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Drinking game for Naruto:


The following set of rules have been created for play with alcoholic beverages in mind, but can be just as extensively enjoyed with non-alcoholic replacements. Although there are no specific guidelines when it comes to the amount of what constitutes a "drink", "sip", etc., participants are encouraged to ascertain (and discuss amongst one another if more than one person is present) personal limits beforehand.


However, if you find that you would like an established guideline: For this drinking game, a sip is roughly half a mouthful of your drink. For those that play using shots, they also count as one sip.

Because of the vast differences between Parts I and II, and even between the story arcs themselves, some rules may become less common after a certain point in your game. For this purpose, there are not only more rules, but there are a few "extreme rules" to help those that want "a challenge".

Take one sip every time (unless otherwise mentioned)...

  • Naruto steps on a pile of crap.
  • Naruto says "Believe it!!!"
  • Naruto goes to Ichiraku Ramen.
  • Sakura hits Naruto.
  • Inner Sakura appears.
  • Anybody cries.
    • Two if it's Sakura.
    • Three if it's Lee or Guy.
  • Ino and Sakura have a disagreement.
  • Somebody fangirls over Sasuke.
  • Killer Bee raps.
  • Any glaringly bad censorships done to the artwork in the VIZ manga translation. Think this is a dry challenge? Read volumes 36 and 37.
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  • Somebody calls Chōji any variation of "fat".
  • Orochimaru mentions anything about Sasuke.
  • Hinata gets shy around Naruto.
    • Take two if she faints.
      • Extreme Rule: Finish three drinks, if it didn't happen in the manga.
  • A "Kage" is seen.
    • Take a sip per one.
  • Take a sip every time Gaara mentions Naruto in conversations that have nothing to do with Naruto.
    • Take two if he mentions Lee.
  • Take a sip anytime Gaara acts creepy (so basically anytime he’s on screen).
    • Take two if he starts acting psychotic.
      • Take three anytime he threatens to kill someone before his Heel–Face Turn, if only to help quell your utter terror for the guy back then.
      • Take another two if he actually DOES kill someone.
      • Down your drink if it shows the other character's detailed reactions to any of these happening (eg. when Naruto and Shikamaru were frozen in shock and horror at the Genin tournament).
  • Finish your drink if all members of the Konoha 11/12 appear in the same scene.
    • Extreme rule: Finish three drinks.
  • Every time someone thinks or says "I wonder what kind training Naruto is doing right now..."
  • The Konoha Hospital is seen.
  • Rock Lee or Might Gai say the word "youth".
  • Rock Lee or Might Gai's teeth makes a "ping" sound every time they smile.
    • Take two if both of their teeth make a "ping" noise at the same time.
  • There is a Retcon scene.
  • Somebody has a Flashback.
    • Take a gulp for every flashback within a flashback.
      • Half the drink for a flashback of something that happened about five minutes ago, or a fourth of the drink for every flashback of an event that happened in the very same chapter/episode.
    • Finish your drink if it's "sad" or "tragic".
    • If the series goes into Whole Episode Flashback mode, take two drinks for every consecutive WEF until the story returns to the present.
  • Somebody gets poisoned.
  • Finish your drink when Naruto is shown to use a newly-acquired jutsu for first time.
  • Naruto goes into "Kyūbi Mode".
    • Take one sip per tail.
    • Extreme Rule: take the number of sips relative to each tail active
      • Suicide no Jutsu: take the number of sips relative to the tail, plus the number of sips of the preceding tails
      • We at TV Tropes do not recommend this one
  • Extreme Rule: A Genjutsu or Ninjutsu technique of any variety is used.
    • Take two if both are used in the same battle.
    • Take four if both are used in the same battle by the same person.
  • A Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit) ability is used.
    • Take two if it's a mixed Nature (e.g., Yamato's Wood Release, Haku's Ice Release).
  • Take two sips whenever Edo Tensei no Jutsu (Impure World Resurrection Technique) is used.
    • Extreme rule: A sip per resurrected person.
      • Also counts as a Suicide Rule considering the number of shinobi Kabuto brought back.
  • A Henge no Jutsu/Transformation Technique is used.
    • Take two if it's Sexy no Jutsu.
  • An ANBU member is seen onscreen.
    • Take two if they're actually fighting.
    • Extreme rule: Take a sip for each member, and two more for each one in battle.
  • Take a sip if the camera decides to focus on Lee's phrase-catching beetle-brows. Take two for each passing minute if the camera refuses to stray away from them for over a half-second.
    • Take a shot if it's Gai. Down the whole glass if the camera decides to focus on both Gai's and Lee's brows.
      • Extreme rule: take five shots if you notice a subliminal message in their bowl cut hair highlights.
  • A character says their Catchphrase.
    • Finish your drink if Naruto says "Dattebayo!" more than once in the same scene.
  • Any character proceeds to explain their battle tactics or jutsu details to their opponent.
    • Take two if they do these both in the same battle.
  • A character uses their signature jutsu/move.
    • Take two if a character with more than one signature move uses two or more in one battle.
  • Any member of "Akatsuki" is mentioned or referenced to.
    • Take two if the member is dead/defected.
    • Extreme rule: A sip for each member mentioned. Finish your drink if the member is dead/defected.
  • Any two Akatsuki members have a disagreement.
    • Extreme rule: Take two if it involves Hidan, Deidara and/or Tobi.
  • Finish your drink if somebody significant dies. Basically, anybody with a name that has appeared at least a few times (in other words, random mooks don't count).
    • Extreme rule: Finish your drink if anybody dies. For multiple deaths, take a sip for each fatality.
    • Suicidal rule: Finish a drink per death! (exemption from Chapter 605. We don't want to encourage liver failure)
  • A kunai or shuriken is used.
    • Take two if both are used in the same battle.
    • Extreme rule: take one sip for each kunai and/or shuriken in the scene. For maximum extremity, include the two extra sips after finishing the required number of sips if the battle contains both kunai and shuriken.
  • A Sharingan is seen.
    • Take two for Mangekyō Sharingan.
    • Extreme rule: A sip for each character whose Sharingan is/are visible. Two sips each for Mangekyō Sharingan.
    • Ditto for Byakugan.
  • A Summoning Technique is used.
    • Take two if more than one character uses a summoning technique.
    • Extreme rule: Instead of taking two sips, finish your drink.
  • Take a sip anytime a closeup of a character's toes gets shown. Kishimoto has a penchant for drawing them.
    • Take two gulps if you see someone with closed-toe shoes.
      • Finish your drink if a character is barefoot. Down two if it's a kunoichi. Three if it's Sakura or Hinata.
  • Challenge- Take four drinks at leisure if you catch any instance of Four Is Death in the series.
    • Mentions of Four Is Death equals a Suicidal Rule due to the sheer number. Ironic.
  • One drink anytime the token idiot of a squad someone does something astonishingly stupid.
  • One gulp each time Sasuke mentions his clan, two each time he mentions revenge.
    • Another gulp for each time he mentions or thinks about Itachi. Another sip for each mention or thought during a flashback.
  • Chug the whole freaking drink if someone pulls a Deus ex Machina.
    • If it involves the Great Snake Escape, down a whole pack of beer and shout the filthiest swears you know at Kishimoto, with a Skyward Scream thrown in for good measure.
  • Each time someone mentions something about a "ninja way".
    • Take two if it's Naruto.
  • Each time someone mentions hatred or the cycle of revenge.
    • Take two if someone mentions both in the same sentence.
  • Whenever Deidara is heard saying something about art.
    • Take four if it's in an argument with Sasori over whose art is better.
  • When Deidara ends a sentence with "Hmmm"/"Un" (Anime/Online Manga translations).
  • A gulp for every perverted action, expression, gesture, thought, comment, or fantasy Jiraiya commits.
  • One sip each time Orochimaru does something disturbing or snakelike with his tounge.
  • Two big swigs for every mention or thinly-veiled innuendo about Tsunade's buxom chest- two more sips if you catch the Stealth Pun at the start of this sentence.
  • One drink for every time Shikamaru says "Mendokuse/What a drag."
  • Three gulps for each manical laugh Hidan gets off.
  • Take two drinks while flipping a crisp stack of dollar bills in your hand if Kakuzu mentions money.
    • Toss the money in the air if he bitch-slaps someone with his bounty-filled suitcase.
  • Filler Rule: Take one drink for every ten episodes of filler you encounter.
    • Suicidal Rule: Watch all the filler in one setting while abiding by the Filler Rule. Puke on a photo of the main studio that animates Naruto afterward. Yeah... it's gonna suck.
  • Take a sip every time some randomly and haphazardly thrown kunai or shuriken was part of someones genius plan.
    • Take two if the thrower was Shikamaru
  • Take a sip for a Plot no Jutsu
    • Take two if it's not Sharingan/Uchiha related.
  • Down your drink and cheer if Iruka shows up. Take only a sip if it's in filler.
  • Take a sip for every time Itachi is portrayed a saint.
  • Anyone says s/he will become a Hokage.
    • Suicidal Rule: if the one who says it is Naruto.
    • Finish your drink if anyone actually becomes a Kage.
  • Take a sip every time Obito gives a speech about Rin, the ninja world, or how everyone will give into despair and become like him.
    • Extreme rule: Finish your drink every time he has a flashback of Rin's face.
    • Suicidal Rule: Every time he says Rin's name, have a sip.
    • Extremely Suicidal Rule: Every time he mentions despair.
  • Take a sip for every victim of Parental Abandonment or Parental Neglect. And for the crazy daredevils, we have a Marathon Mode:
    • Take another if they become antagonists.
    • And another if they scowl all the time.
    • Yet another if the person is an orphan- two if a vengeful orphan. Three if they're about Naruto's age.
    • One if Naruto meets them and they butt heads.
    • Another if they bitch about how everything is hopeless and you should just give up.
    • One if they end up crying Broken Tears because they're really just a sweet child beneath layers of angst.
    • But wait! There's MORE! One if a villain killed their parent/parents as part of a plan to gain power.
    • Another if the villain is a snobby, arrogant yutz with a "holier than thou" smirk as their most common expression.
    • Yet another if they have a hammy Evil Laugh when they reveal they killed the orphan's parents.
    • Then another if they get DBR'd: Death by Rasengan.
    • Another if this happened in a Naruto movie.
    • One more if Naruto won the victimized person over by being his usual simpleton self and converts them into a friend.
    • Another if it was a female, and they fell in love with him, but Naruto is too dense to notice and it becomes a tease for the audience.
      • And finally, if you ticked every single bullet point on that list while watching a Naruto story, chug an entire beer stein.
  • Drink yourself stupid if Ten-Ten gets any, ANY Character Development outside a filler. Lampposts often get more screen time than her.
  • Earlier in the series, take a sip every time one of Naruto's classmates says "Whoa, is that really Naruto?" when he's fighting.
  • Drink every time Naruto makes an Inspiring Speech.
  • Take a shot whenever a previous event in the story is revealed to have been orchestrated by a major villain, regardless of how improbable it seems that they could have controlled the outcome of such an event.
    • Two if it is a case of Man Behind the Man. Three if they pull a betrayal on the goaltending Big Bad to take their place as an even more dangerous villain.
  • Take a shot every time Karin blushes.
    • Another when she thinks about Sasuke or obsesses over him.
    • Another if it's really, really perverted. Two if it manages to creep out anybody else. Three if it's Suigetsu.
  • Finish your drink every time Jugo goes berserk.
  • Take a drink whenever Suigetsu drinks his water cup. It's only fair you drink along with him.
  • Take a shot any time Omoi has a paranoid moment. Two if Karui gets annoyed and yells at him for it.
  • Take a shot any time the Raikage leaves a hole when There Was a Door, or just plain punches something to bits.
  • Take a shot anytime the Mizukage misconstrues someone's comment for a jab at her Christmas Cake status.
    • Two if she says with a Slasher Smile, "Shut up, or I'll kill you."
      • Three if Ao is the recipient.
  • Take a shot for everytime a Uchiha is given a Freudian Excuse.
  • Take a shot if the anime/manga tries to fool you into thinking someone suffered a fatal blow.
    • Take two if it's done through a character using genjutsu.
    • Or if it's done through cheap camera angles.
    • Chug down a bottle if it's used as a cliffhanger.


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