrified, as if begging his killers for mercy—and then the next panel we see his bloodied and lifeless corpse.
    • Just finding out that Madara and Hashirama both actually started out with more than one younger brother...Hashirama had 3 and Madara had 4. No wonder they were willing to work together to make Konoha.
    • Also, the scene where Hashirama and his brothers are talking. Tobirama reveals that he thinks shinobi should have no sounds eerily like Danzou, except instead of coming from a veteran it's coming from a preteen. It breaks the heart.
    • Then the worst possible scenario occurs for them: their fathers and younger brothers about to kill each other; the Senju were not so different from the Uchiha. Seeking an advantage over the other, both Hashirama and Madara's fathers aimed kunai at the other's youngest son as a diversion. Not terribly tear inducing, but then when both Hashirama and Madara deflect the kunai aimed at their brother, Madara instantly turns on his new best friend and then awakens his Sharingan while threatening Hashirama.
    • Izuna as a kid, so proud of his big brother. Then, look at him after Tobirama slashes him. All he can think about is telling his brother to stay at war with the Senju.
    • And Madara keeps to those wishes. Hashirama has him near death and refuses to kill him. Despite this show of mercy, Madara demands that Hashirama either commit suicide or kill Tobirama to secure peace.
    • After striking Madara down during their battle, Hashirama starts to talk about their dream. Then, he stops midsentence and corrects himself. He talks about his dream, finally acknowledging that his friend was no more.
  • It is depressing that in the end Sasuke hasn't really changed. Despite having joined the War against Obito and Madara, even Sakura herself has stopped trusting Sasuke.
  • Kakashi fatally pierces a huge hole in Obito's chest, probably taking at least a piece of his old friend's heart - in the process, Obito also stabs Kakashi. All of this is compared to a flashback of the young Kakashi and Obito, back when they were teammates, having a sparring match.
    Kakashi: Naruto... you never waver. You're stronger than me and you have many things that are solely yours. This is all I can do right now. And that is... to protect this world, my comrades... and the Obito of the past... by killing... the current Obito!
  • Minato's reaction as he comes to realize that it was Obito who attacked that night. Who threatened his son, attacked his home, hurt his wife, and ended so many lives, including his. He has a devastated look on his face as he realizes the truth and cuts Obito down.
    • Minato's tragedy digs deeper as he realizes he could have prevented the death of his wife, the burden of his child and the current war had he recognized Obito during the Nine-Tail's attack on Konoha. It's already awful to take your sacrifice and hopes twisted but the real kicker comes from your former student blaming you for it.
  • Despite Naruto's efforts, the Ten Tail's reaches its final form and annihilates the alliance in one fell swoop, the face Naruto makes, nearly breaking in tears as he stands drained before those he failed to protect is a testament of how awful the situation has become.
  • As Ino conveys the images from Naruto's memories into the minds of the ninja alliance, we see a flashback scene from Asuma's funeral, and then the reanimated Hiruzen: not visibly upset, but his expression clearly implying that he's just now finding out that his son is dead.
  • After Naruto shares his memories with everyone, we also sees a shot of...Jiraiya's grave and memorial. Cue Orochimaru looking unusually solemn as a result along with Tsunade.
  • Obito is pushed even further into Tragic Villain territory. Right before falling in battle to Naruto and Sasuke, Obito gets bombarded with a vision of what his life would have been like if he had not turned to darkness. The vision included him moving on from Rin's death, joining his comrades in battle, and eventually becoming Hokage.
    • Just the tiniest thing, but during the What If? scenario, Obito is standing with all the other Konoha jonin. If you look behind him, Ibiki has no scars, implying that Obito could have stopped whatever happened to him. Or, more cynically, that he may have caused those scars directly or indirectly.
  • Even in-universe, what happened to Obito is a tear-inducing. When Naruto leads the chakra tug-of-war against him, he accidentally briefly links minds with Obito and sees the guy's past, and it actually makes him shed a tear for his enemy.
  • Naruto and Sasuke have defeated Obito and the latter goes to deal the killing blow. Kakashi gets to Obito first, stating that it's his responsibility as Obito's teammate and friend to deal the killing blow. Just then, Minato grabs Kakashi's arm to keep him from killing what's left of Obito, stating that maybe Rin in heaven somehow had something to do with their reunion happening the way it did. He also says that Rin wouldn't have wanted this and that Kakashi should understand Obito the most. Kakashi describing the despair he felt at Obito, Rin, and Minato in the span of a year and Obito's subsequent description of Rin as his only ray of light in the world doesn't help very much.

    Final Arc 
  • Just as Obito is about to perform the Rinne Rebirth in order to redeem himself at the cost of his life, Madara has Black Zetsu hijack the jutsu to revive himself. It comes across as a huge Heel–Face Door-Slam in the eyes of Obito who was trying to atone for what he had done.
  • We learn why in Part I Gaara thought the Shukaku was an old monk. We learn that the old monk was one of the Shukaku's previous jinchuriki, and he was treated as a monster. He was locked in a cell, given only bread and water and was treated with utter disdain. Refusing to call him his real name, instead calling him the Shukaku. It does show how society has changed and does make sense why the Tailed Beast hate humans so much.
  • Kurama is sealed. The look on Naruto's face really seals the deal.
  • Gaara manages to bring a dying Naruto back to the Medical Ninja. When Hinata uses the Byakugan to see Naruto's fading heartbeat, she desperately runs to him and collapses (either because she tripped or from exhaustion). The devastated look on her face seals it. All she can do is mentally plead for Neji to protect Naruto.
    • She wasn't the only one breaking down there: Sakura's and Karin's reaction to Naruto's and Sasuke's dying moments are painful to watch.
    • Sasuke's desperation to stay alive while fighting Madara. There was a lot of Alternative Character Interpretation about Sasuke's Heel–Face Turn being fake, but this shows that Sasuke is legitimately one of the good guys. At least, until the War is over.
  • Tenten really misses Neji. The anime adds more depth to it, showing her shed a single tear as she thinks about him, which she quickly wipes away so Guy and Lee won't see her crying.
  • Sakura's look of absolute despair when Madara took down Kakashi, Minato and Gaara and the Black Zetsu controlled Obito was walking towards him. She literally was powerless, if she tried to fight Naruto would have died, but if she doesn't do anything his death was just a matter of time.
  • Guy decides to open the Eighth Gate, something that will kill him. He's that willing to protect his friends.
    • Guy with his dad, Might Duy. His dad is revealed to be a mere genin despite already being old enough to have a preteen son. Because of this, he is openly mocked. When Guy fights the older ninjas who're demeaning his dad, he is beaten up and has to stay at a hospital. There, his dad reveals that a true victory is not beating a strong opponent, but protecting something precious to you. Fast-forward a little later where Duy teaches Guy the Eight Gates technique and tells him to use it only when he is protecting what's important to him. He is last seen activating all Eight Gates to protect Guy and his team from none other than ALL SEVEN NINJA SWORDSMEN OF THE MIST, thereby explaining his death. Then, Guy uses the same technique his dad did to protect his longtime friend and rival, Kakashi, and his own student, Lee, from Madara.
    • Also one for Rock Lee. Poor guy lost his best friend to Madara earlier in the fighting, when Neji died to protect Naruto and Hinata. Now, he has to watch the first and nearly only person who ever believed in him go out in a Dying Moment of Awesome to protect the world.
    • However, Lee declares he will not look at this as a sad moment since showing pity to Guy when the latter is performing the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone would be horribly rude towards Guy's sacrifice. The still laments, though, that he cannot open the eighth gate too to back Guy up and Minato has to help him rally.
  • How the Sage of Six Paths reacts to the idea that he created ninjutsu. It makes sense in retrospect, the Sage wanted to create peace and instead his legacy is one of war. If one considers it, he was a failure despite his strength and knowledge. He wanted peace, and created ninshu to do so. Instead ninshu was corrupted to ninjutsu, that restarted and intensified the wars his mother stopped. Along with creating a war between his sons, that is still going on :between his sons's reincarnations. The Tailed Beasts were manipulated by humans their whole life, causing a very justified hatred for humanity. And the sage has gone through time to meet his sons' reincarnations, so he knows how badly he messed up.
    • Take a look at Kaguya's backstory. Sure she's the big bad boss that caused everything. She came to Earth from some other dimension/world, and while her views on it were strange and twisted, she did desire some kind of peace. However, due to the politics of the time, in an effort to prevent war she was betrayed by Tenji, the man she fell in love with, who orders her execution ont he grounds that no one was exempt from the law to not harm the soldiers who were threatening war. Kaguya's assistant, Aino realises Kaguya was weakened because she had conceived Tenji's children and tried to stop their comrades but got killed in the process. Kaguya proceeded to eat the Chakra Fruit and use the Infinite Tsukuyomi to essentially end all human civilization of the time. Then, during the era of her sons, she creates the ritual of the divine tree that requires human sacrifice for the people their sons care for regularly to build up an army for mysterious purposes. No wonder her sons wanted to stop her.
  • Most of Obito's life was manipulated and crushed by Madara and the reason he did so was because Obito was truly a kind and loving person whose fall would make him hate the world... It bears emphasizing that Madara targeted Obito specifically because he was so genuinely kind, and Madara knew the nature of the Uchiha's curse meant that if he could get Obito to fall into despair it would give birth to a insane hatred within him that would be every bit as deep as his former kindness.
  • Sakura mistakes Sasuke's apparent indifference, thinking he doesn't care if she lives or dies. However, if he didn't care, he wouldn't have jumped at the same time as Naruto to save her. These two are plagued by Poor Communication Kills.
  • Hinata being caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, with her last free thoughts being to mentally call out to Naruto.
    • Worse still, Naruto heard her and he immediately tried to rush to her aid, but Sasuke had to beg him not to leave the shelter of his Susano'o, because if Naruto set foot outside, he'd instantly be caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi himself. Naruto can hear all the screams of the Infinite Tsukuyomi victims, but he's powerless to do anything to help them.
    • After waiting and complaining about his absence for ages, Yamato fans get to see their favorite character again. Only the poor man was being manipulated into attacking the very people he cares for by Madara, and now he to is another victim of the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
    • The depiction of Gaara's dream within Infinite Tsukuyomi was utterly heartwrenching when letting it sink in. The way his entire family was together, being able to live a normal, happy childhood. He was even having Naruto as a childhood best friend. The contrast between his dream and the reality of what happened with him and his family is painful.
    • Tenten's dream is pretty bad as well. Tenten's is just normal life for Team Guy, which is heartbreaking when you consider that Neji's dead and Guy could be very badly incapacitated. But, while everyone else is dreaming about romance or achieving some great feat, Tenten's dream is for Guy and Lee to stop being annoying. She has no ambitions or desires other than this and wishing Neji wasn't dead.
      • Had it not been a Tear Jerker, this would have been a Heartwarming dream as it shows that Tenten already has everything else she wanted and was content with it.
    • Tsunade's involves all her deceased alive: Dan is Hokage, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Nawaki are hanging around and planning a prank. This also demonstrates that even after all of the horrible things he's done, one of her dearest wishes was that Orochimaru had remained comrades with her and Jiraiya.
    • The background moments in Shikamaru's and Ino's dreams - Shikamaru's watching his mum and dad bicker while Asuma and Kurenai look after their baby and Ino's dad is smiling at how popular she is and just...
    • Hinata's dream too. In it, she's leaning against Naruto while Neji and Hanabi spy on them. Considering the last thing Hinata did before entering her dream was cry for Naruto, this makes it even worse.
    • In Sai's dream, he's able to give a genuine smile which everyone says they love about him. The Konoha 11 all respect and admire him and Naruto appears to be his best friend.
    • In Yamato's dream, he becomes the official leader of Team 7 (which includes Sasuke) and is respected throughout Konoha. Worse still, the Infinite Tsukuyomi first tries to tempt him by making him think of his childhood friends, but he resists it, so the genjutsu tempts him again by making him think of Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Sasuke and his desire of wanting go be leader of Team 7 again. This time, it works.
  • The Reveal that Black Zetsu edited the Uchiha tablet to use the clan as his pawns is really depressing. All of the conflict in the series: the ruined lives, the shattered families, the broken friendships, and countless deaths were caused by a huge lie.
  • Obito, the Determinator with more lives than a cat, lets himself be hit by Kaguya's Ash Killing Bone intended for Naruto while saving Kakashi again as well, complete with a Rin flashback and a Last Request to be Together in Death with her. This time, he is not coming back.
    • Obito finally dies and reunites in passage to the afterlife with Rin, reverted back to his old self again, before he was torn apart by the cave-in and corrupted by evil. Rin has been watching him all this time and waiting for Obito. They go to paradise together. But his death has Naruto tearing up. It's also a Karmic Death - Obito once called Kakashi trash for letting Rin die, and Black Zetsu equally refers to him as rubbish for being a traitor. But Obito accepts his fate and soldiers on through it. He cries Tears of Joy when Rin confirms her feelings for him by saying she waited and watched him until now.
      • The anime makes it hit even harder by bringing back "Sadness and Sorrow" from the Part I soundtrack just for this scene.
  • Once all is said and done, Naruto goes to spend the last moments he can with Minato, and while he's telling him how he's doing and what to tell Kushina, he is breaking down more and more as his Father left on his birthday for the last time.
    • Made even sadder when you realize that everything Naruto wants Minato to tell Kushina is in direct response to what she told him as a baby.
    • Madara's death. Laying on the ground, powerless and very near of death, he and Hashirama have one last talk about the ways they followed. Madara admits that Hashirama's way was superior and that will live on, while his one will die with him. Hashirama points out that Madara's biggest flaw is that he never tried to create a legacy, someone to follow his footsteps. Hashirama offers Madara a last moment as comrade which Madara didn't think was a bad alternative in the end.
  • Sasuke reveals his plan to kill the Five Kage and rule over the world as a Shadow Dictator. Naruto decides that it's time to end the feud between the Sage's sons.
    • Sasuke uses his Sharingan to put Sakura into a Genjutsu which make it look like he's punching straight through her chest. The lifeless and depressed look on Sakura is heartbreaking.
    • Kakashi tries to persuade Sasuke to let go of his vengeance and think about Sakura's love for him and how far she's willing to go for him... which is immediately followed by Sasuke coldly dismissing her feelings as foolish and baseless, stating he does not love her and she has no reason to love him. Kakashi replies that one doesn't need a reason to love someone, but Sasuke refuses to argue further. Sasuke does seem to have a almost pained expression after Sakura's pleas to him, echoing his "you're annoying" statement from years ago before silencing her with genjutsu. Given his later words about his feelings for Team 7, it's evident Sakura did get to him here, but he was unwilling to admit or reciprocate any of it since he believed his revolution required him to cut all bonds with other people.
  • The Final Battle between Naruto and Sasuke has many such moments.
    • In the anime, right before the battle begins, Naruto has a vision of Neji, who urges him to succeed in saving Sasuke, just like how Naruto saved him from going down the same path after their fight in the Chunin Exams finals. Considering that one of Hinata's last thoughts (before she got caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi) was to plead for Neji to protect Naruto, this scene becomes even more heartbreaking.
    • Sasuke still considers Naruto his closest friend even after all that's happened. Unfortunately, this only fuels his desire to kill Naruto because he believes this bond will hold him back as Hokage.
    • "Please, just fall..."
    • Dark Kurama, after having his gathered chakra stolen by Sasuke, offers Naruto his remaining chakra, knowing that doing so would render him unconscious. In the anime, Naruto responds by holding out his hand for a fist-bump, a Call-Back to Light Kurama doing so to Naruto, which drives Dark Kurama nearly to tears in joy. It's worth noting that this is the last time we see Kurama's timid dark half before they join together again.
    • Sasuke acknowledging the true measure of his friendship to Naruto and Team 7's resemblance to a family, and he defected not for selfish reasons, but because being around them drove him away out of pain for what he had once lost. When the anime touched upon this, it made this entire sequence worse, with a montage being included where there are frequent cuts to Naruto and Sasuke, only when it cuts to Naruto each time, more of his friends, allies and even the Tailed Beasts appear alongside him, while Sasuke remains by himself. By the time it shows everyone Naruto has become allies with up to now, Sasuke is still alone and sees himself appearing right next to Naruto as a true comrade. This montage is the final moment that makes Sasuke suffer an enormous revelation regarding his actions, with his head tilt in shame being most memorable and heartrending.
      • There's a little heartwarming there, though. Sasuke finally feels shame for his actions... and that means he's finally ready to atone.
    • Sasuke finally giving in and admitting he's lost to Naruto, and is now preparing to die. When Naruto instead wills him to stay alive, he ends up shedding a single tear.
    • While it comes right after one of the most heartwarming conversations between Naruto and Sasuke, it's revealed at the very end that their final clash cost them each an arm.
    • Even worse, the look of shock and horror on Sasuke's face when he sees Naruto lost his arm as well.
  • The sincere look on Sasuke's face as he apologizes to Sakura. Like he's finally realized how much he hurt her with his actions.
  • The look of utter sadness on Hinata and Naruto's faces, standing side by side, during Neji's funeral.
    • It's even worse in the anime, where Neji's funeral was turned into a mass funeral, and Shikaku and Inoichi were buried along with Neji. Shikamaru is still trying to be stoic about it, Ino is visibly shaking as she cries, Lee and Tenten are in tears as they stand side by side, Hinata looks like she's been crying for who knows how long as a sorrowful Naruto stands by her side, and Hanabi looks like she's about to cry.
  • Even in the Epilogue there is still sadness: Tenten laments that the current era of peace is affecting her weapon shop's sales, Guy is shown to have never completely recovered from using the Eight Gates, Akamaru seems to be on his last legs due to being a dog and aging more quickly than Kiba (either that or he's just more docile these days), and Onoki has grown so old that he is now bedridden, unable to travel.

The New Era

    Kakashi Hiden 

    Shikamaru Hiden 

    The Last: Naruto the Movie 
The last story of Naruto Uzumaki... is love.

    Sakura Hiden 

    Konoha Hiden 

    Gaara Hiden 

    Akatsuki Hiden 

    Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month 
A spin-off miniseries about the next generation of ninja, the children of the Konoha 11. It focuses on Sarada Uchiha, who finds herself having questions about her family.

    Boruto: The Movie 
A spin-off movie focusing on Boruto Uzumaki and his quest to surpass his father, the legendary hero and Seventh Hokage, Naruto.

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generation 
A spin-off sequel focusing on Boruto Uzumaki that takes place before and after the events of Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

See Boruto


  • Naruto's backstory is just depressing. He was alone since he was an infant, never knew his parents at all. With every adult and most of his classmates just hating him.
    • The sheer amount of cruelty Naruto endured from children his own age, as well as adults, is enough to upset any viewer. Especially those who've been bullied or ostracized in some way.
  • Despite Sasuke's questionable -to put it mildly- actions, you have to understand what he went through.
    • In just one night, he lost his parents, aunt, uncle, cousins and all of his clan members! And worst of all, his own brother killed them! Then, Itachi made him relieve the whole experience through the Tsukyuomi genjutsu. He went through life totally alone, having no one except Naruto (to an extent) understand him, refusing to have friends and only seeing the people around him as annoying, stupid or just pawns to further his goal of revenge.
    • And just when things were somewhat looking up for him, his brother comes back, forcing his hurtful memories to come back, mind rapes him and his final mission (in the anime) finally induces his inferiority-superiority complex as well as undoing all of his recovery and firming sending him on a downward spiral. He believes his brother's words of not having enough strength and because of this, he believe his only chance to defeat his brother and bring the Uchiha clans honor back is to go to Orochimaru, a man he knows is strong and can train him, completely disregarding the friends and bonds he made...
    • And THEN, when he finally fulfills what he believes is his purpose in life and kills Itachi (sort of), he's told that he was just following orders! So he misdirects his blame towards Konoha; believing that they're the ones responsible for everything horrible that's happened to him...
      • Even then, Itachi's past itself was just nearly as messed up. Despite being a simple-yet-smart child, he tried to handle many tough decisions all by himself and didn't feel that anyone had the vision of peace that he did. Then when it came to trying to find a peaceful way out of the Uchiha Revolt, he had no choice but to massacre his clan in the end and be regarded as a fugitive all to protect his brother....the aforementioned tears Itachi sheds for both killing his father and mother just after their last words and when Sasuke first awakens his Sharingan drives that point home. Even up to now, Itachi realizes that everything he's done on that end via manipulating Sasuke was a huge mistake, while also losing his only friend Kisame during his time in the Akatsuki.
  • Orochimaru's minions. The genin and the Sound Four— all dying horrible deaths, with the oldest one being no more than fifteen. That's right— when kids in our world were talking on their cell-phones and wondering who was dating who, or what's for dinner, these kids were ready to risk their lives to kill for Orochimaru, whom they obviously felt respected them but really could only care if their deaths furthered his plans, or did not hinder them. And some—such as Dosu—understood, but still followed orders. Why?! It's worse than the usual child-soldiers just because how obviously dark their stories are.
  • Keep going through Shippuden, read all of the moments listed above... and then re-read the first seven volumes. The ones where Team 7 was learning to be a team, having fun... just read/watch Chapter 35/Episode 22. While doing so, keep in mind what that team will become, and what they can never be again.
    Sasuke: "Naruto? Sakura? Let's go!"
    • Naruto and Sasuke's relationship in general is one big Tearjerker. Just how hard Naruto fights for Sasuke makes you want to cry.
    • It's only made worse by Sasuke's response to his once-best friend trying so hard to reach out to him and bring him back home: icy cold indifference.
  • Minato and Kushina both not being there for Naruto, their only son. The other thing that hits close to some is if you DID grow up like Naruto did with no parents. Most people would live with their grandparent(s) in our world, but Naruto did not. Maybe even being "bullied" in general may also hit home like Naruto had been in the past.
  • The cover for Chapter 420 shows all of the Jinchuriki standing together is kind of sad, considering how happy they look together and the fact that, by that point, all of them but Gaara, Killer Bee and Naruto are dead...
    • We're having more heart-wrenching Jinchuriki tragedies courtesy of the anime: Utakata's (the jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug) death right after he promises to help train Hotaru, the only person who trusted him in the last episode of the Six-Tailed Demon Slug Arc. To have been deprived of your life at just about the moment it begins to take a turn for the better...
      • It certainly doesn't help that episode following Utakata's capture after promising to train Hotaru is the one where Naruto learns of Jiraiya's death.
      • Made worse when Tobi uses the reanimated corpses of Yugito, Yagura, Roshi, Han, Utakata, and Fu as his Six Paths of Pain and they fight Naruto and Bee; Bee notices Yugito and they they solemnly realize they are fighting the previous Jinchuriki.
      • In the anime, due to the larger role Utakata played, more attention is brought upon him when the group encounters Naruto and Bee, showing even more the sad and devastating life of the Jinchuriki; particularly Utakata's sad fate.
  • The Infinite Tsukuyomi is actually quite heartbreaking when you think about it. It's a powerful genjutsu that traps people in a dream where it shows your deepest desire's and wishes. But that's all it is: a dream. And if you're lucky (or unlucky) enough to be woken up, you'll find out that your dream didn't even happen... All the dead loved ones you saw? They're still dead. You joining your dream job? You're still unemployed/stuck in a stupid job. The horrible mistakes/things that happened to you in the past that you changed/didn't happen? They still happened and your childhood was still crappy. Your goals that you set for yourself and actually accomplished? That still hasn't happened. Just the thought that EVERYTHING you've EVER wanted coming true only to find that it was just a dream is absolutely horrible...
  • Kaguya, despite having many Diabolus ex Nihilo qualities is actually a rather tragic character herself. From her backstory, we learn that she started out only with the honest desire to stop the wars among humanity and end the senseless bloodshed. While she singlehandedly ended all conflict, she began to lose her faith in humanity, and her power ultimately ended up corrupting her. Leading to her initial attempt at trapping people in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Then her own grandsons are forced to fight her and seal her away. And once she meets Naruto and Sasuke (she briefly confuses them with their past incarnations as her grandsons), she actually cries.


Part I

  • Poor Iruka during the "Mizuki Strikes Back" arc. He tries to remind Mizuki of their childhood friendship, and that he'd always been grateful for the kindness Mizuki had shown him after he'd lost his parents. Mizuki just laughs at Iruka and reveals that it was all an act. Explaining that he only pretended to be his friend in order to be noticed by important people like the Hokage.
    • Even more tragic, Iruka's trying to reason with Mizuki is strikingly similar to when Naruto tried to stop Sasuke from leaving the village in the "Sasuke Retrieval" arc.
  • Isaribi during the Land of the Sea arc. The cruel treatment she receives from everyone in her life is just awful from something she had no control over. When Naruto and the others raid the hideout, she breaks down and asks aloud why everyone is so cruel to her. Even worse, Naruto tries to reassure her that he's in the same boat, but she just screams that he's not and only wishes she was normal like him.
    • What makes that scene stand out is before it, Isaribi was stoically taking abuse from the island kids like it was her daily routine and brushed off Naruto's attempts to stand up for her with annoyance and anger. From her side, Naruto was just another ignorant kid trying to defend someone whose pain he couldn't hope to understand, the opposite of the brats who were attacking her out of what was learned from their parents' paranoia. And from Naruto's point of view, he knows the pain of discrimination all too well and tries to sympathize with her, only to be told a "normal kid" like him would never understand. What must have gone through his head at that moment must have hurt.
    • Later, when Naruto's anger at Amachi causes him to go Nine-Tails, Isaribi has a front-row seat to it and has the revelation that Naruto was telling the truth. Thankfully, it leads to her abandoning her dark path.
  • In the Hoshigakure arc, Natsuhi's death.
  • "Kiba's Long Day", Kiba trying desperately to prevent Akamaru from being put down.
  • The death of old man Genno near the end of the "Trap Master" arc.
  • Menma's death via Heroic Sacrifice in the "Menma" arc.

Part II/Shippuden

  • Guren's Disney Death. It REALLY looked like she had just sacrificed herself! Thankfully, Gozu saves her.
    • Slight one in Episode 90, when Yukimaru talks with Sasuke.
      Yukimaru: "Hey, do you have a place to call home?"
      Sasuke: "For me, there's no such thing."
  • The ending of the Six-Tails filler arc is particularly brutal in that it lures you in with a happy ending and subsequently crushes your soul. After Utakata saves Hotaru from Shiranami, he goes to ask the ANBU from his former village for permission to train her. When he arrives, he discovers the ANBU dead and all Six Paths of Pain lying in wait for him. As he lies wounded under a rockslide, the viewer knows what's going to happen to him, but is forced to watch as the episode cuts to a blissfully unaware Hotaru.
  • Although filler, Episodes 176-178 show Naruto's background in detail. It is heartbreaking. Everything Naruto does is met with hate and ignorance. He even does something he feels is stupid, just so he can have friends.
  • "Ah, my hero, Lady Tsunade" delved into Tenten's past and really made her one-sided loss in the Chunin Exams a heartbreaker in retrospect. She idolized Tsunade and tried to emulate her, but she didn't have the natural talent for taijutsu or medical ninjutsu like Tsunade. She learned a good lesson out of the whole effort: It's fine to look up to someone, but you have to figure out what YOU'RE good at. She discovered her talent as a weapons expert and progressed to the point that she qualified for the Chunin Exams...and after all that, she got curbstomped by Temari. That had to be a punch to the gut for her. At least she did eventually become a Chunin over the Time Skip.
  • The episode "The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble" follows up on an anime filler arc that the manga didn't. As Naruto and Killer Bee come face to face with Tobi, the masked man unleashes his reincarnated jinchriki and Naruto happens to recognize one of them as his new friend Utakata. Then, using his bubble jutsu, Utakata is somehow able to fight his Mind Control enough to create a fantasy world. He then sadly brings Naruto up to speed on the fact that he to is a jinchriki, and what happened to him after they parted. While Naruto does not shed a single tear, it's easy to tell he's devastated.
  • Episodes 347 and 348 further develop the origins of Akatsuki and it's fall to darkness. It first depicts the Rain Orphans early victories and idealistic contributions to peace until Danzo royally screws them up and then reality further kicks them down when Obito kills all other core members before they have a chance to prevent the trap set up for Yahiko and Nagato. What's most heartbreaking though is when Yahiko (now Deva Path) shows at the end and Nagato states that he will always be the leader of Akatsuki.
  • The "Shadow of the ANBU Arc"
    • Episodes 349 tells how Hiruzen stops being Hokage he resings after making peace with the Stone after a gruesome war, making all the death of Konoha Ninjas useless. Danzou recommends Orochimaru while Hiruzen recommends Minato.
    • Kakashi's life post Rin's death isn't really good either, he keeps washing his hand but he still can feel his hand piercing Rin. That, and the nightmares.
    • Starting around episode 353 Captain Yamato's background is delved into. Considering all the Nightmare Fuel he went through while fully conscious of his surroundings, watching in horror as other children died from failed experiments while still practically an infant. It's downright amazing he grew up into the well adjusted man he is today (not that he's doing so well at the moment). Seems the hard luck story that's Yamato's life continues.
    • In episode 426, Yamato is freed from Zetsu's control but is confused and traumatized by what little he remembers when he was captured. When he's then caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, we see inside his fantasy. Yamato, having no family growing up has felt lonely since he was a child. We then learn that his greatest desire is to find acceptance, a new family with Team 7. He's fooled into embracing the fake world when an illusion of Kakashi tells him he wants him to take over as leader of the team.
  • Episodes 427 and 428 expand on Tenten's experience in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. As comical as it is to see her meet the Road to Ninja versions of her friends, Tenten is aware of the fact that she is in a genjutsu, and does her best to fight her way out. As if her futile attempts to break free aren't enough, the illusion slowly convinces her to stay, beginning with the rationalization that it feels real enough if not better, and ending with what would otherwise be a Throw the Dog a Bone moment where she is critical in defeating an invasion led by Hanzo the Salamander. Neji saying that she saved his life is the final nail in the coffin, convincing her that the dream is truly better than the real world. The last we see of the illusion shows her eyes fading from brown to purple as everyone applauds her as a hero and she accepts the new reality. The ultimate kick to the teeth is the ending shot of Tenten's real body hanging from the World Tree.
  • Sasuke rejecting a flower Ino attempts to give to him in episode 482 which takes place during their early days at the Academy. Flowers are symbolic to Ino as they represent her love for Sasuke and like all flowers, Ino's heart started to wilt the moment Sasuke coldly rejected her gift and walked off leaving her to shed a tear in heartbreak.

    Movies and Other Media 
  • In Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom, the death of King Kakeru Tsuki comes to mind. We didn't know the old man for very long, but every one of his final words just evokes the feels of Hiruzen "3rd Hokage" Sarutobi's passing, something that Naruto brings up to Hikaru after his passing. Even the stoic royal guards shed Manly Tears at his death; the guy must have been bliss to serve under.
    • His son and grandson's reactions are the cherry on top of the tragedy sundae. As materialistic and somewhat shallow as they were in the first half of the film, their love for Kakeru was never in doubt and came completely out of left field for them. Michiru's gutwrenching wail of "PAPA!" will leave even the most cynical of viewers on the verge of tears.
  • Minato and Naruto goodbye during Naruto: The Lost Tower with Naruto trying to warn Minato about what would happened in the future and starting to connect the dots about Minato being his father but Minato remains firm about preserving the timeline, telling Naruto that he knows they will meet again and he hopes that if he ever had a son that he would be like a ninja like Naruto, implying that he has a idea what is going on.
  • In Naruto: Road to Ninja, due to the premise of the movie there are a lot of tear-jerkers as well.
    • The beginning of the movie, when Naruto can only look at his friends' happy families and as he walks home, he sees more families, before returning to his dirty and dark apartment alone.
    • It is truly heartwrenching watching Naruto surrendering to his emotions and hugging Kushina.
    • Sakura gets this as well, after spending time in the alternative world with her parents dead, she gets lonely. She realizes what it must have been like for Naruto growing up and goes to his house to talk about how to get back to their world, only to see how happy Naruto is. She leaves wondering if should it would be right to force him to leave.
    • When Naruto has to go back to the real world, he thanks his parents for letting him know what having a family was like.
    • When Naruto looks through the photo album. It's a tearjerker because you get to see how happy his life would have been like if the Kyuubi never attacked Konoha.

    Covers, Openings, Endings and Music 
  • The cover of Chapter 503 is a picture of the life and family that Naruto could have had, and was robbed of by Tobi's machinations.
  • Naruto opening 5 "Youth's Rhapsody" is very depressing to watch since it's the opening that plays during Sasuke's Face–Heel Turn. The saddest parts being Sasuke dropping his Konoha headband; signifying his descent into darkness and the shift through Naruto's and Sasuke's memories in the past near the end.
    • When the opening isn't focusing on Sasuke and/or Naruto, it's focusing on the others.
    • The song itself is also about being unable to communicate with others, especially the feeling of sadness and depression, and being held back by those feelings. It goes well with Sasuke's situation.
  • Naruto opening 6 "No Boy, No Cry" is very bittersweet since it happens after Naruto fails to bring Sasuke back. There's the beginning which shows Naruto lying defeated on the ground and then there's the part where it shows Sasuke standing alone on a hill near the end after it shows the Akatsuki and Otogakure.
  • Naruto ending 1 "Wind" illustrates the loneliness and sorrow that Naruto has faced throughout his childhood. The shot of a young Naruto lying down on a grassy field, with no one else by his side, which then flashes forward to his current self, still lying on the same spot in the grass with a depressed expression on his face, could pull quite a few heartstrings. All to the tune of a soothing, yet melancholic folk tune.
  • Naruto ending 9 "Lost Words": Seeing Naruto and Sakura in that boat in the middle of that lake, both looking completely devastated for Sasuke leaving, including Sakura breaking into tears, is nothing short of heartbreaking. Even more so if you watch it along with the episodes: it was shown during Naruto and Sasuke's showdown at the Valley of the End. This ending captures the feelings you get from this battle and what is coming just perfectly!
  • Naruto ending 15 "Scenario" has a sad moment at the beginning - where it shows Naruto clutching Sasuke's headband, thinking back at the times they were a team and Sasuke wasn't a rogue ninja. And near the end, it shows Sakura and Naruto sadly thinking about Sasuke's defection.
  • Shippuden opening 4 "Closer": Asuma's death, Sasuke and Naruto's regret that he's covering up and the lyrics... "You know the closer you get to something, the tougher it is to see it, and I'll never take it for granted..." in English
  • Shippuden opening 6 "Sign": It opens up with Naruto and Sasuke's happy memories of Jiraiya and Itachi, only to end with the aftermath of their deaths. The most depressing part of this opening was probably seeing Jiraiya closing his eyes while Naruto opens his, teary and in shock.
  • Shippuden opening 16 "Silhouette": the music really sets off a sense of finality to the series, and if that doesn't make you cry, then there's how it pretty much displays the growth of Naruto throughout the series. And then there's the last shot of Naruto reaching out to Obito.
  • Shippuden ending 21 "Cascade": Very tragic... although YMMV because, in retrospect, it's an Official Couple ending (specifically, Naruto/Hinata and Sasuke/Sakura), but this is a filler arc that replays the past events and gives more thought and insight on Naruto and Sasuke's thoughts on the other. So that's why this ending made such an impact.
  • Shippuden ending 24 "Goodbye Memory": It starts with Naruto standing on the surface of a lake, with Sasuke's and Sakura's reflections where his own should be. Then, we see his past: from being all alone, to his efforts to be acknowledged, to his bond with Iruka and Team 7 -especially his friendship with Sasuke. Then, we're back at the lake and see the Sasuke doll Sakura had is now floating on the surface, since even she has given up on him. Naruto picks up the doll and the lake turns into a harsh, barren desert. Undeterred, he starts walking toward the sun. It shows just how far he's willing to go to save his friend.
  • Shippuden ending 28 "Rainbow", we're shown clips of Obito's life up to the current battle. But we never see his face, he's always facing away from the screen. Except when he now an adult sees a vision Rin. He tries to reach out to her but his hand passes right through her as she walks through him. A very heartbreaking scene.
    • Made worse by the lyrics: Obito recalls his entire struggle for acknowledgement and his constant string of failures with a hopeful tone until the moment Rin dies, after that point he considers everything useless and decides that Rin shouldn't have died and he will complete the Moon Eye Plan (his future over the rainbow) at all costs.
  • Shippuden ending 33 "A Promise That Doesn't Need Words" has a part in the middle where it goes through a bunch of still frames and images of people killed and lives ruined that the ninja world has resulted in.
  • The beginning of Shippuden ending 34 that begins with a young Naruto standing alone in the rain, afraid to even come into Ichiraku due to being hated by the village.
  • Shippuden opening 19 "Blood Circulator" has a part in the beginning where Naruto is crouched down on the ground, solemnly thinking about all of his friends who are still trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. He thinks of the five Kage, Killer Bee, Team Asuma, and Sai. He finally collapses from despair when he thinks of Hinata.
    • Version Three of the opening is just as sad, as it's entirely dedicated to Naruto and Sasuke's relationship and their destined battle. At the beginning, which shows them as their Part I selves at the Valley of the End, both of them look determined and completely ready to fight. At the end, in which they are their Part II selves, neither of them look happy: Sasuke is determined but more resigned than anything else, while Naruto is in literal tears. Neither of them want to fight, but both know this is the only way this can finally end.
  • This is a collection of all the sad songs in both Part 1 and 2. Listening to it will make you cry...
  • Sadness and Sorrow is one of the most heartbreaking and emotional pieces of music ever put together in anime and media in general!
  • Seeing that the series is now over, and listening to this version. (Naruto unreleased OST - Main Theme) (Remake).
  • Lets just say anytime Man of the World starts playing, you're likely to start bawling.

  • Naruto's story is over. Through the ups and downs, its fans have stayed with it for over a decade. Other stories have begun in its wake, but his story is done.