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It might be just a cover page, but it sure is adorable.
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Part I

    Introduction Arc 
  • Naruto's Tears of Joy as he hears Iruka say that he doesn't just see Naruto as the demon fox. Just Iruka's line: "He is Naruto Uzumaki... of the Village Hidden in The Leaves!" Cue Naruto sobbing his little heart out.
  • Sasuke's anger at Sakura when she insults Naruto for not having parents. It shows he does have some degree of sympathy for Naruto.
    • Sakura, after Sasuke told her off for her callous attitude towards Naruto, decides she's going to be nicer to him from now. Even if she still insult him or physically assault Naruto throughout the series, Sakura still shows concern for, and encourages him when he needs it.
  • At the end of Team 7's very first test with Kakashi, the latter showed them a memorial with the names of ninjas fallen in the line of duty carved on it to show them the importance of teamwork. He mentioned that his best friend's name was on it. In Kakashi Gaiden, we find out he was talking about Obito. Doubles as Tear Jerker when we find out Obito wasn't dead at all.

    Land of Waves Arc
Now Sasuke is Taking the Bullet.
  • Sakura giving candy to a street urchin. There were earlier hints that Sakura wasn't all bad, but this is arguably her first true big fat Pet the Dog moment.
  • A small thing, but important nonetheless. Sasuke activates the Sharingan because he's desperate to protect Naruto from Haku. In turn, Naruto uses the Nine-Tails' chakra for the first time because Haku had apparently killed Sasuke. Flash forward a bit and it's revealed that an Uchiha awakens the sharingan when they lose someone precious to them while Naruto could initially access the Nine-Tails chakra only under extreme personal danger because it's so powerful his body naturally rejected it.
  • Haku has just died to protect Zabuza, and he tried to CUT THROUGH HAKU'S BODY to reach Kakashi. Then Gato, the one who hired Zabuza, shows up with a bunch of thugs and declares their deal off. He sees Haku (who broke his arm) lying dead on the ground, and KICKS HIM IN THE FACE. Naruto gets pissed off, asking Zabuza if he cared. Zabuza replies that Haku was just his tool. Naruto doesn't take that well:
    Naruto: "Why you... you ungrateful... after everything he did for you... Haku lived for you! You were the most important thing in the world to him, and he meant nothing to you?! Nothing at all?! While he was sacrificing everything for you, you felt nothing at all for him?!" [...] "Man, that's so wrong. So WRONG!"
    Zabuza: "You talk too much."
    (Zabuza looks up and we see that he is crying)
    Zabuza: "Your words cut deep, deeper than any blade."
    • He then says how Haku was too soft and kind to be a shinobi and how his heart was breaking while having to fight Naruto and Sasuke.
      Zabuza: "He felt pain and sorrow and now -curse him- I feel them, too. And something else: I feel content that this is the way it ends."
      (rips off the bandages covering his mouth)
      Zabuza: "Well, cat got your tongue? Are you so surprised to discover that I'm human? Even shinobi are human. No matter how hard we try to escape that simple fact we always fail. (sad smile) Well, at least, I have failed. BOY!"
      Naruto: "Huh?!"
      Zabuza: "GIVE ME YOUR KUNAI!"
    • Naruto tosses him a kunai without hesitation, which he catches with his mouth, as both of his arms were paralyzed by Kakashi, and dashes straight through Gato's cronies, taking multiple stab wounds, until hitting Gato with the kunai, and being stabbed multiple more times. Seeing Zabuza for the "demon" he is, Gato screams before Zabuza rips his head off with the kunai (in the anime, he just slashes him open from shoulder to opposite hip).
      Gato: "You crazy fool! If you're so eager to join your friend, go ahead, but you're not taking me...not this time!"
      Zabuza: "I won't be joining Haku. Where he's gone I cannot follow. We wouldn't be welcome where Haku's gone to. Hell's where we're going, Gato!"
    • And the battle is over. Gato's cronies turn tail and run once the entire village, led by Inari, show up.
    • Zabuza's last request to Kakashi is to be put by Haku's side. Suddenly, it starts snowing:
      Zabuza: "Is it you, Haku? Are you weeping? You were always at my side. The least I can do is to be beside you at the end. I know I cannot be, but I wish I could go to where you have gone...How I wish I could join you there...Haku..." (dies while brushing Haku's face)
    • As they both lie dead next to each other, we see a bit of snow fall on Haku's face and melting, looking like one last tear drop. Naruto has tears pouring down his face, and mentions that, where Haku is from, "it was always snowing."
      Kakashi: "Of course, his spirit was as pure as the snow. You never know, Zabuza. Maybe you will join him there; who's to say?"
    • And even Kakashi went teary-eyed during this scene...
    • It's not just that — Haku is made of this trope. His backstory is another Tear Jerker, especially his relationship with Zabuza. His own dream (bear in mind that every other ninja in Naruto has one) is nothing but to make Zabuza's dreams come true. He knows he's a tool, and he doesn't care — because Zabuza gave him his reason to keep on living, after he had lost everything. When he is defeated by Naruto, he wants to die, because it means he's no longer useful to Zabuza.
    • This event was later revisited when Haku and Zabuza were forcibly resurrected. Kakashi revealed that even though Zabuza had been about to cut Haku's corpse in half, for a brief moment he had hesitated. For a battle-hardened shinobi who was trained to know no emotion, this spoke more about his feelings for Haku than any spoken confession.

    Chunin Exams arc 
  • Sakura being willing to declare Team 7's forfeit from the Exam when it seems certain to her that Naruto will fail and lose his chance of ever becoming Hokage but is also too prideful to quit himself. Considering that she previously expressed kind and confident thoughts for Naruto almost exclusively through her repressed "inner" self and did little more than what might win her Sasuke's approval, this is a pretty big step forward in how she regards and treats him.
  • As dark and terrifying it was, especially for Sakura, Sasuke (who has activated his Curse Mark) viciously breaks the arms of the Sound Genin, Zaku. His reason? Zaku hurt Sakura.
    • And right after, Sakura senses Sasuke's darkness and gives him a Cooldown Hug. Two moments of heartwarming are here: first, that Sakura is the first one to notice Sasuke's darkness, implying she's growing out of her shallow crush into true care and concern for Sasuke's well-being; and second, that her hug works. Sasuke actually stops his violence when she asks him to.
  • Ino and Sakura's childhood friendship and eventually reconciliation. Really, really, really nails Sakura and Ino's natures as Jerks With Hearts of Gold.
  • Sakura, who had previously been nothing but a Jerkass towards Naruto, openly cheering him on during his fight with Kiba and refusing to lose faith in him, even when almost everyone else refuses to believe that Naruto even has a chance.
    • Also Naruto and Sakura's "if you so and so, you're a disgrace to all men/women" thing during the Chunin Exams. Very obviously meant to be encouraging.
  • And shortly after Naruto wins, Kiba's sensei Kurenai, who had been doubtful of Naruto throughout the fight, helps Hinata give him some healing ointment. She also silently thinks that Kiba, although he lost, doesn't have anything to be ashamed of; Naruto was just a Worthy Opponent.
  • Naruto openly cheering Hinata in her match after watching Neji's attempt at demoralizing her into giving up.
  • The flashbacks of Rock Lee being a hopeless ninja and Might Guy training him to believe in himself.
  • When Might Guy stops Gaara from killing Lee, Gaara asks why. Guy replies, "Because he is my beloved comrade." Then weeps over how proud he is of Lee.
    • Later, when Sakura is going to visit Sasuke in the hospital, she decides to bring flowers to both him and Lee. Before, Sakura had disdained Lee's attempts to woo her, but after he protected her in the Forest of Death, she shows a new appreciation for him. Even though she doesn't return his feelings, she shows consideration toward him.
  • Naruto is feeling a little down on himself the morning before his Chunin match with Neji. He goes to the training field and sees Hinata. After they talk a little, he admits that he's not sure he can actually win this match, but Hinata tells him he inspires her, because even when he fails, he tries again, calling him "a proud failure". Naruto jumps right back to his usual self while thanking her. He also tells her that, while he initially thought of her as "a plain-looking, dark weirdo," he has come to realize that she is a person he really likes.
    • Note that this was the only time Naruto ever expressed explicit doubt in himself to someone else. And it's not to the Third Hokage, Iruka, or any of Team 7. It's to Hinata. This moment was the foundation of their strong friendship and eventual romance.
  • Kiba cheering for Naruto in his fight against Neji. Despite being hostile towards him, it's nice to see that he harbors no ill-will for his defeat. Though, it could be possible that he's rooting for Naruto because of what Neji did to Hinata, showing him just how much he cares about his team mate.
  • The Third Hokage declaring to the academy students, his most precious persons are his grandson and the entire Leaf Village.
  • Shikamaru's performance during his fight with Temari becomes this retroactively. When Shikamaru gives up after immobilizing Temari, several of the watching Jonin note that, in a scenario where Shikamaru was a platoon leader, he's the sort of person who would prioritize protecting his comrades'/subordinates' lives over completing the mission. In their minds, this elevates him above both Naruto and Neji, despite the latter pair's spectacular showing in their match and is what ultimately leads to Shikamaru getting promoted to chunin.
    • What makes this heartwarming is when you consider that, only a couple of generations ago, it was this attribute of putting one's comrades before the mission that led to Kakashi's father being ostracized and shamed to the point that he committed suicide. But now, two generations later, the idea of putting your comrades first has become a positive trait, one that is viewed as superior to completing the mission over all else. It just goes to show how far Konoha has come in the intervening years.

    Invasion of Konoha Arc 
  • During the fight with Gaara, Sasuke tells Naruto to save Sakura and run and that he'd (Sasuke) hold Gaara off while they escape. Sasuke goes on to state that he doesn't want anyone to die on him ever again.
  • After initially failing his summoning and having to fall back to Nine Tails chakra, Naruto finally managed to summon Gamabunta... who recognizes Shukaku and proceeds to refuse to help Naruto at all. Then, his son Gamakichi shows up and tells him that Gaara was bullying him and Naruto stood up against him, and the toad immediately changes his mind and acknowledges Naruto as his underling and proceeds to help him beat Gaara.
    • What's more is that Gamabunta didn't show up at first, it was his son Gamakichi. Naruto is angry at the situation and himself, thinking that he messed up his only chance to save everyone. Gaara proceeds to continue his attacks, and what does Naruto do? Grab the frog and shield him with his body, and put him in a safe place. Naruto stays true to himself by protecting a helpless life, and his kindness gets him rewarded when that fragile creature, Gamakichi, convinces his father to fight.
  • After a truly epic fight scene between Naruto and Gaara, when both lie on the ground absolutely powerless and Gaara muttering on how he will not allow himself to cease existing (having been established earlier that Gaara kills others to validate his existing), Naruto actually crawls while using only his chin to move, while telling Gaara that he can see where he's coming from and understands what he's gone through (as we are treated flashbacks of both of the characters' cruel past) but that he could never let anyone hurt his True Companions.
    Gaara: "But why? Why would you do this for anyone but yourself?"
    Naruto: "Because they saved me from myself. They rescued me from my loneliness. They were the first to accept me for who I am. They're my friends."
    Gaara: (thinking) Love? Is that the thing that makes him so strong?
    • Eventually Sasuke intervenes and lets Naruto know Gaara's already completely powerless, at which point Naruto finally stops crawling. Gaara's teammates show up and pick him up, at which point Gaara says (and bear in mind that up until this point he treated his teammates like complete trash and threatened to kill them regularly, while meaning it): "Temari... Kankurou... I'm sorry". Thus signaling his first step to understanding that The Power of Friendship is what truly validates one's existence, and marking the first step in his Heel–Face Turn.
      • Note that Gaara's teammates who he previously treated so badly are also his siblings. Who lived in fear that Gaara would kill them too. The two of them look at each other completely dumbfounded, and all Kankuro can say is, "Don't worry about it."
    • Young!Gaara doing the Finger-Suck Healing to his uncle Yashamaru. It's adorable.
  • Shino lying face down from the poison from his earlier battle his battle against Kankuro notices the poison weakening, then he hears his father's voice "Be still Shino, My bugs are still trying to extract the poison from your body." The strained voice of Shino saying "dad" really sells it.

    Search for Tsunade Arc 
  • During Naruto and Jiraiya's trip to find Tsunade, Naruto is taking a stroll in some village. He sees someone buy ice cream for his little kid, which makes Naruto sad, since he has been an orphan since birth. Later, Jiraiya brings the same ice cream and gives one half to Naruto.
  • After all is set and done and Tsunade has accepted the position of Hokage, she challenges Naruto to another fight, as a Meaningful Echo to their first encounter. Tsunade claimed that she could defeat him with one finger just like before, while easily flicking his forehead protector off his head. Naruto flinched, thinking she would send him flying. But when he opened his eyes, he found that Tsunade gave him a kiss on his forehead instead.
    Tsunade: "You'll grow up to be a fine man." (thinking) And a great Hokage, too..

    Sasuke Retrieval Arc 
  • Lee is conflicted about undergoing an operation that has a 50-50 chance of either restoring his body to ninja levels or killing him. He's paralyzed into indecision by, after living dedicated to hard work, having to wager his future on blind chance. Guy breaks him out of his funk by explaining that he believes the effort Lee has put into achieving his dream has earned him the luck to make the surgery go perfectly. And, if on the extremely long chance it does go wrong, Guy is willing to die alongside Lee.
  • Brief, but shortly before Naruto and Shikamaru recruit Neji, Neji is seen supporting Lee, helping Lee walk and making sure he’s ok.
  • Chouji's fight with Jirobou, which also doubled as a Moment of Awesome when he laid the final blow following this speech:
    Chouji: "He was my best friend, and you insulted him! How dare you. You can steal the very last bite of my very best food, you can mock me all you want, but when you insult my best friend, I will obliterate you!"
    • That scene showed just how loyal Chouji is to Shikamaru, made all the more heartwarming during his flashbacks when we see HOW they came to be such good friends. It also turns into a Tear Jerker when he's too exhausted to catch up with the rest of the team, but stumbles across the the tree where everyone had left directions for him, and their own words of encouragement. He realizes then that he's made lots of friends since he was a kid, and is just so happy that he starts crying, only to collapse against the tree seconds later, on the brink of death.
  • Neji, to Naruto: "Sometimes your eyes are even better than mine."
    • Remember, Neji was always boasting that there's nothing his eyes can't see, using that to justify his You Can't Fight Fate attitute. Now, with these words, he's essentially telling Naruto: 'you were right', 'I'm sorry' and 'I believe in you'.
  • Both Neji and Kidomaru lie on the verge of death, and Kidomaru taunts him that Sasuke will fall into Orochimaru's hands, but Neji has absolute faith Naruto will save him. Why? Because Naruto saved him from the darkness.
    • Related to this, as he lies dying, a scene which for all intents and purposes looks like a legitimate death scene, he does so in the light with a feather slowly descending into his hand. The caged bird has finally taken flight, and while still a sad scene also beautiful to watch.
  • Sasuke's flashback during his first major battle with Naruto. After bending over backwards for years to get his father's attention but always being overlooked in favor of his brother Itachi, Sasuke finally gains his father's respect when he masters the Fireball Justsu.
    Fugaku Uchiha: "Now, then. That's my boy. You've done well. Work hard and you're bound to soar high and bring honor to that crest you wear on your back."
    Young Sasuske: "I will!"
    Fugaku Uchiha: "From now on, walk your own path. Not in the footsteps of your brother."
  • An extremely subtle one that most people don't notice during the climax of Naruto's and Sasuke's battle in the Final Valley is that, in the end, neither one could go for the kill.
    • Sasuke spent the entire battle declaring that he's going to kill Naruto, going as far as to impale his right lung with Chidori; he missed Naruto's heart only because Naruto pushed the attack to the side. And Naruto yells at Sasuke more than once that he's going to stop him even if he has to break every single one of his bones. But when they're about to hit each other with Chidori / Rasengan, Naruto aims the Rasengan at Sasuke's forehead protector and scratches it, while Sasuke closes his hand into a fist and punches Naruto's stomach instead of keeping his fingers extended to stab him like before.
    • It's made even more poignant after the battle ended. Naruto, who took the most damage from the stomach punch, is unconscious and Sasuke is standing over him, contemplating whether to kill Naruto or not. In the end, he just can't do it and decides he's going to find a different way to gain the power Itachi spoke of.
  • When Naruto is leaving the village with Jiraiya, he turns to the Fourth Hokage's monument and says, "Just you watch." Keep in mind this was before he knew that Minato was his father.
  • Gaara being the one to assist Lee against Kimimaro. Lee is genuinely thankful for the rescue and forgives Gaara for paralyzing him. Then, Gaara proceeds to do little things here and there like protect Lee with his sand during the battle. This is all the more special because it was all thanks to Naruto making Gaara a better person.

    Kakashi Gaiden 
  • Obito's trying to act nicer towards Kakashi after Minato tells him of Kakashi's tragic Back Story.
    • When Kakashi reminisces about his dead father. Minato mentioned Kakashi's father went through a prolonged depression before committing suicide in front of his son, yet Kakashi still remembers him as standing tall and proud as a true hero of Konoha.
    • And when Obito and Kakashi were having their big argument for saving Rin or following mission protocol, just as Kakashi admits a shinobi is a tool and the mission comes first, he is seen conflicted of his father's memory and really just doesn't want to make the same "mistake" he made, right there Obito calls the White Fang a true hero for saving the lives of his comrades.
    • When both the anime and manga cut to Kakashi's perspective after the whole argument, the viewer can literally see the hesitation in his eyes as he tries to complete the mission on his own. Once his wound acts up, Kakashi remembers the words of both Rin and Obito before the scene cuts, and we see him come back to save his teammate in what could be a Moment of Awesome — despite his previously established mission-is-absolute persona. Kakashi wasn't so different from his father after all. He came back. Even Obito is shocked.
    Obito: "Kakashi! Why...?"
    Kakashi: "Well, I couldn't leave a crybaby ninja by himself now, could I?"
  • A small moment when Obito's sharingan activates after Kakashi loses an eye. Later on, we learn that the sharingan awakens when an Uchiha loses something important, which means that seeing his friend lose his left eye was traumatizing enough to Obito to awaken his sharingan. This shows how much Obito really did care about Kakashi.
  • Another small moment, but Rin's determination in going through with the Sharingan transplant. Even with the emotional pain she was going through, the medic at least knew she wanted to honor Obito's last wish.


Part II/Shippuden

    Kazekage Rescue Arc 
  • A Konohamaru scene, oddly enough. When he mentions he wants to be the 7th Hokage and everyone's curious. I mean, Tsunade's the fifth so what, can't this kid count? I wanna be the 7th, after Naruto. Awww.
    • Made more heartwarming with the final chapter. Naruto does not succeed Tsunade as Hokage, yet Konohamaru keeps his promise and does not overtake him for the position up to Naruto's promotion as the 7th Hokage 15 years later.
  • During the fight between Gaara and Deidara, you can actually hear the Sand villagers cheering for Gaara as he fights, showing that he has gone from a feared pariah to a well-loved figure.
    "Come on Gaara!"
    "We're with you!"
  • Considering how Ax-Crazy Gaara was when he and Naruto fought, the fact that Naruto deeply cares about Gaara three years later despite the two never interacting with each other during that time says a LOT about how empathetic and forgiving he is.
    • In anime filler and a few manga flashbacks it's shown that the pair actually kept in touch.
  • Kankuro rushes out to rescue Gaara with little regard for his own safety. Remember, three years ago, he lived in mortal fear of the guy. Now he's risking life and limb to save his beloved brother.
    • He provides two more over the next few days (in the story timeline). Like when he was thinking about how much Naruto helped to change Gaara, he sees an image in his mind of Gaara and Naruto standing side-by-side. Naruto looks like his younger self, arms behind his head wearing a big grin. While the Gaara of the present looks at him with friendly curiosity in his eye's.
      Kankuro: "Naruto, save my little brother, will you?"
    • During the emergency meeting, when someone who is not too fond of Gaara suggests it might be better if the Fifth Kazekage never returned: "I dare you to say one more word about Gaara!".
  • During Chiyo and Sakura's fight with Sasori, both women regularly watch each others' backs. They may not have known each other for long, but they have flawless teamwork, as well as compassion for one another.
    • Sakura intercepts a sword meant for Chiyo. By intercept, we mean Impaled with Extreme Prejudice. And even with the sword still in her, she asks Chiyo if she's OK. Later, when Chiyo is dying, she compliments Sakura on her chivalry.
    • After Chiyo dies, Sakura holds her body gently and cries over her. Doubles with Tear Jerker: Sakura really does have a deep compassion for almost everyone she meets.
    • When the Konoha ninja is about to return home, Sakura is the last to leave Chiyo's resting place.
      Sakura: "Thank you, Granny Chiyo."
  • Gaara, after being resurrected, (and after we've been treated to several dream sequence of him and Naruto where he was crying and lonely and Naruto runs up to him) wakes up to to realize he's surrounded not only by the Konoha ninja who rescued him, but by his family and several Suna ninja have come to rescue him. The look on his face is priceless. Then, to make it cuter, two Suna girls fangirl over him and Temari blocks their way. Squee!
    • Made even better that one of the fangirls is Gaara's first student. The only person brave enough to try and get training from him. Said girl was captured in part 1 and Gaara runs to her rescue and saves her life.
  • Right before the Leaf ninja leave the Hidden Sand, Gaara uses his sand to lift Naruto's hand to his for a handshake.

    Sasuke and Sai Arc 
  • Sakura, defending both Naruto and Sasuke against Sai's insensitive comments.
  • When Kabuto is taunting Naruto about his devotion to Sasuke, and how much Sasuke has changed from the person they knew, Sakura loses her temper — but not over what he said about Sasuke:
    Sakura: "Shut your mouth, Four-Eyes! You don't know a damned thing about Naruto's feelings!"
  • Then, when she sees Naruto losing himself to his Four-Tailed form, she runs to him, yelling that she'll save Sasuke for him, and to please just stop what he's doing, because she can't stand to see Naruto suffering this way. And then, even when he hurts her, she heals him afterward, showing absolutely no hesitation nor judgement toward him. Later, when Naruto expresses concern over her injuries, she doesn't tell him that he was the one who caused them, not wanting him to feel any guilt over it.
  • The final picture in Sai's book being him and his brother holding hands and smiling.
    • Followed by Sai's first 'real' smile during the arc.
  • Sai's scroll unrolling to show him going to his friends with the word "Comrade" as a sort of title.

    Hidan and Kakuzu Arc 
  • When Asuma's ghost appears behind Shikamaru as he throws his lighter at Hidan.

    Itachi Pursuit Arc 
  • Sasuke and Suigetsu arrive at the "Great Naruto Bridge" in the Land of Waves. Sasuke spends a long time looking at the name, realizing that Tazuna named it after Naruto; his surprise at that is almost palpable. When Suigetsu asks him if there's anything wrong, he scoffs and says that it's nothing. However, his usual frown is gone for a few moments, replaced by the ghost of a smile.
  • Naruto meets up with Itachi who asks why he showed so much interest in Sasuke, a traitor to Konoha. Naruto replied that he was more of a brother to Sasuke than Itachi had ever been, and that he would do whatever it took to bring Sasuke home. Itachi then asks if he would always feel that way, even if Sasuke attacked Konoha. Naruto replied only that, if that happened, he would stop Sasuke without killing him and protect the village. Itachi's smile at the end of that was lovely; it also means that he entrusts his goal of protecting Sasuke to Naruto and is grateful at Naruto for his devotion to help Sasuke. It was just so heartbreaking to see Itachi give a genuine smile in response to Naruto's determination and kind-heartedness. Made all the more heartbreaking because Itachi was gonna die soon after that too.
  • The moment Sasuke remembered that on the night of the massacre he saw Itachi crying. It may be the result of Tobi's manipulations to get Sasuke on his side but still. Also, the part where Itachi poked Sasuke's forehead before he died:
    Itachi: (smiling) "Forgive me, Sasuke, but this is it."
  • Jiraiya's death is a lovely combination of Heartwarming and Tear Jerker. The reason, we get to see Naruto's parents in the flesh and together for the first time (well we saw the Fourth in Kakashi Gaiden but still...). They give Jiraiya a pat on the back when we find out both how Naruto got his name. But the nicest bit it when Jiraiya says that both of them would have been proud to see their kid as he is today (it also ties in with the book scene above).
    Jiraiya: Naruto, now that I think about it, you're just like that novel's main character. You inherited Minato and Kushina's wishes.
    • Even more so when you remember that 'The Tale of the Gutsy Ninja!' is based on Jiraiya's own life and the main character is based on him.
    • Not just that Minato named his son after the main character, but he also reminded Jiraiya just how much he respects him in that scene. In his dying moment the only compliment Jiraiya remembered, while being saddened over his failures, was his student telling him he's a perfect example anyone should follow as a ninja.
    • Another solid dose of heartwarming is while dying, Jiraiya considers his life a waste due to his many failures until he remembers his words to Orochimaru about Naruto's determination making him a good ninja and says a student's path should be the master's too. He then wills his heart beating again and gives Fukasaku the key to beating Pain before being hit by Asura Path's missile. This time, as he dies, he considers it a much better death and thinks about his book.
      Jiraiya: Now, I suppose it's about time I put down my pen. Oh... that's right... What should I name the sequel? I wonder... let's see... "The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki". Yes, that has a nice ring to it.
  • Naruto is depressed because of Jiraiya's death. While wandering at night, he meets Iruka who talks with him:
    Iruka: "All Jiraiya ever had was praise for you. He always boasted about you. He kept saying that you were like his own grandchild. It's true; he had faith that you were the one who'd inherit his will, and he truly believed that you would become a wonderful Hokage one day. He's still watching, and he always will be... even at this very minute."
    • Then comes Shikamaru. He visited Naruto to ask him about the coded message but after seeing him so depressed, he decided to help him snap out of this.
      Shikamaru: "So I think it's time for us to step up... to stop being students and become teachers. Eventually, you'll be the one paying for the ramen, and someone will be calling you Naruto Sensei. After all, we can't stay brats forever... not if we wanna become cool shinobi, like the type of shinobi that Asuma and Jiraiya both were."

    Invasion of Pain Arc 
  • Naruto is reading Jiraiya's book: The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja, where he has a flashback to when he was training with Jiraiya during the timeskip. The two are bickering about Jiraiya's books:
    [in flashback]
    Jiraiya: "But I haven't given up on doing it myself just yet, you know! I still plan to change this world with my books!"
    Naruto: "With those books you don't sell, you mean?"
    Jiraiya: "Fool! They'll be bestsellers before you know it, and when the day finally arrives, I won't autograph your copies even if you beg me to!"
    Naruto: "I don't want your stupid autograph, anyway!"
    [while reading Jiraiya's book]
    Naruto: "I don't want that anyway..." (thinking) 'cause you gave me something much more valuable. Thank you.
  • From the very beginning of the show, Naruto's entire purpose in becoming the Hokage is to gain respect from an entire town that hates and ignores him. Later, these same people are willing to give their lives to protect his whereabouts from the Big Bad, followed by a touching montage of how their views of him have changed as he continually puts his life on the line to help them.
    • Kakashi saving Iruka's life from Deva Path Pain, as the latter struggled to help a fallen comrade.
    • When Konohamaru nearly was killed by Pain, Ebisu drew his attention to himself so that Konohamaru could escape. When Pain asked him for Naruto's location, Ebisu, having come to think highly of Naruto, refused at the risk of his life.
      Ebisu: "Naruto is one of us, a comrade of the Hidden Leaf Village! Ask all you want, I have no intention of telling you Akatsuki anything about him at all!"
    • Which also makes the earlier scene, where two unnamed Leaf ninja said almost exactly the same thing, even more of a Tear Jerker since the Big Bad does indeed kill them for refusing to divulge Naruto's whereabouts. Thankfully though both men would be revived later.
  • Hinata Hyuuga rushes Pain and Naruto, who is down for the count, leading to the following exchange, which doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    Naruto: Why did you come out here? Just run! You can't win!
    Hinata: No. I'm just... being selfish now.
    Naruto: What's that mean? Hinata, don't put yourself in danger like this — just go!
    Hinata: I'm here because I— want to be. This time, I'm going to save you, Naruto. I used to be such a crybaby, always giving up before I even got a chance to start. I almost took the wrong path so many times, that I lost count... but you helped me find my way, and take the correct path, Naruto. I always chased after you, wanting to catch up, wanting to walk together with you forever. You changed who I am, Naruto. Your smiling face saved me, Naruto. That's why I'm not afraid to die here, if it means I can protect you! Because... I love you. I always will.
  • Similar to the Sasuke/Sakura moment with Zaku listed above in the Chunin Exams arc, as Nightmare Fuelish as it was, Naruto (who instantly activated his Six-Tailed form for the first time ever) mercilessly attacks Pain with everything he has, even going as far as transforming to his Eight-Tailed form and then almost releasing the Nine-Tails. His reason? Pain attacked Hinata. Later on in Chapter 490, Naruto explicitly states that Hinata was the trigger for his Unstoppable Rage.
  • Naruto finally meeting his dad, the Fourth Hokage. Naruto's expression after learning that Minato was his dad is to laugh merrily — keep in mind that a few moments before he was so broken he was willing to release the Nine-Tails. Their conversation is one heartwarming moment after another, but nothing can top Minato's words as he's restoring the seal:
    Minato: "I know you can do it; I have faith in you."
  • Naruto crying in relief when he discovers that he didn't kill Hinata or any of the other villagers in either his Six-Tailed or Eight-Tailed form.
  • Neji is the first of Team Guy to protest Naruto's going after the one controlling all the Pain's by himself. In fact, he's quite adamant about it. It's certainly a big change to how he felt towards Naruto during the Chunin exams.
    Neji: "But why would he do something so reckless? Please Guy Sensei, we have to follow him!"
    Guy: "Right!"
    Katsuyu: "Wait! Naruto says he doesn't want any help."
    Guy: "What! He doesn't?"
    Neji: "I don't care! He's done enough alone!"
  • Naruto's conversation with Nagato.
    Naruto: "My name is a precious heirloom that has been handed down to me by my master! There's no way that I'm just gonna give up and dishonor my master's gift! I will become Hokage! And I will bring peace to The Hidden Rain! I will! I'm asking you to believe in me!"
    Nagato: "... Why should I? How can you stand there and tell me that you will never change your mind? Do you really think you will never stray from that ideal no matter how much pain befalls you? You think you will always believe in yourself? Can you guarantee it? How can you possibly have that much faith that life won't change you?!"
    Naruto: "I felt pain, too. You're not the only one. There's still pain buried deep down inside of me, and there's no telling what kind of pain I may face down the road, but if I were to stop believing just because things get difficult, if the hero in this book were to change who he is, then it would become a whole different story. It sure wouldn't be the story our master left behind, and it wouldn't be about Naruto! The thing is, I can't write books like our master did... and so... any sequel has to come from the life I live... that's why no matter how much pain my own path brings, I'll keep walking... '''because that's who Naruto is!'''"
    Nagato: "We are sibling students... sharing the same sensei. We ought to be able to understand each other. When I said that to you earlier, I meant it as a joke. You really are a curious fellow. You remind me of myself when I was much younger."
    Konan: "Nagato..."
    Nagato: "I wasn't able to continue believing in Jiraiya's ideas, nor could I keep believing in myself... but... you give me a vision of a future that shows a different path from the one I've walked. I think I shall believe in you, after all... Naruto Uzumaki..."
  • Kakashi meeting his father in the afterlife and talking with him. Especially his father's remark about how now that he's talked to Kakashi, he can leave limbo and join Kakashi's mother.
  • Naruto is carried back to Konoha by Kakashi to find everyone out cheering for him. He has finally achieved his dream of being accepted by the village.
    • The kids rushing up to ask Naruto questions, the flashbacks showing the village's changing opinion of Naruto as he grows as a ninja or Sakura's smack on the head-turned-embrace ("You're always so reckless...") for Naruto (although that moment is lessened because Naruto did not hug her back, which, in retrospect, foreshadowed what was to come in the following arc). And, of course, Iruka's thoughts as he watches, Manly Tears in his eyes.
      Third Hokage: (in flashback) "The final wish that the Fourth Hokage made...was for Naruto to one day be seen as a hero."
      Iruka: (tearing up) "Lord Third...Lord Fourth...there is a hero...right before our eyes."
    • That and listening to the whole villages' changing opinion of Naruto over the years. They all started off disapproving of him and not even using his name but voice both pride and concern over the years.
      "And that fox brat! He shouldn't be a ninja!"
      "That's for sure. What is Lord Hokage thinking?"

      "That Team Kakashi, I hear they defeated the terrorist Zabuza!"
      "Seems that Nine-Tails boy was at the center of it."
      "No way, that kid's a total loser. I bet it was all Kakashi's doing."

      "You know that Nine-Tails kid? Well, he made it to the finals of the Chunin Exam."
      "Wow, he did? Guess he's more skilled than I thought."
      "Huh! Just hope the demon fox doesn't go on a rampage."

      "That's the Nine-Tails kid?"
      "I can't believe he defeated a Hyuga."
      "Awesome match!"
      "Wow, I never expected that. I didn't think the fox brat had it in him."
      "Yeah, he's not bad at all."

      "Word is he defended the village from the Sand Jinchūriki."
      "Who did?"
      "Naruto Uzumaki! You know, that child."

      "I'm glad the fifth Hokage's been decided. We can all rest easier."
      "Thanks to Lord Jiraiya and Naruto."
      "Did they really battle Orochimaru?"

      "I heard he couldn't bring Sasuke Uchiha back."
      "Boy, I hope Naruto's doing okay..."

      "And now a group called the Akatsuki is going after all the Jinchūriki."
      "Does that mean Naruto's a target, too?"
      "Is he alright?"
      "Don't worry. Lord Jiraiya's watching over him."

      "Hey, did you hear? They say that Naruto rescued the Sand's Kazekage from the Akatsuki!"
      "Wouldn't it be great if this results in an alliance between the Leaf and the Sand?"

      "The Akatsuki killed Lord Jiraiya!"
      "How's Naruto taking it?"

    Five Kage Summit Arc 
  • When Naruto is being beaten up by Karui, Sai shows up to physically stop one of Karui's punches.
    Sai: "Naruto, There's no need for you to be beaten on Sasuke's behalf. Sasuke keeps causing you so much pain. If I were you..."
    • And, as Karui tries to punch him too for interfering, he doesn't move a muscle. Instead, Omoi grabs her hand, stopping her. Then, he too defends Naruto.
      Omoi: "You know, you could cut him some slack. He did promise to help rescue Lord Killer Bee."
      Karui: "Oh, yeah? What, and you're not going to question if he really means it, like you usually do? You're usually so obsessive-compulsive!"
      Omoi: "Even if he's a foe, I like this guy. He's someone who'd never sell out his comrades. Real men don't choose their words lightly. Even if you beat him, he just won't betray Sasuke. He's the type who'll never go back on his word."
    • Sai then personally tends to Naruto's wounds and tells Kakashi and Yamato exactly what happened.
      Naruto: "Sai. What you did before. Thanks for helping me."
      Sai: ... (smiles) "Sure."
  • In the Anime, when Madara informs Sasuke and his group that Not only has the Leaf village been destroyed by Pain, but that Naruto has already defeated him as well, Sasuke gives a quick smile at the revalation. He might say he doesn't care, but it's pretty clear that he's saying "Of course he did", like there was any question.
  • Sasuke, who has hit moral rock bottom, is intercepted by Sakura, Kakashi and Naruto before he can leave the bridge. It's not a heartfelt reunion, far from it. But Naruto's determination to save his first friend from himself is so strong, even Sasuke is moved by it, albeit in a rather dark and twisted way.
    • Naruto tells Sasuke that Tobi told him the truth about Itachi. He's not sure whether Tobi's words were true or not, but:
    Naruto: "What you've been doing... I get it Sasuke!"
    (Sasuke's hands start trembling)
    Sasuke: "Naruto. Just like I told you before... You never had a family or siblings in the first place. You couldn't possibly "get it"! So all you outsiders can just SHUT UP!"
    • At this point, Sakura gets pissed and defends Naruto. It just goes to show how positively her character has developed, especially when you consider Part I where Sakura would put Naruto down and speak highly of Sasuke.
      Sakura: "Do you know what Naruto has gone through for You?! No matter what we hear you've done, he still considers you a comrade! When everyone wanted to turn on you, Naruto alone stood up for you and wanted to rescue you, even now..."
      Sasuke: "Rescue me? From what?"
      Sakura: "Well... from..."
      Naruto: "From revenge, Sasuke. I swear I'll save you from revenge and from all the chaos that it causes!"
      Sasuke: (scoffs) "But I don't want you to do that."
    • Even after Sasuke tells them about Danzo's death and starts giving off insanity vibes, Naruto is still not willing to give up. So, they attack each other with Chidori / Rasengan. After that, Naruto has found his answer: if Sasuke insists on going down this path, eventually they'll fight again. But Naruto won't kill Sasuke and he won't allow the Hidden Leaf to be destroyed.
      Naruto: "And can you understand that if you and I fight each other, we'll both die?" [...] "Until that day, save your hatred. Then, you can throw all of it right at me! I'm the only one who can handle all that hate! Do you understand? I'm the only one who can fulfill that duty! So, I'll bear the burden of your hatred and I'll die with you."
      Sasuke: "What is it with you? Huh? Just what in the hell DO YOU WANT FROM ME? WHY ARE YOU SO FIXATED ON ME?"
      Naruto: "Because you're my friend."
    • As Naruto explains to Sasuke the reasons he's going to such lengths to stop him, he thinks to himself that if it does reach that point, they'll be able to understand each other and Sasuke's hatred will go away, just like Naruto's did because of Iruka.
      Sasuke: "I'm not going to change. I don't want to understand you. I won't die. You're the one who's going to die."
      Naruto: "Then we'll die together, Sasuke."
      Sasuke: (smirks) "Fine by me. But at least I'll take you down first."
    • And the best (or worst) part, is that Sasuke respects this. During the War, he incinerated some White Zetsu clones, saying that since they're not Leaf Shinobi, his promise does not extend to them.
  • Karin meeting Naruto for the first time. She doesn't actually say anything to him, but we can see in her thoughts that she's clearly drawn to him in some way. Unlike Sasuke, the guy she's infatuated with — who's chakra was getting darker and colder, she notes this:
    Karin: (thinking) Naruto Uzumaki... He's the complete opposite of Sasuke. His chakra's... so bright... and warm...
  • Shizune crying when Tsunade wakes up from her coma, and then hugging her.
    Tsunade: "Shizune... you're crushing me..."
  • Sakura running to Naruto to tell him the news. Look at that smile! There's been so few reasons for any of the characters to smile in Part II that it makes seeing that expression on her face all the sweeter.

    Confining the Jinchūriki Arc 
  • Killer Bee's childhood friend Motoi admitting to Killer Bee that he tried to kill him years ago. Bee's response? "You know, I don't remember that happening." (Holds out hand for fist bump)
  • Naruto is being overwhelmed by the Nine-Tails' hatred and is pretty much losing. Then, he hears the soft voice of a woman:
    Kushina: "No, it's alright. You can stay here. Naruto."
    • Naruto doesn't need Kushina to finish her sentence. As soon as he realizes she's his mother, he runs and tearfully embraces her.
      Naruto: "I've wanted... I've wanted to meet you for so long now, Mom. You know?"
      Kushina: (hugs him back) "You just said "you know". There's no doubt you're my child."
    • Then, they start talking about all sorts of things, which includes them laughing together and Kushina telling Naruto about how she came to fall in love with Minato. She then tells Naruto some special words she reserves only for the men who compliment her hair: "I love you". Naruto gives an adorable smile in response.
    • Naruto is so happy during this whole conversation that he can't even sit still. He's bouncing around like a little kid with a large smile. This moment, where he gets to speak to his loving mother, means the world to him and it shows.
  • Shippuuden 247 goes a little further into Kushina's pregnancy, including the reactions of herself and Minato when they realise they're going to be parents. Equal parts Heartwarmer and Tear Jerker with the knowledge of what happens, but their excited babbling ("I'm gonna be a mother, you know!" "I'm going to be a father...") is beyond cute.
  • When Naruto is born, Minato ("Today... I'm a father!") and Kushina ("So, Naruto... we finally meet.") are crying Tears of Joy at the sight of their baby.
  • Young!Itachi holding Baby!Sasuke in his arms, reassuring him that no matter what happens, he's always going to protect his little brother.
    • Showed even further with a filler episode with the Nine-Tails attack which showed some scenes of Young!Itachi evacuating while still carrying Baby!Sasuke, even though he's scared of what's happening, he calmly comforts Sasuke again by tenderly assuring that he's been taken to safety.
    Itachi: "There, there. You're scared, huh?"
  • Kushina was going to kill herself and the fox, so that Naruto and Minato could live together.
    • Minato makes sure to add Kushina's chakra — along with his own — to the Nine-Tails' seal so that one day, they could both see Naruto grown up.
  • Naruto's words to Kushina as she's about to fade away. He tells her that he never blamed them for his horrible childhood and, although he never understood what a parent's love is since they were not around, he realizes now that they gave them all the love he could wish for.
    Naruto: "So now I realize there's more than the Nine-Tails inside me; there's your love, too. That makes me really happy! Mom and Dad, I'm glad I'm your kid!"
    Kushina: Minato... did you hear that?! Our hopes really did get through to reach our son! "Naruto... Thank you so much for letting me become a mother, and thank you for letting Minato become a father. Thank you for being born to us. Thank you so much! Thank you!"

    Shinobi World War Arc 
  • Gaara's entire speech to the army about how Naruto saved him and how he will protect him. He stopped ninja who have been enemies for DECADES from fighting amongst themselves and finally, TRULY uniting against the common enemy.
  • Sai being forced to fight his 'brother', knowing that he is being used by Kabuto. Him getting angry at this and instantly drawing two super-sized men and defeating Deidara and Sasori. The clincher is when he is knocked back by one of Deidara's bombs he drops his book that opens to the finished page where Sai and his 'brother' are smiling together. His 'brother' sees it and states that the picture brings closure to his ties to the earth. So he dies again gracefully; no Sealing Corps needed!
  • When the resurrected Zabuza and Haku clash with Kakashi and Sakura, the first thing the pair do is ask how Naruto is doing; when they find out what has happened since they died, they comment appreciatively on how he's grown as a ninja. Then, they beg Kakashi to kill them.
    Zabuza: "Kakashi. Don't hesitate or hold back. Use whatever means necessary to stop me. Remember, I already died once. And, I died human."
    Kakashi: "Yes, I know."
    • Also, when Haku finds out that Zabuza regards him as more than a mere tool, he sheds a single tear before being forced into puppet mode.
  • Seeing Neji, the former Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, fighting Back-to-Back Badasses style with his cousin that he used to hate, Hinata, would have been awesome enough as a sign of how far they've come since the beginning of the series. What made it heartwarming was the juxtaposition of the scene with a scene of their fathers talking about the fact that they're comrades and how this is just about protecting each other because of that, rather than the family's rule of Branch House protecting Main.
  • We get to see the most stone-cold badass A, the Fourth Goddamn Raikage, tell his subordinate Darui this gem worthy of any A Father to His Men type. For someone we thought a Jerkass when we first saw him, it's charming:
    Darui: "Boss, I'm so sorry. You chose me to be your trusted bodyguard, but then you lost your left arm."
    A: "No, Darui. Don't blame yourself."
    Darui: "But—"
    A: "I can manage fine without my left arm because, after all, I've got two perfectly good right arms here already."
    Darui: "Two of them?"
    A: "Yeah. This one... (points at Darui) and you, Darui."
    Darui: (smiles) "Hey, how about you include C and give yourself a third one, too?"
    A: "Well, sure, that sounds good. The more the merrier, isn't that right?"
  • Choji's flashback, in which his dad Choza explains to him about the bonds between the Nara, Akimichi and Yamanaka clans, and the symbolism of the hoop earrings he wears. And then Choza gives him a pair of earrings from Asuma and tells him to have more confidence, and makes Choji swear to protect the next generation of the Akimichi clan and Konoha. Cue Choji growing butterfly wings on his own, without having to take the red pill.
    • Also, Kurenai holding her newborn baby.
  • Iruka's conversation with Naruto, in which Iruka tries to convince him to stay put.
    Naruto: "You know, you were the very first person to acknowledge me, Iruka-sensei. Why are you worried about the Nine-Tails now? Why can't you trust me and have faith in me?"
    Iruka: "Don't act like a spoiled brat! Do you know what you are to me? (once he calms down) You see, to me you... you remain one of my most important students. Also, I think of you as my little brother."
    • Iruka hid a message in Naruto's headband before returning it to him. It said that although he knew the attempt was doomed, he had to try to try to persuade him against joining this war. But, since he failed, there's only one more thing to say: "Come back alive".
    • Along with Killer Bee's Mr. T antics some really charming statements for Iruka:
      (to the Eight-Tails)
      "Hey, if he can't stop the little fool's plan then, frankly, no one can."
      (to Iruka)
      "You're part of Naruto's private claim. You're always in his heart and in his mind.
      Naruto needs you. Now, don't be stunned. To him it's clear that you're number one.
      So, whatever you've done to Naruto, you shine like the sun and you're just as gold.
      Naruto listens to all you say and he's kept it securely inside him to this day.
      What's protected Naruto all this time were your words to him."
  • Naruto pretty much tells the Nine-Tails he's worth saving(from his hatred). The look on the demon's face pretty much says that NO ONE has ever said that to him before.
    • And indeed, nobody had! When they're fighting the reanimated jinchūriki, Kurama (which is the fox's name) bitterly remembers all the people who have controlled him in the past, noting how when they give their reasons for doing so, it usually amounted to "obey me!" Then along comes Naruto:
      Naruto: "Hey! You know what, Nine-Tails?" (smiles) "I believe that I'm going to come after all that hate that's inside of you too someday."
    • Tells a lot how much he values the Nine-Tails, (who's still acting like a malicious asshole) when Naruto agrees with Shikaku that Madara Uchiha is irredeemable. Yes, malevolence made flesh can be saved, but not a man seeking to be malevolence incarnate by manipulating the hatred of others and erasing reality.
    • Naruto's compassion pays off in the long run, when the real Madara Uchiha shows up, and the Nine-Tails outright tells Naruto that if it's a choice between staying in the boy or being controlled by Madara, he chooses Naruto, willingly lending him his chakra to fight. The demon fox even cheers Naruto on!
  • The Raikage talks with Naruto about The Fourth Hokage, saying he can't be here to help them now because he failed against the Nine-Tails and Naruto can't afford to be as reckless as he was. Naruto flashes back to his talks with his father and mother, and angrily tells the Raikage that his father did ''not'' fail.
  • A nice moment flashing back to the Raikage and Bee's first meeting. Bee's not the Raikage's younger brother by blood, but they were compatible enough to perform the Double Lariat they'd earlier used to kill Kisame's clone. The Raikage-to-be then fist-bumps a young Bee (not even a jinchūriki yet), declaring they're brothers from now on. It makes the Raikage's Big Brother Instinct even more touching when you realize Bee is only his brother in spirit; Naruto's not the only one whose family exceeds bonds of blood!
    • A tells Bee, who's about to become a jinchūriki, that no matter what happens, Bee doesn't have to hide it, because Bee is special to him.
  • The Fourth Kazekage reveals that Gaara's mother, Karura, loved him and had vowed to protect him before she died. Gaara's sand shield? It's his mother's will protecting him out of love. Then, he basically calls himself out, admitting that his poor judgement ruined his son's childhood. Gaara is crying his heart out at this point.
    Gaara: "My mother was wonderful indeed. Thanks to her, for the first time I received "medicine" from my father."
    4th Kazekage: (crying) "Gaara... you... You surpassed me long ago. I leave the village to you."
    • This "medicine" is something Yashamaru told Gaara many years ago, the only thing that can cure a broken heart: love.
    • The flashback to Gaara's birth. Baby Gaara was about the size of your average kitten, but she embraced him tightly, shedding Tears of Joy:
      Karura: "He's so small..." (smiles) "I'll always protect you... Gaara!"
  • The fight with the reanimated Nagato and Itachi.
    • The whole time Nagato is friendly to Naruto, and addresses him as a brother-disciple. He prefers to think of their relationship as fellow students of Jiraya rather than former enemies.
    • Itachi makes sure to tell Naruto how much he appreciates Naruto's unshakable faith in Sasuke.
    • Naruto, Bee and Itachi fighting together and even pulling off an All Your Powers Combined maneuver.
    • Nagato's parting words to Naruto, a nice Call-Back to the "Tale of a Gutsy Ninja" they both admired.
      Nagato: "Naruto, I will return to our master's side and watch your story unfold. If you ask me, you're the final volume of a trilogy. Jiraiya was the perfect fist volume. But the second volume was a failure... me. One that our master would not acknowledge. The series will culminate with the third and final volume. You must make it a masterpiece... one that will completely overshadow the failure of the second volume, Naruto! Farewell."
    • Now that he doesn't have to pretend to be a villain, we get to see the real Itachi: a calm, surprisingly kind and somewhat snarky young man. Before he leaves to stop Kabuto, he gives Naruto some parting words, warning him not to lose sight of what's truly important.
      Itachi: "Now listen carefully." [...] "You once said that it was everyone who cares about you who helped you get where you are now. If you forget others because you now have power and become arrogant and egotistical, you'll eventually become just like Madara." (Naruto flinches) "No matter how powerful you become, do not try to shoulder everything alone. If you do, you will surely fail." [...] "Becoming the Hokage doesn't mean that people will acknowledge you. But when the people acknowledge you, you can become the Hokage. Never forget your friends!"
      • Take another look at Itachi's words. That part about shouldering everything yourself and failing? He's talking about himself! Particualry when it came to Sasuke. He's warning Naruto not to follow the same path and make the same mistakes he did.
    • Also Killer Bee adds his piece, telling Naruto that he promise Iruka to protect him. He won't let him fight the war alone.
  • A minor one, if indirect: when Hinata is apparently killed, Neji goes into full-panic mode. Even though it turns out "Hinata" was just a White Zetsu doppelganger, Neji's reaction is yet another testament to his massive Character Development from Part I.
    • In episode 232, Neji is chosen to lead the Hyuuga in the field by Hiashi, since Hiashi will be heading a rear guard and Hanabi is too young. This decision is made over several protests that Hinata should do it instead, since she has gotten stronger. Cue Neji's flashback: he was the one who trained her in Gentle Fist over the time-skip.
      • And when one complainer goes directly to Hiashi, he rebukes them by saying Neji is a better leader, regardless of his Branch Family status.
  • He doesn't do it with words, but Naruto finally tells Hinata how he feels. He tells her he's grateful for her help and how awesome she is. He doesn't directly mention her Love Confession, but he does reference how she defended him from Pain, while sporting a proud smile.
    Hinata: (thinking) "The one we're supposed to protect is always protecting us. I'm really useless."
    Naruto: (notices her downcast look) "Don't let it bother you, Hinata. You protected me twice already. I can't let you keep doing that. It's not cool!"
    Hinata: "I-I wasn't worried or anything..."
    Naruto: "I can see it in your eyes. Don't be so hard on yourself! You are strong!"
    Hinata: (thinking) "Thank you, Naruto-kun."
  • When Tobi tries to explain that Naruto and Killer Bee must understand the how miserable the world is, Naruto simply tells him that having a Tailed Beast sealed inside him isn't so bad. Cue the Nine-Tails looking up in surprise from his seal.
  • Naruto fully unlocks the seal, opening the fox's cage and accepting the Nine-Tailed Fox as a partner and friend:
    Naruto: "You are no longer the monster fox... You are a partner of a citizen of the Hidden Leaf.... Kurama!"
    • It's also a direct callback to the very beginning, specifically Iruka's heartwarming speech where he reaffirms that Naruto isn't a monster, but a valued member of the Hidden Leaf.
  • The Sage of the Six Paths was a Parental Substitute to the newborn Tailed Beasts, whom he personally named and wanted them to lead happy lives.
    • Also, his reason for naming them counts. He didn't want them to be seen as tools of war, or just masses of energy, but wanted them to be seen as individuals with actual personalities and feelings. Basically, as living creatures.
    • Hearing Kurama refer to the Sage of Six paths as "Grandpa" just so casually. He really cared about his old man, just like Naruto did.
    • The baby Tailed Beasts are so adorable they'll make you go "Aww".
    • Roshi telling the Four-Tails, Son, that the two of them might have been able to go down the same path as Naruto and Kurama, back before they were captured and sealed/killed. This is pretty much him apologizing to Son for treating him like a monster for the entire time they knew each other. Just before they fade away, Son asks Roshi to call him by his real name...and Roshi obliges him, calling him "Son" for the first and last time.
  • Hinata really is determined to not only help Naruto on the battlefield, but also to walk hand-in-hand with him after the war is over.
    • Hell, everyone thinking about how they're going to give it their all because Naruto and Bee are is just awesome. Especially where, after a brief exchange with Lee, Sai has a bit of an epiphany and thinks that he can finally tell Naruto that he knows what friends are.
  • Sasuke rebukes Itachi's habit of always being "later, later" when it comes to him and that it was all lies anyway. [Itachi acknowledges that, but says since one only keeps their nature until they've died, and he's already dead, he'll keep his word and talk with Sasuke after they beat Kabuto. Weirdly both heartwarming and tearjerking, since it reminds you that after Itachi stops Edo Tensei, he'll die too.
    • The fact that Sasuke and Itachi are working together and fighting as brothers against Kabuto is quite heartwarming as well, as it goes to show that Sasuke still cares for Itachi well after Itachi's death.
      • A meta example: Both the chapter and the episode are called "Brotherly Time". Trust Itachi and Sasuke to consider battle a bonding moment — and trust Kishimoto to make it work.
  • Itachi shows sympathy to Kabuto of all people. He uses Izanami on Kabuto to make him realize he's on the wrong way and that, unlike Itachi, he should change this before his death.
  • Sasuke tells Itachi "When I'm with you I remember the past. The feelings from my childhood spent together with the brother I loved."
    • Doubling as a Tear Jerker. Even though Itachi chose to side with Konoha and kill his clan, his father and mother fully accepted his decision. They only asked him to promise them one thing, to take care of Sasuke. Fugaku tells Itachi that he's proud of him until the very end.
      Fugaku: "Don't hesitate; it's the path you chose. Our pain will only last an instant, unlike yours. The way we think may be different, but I'm still proud of you."
    • Itachi's final words to Sasuke...
      Itachi: You don't ever have to forgive me. And whatever you do from here on out, know this... no matter what, I will love you always.
    • The worst (or best?) thing about those final words is that during all of Itachi's speech, we see Itachi getting closer to Sasuke, trying to give him one last poke on the forehead... but as he says these words, his hand goes beyond and he grabs the back of Sasuke's neck, pulling him forward to give him a headbutt of brotherly love.
    • Also to add the way Itachi said that he loves Sasuke is the Japanese word "Aishiteru". And apparently 'aishiteru' is of course one of the words to say 'I love you', but this word in particular is basically the most sincere & serious way for someone in Japan to say that they love someone. Due to that it's a word that really isn't said that much to the point that apparently even some people who are married to each other don't use this term to express how much they love the other. Yet Itachi went ahead and said it to Sasuke which just generally shows how sincere Itachi was on how he loves his little brother more than everything in the world to say that word.
  • Dan, Tsunade's old lover appears to help her before disappearing for good and tells her while holding her face. "I've only caused you hardship. I'm sorry. I'll be waiting on the other side. Please don't come for another while. Because you are my dream itself." He then kisses her forehead.

    Ten-Tails Revival Arc 
  • During the battle against Tobi, Kakashi is slowly but steadily succumbing to the latter's Breaking Speech, along with the increasing amount of evidence that he might actually be Obito, due to his possession of Obito's eye and the bitterness with which he spoke about Kakashi's failures to save his friends. However, Guy manages to snap him out of it by confessing that he is having the same thoughts, but reminding him that his student is going all out against the Big Bad, which means that Kakashi, as his teacher, should back him up. It works and Kakashi comes back to himself; the friendship he shares with his "rival" is strong indeed.
  • Obito's joking around with the Zetsu prototypes. Despite being artificial beings created by Madara and sent to guard him as he heals from his injuries, it kindles a bit of a warm spot in the heart as you see him slowly but surely regaining the use of his body, while the two Zetsu cheer him on with each new accomplishment with what seems like genuine caring.
    • But the truly heartwarming bit is when Zetsu recognizes Kakashi and Rin as two ninja surrounded by Hidden Mist Shinobi and warns Obito, going as far as to let him wear one of them like a battle-suit because his own body is still far too injured. Bad guys they might be, but the friendship they seem to have kindled seems just as real as those on the protagonists side. Both moments get sour when Obito learns much later that they had double purpose for befriending him, all part of Madara's plan to break Obito.
  • Every single spare member of the the Shinobi Alliance has arrived to back up Naruto, Bee, Kakashi, and Guy just as they start to collapse from exhaustion. And practically each and everyone of them cheers them all on for having fought against the Tailed Beasts by themselves for so long.
  • Hinata finally gets to fight side-by-side with Naruto, just like she wanted. Too bad it turns into a Tear Jerker of the highest order...
    • And even then, the outcome is unbelievably moving on its own, with Neji's Heroic Sacrifice and Final Speech displaying possibly the most powerful Character Development in the series. That stoic Neji Hyuga was happy enough in his fate to Go Out with a Smile speaks wonders of the boy who was once one of the most hateful characters in the story.
      • Before his Heroic Sacrifice, Naruto reminds Neji that he is a genius to spur him on in battle. Naruto calling him a genius in part 1 is what changed his life. Against Kidomaru, Neji was about to give up but remembering Naruto's words gave him the resolve to beat Kidomaru. In the war, that same compliment was said to him again. Most likely again empowering Neji to make the Heroic Sacrifice he made.
    • Naruto's power is necessary to win the War and Hinata is a member of the main branch of the Hyuga family. But, just like his father, Neji didn't save them out of duty. He jumped in front of the wood spikes because Naruto showed him you don't have to be bound by "destiny", saving him from his darkness and Hinata is his dear cousin, someone he watches over and wants to protect no matter the cost.
      Neji: Father... I finally understand... the freedom you felt choosing to die in order to protect your comrades.
  • Hinata snaps Naruto out of his Heroic BSoD with a gentle slap that turns into a caress, reminds him of their nindo and tells him not to waste Neji's Heroic Sacrifice by giving in to Obito. Then he grasps her hand, thanks her... and prepares to charge into battle with her at his side.
    • The Held Gaze Naruto and Hinata give each other before Naruto gets his Heroic Second Wind and thinking about all the people who've died or fought for him before our Determinator gears up to fight.
      • The anime added a brief moment: when Naruto grasps Hinata's hand, he presses it against his cheek rather fondly. In turn, Hinata looks pleasantly surprised that she was able to get through to him with her Rousing Speech.
    • Not to be outdone in the kindness department, Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox himself, went out of his way to remind Naruto that the burden of saving everyone is not in his shoulders alone, for he is sitting right there inside him. Let's face it, getting a verbal Bright Slap from an Eldritch Abomination should shake you out of your funk.
  • Sasuke Uchiha is all of the following: a member of the Uchiha clan, someone who has the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, someone who has admitted to wanting to destroy the Leaf Village. Recently, he brought about the revival of the First Hokage. It turns out that by reviving him at full power, Hashirama can now break free of Edo Tensei. Does he open up a truly epic can of whoopass on Sasuke? Nope. Instead he gently tries to talk some sense into Sasuke.
    • When you consider that this guy can crush Sasuke like a puny insect anytime he wants to, it just makes the moment all the better.
    • Not to mention that when this happens, Hashirama is fully aware that there is a war going on with his archnemesis Madara leading one side. Even though he would logically have the most reason to want to go out there and stop things, he insists on taking the time to sit down with Sasuke and speak to him on an equal level, promising to answer Sasuke's questions to the best of his ability and then letting him decide what to do with them for himself. That is the kind of man the First Hokage is.
    • Orochimaru stating specifically that his loyalty lies with Sasuke, is oddly touching, considering the manipulative relationship they used to have, and that even with the threat that Madara presents capable of being felt from miles away, he won't let the reanimated Hokage leave until they've answered Sasuke's questions.
  • As a child, part of Hashirama's motivation for pursuing peace between the Uchiha and Senju clan was out of fear that his younger brothers would die needlessly in the conflict.
    • Tobirama defends his older brother when their father is about to hit him for protesting against the senseless war against the Uchiha clan. Considering the usual Boke and Tsukkomi Routine they go through and his usual position as The Stoic, it's kinda nice to see that he does care.
  • Hashirama and Madara warn each other that their fathers and brothers are trying to kill the other one. Before things went sour, those two were the best of friends.
  • After the building of the Leaf Village is complete, the Land of Fire wants them to choose a leader. For the candidate of First Hokage, Hashirama nominates Madara Uchiha.
    • It's much more than that when you look at it. Hashirama is doing everything right. He's partnering with Madara, giving him a position of importance to keep him sated, and trying to keep him involved in all the decisions. Hashirama doesn't want Madara to stray into the dark again, and is doing everything to prevent that. He even let Madara name the village.
    • It's much more than keeping Madara sated. It was about giving Madara a new family and something precious to protect after his losses.
  • Sasuke ultimately sides with Konoha, refusing to let the village his brother sacrificed himself to protect die.
    • Orochimaru himself agrees to join the fray with Sasuke and the four Hokage, and does so with a smile. All four of the past Hokage prepare to protect their village just one last time.
    • While they are preparing for the above, Minato the Fourth Hokage is looking forward to seeing his son Naruto again.
  • Minato and Naruto finally meet face to face in real life.
  • Team 7 reunites to fight the Ten-Tails. Once again, the Rookie Nine are back!
  • When Sakura activates her White Strength Seal, out of a desire to stand on equal footing with Naruto and Sasuke, Naruto looks absolutely terrified at her enhanced punch — but Sasuke has a proud smirk on his face. He later marries her, and when their daughter Sarada demonstrates her chakra-enhanced punch a la Sakura, Sasuke sports that same smirk.
  • Naruto and Hinata Holding Hands was more than just transferring chakra and significant Ship Tease. It, along with Neji's encouragement, actually empowered Hinata, giving her the determination to move forward — she masters the Sixty-Four Palms and then immediately uses it in conjunction with her Twin Lion Fists, her own original jutsu that she created and developed which happens to be a high-level secret technique in the Hyuga clan.
  • Naruto's first thought after lighting the Ten-Tails on fire with the Flame Control-Rasenshiriken combo is for Sasuke to extinguish the flames when the Ten-Tails is weak enough to save the other Tailed Beasts.
  • Katsuyu is willing to listen to Orochimaru if it means having Tsunade live. Orochimaru even lampshades how nice she is.
  • Naruto and Sasuke smiling in between the panting after their combination attack successfully impacts on Ten-Tails Jinchūriki Obito. One feels nostalgia seeing them together again and flashbacks of when the two were teammates.
  • The fact the Yin half of the Kurama was very nice to Minato was surprising but it works, showing that Kurama always had a nice side to him.
    • Minato thinks to himself and Kushina, that Naruto has grown up well.
    • Naruto can understand his father's love without Minato saying anything.
  • As the Divine Tree slowly drains his life away, Naruto's options are running low, only for Hiruzen to return and break him free. There is a long and serious moment as he stares down at the boy in his arms and apologizes for taking so long, and while the wording fits regardless, it's easy to think this is also him seeking closure with Naruto for not doing more for him when Naruto was growing up.
  • Naruto unconsciously uses his Chakra to heal Shikamaru, because he refuses to let any more friends die. His peers realizing the lengths he would go to help them counts as an in-universe heartwarmer.
    • Shikamaru feels Naruto trying to keep him alive and has an epiphany about everything Naruto has endured over the years, alone, for the sake of everyone else and realizes that he wants to be there for him so that he won't feel like that anymore. Also:
      Shikamaru: Unlike Lord First, that dumb Naruto doesn't have an adept Lord Second, to be his advisor. That's why...even more so...I need to stick around so when he becomes the Hokage, I can stand next to that idiot. I'm sorry, Dad. I can't join you just yet. There's no one more qualified than me to be Naruto's advisor.
    • Chouji bear-hugging Shikamaru.
  • Naruto calls on all his friends to lend a hand to break Obito's barrior with nine Rasegans by diving into the Nine-Tails Susano'o. Lee, unable to use Chakra, doubts if he can use it just for Naruto to say 'It's ok'.
    Kakashi: Obito... Even if i's someone they used to make fun of... when people see someone trying twice as hard as others, they instinctively start wanting to lend a hand. That's because... people eventually learn that they only have each other to fill the holes in their hearts. And he who posesess a heart filled with comrades... is truly powerful!
  • Naruto verbally beating Obito down with one of his best speeches ever, offers Obito a chance to at least not go down in history as a monster. Obito instead tries to strangle him, claiming to regret nothing. In the end, Naruto literally grabs the mans hand and drags him forward. Totally shaking Obito up.
    Obito: "I possess the same will and body as the Sage of Six Paths. I am the second Sage of Six Paths!"
    Naruto: "Wrong! You're Obito Uchiha!"
  • The entire Alliance putting their own lives on the line to save the Tailed Beasts, showing that Naruto's changed them from what they thought the Tailed Beasts were before.
    • Not long after, Obito finally comes to understand why Nagato made the decision to sacrifice himself, and opts to make the same choice...

    Final Arc 
  • While Shukaku's past was depressing, we do have nice part. The old monk that was a past jinchūriki of the Shukaku's his entire life and despite his horrible treatment by his village, he never held it against the Shukaku. The Monk believed that everyone wished for acceptance with each other, including bijuu. It caused the Shukaku to say the monk was similar to the Sage of Six Paths, causing the monk to cry tears of joy. His entire life's beliefs all validated and proved correct by a simple compliment from Shukaku.
    • In the modern day, we see Gaara doing everything to protect Shukaku, saying as he is no longer the jinchūriki, he can be Shukaku's equal. As well as Shukaku's effort to protect Gaara and before he is sealed, he compares Gaara to the old monk, Bunbukou.
  • Just how dedicated Sakura and Karin are to keeping Naruto and Sasuke alive respectively:
    • Sakura using her last bit of chakra to make a chakra scalpel and open Naruto's chest so she can massage his heart while giving him CPR. All the while thinking that about Naruto's Part I boasts and how they are coming true, so he can't die, that she won't let him.
    • Karin going berserk and damaging Spiral Zetsu's statue using chakra chains exclusive to the Uzumaki clan, that Orochimaru compares to Kushina's.
      • Suigetsu, who has always needled Karin, is the first person to defend her when Zetsu impales her: he teleports right beside her and blows off Zetsu's head with his finger-water pistols, which doubles as a character Moment of Awesome (and Fridge Brilliance: when he first met Sasuke, the first thing he did was hold a finger to Sasuke's head).
    • Kurama last's words to Gaara were focused on how to keep Naruto alive. It really is heartwarming much Naruto and Kurama relationship grew from mutual hatred to finally friendship.
    • The fact that the other half of Kurama can save Naruto is heartwarming in the future. Minato undeniably blames himself for Naruto's childhood, yet Minato alone is able to save Naruto. He is able to give Naruto the greatest gift a father can possibly give to his son: his life.
      "Dying to make a better life for his son...That's the stuff you let the father handle."
  • Things have been getting worse and worse, but there's finally a positive moment: Obito is able to prevent Black Zetsu from going to Madara and come back to the side of good, because of Naruto's words.
    • Obito and Kakashi are able to work together and give Naruto the Yin half of the Nine-Tails, with Guy arriving just in time to save Kakashi.
    • Itachi's feelings for Sasuke were so strong that they influenced Kabuto to save Sasuke. Brotherly love there.
    • The Second happily tells Kabuto how to save Sasuke.
    • Kabuto finally discovering who he is, and his home: the orphanage that he lived as a child.
  • Rock Lee pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment to save an exhausted Guy.
  • A tear jerker, heart warmer and a moment of awesome all rolled into one. With all hope seemingly lost, as Kakashi and Minato are incapable of putting a dent in Madara's defense, Guy makes the ultimate sacrifice without a moment's hesitation by opening the 8th Gate: The Gate of Death. Guy describes it as a technique to be used only when you have someone so precious that you'd be willing to lay down your life for them, and this context is illustrated by a flashback where Guy's father sacrificed his life for his son. In Guy's context Kakashi, his best friend and rival, and Lee, his beloved student, are his precious people that he wants to protect.
    • When Madara dismisses the blood aura emitted by Guy as being that of rotting leaves Guy's rebuttal illustrates once and for all that Konoha's philosophy is the right one and that Madara's is hollow and empty; Guy explains that even though he represents the dying leaves of the old generation, those leaves will not rot but will instead nourish the next generation of leaves (like Lee his student, and other young people like him) and provide an example of love and hope that will guide them as they gain the power to usher in the next Spring. That's why Guy's red aura is able to shine so beautifully because this is the embodiment of his Spring Time of Youth, and consequently the embodiment of the Will of Fire. Madara is caught off guard by Guy when he rushes him so fast that he couldn't keep up with his movements.
    • Gaara asking what Guy just did, Kakashi explains that Guy just opened the Eighth Gate, a stronger version of what Lee did during their battle, but it's fatal, causing Gaara to remember Guy saving Lee. Gaara asks if Lee is ok, showing how much Gaara has changed from the monster that couldn't understand why Guy would save Lee's life.
    • When Lee opens the sixth gate and curses his inability to open the Eighth Gate, Minato tells he shouldn't feel bad, as Lee is one of the young lives Guy is dying for. It mixes with Tear Jerker.
    • While perhaps not heartwarming like most, the fact that Madara flat out declares Guy to be the World's Strongest Man in regards to Taijutsu shows just how much Guy impressed him; Guy managed to do a feat that no other normal shinobi could do to him, and, in his own twisted way, tries to Mercy Kill Guy out of respect for the mans efforts.
  • When Naruto met the Sage of the Six Paths, the Sage was incredibly humble. He never acted like he was superior to Naruto despite a very large power difference and an obvious intellect difference.
    • When the Sage reveals that Naruto is his son reincarnated, it shows how much the sage loves his son to visit one of his reincarnations long after his death. Based on his words, he has already done this multiple times.
  • Kakashi's flashback to meeting Guy as a child. His father warns Kakashi not to underestimate Guy, and in the present Kakashi acknowledges Guy's unparalleled skills.
  • Sakura, although not able to forgive Obito, thanks him for saving Naruto.
    • Gaara telling Naruto, that once he becomes Hokage, that they should be allies.
  • Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi stand together against Madara. The original Team 7 has truly returned.
  • When Sakura is stabbed by Madara, Naruto and Kakashi are horrified; even Sasuke is worried, judging by his reaction. Then, both Naruto and Sasuke run to protect her: Naruto grabs her and gets her to safety while Sasuke covers them by attacking Madara. Sadly, Sakura interprets their rescuer-backup role delegation as Sasuke not caring for her.
  • Hinata, now trapped in the Infinite Tsukuyomi, mentally calls out to Naruto. He hears her and he immediately tries to rush to her aid! Unfortunately mixes as Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker, though.
    • Sasuke acting quickly to protect Team 7 from the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
  • Half of the Infinite Tsukuyomi dreams are hilarious. The other half are adorable.
    • Choji dreams of having a girlfriend who loves food as much as he does and prepares meals for him. Even his father is proud of him.
    • Tsunade sees herself reunited with Dan and Nawaki, but more moving is the fact that both Jiraiya and Orochimaru are there, showing that despite all the time Tsunane has tried to convince herself that Orochimaru was never their friend, she does still miss what they were.
    • Gaara's dream depicts him as a child, reunited with his family and his father acting as a father and Naruto showing up and asking for Gaara to come out and play with him.
    • Tenten, if one gets past the Tear Jerker elements to it. All Tenten dreams about is Lee and Guy acting normal, and Neji still being alive. It is a Tear Jerker because it shows that she doesn't have any other ambitions, but it is heartwarming to know that she already has everything else she wanted. A girl of simple desires indeed.
  • Sasuke tells Naruto that because they are the only two capable of sealing Kaguya, they should focus on protecting themselves and not the rest of Team 7, as both Sakura and Kakashi are not powerful enough and therefore are useless now. Naruto agrees that Sasuke has a point, but also claims that his "body moves on its own," which is a Meaningful Echo to Sasuke's words in the Land of Waves arc.
  • Naruto revives Obito, the very same man who has not only killed thousands of people and ruined many lives for his mad quest for world peace and revive Rin, but also killed his parents and lead to him being orphaned. What struck this troper is the smile he gave Obito while placing his hand on his chest. The kid's most definitely a saint and have taken several levels in kindness to so casually do the deed, considering that he was at his limit when he forgave Nagato for committing the same crime on a lesser scale.
  • Obito promising to help Naruto bring back Sasuke even if it costs him his life. THAT'S Character Development!
  • Sasuke catching Sakura as she collapses from exhaustion.
    • Best of all it's not shown as overly heroic or romantic, just Sasuke doing something moderately nice and decent. Which we really haven't seen in a long long time.
  • Kakashi intends on Taking the Bullet for Naruto and Sasuke, only for Obito to use Kamui in order to save him at the cost of his own life, just like how he intended to do all those years ago.
    Obito: "Kakashi, you stay here for now...and don't come after me any time soon either!"
    • Obito's dying words to Naruto, saying that he knows Naruto will be Hokage. Then in the afterlife, Rin is revealed to have been waiting for Obito, who is now back to his young self.
    • However, he tells Rin he has to go back to Kakashi so he doesn't follow them. Talking to Kakashi, Obito says he forgot his gift again leading him to say he told Naruto to become Hokage... but the 7th, the 6th needs to be Kakashi. Kakashi reappears in the fight against Kaguya with both eye's from Obito's sharingan.
  • Also doubles as a Call-Back. When Kakashi first met Team 7, he outright said he didn't like any of them. Now he finally rescinds this statement.
    Kakashi: "That was picture perfect. Right now, the way you all are together...I love you."
  • The Sage of the Six Paths managing to summon and unite all of the dead Kage to rescue Team 7 from Kaguya's dimension, and then congratulates all of them on saving the world.
  • The aftermath of Kaguya's sealing is filled with these moments.
    • After sealing Kaguya away, the group is reunited with the Tailed Beasts. Naruto happily proclaims he missed Kurama. Kurama fervently denies having missed Naruto, though he's not fooling anyone.
    • Kakashi's last talk with Obito.
    • Madara and Hashirama speaking with one another. As Madara final moments come close, Hashirama recalls the directions they took in life but recalls the one promise they made as kids... that they'd be comrades till death. Madara gladly accepts the idea and dies peacefully knowing he had his best friend by his side.
    • Then there's Naruto's last time with his dad, combining this with Tearjerker. After his dad wishes him happy birthday (the sun just rose before announcing), Naruto says farewell to his dad. However, he ends up using the same words that his mom told him back when the two died sealing Kurama in him. One of the best ways of Call-Back.
  • Before everything got bad, once free and the tailed beasts consider going their separate ways, Gyuki decides he wanted to be resealed into Bee. Kurama himself made little effort to not return to Naruto when everything was over.
  • From Sasuke of all people. When he tells the Sage that the past must be removed in order to create a better future, he admits he must kill Naruto. Then, the Sage asks him why and Sasuke answers "Because to me, he's the closest friend I ever had."
  • Sasuke's character comes full circle after he admits that Naruto's feeling of friendship were actually mutual all along but he tried to erase them, as he felt those were a weakness.
    • After Naruto keeps chastising Sasuke on his willingness to die for the atonement of his sins, Sasuke replies with his old catchphrase from the classic series, truly representing how he has finally rejoined the good guys again.
      "Just knock it off. Shut up, you loser."
    • And just the total beauty of the moment that despite everyone in-universe and out believing it to be impossible, Team 7 was truly together again. They made it out of the darkness.
    • As he gives Naruto the remainder of his chakra, falling unconscious, Kurama remembers how Naruto vowed to free him of his hatred, and says that Naruto is someone "special" to him, his one and only friend. He's come a long way from being a monster fox. The anime even adds an extra echange before that scene. Naruto raises his hand for a fistbump with Kurama. The tailed beast obliges while holding back tears.
    • The monuments at Valley of the End get obliterated, which represented a feud between Senju and Uchiha. All that remains are the hands of each statue in a jutsu-casting pose, but one has broken so it looks like the fingers are wrapped around the other's in a gesture of friendship. It doubles as a symbolic moment for the feud ending with Naruto and Sasuke and the restoration of their own friendship, while also representing the arms they have lost in battle.
  • Even though she laments being unable to do more for Naruto and Sasuke, Sakura is right there at the end of their battle to heal them and stop them from dying. She is, as always, there in the ways that she can be.
  • The sincere look on Sasuke's face as he apologizes to Sakura for everything that he did to her. She replies, "You better damn well be... Shannaro... You jerk..."
  • As much of a Tear Jerker as it was, it was nice to see Hinata and Naruto standing next to each other during Neji's funeral. This is especially poignant because it's a Call-Back to Neji's death: after Neji sacrificed his life to protect both Naruto and Hinata, Hinata brought Naruto out of his Heroic BSoD and he thanked her for staying by his side. This time around, he's standing by her side.
  • Despite Sasuke rejecting Sakura's offer to accompany him during his travels, he taps her forehead, much like his brother used to do to him, and promises to see her later, promising he'll return once he's completed his journey. Naruto then gives him back his old headband, bringing their parting full circle.
  • A lot in the epilogue, most from our heroes now being adults and having kids on their own. Here is the list of them:
    • Hinata finally marries Naruto and has two children with him. She was then seen with their daughter, Himawari, bringing flowers to Neji's grave.
    • Some already expected Shikamaru to get married to Temari and Ino married to Sai, but no one expected Choji to get married to Karui. Congratulations Choji.
    • Rock Lee has a son and is mentoring him just like Might Guy did before having to retire.
    • Anko is alive and happy, and appears to be the mentor to Chocho, Choji and Karui's daughter. After all of the horrible things she went through in the later part of the series, and the fear that her fate would end up being a case of What Happened to the Mouse?, it's really heartwarming to see her doing well years later.
    • When Sakura and Sarada talk about Sasuke, far far away Sasuke turns around as he senses a presence, before dismissing it as his imagination. It shows that no matter how far away he is, he is still very much connected to his wife and daughter.
    • Kurenai's daughter praying to her deceased father before she goes off on a journey with Kakashi and Guy.
    • The former Kage visit the old and sick Onoki while Kakashi visits the weakened but still very much alive Guy.
      • The fact that Onoki is still alive is heartwarming in and of itself considering he already was extremely old during the Fourth Shinobi World War.
    • Naruto's dreams become a reality as he finally becomes the seventh Hokage and has a loving family with Hinata, Boruto and Himawari. He was then shown having a meeting with Gaara, Kurotsuchi, Darui and Choujurou (who happen to be the respective Kage of their villages).
      • This is taken even further when you contrast the setting of this meeting with the last Gokage summit that we saw in the series. The previous generation had to hold their meeting in a neutral country, with a neutral mediator, whose primary purpose was to keep the meeting from degenerating into mindless arguing and possibly violence, with each Kage's bodyguards ready to leap out instantly at the tiniest hint of a threat. They were seated at a long, arcing table and kept a careful distance from each other. In contrast, by the time Naruto has become Hokage, the Gokage are casually meeting in Konohagakure, without any need for a mediator and are seen relaxing pretty casually when Naruto comes in. They are seated at a single small table in close proximity to one another with none of the tension that plagued the last meeting to be seen. All of this goes to show just how far things have progressed and just how much closer Naruto and those of his generation have come to building a true and lasting peace.
    • Sealed back in Naruto, Kurama sleeps peacefully like any animal would do and minds his own business. A far cry when he first appeared as a snarling beast.
    • On top of that there was a doodle of Straw Hat Pirates' Jolly Roger. If you read the chapter 766 of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda makes a special chapter cover tribute cover page by having Luffy eating ramen with Chopper and Nami as a waitress with a Konohagakure design changpao at a restaurant, covering Naruto who's eating meat. The One Piece logo is different in this chapter, with the O in a Konohagakure symbol shape, the first E holding a shuriken and the classic I in the form of Luffy now taking now the form of Naruto.
      • By the closer look if you notice the menu papers, it forms a word in Japanese: "Naruto, thanks for the hard work."
    • Konohamaru's relationship with Naruto's son, Boruto, is pretty touching if you remember how Konohamaru wanted to be treated like everyone else, but couldn't because he was the Third Hokage's grandson. You could say he is making it his business to scold Boruto and making sure he does not feel the same sense of isolation he felt as a kid.

The New Era

    Kakashi Hiden 

    Shikamaru Hiden 

    The Last: Naruto the Movie 
The last story of Naruto love.

    Sakura Hiden 

    Konoha Hiden 

    Gaara Hiden 

    Akatsuki Hiden 

    Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month 
A spin-off miniseries about the next generation of ninja, the children of the Konoha 12. It focuses on Sarada Uchiha, who finds herself having questions about her family.

    Boruto: Naruto the Movie 
A spin-off movie focusing on Boruto Uzumaki and his quest to surpass his father, the legendary hero and Seventh Hokage, Naruto.

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 
A sequel series that focuses on Boruto Uzumaki where some of the events takes place before and after the events of Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

See Boruto


  • Despite Naruto's parents no longer being in his life literally minutes after his birth, most of Kushina's final words to Naruto seem to have shaped his character later in life. Even for the longest time, he was making his parents proud without even knowing it.
    • Naruto loves to bathe
    • Naruto sleeps healthily
    • In time, Naruto learned to respect his elder ninja and value their counsel
    • Naruto gained MANY deep friendships
    • Naruto was financially savvy in saving his mission pay
    • He never gave in to the temptation of alcohol before he was old enough to legally drink
    • Had grand dreams and the power and confidence to make them come true.
    • What he fell short of, he did his best to live up to after hearing these words again, like eating more healthily
  • The fact that Naruto taught Gaara how to escape the hell of being utterly alone and rejected. Love.
  • Naruto and Jiraiya's relationship is probably one of the most heartwarming mentor relationships in the series. Although it starts in oddly, they soon grow attached to each other. This is best shown when Naruto love for Jiraiya allows him to forgive Nagato for everything that he has done.
  • Sasuke's new team, "Hawk", who for all intents and purposes just joined as allies of convenience, honestly begin respecting each other, saving each other, and protecting each other. And this is the group led by Sasuke of all people!
    • His first "Amaterasu" was sparked by wanting to protect his new team and the memory of his old team. He may divide the fanbase and may have crossed the Moral Event Horizon but that was a touching moment.
      • Turned Tear Jerker with Sasuke abandoning two of them and later trying to kill Karin because she's no longer useful. Moral Event Horizon all over again...
    • Turns back into heartwarming when the group are reunited afterwards. While Sasuke's apology to Karin was pathetic, he chose to apologize to her of his own free will. Not expecting to gain anything from apologizing. Also, Suigetsu and Jugo don't hold much of a grudge.
  • Any of Team 7's interactions in Part I and in the fillers especially when you consider their current state in Part II.
    • Specifically, the filler episode about Kakashi and the woman who had a crush on him called Hanare. The funny thing is, the flashback takes place before Kakashi told an angry Sasuke that all the people he cares about are all dead. But she's still alive by the end.
  • It was noted that the Ino-Shika-Cho bond goes back 16 generations, as does their clans' relationship with the Sarutobi clan. We later find out that before the founding of the hidden villages, which only happened in the time of Hashirama and Madara and therefore less than 16 generations back (going by Hashirama as Tsunade's grandad and Tsunade as old enough to be a grandmother logic), almost all clans were always at each others' throats. Sort of a Heartwarming in Hindsight about how those clans did manage to get along.
  • Crosses over with Tear Jerker in some instances but during the Shinobi World War arc, the vast majority of the revived ninja go out of their way to help the living, telling their weaknesses and powers, trying to warn them, and generally hoping that the world they left behind is strong enough to stop them. These are ninjas who were mortal enemies with each other and many of their opponents in life, but in death, all they want is to see the world safe and sound, to be returned to the grave where they belong.
  • One episode has a flashback where Kakashi stops by Naruto's apartment to get him to eat his vegetables, much to the latter's chagrin. It just goes to show that Kakashi truly does care about his students well-being.
  • In general, the friendship between Gaara and Lee is an underrated friendship in the fandom. In the Chuunin Exam, Gaara brutalised Lee, almost ended his ninja career, and tried to kill him in the hospital room. But since then:
    • Gaara came to Lee's aid in his fight with Kimimaro, and used his sand to protect him during the fight.
    • Lee holds no ill will towards Gaara for causing his injuries—in fact, he's only angry at him when Gaara insults Gai. He thanks Gaara for his help in the above fight.
    • During the Ultimate Weapon filler arc (episodes 216-220 of the original anime), when members of the Konoha squad are shown to be worried about the Sand Siblings, Lee immediately worries about Gaara.
    • Team Gai, including Lee, followed Team Kakashi as backup for the Kazekage Rescue mission.
    • Shippuden filler episode 237 has Gaara carrying Lee back to the village.
    • In Shippuden filler episode 400, we find out that Gaara allowed a ninja (named Shira) who was very similar to Lee to become a shinobi, something Suna law didn't let him do before. Part of his reasoning was that Gaara 'met someone like Shira' and he 'became a fine shinobi' (he was talking about Lee).
    • In the arc where Naruto and Hinata are preparing for their wedding, Lee and Tenten escort Gaara and Kankuro around Konoha until the Kage Summit starts. Lee merely greets him as "Gaara"(keep in mind, Gaara is the Kazekage), and when Tenten scolds him for being so casual, Gaara tells them that it's okay and they don't have to be formal with him.
    • In the Naruto spin-off, Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals, there are multiple episodes where Gaara and Lee interact positively with one another, or with a friendly rivalry. These include an episode where Lee says he wants to be friends with Gaara, an episode where Lee assumes Gaara has a secret crush and goes out of his way to find the identity of said crush, Lee welcoming Gaara to the village and doing everything he can to make Gaara's stay satisfactory, and a playful, comedic rematch between Gaara and Lee and Tenten and Temari.
    • The fact remains that Lee was the first person to hurt Gaara, and Lee definitely had an impact on Gaara throughout the rest of the show.

    Covers, Openings and Endings 
  • The cover for Chapter 501 shows Baby Sasuke and Baby Naruto side by side.
  • The cover of Chapter 503 was one third heartwarming, one third hilarious, and one third Tear Jerker. It featured Naruto, Kushina and Minato in the life they would have had if the Nine-Tails incident never happened.
  • The splash art for chapter 579 qualifies if for no reason than to show the change in Kurama. Until the current arc, every image of Kurama showed it with bared fangs, an evil roar, or a sinister grin. Now, the giant fox is sleeping lazily in the middle of the village with drool sliding down its muzzle and a sleep bubble in its nose.of the flashback episode.
  • Opening 4 'GO!' (Aka 'Fighting Dreamers') which shows scenes of
  • The final opening to Part I, Yura Yura, is chock-full of this via adorable shots of the the Konoha 12 and friends just posing for the grainy camera. There's gentle music and harmonic singing to go along with 13-year-old Naruto bowing to his Shadow Clone, before taking a calm stance. It's easy to forget that this is a show about ninjas fighting one another in epic battles, when you have 13-year-old Naruto grinning happily at a camera. Awwwww!
  • Shippuden opening 8 "Diver" shows Naruto falling into and sinking in the ocean as the Akatsuki stand leering at him in a Field of Blades. Sasuke appears above him and attacks him with a Chidori as Naruto struggles and the scene is consumed by angry red light... until Sakura's hand touches his back and the red changes to cool blue. Then Kakashi's hand joins hers, then Sai's, Yamato's and Choji's, and Shikamaru's, Ino's, Tenten's, Hinata's, Kiba's, Lee's, Guy's, Iruka's and Neji's join theirs to push Naruto out of the ocean and into the air. Naruto flips in midair and stares down at the whirlpool he came out of and sees Sasuke sinking at the bottom like Naruto was. Tying his headband on, Naruto dives back down to save his friend. While some anime Title Sequences can be hard to figure out, the symbolism in this one was plain as day and awesome as hell.
    (Naruto prepares to dive after Sasuke)
    "If I could just sense a bit of happiness, I would never drown again"
  • Shippuden ending 2 "Path": much emphasis is put on Naruto and Sasuke holding hands as Sasuke helps Naruto up from the ground.
  • Shippuden ending 15 "U Can Do It": It has Naruto put a post that attracts the attention of Team Gai and Konohamaru and they engage Naruto in some friendly taijutsu sparring. While a more subtle example, considering how Naruto values his friends and how lonely he was as a child, seeing Naruto bond with his friends in a fun activity is quite heartwarming. Furthermore, how each match shows off Naruto sparring in the same style of his comrades, from the street-styled fighting with Konohamaru, the graceful and fluid martial arts with Neji, weapon-sparring with Tenten at an even pace and then a frenatic and intense match with Rock Lee. It ends with a shot of them all relaxing.
  • Shippuden ending 27 "Black Night Town": It starts with Sasuke, all alone, sitting atop a pillar and looking at the ancient, ruined, dimly lit city beneath his feet. Then, he closes his eyes and thinks of the past: Itachi killing the Uchiha clan, himself standing in front of their gaves and his first battle with Naruto at the Final Valley. Then, Sasuke and Naruto turn from 13-year-olds to their present selves, signifying the battle to come, which they're both preparing for. But as they fight again, Sasuke is having flashes of Team 7 and Itachi: the bonds he broke to get to this point. When the sun rises, Sasuke smiles and jumps off the pillar; nightfall shows that he's no longer in the "Black Town".
    "It's called new great beginning
    So, there comes the dawn"
    (Sasuke opens his eyes, looks at the sun and smiles)
    • Made even more heartwarming because it's playing during the Sasuke + Itachi vs Kabuto battle, where Sasuke starts clawing his way back to sanity after his Ax-Crazy phase in the Five Kage Summit arc.
  • Shippuden ending 34 "Rainbow's Sky": The history of Naruto and Konoha from the point of view of Teuchi, the ramen chef. It starts with him inviting Naruto into the store for the first time and proceeds to show flashbacks and scenes of different characters.
    • Teuchi calling a toddler Naruto to his store and serving him a warm bowl of ramen: just look at that scared face turning into a bright smile! It's probably the first time someone has been kind to Naruto. Also, notice the towel around Naruto's shoulders: it was raining outside and Teuchi made sure the kid dried up before eating.
    • Iruka being there for Naruto, just like the Third Hokage was there for him. Iruka not wearing his headband means this is immediately after he acknowledged Naruto.
    • The similar friendship between Sakura and Naruto and Jiraiya and Tsunade.
    • How similar both of Kakashi's teams were. It also lampshades that Kakashi intentionally picked up Obito's tardiness.
    • Naruto spending quality time with Sai, Team Asuma, Team Kurenai, and Team Guy.
    • The relationship between Hinata and Naruto being a reflection of Minato and Kushina's.
    • Showing how excited young Ayame was for Kushina's pregnancy.
    • It all culminates with Teuchi serving Naruto and the five Kage, once sworn enemies, a peaceful ramen meal. He truly witnessed how Naruto changed the world.
      • On a side note, if one were to look closely, all of the future Official Couples are sitting next to each other, with the girl sitting to the right of their future husband: Sakura is sitting to Sasuke's right, Ino is sitting to Sai's right, and Hinata is sitting to Naruto's right.
  • Shippuden ending 37 "Blue Lullaby": It highlights some of the most important events that Naruto went through in Part II of the manga. The moments that got more emphasis than others involve Naruto:
    • Meeting Minato for the first time, which came immediately after one of the series' Darkest Hours.
    • Finally achieving his lifelong dream of being acknowledged by his entire village.
    • Befriending Kurama, the jinchūriki that was the cause of Konoha's unwarranted hatred towards Naruto.
    • Receiving a blue popsicle from Jiraiya.
    • Meeting Kushina for the first time and receiving a tearful hug from her.
    • Reaching out to take Hinata's hand in his, and their Held Gaze moment that follows.
    • Happily bumping fists with Minato, with the two halves of Kurama doing the same thing right behind them.
    • Bumping fists with Sasuke.
    • At the end, it shows Naruto visibly growing up, from the lonely boy who was hated by nearly everyone in his village for most of his life (save for a very few number of people who were always nice to him) to the heroic teenager he became.
      • Notice that almost all of these moments focus on Naruto's family: his father Minato (who got two moments!), his godfather Jiraiya, his mother Kushina, and his future wife Hinata.

    Non-Canon Movies 

  • Near the end of the "Land of Tea Escort Mission Arc", the siblings Ibiki and Idate reconcile. No doubt Idate's name was cleared, insuring he would no longer be listed on the books as a traitor and rouge ninja.
    • Earlier, after he wins the race, Idate apologizes to Jirōchō for taking the old man's faith in him for granted. A confused Jirōchō doesn't understand the apology and is just happy that his adopted son proved himself worthy of his trust, to which the other Wasabi Family members also share. The latter is notable too since throughout the rest of the arc, they did not share their boss' faith in the runner.
    • Jirōchō's belief in Idate is this general, in particular when it looks like at the beginning of the race that Idate ran off from the contest and the rest of the Wasabi dismiss him as a coward. The old guy growls that Idate is a better man than that and even risks his clan's dissolution should the latter lose the race. His faith ultimately pays off when Idate is able to outrun his competition and win.
  • Episode 151 of the original anime has a moment where Naruto caught Hinata after her battle and complimented her on her new jutsu and fighting skills. After spending all of her time being withdrawn and shy, especially around Naruto, she just looked so happy to hear that from him.
  • Episode 162 of the original anime in which Naruto meets Chishima, the young page hailing from the land of the birds spends all of his money (life savings included) to hire ninja help towards resolving a supernatural mystery. After which hangs around Ichraku ramen watching Naruto eat, upon noticing this young man is hungry and penniless offers to treat him to ramen. Despite having no connection to this man, Naruto can’t seem to stand seeing him going hungry and treats him to many bowls of ramen and refuses any compensation for it.
  • Naruto and Kiba spend most of Episode 175 in a perpetual argument, with Naruto repeatedly making pig-headed and stupid decisions that result in him and Hinata (who naturally follows him) ending up on long, time-consuming detours. Then Hinata ends up being injured in a cave-in and they immediately stop fighting to look after her.
  • Episode 184 "Kiba's Long Day", Naruto refusing to believe that Akamaru is dangerous, even after Akamaru bites him. Naruto even pursues Kiba to warn him that he and Akamaru are being hunted by ninja who might hurt Akamaru.
    • The fact that even while he was going rabid, Akamaru tried to stop himself from harming Kiba.
  • The conclusion of the "Trap Master Arc", it was very satisfying to watch the Konoha 11 all working together so cohesively.
    • The fact that it was Naruto's uncanny resemblance to old man Genno's son is what ultimately saved the village is also very heartwarming.
  • When Mizuki returns to pick a fight with Iruka and Naruto, one fight has the both of them outmatched by Mizuki's enhancements from his potion... he throws yet another giant shuriken that's aimed at an injured Iruka... and Naruto blocks it with his body the same exact way Iruka did for Naruto back in Episode 1.
  • Throughout the Three Tails arc, Guren's relationship with a little boy named Yukimaru has gradually started to become motherly until finally, at the end of the arc, Yukimaru tells Guren he loves her... And she responds with "I love you too." This is even better because Kabuto has just told Yukimaru that it was Guren who was responsible for his mother's death. And instead of letting out a grief-stricken rage — which was the intent — he forgives Guren instantly! In fact, their entire relationship — starting from Guren considering Yukimaru a kid she's "babysitting" to becoming a surrogate mother to him — is adorable!
  • After the Invasion of Pain arc in the anime, Naruto returns to the village after beating Pain, and Ino is shown looking at Naruto with much adoration after never noticing him before and saying "I could fall for him."
  • Minor Heartwarmings: From the Iruka's Ordeal flashback mini-arc:
    • Kakashi: "Your eyes were so full of life back then..."
    • Iruka's happy dance at being accepted as a teacher.
    • Iruka saying of Naruto: "It's the bad ones you get attached to." Also: "I will protect Naruto, whatever it takes."
  • The lullaby sung by Sumaru's mother called Natsuhiboshi in the "Star Village arc". The lullaby in the dub is just as good as the original thanks to the singing talent of the voice actress.
  • In Shippuden 182, Naruto's team (before Sasuke left) is paired up with the only recently reformed Gaara and his team of newbies Yaoki and Korobi for a joint mission. Despite Naruto's initial distrust of Gaara, he not only charges to the rescue when some sand ANBU try to kill Gaara, but he also scolds the rookies for running away when their "friend" (not knowing any better) needed their help. In the end, Yaoki and Korobi come back to help rescue Gaara and became some of his first real friends, aside from Naruto at this point. But the best part of the episode? If one were to look closely near the end of the Kazekage Rescue Arc, you'll see two shinobi who look like a lot like Yaoki and Korobi happily crying in relief to find him alive.
  • In Shippuden 186, Naruto decides to go out and find a rare flower that he believes will be the cure to heal Rock Lee of his injuries.
  • A few moments in Shippuden 237:
    • Gaara carrying Lee back to the village.
    • Lee and Guy crying Manly Tears as they embrace and Guy tells Lee how proud he is that the surgery was a success and he recovered.
    • Tenten helping Lee with his training and smiling all the way at the end.
  • In Shippuden 238, Sai after learning more about what it means to have bonds draws a picture of himself, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke holding hands. Here it is.
  • Shippuden Episodes 246 and onward, which are the anime adaptations of Chapters 498 and on, mentioned earlier on this page. While most of the heartwarming content is the same, the anime adds at least one extremely heartwarming scene in Episode 247: Kushina announcing to Minato that she's pregnant. The sheer awe and joy the two parents-to-be radiates almost tastes like sunshine.
  • In Shippuden 306, it's a flashback to just after the Chunin Exams. Hinata, having overused her eyes during training with Neji, is unable to see. Neji spends his time shadowing Hinata and helping her without her knowledge (eg. taking things out of her path, moving things closer to her so she doesn't have to feel around for them). After finding out that she won't be able to see a big fireworks festival, he goes out into a dangerous valley in the middle of the night with Naruto and Sakura to attempt to find a rare herb to cure her temporary blindness.
    • When Naruto and Sakura learn from Neji that Hinata was bedridden and he doesn't tell them what happened to her, Naruto immediately stops being his jovial self and becomes protective, even almost attacking Neji because he thought Neji hurt Hinata again.
  • In Shippuden 311, "Prologue to Road to Ninja", Rock Lee is accused of peeping on the girls during their bath. Lee tries to defend himself by saying that he got stuck on something and that he lost balance during his training. Naruto comes and sees Lee crying over being accused of something he never did. Naruto does a Rousing Speech to the girls saying that if he says he is innocent, then he is.
  • Hanabi's love and admiration for her elder sister Hinata in Shippuden 389. Watching Hanabi cover an exhausted and sleeping Hinata with a blanket, then happily hugging her, will melt your heart.
  • Temari being Tsundere for Shikamaru is rare enough, but Shikamaru being clueless about how to handle the situation is priceless.
  • In Shippuden 426, after Yamato is freed he's approached by the Third Hokage. Despite his fear and confusion, one of the first things Yamato asks about is if Naruto is alright.