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Nightmare Fuel / Naruto

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Ah, Naruto. No wonder you're so popular. You've got it all. An abundance of Bishōnen and Bishoujo, moments that either make us melt our hearts, laugh out loud, or leave us tearing up inside, so many examples of pure AWESOMENESS, cool villains and heroes, and yes, even badass and (probably mostly) likable and well-developed characters.

Now, if only some of your content wasn't so friggin' scary, we'd all probably be getting a lot more sleep...

Please add examples in chronological order.

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Part I - Pre-Time Skip

     Land of Waves arc 
  • Kirigakure, or in English, the Village Hidden In the Mist. It used to be called the Bloody Mist. Why? Because of their little graduation ritual: the children who have been part of the same cell, working, fighting, living together, whose friendships are the bonds that you only make once in a lifetime are forced to kill each other with the idea being if you're not merciless enough to kill your friend, you'd be no good as a shinobi. This is explained by Momochi Zabuza, who also tells us why it was abolished: One year, over a hundred people were killed by a little boy who wasn't even old enough to be a ninja. That was him. Oh, and of course he says all this with a Slasher Smile.
  • The death of Inari's stepfather Kaiza is incredibly gruesome as Gato decided to make an example of him for standing in his way by having his bodyguards cut off his arms, mocking his statement of "protecting the things you love with both arms", crucifying him, and then executing him in public in front of Inari and his mother. In the anime, Kaiza's arms are still attached but clearly broken, purple, and smashed to useless by mallets.
  • The Bridge saga has a Inari's mother threaten Tongue Trauma to save her son. The Generic Thugs say they only need one hostage, so they'll kill the boy, but she replies that if they do that she'll bite her tongue off and drown in the blood. The anime doesn't make it much better by her offering to do "whatever they ask of her" because they are threatening Inari.

     Chūnin Exams arc 
  • Ibiki Morino never takes his bandanna off... and once you see the HORRIBLE scars underneath, which are pictured to the right, you'll wish he never ever does it again.
  • Anko's first scene with Naruto. She throws a kunai at him just grazing his face, then Flash Steps behind him with another Kunai against his throat. To even make him wet his pants more she licks the cut tasting his blood and pretty much verbally berates him about how tough guys like him would be dead in the chunin exam forest and this was long before a disguised Orochimaru outscares her.
    • He "outscares" her by handing her back the knife she threw at/past Naruto. With his tongue.
  • What Sasuke has to say upon first meeting a disguised Orochimaru is very chilling, not to mention that the normally stoic, self-proclaimed avenger he looks genuinely traumatized:
    Sasuke: "Is this an illusion? No, it's more than that. Her thirst for blood is almost...palpable. Looking in her eyes, I saw the moment of my own death. Who is she? WHAT is she?!"
  • The title card for episode 31, Bushy Brow's Pledge: Undying Love and Protection!, a tad more creepy than nightmare-laden. After Rock Lee discusses his plans with Neji and Tenten, the entire squad leaps off into different directions, with Lee leaping forward at the audience. When does the title decide to appear? Right as the camera zooms in between Lee's now spacious forehead, his suddenly huge irises and pupils staring into the viewers' soul.
  • Just after getting the Curse Mark, Sasuke is unconscious, and in some weird dimension, facing his younger self from the massacre. The scene suddenly shifts to his dead parents on the ground, and Young Sasuke with Hidden Eyes, crying and saying he wasn't strong enough to save them, and that he needed more power. Then he giggles, with this sick grin on his face, grabs his left eye with his hand, and starts talking like Orochimaru still using his younger self's voice. What's worse is that his voice slowly changes to Orochimaru's voice mid-line and Young Sasuke slowly rips away the skin of his left eye revealing the horrible yellow eye of Orochimaru.
    • From the English dub. "Instead, you stood by and watched them die... So helpless... Like lambs to the slaughter... If only you were stronger. If only you had more power."
    • And there is the scene where a possessed Sasuke breaks Zaku's arms. "You must be very proud of these arms of yours..."
  • The look on Sasuke's face when the possession has worn off and he sits staring at his hands, shaking, completely terrified by what he turned into and what he's become.
  • The Forest of Death episodes as a whole are nothing but concentrated Nightmare Fuel.
  • The Chūnin Exam itself. It's downright creepy to hear Old Man Sarutobi so callously talk about what is, bluntly, senseless violence wherein children kill each other for the entertainment and profit of their elders. At least in the single-combat phase, they try to make sure nobody dies, but the survival phase is expected to have fatalities.
  • Shino's first significant fight in the Chunin Exam had a couple of moments:
    • The scene where his bugs exited his body the first time in the manga. Unlike in the anime and later in the manga, which features three little holes in varying places, in his first time we see him using it, his skin cracks and breaks open for the bugs to exit.
    • Later, in the same fight, Shino's bugs block Zaku's wind tunnel armholes. In the anime, it isn't that bad. In the manga, it causes Zaku's arms to graphically explode from the inside out.
  • Gaara is pretty frightening during the entire arc. Special mentions go to:
    • Him making it rain blood, by graphically using Imploding Sand Funeral to, well, implode three ninjas. It's as macabre as it sounds.
    • His nightmare face when he is high on the bloodlust. Really, his bloodlust in general, and the way that nobody, not even his own siblings, seems able to stop him when he's in a killing mood.
    • The first time we see him transform into Shukaku. Dosu comes to try to kill Gaara before the next round of the exams. In response, Gaara quietly muses, "When the moon is full, he gets bloodthirsty..." and we see his shadow transform. What's left of Dosu afterward isn't pretty.
    • When he sneaks into Lee's hospital room to kill Lee with his sand, while Lee is unconscious and utterly helpless.
    • When he murders two Red Shirt shinobi in front of Naruto and Shikamaru and then calmly walks past them while we hear nothing but his footsteps.
    • The time when Sasuke managed to break into his sand cocoon - only to see Shukaku's unsettling eye staring out at him.
    • Heck, there's a whole section on Gaara below, under individual character nightmare fuel! Note that there are only two characters listed in that section: him, and Orochimaru!
  • The first time we meet the Nine-Tailed Fox in the series outside of flashbacks. Naruto is wanding dark, partly flooded hallways until he comes up to a giant prison cell in pure darkness. Two giant red eyes and a vicious smile greet him and beckon him closer. Just as Naruto's close enough massive white claws jump out from the cell and are just short of skewering the young boy.

     Invasion of Konoha arc 
  • The death of one of Orochimaru's lackeys, Dosu. He decided to face off against Gaara at night, but fell victim to the power of Shukaku. He was killed with a single swipe of Shukaku's claw. The claw actually ripped right through his body, tearing him into 3 pieces.
  • Orochimaru tearing off his face to reveal he completed his Body Surf technique on a woman to his former mentor. All the witnesses are horrified by it. The blood-curdling laugh he gives off when his mentor calls him a demon for it is haunting.
  • The Shiki Fuijin technique (Reaper Death Seal in the English dub). If you use it, both the spirits of the sealer and the sealed are trapped in the Shinigami's body, fighting each other for all eternity.
  • As the reanimated corpses of Hashirama and Tobirama turn to dust, we see the lifeless bodies of Zaku and Kin. The fact that Orochimaru ended the lives of two of his own followers, one of which had a particular attachment to him, further drives it home how evil he is.

     Search for Tsunade 
  • The first time we see Mangekyou Sharingan in action. Itachi's Tsukuyomi technique is a torture device that makes the victim see or feel certain things for several days in their mind (mere seconds in reality), effectively mind-raping anyone without a strong constitution. Since he controls everything in his mind, even one "second" of that torture is the equivalent of several days worth to the prisoner.
  • Kisame suggesting to Itachi that they cut Naruto's legs off so it would be harder for him to get away.
  • Tsunade threatening to kill Orochimaru if he doesn't bail. Kabuto wasn't kidding about her being scary when she's pissed.
  • Jiraiya threatening to kill his old teammate Tsunade if she ever did anything to compromise the Leaf's security. Seriously, to see the normally jolly and mellow Toad Sage with such icy eyes puts Orochimaru's death glares to shame.

     Sasuke Retrieval arc 
  • Tayuya casting an illusion on Shikamaru in which he's in chains and his arm melts off, leading him and us to scream in horror.
  • Kimimaro. Sure, he might've been Affably Evil, but when he starts to pluck that bones of his...
    • Everything about Shikotsumyaku, in general. The part where he can fling bones from his fingers, or when he pulls out his spinal cord from his body and proceeds to use it as a whip. Even more so in the manga, because his fingers split in half so he can fling the bones like bullets, among other things. After Gaara uses his Sand Burial on him, his skin has been completely destroyed at some places, leaving the tissue exposed. His face is the worst: the entire left side is completely gone, exposing his jaw. Even Gaara, the poster child for body horror during the Chuunin Exams, is visibly disgusted by some of Kimimaro's abilities.
    • He is also a horrifyingly Implacable Man. This guy helped Orochimaru kill the Fourth Kazekage and was basically his co-lieutenant, so we shouldn't expect less from him, but still, holy shit. Whereas the Sound Four get easily dispatched with one or two ninja, it takes three ninja just to put him on equal grounds. Gaara does all he can to bring him to his second stage and bury him in a sand coffin, even telling Lee that he has no more chakra left to do anything, which Lee responds is nothing to be ashamed of, since Gaara at least killed him. As if on cue, Kimimaro suddenly bursts out of the ground and menaces Gaara from behind with his bone drill just inches from the latter's eyes. It's safe to say that, had he not succumbed to his illness right then, he would have killed Gaara, which would have caused the sand supporting Lee to give way to the forest of bones below, killing him as well.
  • The Uchiha Massacre. Sasuke, being a happy-go-lucky 8-year-old, comes home to find that his entire familynote  has been murdered by his own beloved big brother. That is not a nice thing. Nor is said brother calling him a foolish weakling before psychically making him relive (twice, for a subjective 2 days) the entire ordeal, then putting him on a path to become a ruthless avenger and advising him to find a best friend, and kill him to gain power.
    • This doubles as a Tear Jerker later on when we find out the REAL reason Itachi killed his clan...
    • Even more horrific is the fact that Sasuke was able to awaken his Sharingan (with one tomoe in each) and pursue Itachi. However, he was still unable to put a scratch on Itachi and quickly incapacitated Sasuke, failing to remember his pursuit.
  • Zetsu's first appearance at the end of the Final Valley duel. Their creepy appearance and duel voices are unnerving enough, but when you take the black half's end goal into context, it makes his line below all the more chilling:
    Black Zetsu: Things have taken an interesting turn, haven't they?
    White Zetsu: Indeed...

Part II/Shippuden - Post-Time Skip

     Kazekage Rescue arc 
  • Deidara's hand tongues and the way they shape his clay bombs.
  • Itachi's genjutsu on Naruto. Naruto's right cheek begins peeling off and flows away. Half of his whole head peels off, revealing half of Sasuke's face in his Level 2 Cursed Seal state. The illusionary Sasuke says he will finish the job of killing Naruto from their last battle and proceeds to make Naruto strangle himself with his own right hand. While Naruto fights with his own body, Sakura's head appears from out of the front of his jacket, asking him why he failed to bring Sasuke back and glares at him saying "I trusted you!" And after that, Kakashi's face extends out of Naruto's shoulder, telling him that he failed to protect his friends and he's disappointed in him because he had such high hopes for him. Finally, Gaara's eye appears on Naruto's palm, telling him "As always, no matter what, you come out ahead. Only you achieve happiness." With all of his subconscious regrets coming back to haunt him at full force, Naruto feels like he is about to break and tears begin streaming out of his eyes...
    • At the end of this fight, they manage to defeat Itachi only to find out this entire time they were fighting some poor schlub they'd turned into a corpse puppet. A corpse which Zetsu proceeds to eat.
  • Sasori's puppets. They're made out of people, and Sasori describes in graphic detail to Sakura and Chiyo how he goes about making his puppets.
    • Sasori himself is pretty creepy in his own right, considering he has an utterly insane look on his face after revealing his puppet body. However, the dub succeeded in making him even scarier. Additional nightmare fuel can be had when you learn that Sasori turned himself into a puppet. Also, as soon as Sasori reveals his puppet body, his tone goes from calm and composed to violent and almost insane. Thank his voice actor for that.

     Sasuke and Sai arc 
  • As part of Sai's enrollment into Danzo's forces, all of his emotions were stripped away until he was emotionally empty. It's implied that this is what happened with others in Danzo's forces as well. Just seeing Sai give that fake smile and say that he feels nothing is quite unsettling. He gets better though.
  • Orochimaru's rebirth ritual already looked disgusting enough in the manga, but when you see the ritual slowly take place in the Shippuuden anime, it quickly becomes even scarier.
  • When Nine-Tails Naruto and Orochimaru fight, Orochimaru sticks his tongue out and barfs up billions of snakes that go at Naruto like a tidal wave with swords coming out of their mouths. Nine-Tails Naruto later cuts Orochimaru in half and Orochimaru's body re-attaches itself with snakes coming out of both halves and meeting.
  • Naruto's 4-tailed transformation, where his skin is slowly being burnt off with a look of pure rage on his face pictured at the top of this page, enshrouded in a cloak of chakra and his own blood. And then there's only glowing holes for his eyes. The second transformation (Episode 167) includes Off-Model, which makes it look as if his body is deforming, and both transformations insert a pleasant tune of Ominous Latin Chanting.
    • His 6-tailed form is the same, but with a partial fox skeleton loosely attached to him by threads of the blood-chakra aura.
    • The anime introduced a 7-tailed form in the "Power" arc, complete with 2 sub-forms: Fox Form and Humanoid Form. The former is basically a dark version of the Bijuu Mode; a blob-like external aura about half the size of the Nine-Tails made of the same blood-chakra mixture as the main body, and the skeleton is larger and more complete. The latter is similar to the 6-tailed form, except the skeleton is melded with Naruto's body. It doesn't help that the transformation into the Fox Form from a pseudo-Bijuu Mode consisted of Naruto losing his control and going Laughing Mad as his skin cracks and his blood blends with the formerly golden aura.
    • His 8-tailed form is even larger. The blood-chakra aura is gone (other than the tails), but muscle grows on the bone, making him look like an emaciated naked fox with an exposed spine and jawbone. However, the anime has the muscle covering the jaw, and the muscle is less detailed and colored almost like skin. However, the Deranged Animation in Episodes 167 and 168 more than makes up for that.
  • The genjutsu Sasuke uses on Sai. It was pretty freaky and enough to scare Sai.
  • When Naruto and company have their first reunion with Sasuke after the Time Skip you get a look at Sasuke and he looks utterly emotionless and his eyes are of the cold Dull Eyes of Unhappiness sort.

     Hidan and Kakuzu arc 
  • Hidan when he's in Ax-Crazy mode, as well as his fight with Shikamaru, particularly the end where his body is blown into pieces, and buried underneath rocks while the head curses Shikamaru. As if being buried alive while your body is in pieces isn't enough, Hidan was essentially being kept alive by his immortality but will die eventually because his immortality is sustained by killing other people. Also, Word of God states that his head will rot before his immortality runs out.
  • Hidan's partner, Kakuzu, is even worse. First, Kakuzu looks more or less like a normal shinobi at first. At first. Under that mask, he has a Glasgow Grin, green eyes with red sclera, and he's sewn together like a Raggedy Andy doll. Oh, and the threads holding him together are evil black threads similar in appearance to Shikamaru's shadow tentacles, powered by a Forbidden Jutsu that turned Kakuzu into a Humanoid Abomination. He only cares about money, but if you're a challenging opponent, he might want your heart, to add to the five already extending his lifespan (none of which are necessarily the original). And he's one of the stronger members of the Akatsuki, boasting jack-of-all-trades and Genius Bruiser in his portfolio. And that's not even getting into his One-Winged Angel forms.

     Itachi Pursuit arc 
  • Orochimaru's true form that he transforms into whenever he performs his body-switch technique. He takes the shape of a giant white snake made up of a multitude of smaller snakes, with a monstrous, dragon-like face and shaggy black hair. He also has a jutsu that allows him to transform into a giant Orochi, one of the mouths of which holds his normal body.
    • Orochimaru's "death". Only someone who performed so many awful deeds could have deserved such an end, but damn. The reveal of it plays like a horror film with Kabuto returning to see Sasuke's form standing amongst the remains of his fallen instructor with the Uchiha cooly strolling out and casually taking note of the medical ninja. Kabuto, knowing that something is off, hesitantly asks "Which one are you?", and Sasuke smirks before revealing with his own question, "Which do you think?" Kabuto gets a front-row seat to his master's end and sees the horrible truth: Sasuke used his Sharingan to reverse the transference's effect so that now he absorbed Orochimaru into himself instead of the other way around. Not helping is the "flesh snakes" made out of the environment around them that eventually grow into titanic long-tooth monsters which devour the now hysterical Sannin. Even Kabuto is frightened by the sight as he can only watch the now triumphant Sasuke walk away into the darkness and out of Orochimaru's shadow. It almost feels like a dark twist in a horror film when the protagonist shows the monster that they were only humoring them before the former revealing that they were the true monster all along.
      • The anime version manages to make this outcome seem very creepy from Anko sensing her old sensei's death while on a mission to Naruto, Jiraiya, and Tsunade seeing a blood-red sunset as a bad sign of things to come. Even Itachi senses it whilst hunting for the Four-Tails' host, and knowing what he was really up to makes for some real adult fear as if he was scared of what his little brother might evolve into now that Orochimaru isn't holding the leash anymore.
  • Deidara's death. When he goes Ax-Crazy and refuses to listen to Sasuke, he rips his shirt, revealing a mouth on his chest, where his heart should be. As if it wasn't enough, said mouth starts eating some clay and powers a suicide bomb attack which charges with Deidara's chakra. You can see his whole body slowly getting transparent as his chakra network blackens, looking like poisoned blood. Eventually, all that's left is a floating black orb with glowing white eyes and an evil laugh, before it detonates.
  • Any of the confrontations between Sasuke and Itachi. Especially the part about the eye transfer, even if it wasn't Itachi's intention. While many found it comical, some found Itachi's Villainous Breakdown moment to be quite unnerving.
    • The anime version of Itachi's motive rant does a much better job making the scene creepy, in both the original and the English dub, by accompanying it with chilling background music, along with brilliant performances by both Hideo Ishikawa and Crispin Freeman.

     Invasion of Pain arc 
  • Pain's (specifically the Animal Path) summoning animals. There's nothing worse than seeing freakish, undead animals with purple eyes and concentric circles within them, and several sticks inside them. His "pet" dog takes the cake. First, it's aggressive. Secondly, it has five heads. Thirdly, it can duplicate whenever it's cut, including and especially its heads.
  • Naraka Path's form of torture interrogation (pulling out one's tongue and ripping it out when proven lying). The animation's addition of bulging blood vessels (and the Outer Path's tongue with hands, with hands did not help).
  • The sheer brutality Pain exhibits in his elimination of anyone in his path, to the point that he flatout maims and delivers fatal impalings left and right. Even Hinata gets stabbed through and only narrowly avoids dying by bleeding out.
  • Shinra Tensei... note 
  • Naruto's Rage-Breaking Point. The tailed chakra forms were terrifying before, but the sheer amount of despair is followed by a Jump Scare as he absolutely loses his shit and is willing to give the Nine-Tails full control just to even the odds.

     Five Kage Summit arc 
  • Danzo ramming his sword straight into the brains of an enemy ninja when they ask for a merciful death, then dragging along the corpse with the sword for a few seconds.
  • Juugo's Body Absorption jutsu. It was mildly creepy in the manga, but the anime made it so, so much worse. It shows the samurai's suit of armour slowly deflating like a balloon as Juugo sucks flesh, organs and who knows what else out of him through some kind of needle thing he sticks in the samurai's body, until all that remains is some flat, empty armour lying on the ground.
  • The Ten-Tails. During the War arc, it was revealed that the Gedo Staue is the body of the Ten-Tails, meaning that we've seen an essentially less powerful version of what it looks like. Think about that for a moment. The Gedo Statue is for all intents and purposes humanoid in shape and form. That means that the most powerful Tailed Beast of all, the only one which was said to be actually evil has a human form.
  • Kisame's "sword" is less an empathic weapon so much as an eldritch abomination on a stick. And then, Kisame fuses with his sword.
  • Torune's poison nano-bug technique: thousands of microscopic insects living in his body which he can spread through contact with his skin and, when they get into your body, they cause your whole body to rot and die in an incredibly painful manner. And Torune's the only one who can get the poison nano-bugs out of you if you get infected.
    • After touching Torune, Tobi nonchalantly observes that his arm has been infected by said microscopic insects, before squeezing the limb off at the shoulder where it drops in a spray of white goo. But, since Tobi's entire right side is White Zetsu material, it's not so bad for him. For the audience, however...
  • A number of examples in the Danzo vs Sasuke fight:
    • When we finally see :under Danzo's eye covering it turns out that A. It has the Sharingan and B. it's decaying to the point that the sclera isn't white but some sort of transparent shade of green/gray/brown.
    • Danzo has an arm full of Sharingan and a shoulder full of Hashirama.
    • Sasuke using Susanoo to, at first glance, crush Danzo like a grape, and not even flinch when sprayed with blood. And it just gets worse: It turns out Danzo's strongest jutsu allows him to shrug off any attack that hits him as though it had never happened; as a result, his fight consists of him getting brutally killed, only to get better and die another brutal death.
    • In a last desperate act, Danzo grabs Karin and attempts to use her as a hostage. In response, Sasuke simply tells her to stay still, impales both of them without a second thought., smiles and happily says: "That's one down... soon the rest, Big Brother...". The way he says it sounds like he's talking to his brother as a child would an imaginary friend.
  • The look on Sasuke's face when he's about to stab Sakura through the chest with a Chidori is pretty damn freaky as well. As well as his expression when he tells Kakashi how he's been "dying to kill him".
  • Sasuke's Susano'o getting even bigger and scarier, and:
    Sasuke: "I want to change those laughs to screams and wails of misery!"

    Confining the Jinchūriki Arc 

    Shinobi World War Arc 
  • Episode 264 had a particularly disturbing scene where we actually see the process of the Edo Tensei technique in action. The poor Sacrificial Lamb's screams as he's killed are rather unsettling to say the least.
  • The War is full of these moments, since there are all sorts of deranged psychopaths resurrected by Kabuto.
  • Naruto gives a Death Glare to the Nine-Tails, one so damn potent and downright terrifying that even the "living incarnation of hatred" was frightened.
  • A surprising And I Must Scream jutsu from Sai: one of his techniques, named Sealing Technique: Stalking Predator Launch, consists of an animated drawing of a tiger which can attack the enemy and then go back in the drawing with him.
  • During the battle of the Uchiha brothers versus Kabuto, we get lovely images of Kabutomaru attempting to eat Sasuke! And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
    • Young Kabuto is upset that his mother doesn't remember him and looks at his reflection in a river in despair. We then see Orochimaru's face appear where Kabuto's reflection was and he jumps out of the river and leans towards Kabuto. Why didn't his mother remember him? She was slowly brainwashed to think of a different boy as being Kabuto, and him as a stranger to assassinate.
    • The sound Five and Orochimaru, partially emerging from Kabuto's chest.
    • Kabuto bisecting Itachi.
  • Edo Tensei is finally unraveling. All is going well, right? Wrong! Madara hijacked the summon so he is basically immortal, has infinite chakra, and can can only be defeated if he revokes the contract.

    Ten-Tails Revival Arc 
  • Though incomplete, the Ten-Tails has been revived.
    • During the process of turning into the Ten Tails, the Gedo Statue starts undergoing some rather gruesome changes. First, the spiked "pads" covering its shoulders break open and fall off. Then, the spikes on its back start growing into a bulb-like structure. It's topped off with the fact that its mouth is tearing open and it starts bleeding from its eyes.
  • Not only do we finally learn that Tobi is Obito, we get to see his full face. Half his face, with what looked like wrinkles originally, are scars from when half of him got crushed by a boulder. Add that to just the cold, empty glare he has, and you're left shivering on how someone who had beginnings like Naruto became this screwed up.
  • Kakashi openly questions Obito about what actually took place after his supposed death and how he ended up becoming the twisted, deranged person he is. He explains the reason to be Rin's death, all the while sporting psychotic smirks and belittling his former friend before he promptly attacks him. Irony observes that Obito did indeed die, mentally. Not a trace of his former personality survived what he went through, making you wonder just how horrible his post-gaiden past must have been.
  • The surviving Obito, lacking an arm, with half of his body crushed and bandages everywhere. It's not pretty. It gets worse the more you look at it; missing eye, missing arm, not too big a deal for Naruto in terms of damage that characters have sustained. Then you realize the reason the bandages covering the side of Obito's body are so shapeless is because that entire side of him has literally been pulped by the rocks.
    • While his body was pulped or at least cut away after the incident, he does have a body under those bandages. Made out of basically the First Hokage and Zetsu parts.
  • Seeing all five Kage a bloody mess, and then catching a glipse of a badly mauled Tsunade as she summons Katsuyu. Except, she's only being shown from the waist up, which is dangerously suspicious. Then you see the rest of her is out of place because Tsunade's been torn in half. Madara, in all his dickery, squished her under a giant tree root. Holy batshit, that is horrifying. And with that, she has effectively surpassed all the major protagonists barring Naruto in terms of Body Horror. Even worse, she's still got the lady balls to pass up having her body halves reattached so she can heal the rest of the Kage.
    • Also, one of the ones who is impaled is Gaara. Gaara of the "Ultimate Defense" who only lost to Deidara because he ended up shielding all of Sunagakure from explosions and has gotten stronger since then. And we see him impaled on what looks like a fairly thin rod. It's horrifying and shows what Madara can really do. The thing that impaled Gaara? It's his own STRAP for the gourd, which means he was tossed hard enough for it to cut into his skin.
      • The above is so gory that the anime censors it out by never showing a full-body shot of him like the other Kage.
  • The reason why Madara managed to live as long as he did? He used the Demonic Statue as LIFE SUPPORT. Sure it kept him alive all these years, but he'll die instantly if he's ever disconnected, essentially trapping him inside forever an underground prison.
  • Kakashi stabbed Rin through the heart with a Chidori. Blood is flowing with from Rin's mouth as she gurgles her last word: "Ka…Ka…shi."
    • Obito launches into a primal massacre of an entire battalion of Hidden Mist trackers with the Mokuton, and when they try to take her body, he forgets these are human beings he's ripping to pieces and escalates to impaling them on gnarled, spiraling branches while crushing them into pulp. To sugarcoat the hideous scenery, blood from the victims is dripping from every nook and cranny, which creates a lake of blood, and Obito is bloodsoaked from his rampage. To top it all off, when Spiral Zetsu unfurls from his face, he's crying, the area around and below his Sharingan dripping with blood and even out his empty socket, no less, thinking all this time since he got buried in the cave-in, he's been in Hell. For the anime version of that scene, after they showed that scene mentioned, you would expect the episode to end there, right? It does, but when they Fade to Black on the shot of Obito's blood-spattered face, his right eye is the last thing to fade out, so for a second there, you are left with the eye of the one guy who essentially had the power of the devil.
    • In the anime adaptation, you can just hear the lovely bloodcurdling screams of the Mist-Nin in this version. More significantly, there are a few minutes of focus on Obito beating the ever-living shit out of a Mist-Nin, so much that as implied by the amount of blood afterward, he got the "Yellow Bastard" treatment for his face and head.
  • Tobi might have caused the entire Nine-Tails incident in the past just out of fury at looking at Rin's grave. It's both a Tear Jerker and quite the anger-inspirer for how petty it seems. It gets worse once you realise he's just standing there watching people being reduced to puddles of blood, all the while his sensei (Minato) catches his eye and Obito recites to himself that he doesn't care about this reality anymore.
  • The TEN TAILS is REVIVED. And unlike the 9 Tailed Beasts, it's clearly in Eldritch Abomination territory.
    • The way the Tailed Beast Bomb is done in the anime. First, the Ten-Tails sucks its head in, presumably to gather chakra from its massive bulb. Then it pops its head back out, then opens its mouth so wide that it's as large as its body (with the pointy teeth facing outward to boot) to charge and fire the bomb.
  • The Ten-Tails' second form resembles a horribly emaciated humanoid with its single eye, a creepy mouth and an ear occupying one side of its head each. Let's also not forget the massive bulb it now carries on its back and its tails each sporting a hand as a tip. Its chakra is so great that the sensor device at headquarters shows another planet on the battlefield. One that shortly after takes the shape of the Ten Tail's eye.
  • How Neji died when he protected Naruto and Hinata. It isn't just being impaled. The stake first penetrates, then grows INSIDE the body. Even a otherwise non-lethal flesh wound would turn lethal at that. And to make matters worse, it was what Obito used when he first became Tobi.
  • Hashirama's time of growing up. The constant warfare means the average life expectancy for BOTH shinobi and civilians was only 30 years old. What made it lower? The fact that Child Soldiers were regularly used on all sides. No, we're not talking about later era 'child ninja' or Bloody Mist-style kids fighting each other to the death, we're talking about seven-year-olds being slaughtered. Special mention goes to Itama Senju. He was a little boy surrounded by adult Uchiha CRYING before being murdered in cold blood. It's so bad that in later eras and in real life, fear is suppressed by the Adults since they want to continue killing and murdering each other.
    • Even worse is the fact that Itama's absolutely brutal murder is almost certainly the catalyst for Tobirama's discrimination of the Uchiha and his reason for inventing Edo Tensei.
    • To further get into the mindset back then when both Madara's and Hashirama's father and little brother came to fight, the fathers' first action was to kill the other's sons. This was without hesitation.
  • Madara's Slasher Smile. He's practically shaking with psychotic glee as he's about to see Hashirama again.
  • The Ten-Tails' Cataclysm, which unleashes absolute devastation in the surrounding area, coupled with tornados and lightning bolts. The attack certainly lives up to its name.
  • Body Horror at its finest, Obito now literately lacks a heart. It might be just a Genjutsu, but still...
    • The reason Kakashi killed Rin: it turns out she had been turned into the 3 Tails host by the Mist Village so that she would lose control and destroy the Leaf Village. What's makes this worse? Kakashi had no intention of harming her and after refusing her request that he kill her, she literally threw herself on his attack as he was trying to protect her from an oncoming enemy!
    • Fridge Horror accompanies this revelation: The Three-Tails was perfectly fine after Rin died so that implies Tailed Beasts do not die (at least not permanently) when their host does. Because this was Kurama's main motivation for helping Naruto before they made friends, it can be inferred that he didn't know that he would be fine if Naruto died. Now imagine what would have happened if he had found out before Naruto changed him...
      • We already knew that Tailed Beasts can't be permanently killed from the Birth of Naruto Gaiden. Kushina was about to sacrifice herself to destroy Kurama even though she knew that he'd eventually regenerate. It's not clear how much Kurama knew about this, but either way, dying isn't pleasant, even if the resurrection is assured. Kurama, being the strongest of the Tailed Beasts, likely would take the longest to regenerate. For all he knew, dying with Naruto could mean it would take a hundred years for him to regenerate. We also don't know what happens to Tailed Beasts when they die before they regenerate. Maybe they go to Hell, or the process of regenerating is excruciating in its own right. It wouldn't be surprising if he didn't want to endure that. Besides, he's been through a lot worse than being sealed in Naruto. When he was in Kushina (and presumably when he was in Mito), he was being actively tortured, whereas the worst he endures inside Naruto is the boredom of being in that cage.
  • Yet another horrifying transformation for the 10-Tails. It first shifts back into its initial form, the one with the huge jaws filled with teeth, and then its already-massive jaws unhinge as what looks like a huge flower bud pops out. It unfurls, revealing a gigantic Rafflesia-shaped mass of flesh, which then begins charging the largest Tailed Beast Bomb yet which punches clean through the Shinobi Alliance's last-ditch everyone-casts Earthen Wall defense. Thank goodness the revived Minato showed up in time to warp it away.
  • Even when trapped, the Ten Tails is not defenseless. In response to the Ninja Alliance rushing it, it starts to spawn mini, humanoid Ten-Tails to attack. Uncanny Valley doesn't begin to describe these things.
    • The Ten Tails is just getting more and more monstrous. It separates the parts of it body on fire from the main body
  • Tsunade's state before Orochimaru came is just disgusting. She is so weakened that she looks as old as Madara did when he died. And she is still severed in half with mini-Katsuyu's on the wound trying to reconnect her body. Good news, she lives.
  • Kakashi leaves a huge hole in Obito's chest. It is dripping with blood and probably fatal.
    • Then Obito warps back to the real world, where Madara takes over the Zetsu half of his body and fills it with his dark energy, all while Obito is literally screaming with pain.
    • Obito shakes off Madara's manipulation and becomes the jinchuriki of the Juubi.
  • Obito has grabbed both Naruto and Sasuke by their faces and keep in mind, he's strong enough to heavily damage two Hokages in five seconds. If Minato doesn't make it in time, he's going to have to watch Obito try to kill his own son (again).
  • Body Horror ensues when Obito is torn apart piece by piece in his mind as he is overwhelmed by the Juubi's power, the cake is when his head is split into two right in the middle of his eye.
  • Obito summons something very eldritch-like that can fire multiple Tailed Beast Bombs at once. Then he traps the whole Alliance fighting him inside a barrier so they can't run away or shield themselves.
  • Upon reaching its final form, the Ten-Tails hunts down the alliance members and sucks them dry of their life force, the sheer despair of having an immense mass of living tree branches hunting you down until you die takes things into Cosmic Horror Story levels.

    Final Arc 
  • Zetsu has always been a bit creepy, but it's been somewhat mitigated by his behavior. This is thrown out the window when Black Zetsu breaks out a terrifying Slasher Smile as he's taking over Obito.
  • After Madara is revived, his "fake" Rinnegan eyes that he got from his reanimation summoning just...crumble into nothingness. Visible here at 50 seconds in.
  • Madara is beaten, slashed, compressed, dumped in acid, etc. by nine of the most powerful beings in the entire series and he still gets back up and shrugs it off like it was a minor annoyance. Keep in mind that he lost both his eyes and that's he alive again. Then after getting back one eye, he states it's his turn...
    • Oh boy. What does he do with his turn? Madara proceeds to employ a combat-oriented version of Shinra Tensei that handled every Tailed Beast at the same time. Please note this was with just one Rinnegan. He then summons the Gedo Statue (oh yes, it's back), and entraps every Tailed Beast, even Naruto and Killer Bee, in the chakra chains. What comes next, however, is chilling. He's going to extract Kurama and Gyuuki from Naruto and Bee first. Let's just look at how he pretty much views Naruto and B as containers holding the last key pieces to his plan, and shudder at how willing he is to sacrifice lives like that. And what's worse? Madara is winning the War!
    • The look of complete physical shock on Naruto's face as Kurama is completely extracted from him.
  • And it just keeps getting worse. Naruto is dying, his heartbeat is failing, and Sakura has no chakra left to properly save him. Sasuke is also fading out. Although Gaara reveals a way to save Naruto, that can't work for Sasuke.
    • Seeing Sakura reach into Naruto's body to grab his heart is both horrifying and tearjerking.
  • Madara becomes the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki, he looks a lot more human than Obito and has no worries controlling himself. Then, he heads out to the exact same location as Naruto's party to take his left eye back. And while Obito had the one vulnerability of Natural energy, Madara can absorb it without any side effects and both Hashirama and Naruto are currently incapacitated, Jugo and Orochimaru aren't capable of using it with such destructive techniques.
    • This also serves as subtle Foreshadowing about the true nature of the Ten-Tails. Kaguya and Madara have the same ultimate goal: to pull off an Assimilation Plot, gather all the world's chakra to themselves and become a God.
  • While not as terrifying as any of the above, it's a bit unnerving to see that there is someone inside Spiral Zetsu.
    • It's later revealed to be Yamato. Spiral Zetsu was just using him as a source of chakra to feed off of. Geez, just give this guy a break already!
  • Black Zetsu hijacks the other half of Kurama as Minato attempts to implant it in Naruto to save him. Also, there is a mysterious person approaching Sasuke, whose chakra signature Tobirama and Karin don't recognize. Karin states that the chakra signature is evil. It is found out to be Kabuto, who somehow returned to his pseudo-Orochimaru form after being Izanami'd.
  • Based on Madara's descriptions the Eighth Gate causes Red Mist in comparison to the Seventh Gate's Blue Mist. Opening the Eighth Gate causes death; the Red Mist is gaseous blood.
    • Fortunately, the blood mist is much smaller than the massive sweat mist in the previous gates, meaning he doesn't die in mere seconds. It still doesn't change the fact that he's slowly bleeding out, and that the physical effects of the 8th Gate are similar to Version 2 mode, but without the healing factor.
  • We all knew that Guy wouldn't defeat Madara. But Madara just enjoying the fight so much is unsettling.
  • The Infinite Tsukuyomi involves assimilating every living being into the Shinju, living forever while absorbed into it, connected into the endless illusion-dream. It's the ultimate And I Must Scream moment.
  • Guy is bloodless and burned to a crisp as a result of the 8th Gate's final attack. His condition is so bad that his charred flesh is cracked and peeled to the bone and his right leg and foot, which he used to kick Madara, is completely turned to a disintegrating mass of ash and bone fragments.
  • Faster than Naruto or Sasuke can react, Madara plucks Kakashi's Sharingan right out of its socket (complete with spray of blood and cry of pain from the poor cyclopic shinobi) and into his own, and transports to the Kamui dimension and attacks Sakura & Obito.
    • Also, Obito is finally too weak to resist Black Zetsu and maintain control of his own body as Madara warps in and chucks a spear at Sakura. And with Madara having Kakashi's eye, Naruto and Sasuke have no way to help them.
  • Madara planned Rin's death. He made sure she was kidnapped, made sure the Zetsu told Obito, and made sure she couldn't kill herself so Obito had to watch her be murdered not knowing she likely chose it. And he had a similar contingency inside Obito this whole time just in case the just snapped and tried suicide instead of the plan. So, yes, Madara planned Obito's whole fall.
  • Madara activates the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Also, Obito is completely under the control of Black Zetsu; he might not even be alive anymore.
    • The Infinite Tsukuyomi takes effect. It was creepy to see everyone be forced away with their eyes replaced by Rinnegan. Even cats and dogs had this happen to them, showing every life is in the infinite Tsukuyomi. And they can't move at all, while the Ten-Tails wraps around them.
    • When the Infinite Tsukuyomi starts we have a huge Kaguya in the sky, with the moon as her third eye. Neon Genesis Evangelion had a negative effect on Kishi...
    • Kaguya's Slasher Smile! That freaking Slasher Smile! We all knew that sooner or later she would be revealed as one of the big bads but this really is one of the scariest moments in the series. God knows how people felt in her time and the worst part is that more and more hint's are given that shows that she's still alive and kicking!
    • Hinata's final thoughts before being podded up by the World Tree are to mentally call out to Naruto. Worse still, Naruto hears her and he immediately tries to rush to her aid, but as Sasuke points out, he is powerless to help since leaving Sasuke's Susanoo barrier would trap him in the illusion as well.
    • Counter-genjutsu techniques are completely ineffective against Infinite Tsukuyomi. Even with a Rinnegan, Sasuke's only means of defense is to use Susano'o as a shield. Madara has surpassed Aizen in terms of destructive capability.
      • Not quite. Sasuke himself is immune from the genjutsu because he has the Rinnegan, the reason he has to use Susano'o is to shield Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi. The people who aren't immune from it.
  • Three words: Kaguya is back! And how! It's not just that she's back but Black Zetsu is somehow her will and not Madara's, meaning that Madara is no more a pawn in this than Obito and just like him he's getting offed the exact same way he did it to his former subordinate.
    • The all powerful Sage Madara falls to the Worf Effect himself by getting one-shot by a weak version of Kaguya. The look on his face as he realizes he cannot move at all followed by his distorted face screaming in agony as Zetsu takes over him makes it worse. Just how strong was this woman?
    • Shino's giant bug in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Honestly, man, must your dream be so hilarious and yet creepy?
  • Black Zetsu informs everyone that Kaguya has used Infinite Tsukuyomi in the past, before dropping the bombshell that humans trapped within the World Tree's embrace for a sufficient amount of time become White Zetsus. Think about that for a moment. Imagine all your favorite characters: Hinata, Kiba, Shikamaru, Tenten, Tsunade, Shino, Ino, Rock Lee, Choji, Gaara, etcetera; all being turned into obedient white drones, drained of everything that gives them their individuality, even their physical appearance. Worse yet, we are shown a brief flashback of Madara's old lair with the half-formed White Zetus hanging from the tree/Gedo Statue hybrid Madara created back then. What if he was channeling the souls of thousands of people trapped in the Gedo Statue for ages?
    • It's worse in the anime; you actually see the cocooned people being transformed into White Zetsu: the cocoons fuse to the victims to the point where you can see the outlines of their facial features and then reforms the victims into White Zetsu.
  • Not to mention the sheer Body Horror Madara underwent while he was absorbing all that chakra. Granted, like the Obito moment above, there was a bit of Narm involved, but it still manages to be quite skin crawling. It's made worse because this comes from someone who effortlessly absorbed the insanely powerful Ten-Tails. Madara was totally unable to contain the sheer volume Kaguya's power.
  • The way Kaguya tells Naruto and Sasuke to stop fighting and that she'll have them vanish now. It's like she's talking to insignificant ants.
    • How does Kaguya remind us she's the strongest woman alive? By instantly turning the whole ground into lava, of course! Without even moving an eyelid. Her power is ridiculous to the point where Sasuke wonders if it is even possible for someone this powerful to even exist.
    • Kaguya's power was already stronger than Hagoromo and Hamura; after all, she was the Ten-Tails. So, by taking over Madara, she has regained her former power.
  • Kaguya's creepy sad face surpassed Madara's craze for Hashirama.
    • Black Zetsu's Gambit Roulette would make Aizen bite himself with jealousy.
    • Kaguya is revealed to have been behind the Ten Tails: it was her will that aimed to merge with the Divine Tree, from her own SONS. Even if she acts like she's regretted it, we're getting the implication that she tried to kill her own sons because they were born with chakra.
    • What Madara learned about the Infinite Tsukuyomi was a lie created by the Black Zetsu and when Madara thought he was creating failed clones of Hashirama, he was really giving form to people that were trapped in the Gedo Statue, confirming that indeed, that army of White Zetsus, many of which Naruto mowed down left and right, they all used to be real humans. All of which were absorbed into a Hive Mind and lost their sentience. But if the afterlife in Naruto is anything to talk about, they ought to go back to normal there.
  • Kaguya used her Reality Warper power to toss Sasuke into another dimension were he can't escape from.
    • Worse yet, the fact that she can instantly send any of her body parts anywhere implies that Kaguya could easily take Kakashi, Sakura, and Obito hostage at any time.
    • Even worse, Naruto is alone against a goddess he just sucker punched with no means of meaningfully fight her. If Sasuke doesn't get back soon then god knows what Kaguya plans on doing against him.
  • The All-Killing Ash Bones jutsu, upon stabbing its target, can punch a hole into them while causing their body to crumble like ash. It's horrifying to watch, even though only a clone got hit.
    • Obito is doomed. He's taken a hit from the above jutsu for Naruto and will suffer the same fate. Also definitely a TearJerker.
    • Obito literally flakes apart from every nook and cranny of his body and crumbles into a pile of ashes. But hey, he's chilling in the afterlife with Rin now and acting Adorkable like he used to before the bad times rolled in, so it's not all bad.
  • Kaguya becomes an Eldritch Abomination- a conglomerate of the Tailed Beasts chakras absorbed all at once, making her an out-of-control demonic-looking rabbit with a bulbous patch of flesh that has the beasts' heads (and the Demonic Statue) sticking out and ten five-fingered appendages.
    • What happens there that Kaguya tried to transform into the Juubi, but the Tailed Beasts tried to break free and destabilized the Ten-Tails into an unstable form.
    • The ten headed rabbit monstrosity un-clenches its jaw and turns into a HUMONGOUS Truth Seeking Bomb the size of a moon which has all nature transformations, giving it reality breaking powers to destroy Kaguya's existing dimension (which comprises of an entire planet and outer space no less) and create a new one in its place.
  • Kaguya's whole sealing. She transforms into the Ten-Tails and goes through a massive Body Horror before the Tail Beasts are free, causing her to transform back into the Demonic Statue of the Outer path as the most massive (and terrifying) Chibaku Tensei on record forms another moon around her. The panel showing the Ten-Tails' head and Kaguya's hair deserves special mention.
  • Sasuke's real motivation for helping out the alliance comes out: he wants to murder the five current Kages from each respective village, places all tailed beasts under his control in order to seal them forever and reform the entire world in his image through revolution. The face he sports as he says this is the stuff from nightmares, demonstrating that he's still letting anger and hate drive his ambitions. He also notes that only Naruto can stop him, so he's going to fix the problem the only way he knows how...
    • Sasuke's motivation is the last to be revealed, coming across as a huge shock to everyone present, since their plans after all the fighting was done was just simply to relax and move on with their lives. The poor tailed beasts, who have been abused all their lives for their power, are once again treated like rabid animals by Sasuke. What drives this home is that Kurama, the Nine-Tails beast, the strongest of them all is now begging Naruto to free him and his brethren from their prisons.
  • After their battle, Sasuke and Naruto are shown lying next to each other, talking to each other. Then, the camera pans out and we see that both have lost the forearm they used to attack the other, and the blood loss between their arms has spattered out and mixed together. Worse, Sasuke is talking about being mutilated a la Obito through donating his left eye to Kakashi if he dies. And of course, they are both brutally beaten up to the point they can't even move and they've lost enough blood that their lives are in danger.

The New Era

Warning: Every SPOILER from the manga is unmarked. Read at your own peril.

    Kakashi Hiden 

    Shikamaru Hiden 

    The Last: Naruto the Movie 
The last story of Naruto Uzumaki... is love.

    Sakura Hiden 

    Konoha Hiden 

    Gaara Hiden 

    Akatsuki Hiden 

    The Day Naruto became Hokage 
  • Himawari awakens the Byakugan after Boruto accidentally rips her teddy bear. She slams Boruto against a wall with one finger and proceeds to one shot Naruto (who came rushing) with a pressure point strike, and then starts hunting for a scared-shitless Boruto. Seeing this sweet girl devolved into such rage is enough to scare anyone straight.

    Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month 
A spin-off miniseries about the next generation of ninja, the children of the Konoha 12. It focuses on Sarada Uchiha, who finds herself having questions about her family.

    Boruto: the Movie 
A spin-off movie focusing on Boruto Uzumaki and his quest to surpass his father, the legendary hero and Seventh Hokage, Naruto.

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generation 
A spin-off sequel focusing on Boruto Uzumaki that takes place before and after the events of Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

See Boruto


  • Orochimaru is the poster child/man/thing of Nightmare Fuel for Naruto. Gaara reforms; Orochimaru gets worse.
  • It doesn't help he is body horror incarnate. His first appearance, he returned a kunai with his TONGUE. Yes, his tongue is long enough to grab a knife and return it, and he was just nonchalant about it.
  • Then he meets Sasuke and Sakura, his first action was eating his Earth Scroll and the showing off his killing intent so strong, he made Sasuke and Sakura hallucinate their deaths. It was so much it made Sasuke vomit and Sakura a crying mess.
  • Or the fact he summoned a giant snake, that ATE Naruto.
    • Then he lets loose another giant snake on Sasuke and Sakura. After Sasuke kills it, Orochimaru just comes out of the snake's corpse, and then extends his body to chase after Sasuke like a snake.
  • After Sasuke finally get his courage back and fights Orochimaru, the fight ends with Orochimaru tied to a tree and him on fire. But NO, Orochimaru just laughs it off, his NECK extends instead and he bites Sasuke on the neck, all the while his face is melted.
  • By far his crowning moment was learning that he experimented on infants. Bad for regular viewers, doubly so for parents.
  • His disguise to compete in the exam. He took the Grass Genins' faces. Even worse, we never know who wore the other two disguises. Or if they weren't disguises and Orochimaru just took theirs as well for giggles. It's implied in the anime via Kimimaro's flashback that it was the Sound Four using a combination transformation like with the Kazekage's bodyguards, which doesn't make it any less gruesome.
  • Orochimaru's Shower Scene, when his arms are flaking off, as well as his screams of agony.
  • After Sasuke couldn't be transferred so Orochimaru could switch bodies, he just picks someone else. We didn't get to see what happened, but we just heard screams.
  • His true form is body horror incarnate. He no longer has a human body. He is just a giant snake made of smaller still alive snakes. His blood turns into poison when it meets air.
    • The place where all Orochimaru's body-snatching victims end up: a place full tongue-like flesh by the gobs. They are all assimilated into it.
  • The fact he can revive himself anytime through the curse marks that he implants on humans by biting them. He's not just placing a form of control on them- he's giving himself the equivalent of video game continues with living people.

     Gaara (Pre-Heel Face Turn) 

  • His Establishing Character Moment arrives in the Forest of Death during the Chunnin Exams. He and his two siblings; Temari and Kankuro, are facing off against a team from Amegakure in order to retrieve the second scroll they need. And in a spectacularly gruesome and rather one sided "battle", he mercilessly slaughters their leader using his Sand Coffin technique. And the other two Ame shinobi, seeing just how strong he is, willingly and without hesitation surrender the scroll as they know they don't stand a chance against him. But it doesn't do them any good as he just kills the both of them as well. Even though they gave up the scroll. And then he threatens to do the exact same thing to Shino, Hinata, Kiba and Akamaru from Team 8! And if it wasn't for Temari, he certainly would've killed them. And then there's the ending of the episode where the proctor, Anko and three other men are talking about how they beat the record for the fastest time to get the second exam done; one hour and 37 minutes. Which are four hours less than the original record! And then they talk about how Gaara doesn't have any scratches on him, which should've been impossible because of the dangerous plants and animals! And the last thing we see before the episode ends is Gaara looking up at the camera as it shorts out. He knew they were watching him...
    • When Gaara brutally murders a Rain ninja by trapping him in a cocoon of sand and then imploding it with so much force that blood sprays the entire area like rain. It's so graphic that even the original Japanese version showed black squiggles instead of blood. And afterward, he says some creepy "poetic" lines, telling the unfortunate ninja's teammates - who are now soaked in the former's blood - about how any blood soaking into the sand empowers "the demon god" before he kills them as well.
    • In the manga, if you look closely at the image on the monitor, you can see bodies lying around the Sand Siblings with bloodstains, strongly inferring that because Gaara was held back from killing Team Eight, he took it out on some other poor Genin team the moment he entered the tower. Those poor bastards lost their lives because of Kankurō and Temari's begging their little brother to reign it in...only for him to break it out so easily. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.
  • His battle with Rock Lee because it looks like he's completely lost it! This is where more of his true colors start showing up beside the aforementioned Establishing Character Moment. Such as his sand armor reforming on his face and we see that he's got this implacable expression. Cue the realization that under his apparent indifference there's that horrible grin. And that's not even mentioning him crippling Lee as well as his menacing voice, especially when he says this quote: note 
    Gaara: "Is that all you've got? There hasn't been enough... blood..."
  • Gaara going completely crazy when he begins to transform into his Shukaku form. It's both badass and freaky as hell, especially with him shouting "MY PREY!"
    • And what makes this especially terrifying is how usually, when a normally calm and stoic villain who rarely loses it begins to shout instead of just growl beneath their breath and loudly taunt the hero by calling them "weak" and "pathetic", it has the strong potential to become Narmy as hell and it often does at times. However, when it comes to the fight that Gaara had against Naruto and Sasuke, there is no Narm at all. In fact, Gaara's loud maniacal laughter, screams and taunts, and how he's practically foaming at the mouth in anticipation of killing Sasuke only serve to make him absolutely terrifying! Liam O'Brien does an incredible job in making Gaara go off the deep end at this part!
    • It is also especially bad that nothing thrown at this guy seems to work! All of this was so bad that even Sasuke was horrified and it wasn't until Naruto showed up that Gaara was finally able to be beaten back!
    • Gaara's slow but disturbing change into Shukaku is nothing short of horrifying. Not helping matters is him chewing the scenery declaring Sasuke to be his prey and coming close to suffocating Sakura. Then when he fully becomes the demonic tanuki...
  • There's also his speech during the Chunnin exams when he first attempts and almost succeeds in transforming into the Shukaku. In the English dub, at least, there's something, even ignoring the speech itself, about the way Gaara's voice just gets slowly shakier and shakier as he continues to speak:
    Gaara: "Are you ready? I'm going to open it now... I'm going to rip it open, that's how you get it all out... everything inside will come spilling out... lots and lots of it... and I'll give it all to you... I'm such a good boy, aren't I? Are you watching, mother? Are you ready? I'm ready..."
  • The aftermath of Gaara bleeding for the first time was terrifying. Sasuke blindly shoved his hand into the sand dome Gaara made as an "ultimate defense", only to get stuck and then we hear Gaara's screams of pain come from inside; "BLOOD! IT'S MY BLOOD!" He then continues to scream as Sasuke uses another Chidori to pull back out when a huge sandy claw chases him out before it retreats back into Gaara's sand dome. We then hear something moving around inside and then, after a long and terrifying moment, we get a brief glimpse of a demon's eye along with a very loud and very angry roar echoing throughout the arena. This would be enough to make anyone lose sleep!
  • Gaara's childhood and the circumstances of his birth are a perfect mixture of both Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker. Since he was a Jinchuriki, people hated him, he couldn't make friends and his inability to control his sand only made things worse. So his father finally got fed up and starting trying to kill Gaara. The first assassin he sent? Gaara's uncle who Gaara thought cared about him! It's no wonder that he was turned into a sociopath when he was only six years old! Not to mention that when his mother got pregnant with him, his father decided to take the Shukaku out of its tea kettle, and seal it into his wife's unborn child, which indirectly resulted in her dying during childbirth! It's no wonder that for the longest time, Gaara hated him!
    • His father later admits when he was revived that Gaara's mother and uncle both actually loved him, and that the uncle was forced to lie because the Kazekage wanted to test if his six year old son would be able to control the demon inside of him and not give in to despair, and it was only after that that he tried in earnest to assassinate his son. Essentially, Gaara's father's stupid misjudgment caused Gaara to become the monster he is, believing no one could love him and he had to look out for himself.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker; Gaara's entire flashback. He grows up being feared and rejected by nearly everyone in his life and only has his Cool Uncle Yashamaru as his Morality Chain. Only later does he discover that the most recent assassin sent to kill him was said uncle who proclaims that he despises him for taking away his sister (Gaara's mother) and claiming that she named him out of a posthumous grudge she bore towards the Sand village for sacrificing her. To top it off, Yashamaru attempts to suicide bomb his nephew, but it fails. The little boy snaps and becomes a sociopath dedicated to killing other people to validate his reason for living, leading to more than half a decade of murder and apathy. Holy shit...
    • And all of this becomes even worse when you come to the realization that none of what happened to Gaara was his fault! Yes, he did hurt and kill people as a child but it was always an accident because he didn't know how to control his sand, which reacted to his emotions. He was always polite, kind, empathetic and compassionate towards others, only to be met with hatred, fear and loathing by everyone else. Case in point, him trying to give medicine to a girl he accidentally hurt, only to be labelled a "monster" and have the door shut in his face! And even beyond all of that, there was no one to help him during the first twelve years of his life! His mother was dead, his siblings were forbidden from playing with him, he had no friends, his father abused him and his uncle betrayed him! Just the thought of this adorable child turning into this because of all the abuse and neglect that was heaped upon him as a child is absolutely terrifying! When Gaara demanded to know why he was always begin targeted by bullies and assassins, he was absolutely right in being outraged at everything that was happening to him! Of course, all of this is also a massive Tear Jerker.
    • Here's some lovely Fridge Horror for you to think about. The entire reason that Gaara pulled a Heel–Face Turn is because Naruto was able to beat some sense back into him and thus show him the error of his ways. But what if Naruto hadn't been able to do that? What if Gaara refused the lesson Naruto was teaching him? What if he was able to successfully kill Naruto prematurely? Or what if something happened that prevented the two of them from fighting each other? If you think about it, Gaara never would've reformed and who knows just how much worse Gaara could've gotten?
  • For a while, Gaara had to forgo sleep to prevent a forcible takeover by the monster inside him. To elaborate; his consciousness is open to the Shukaku more so than when he's awake. This means that if Gaara sleeps for too long, Shukaku will forcefully take over his body and Gaara will cease to exist!
  • The entirety of episode 58! If the title of the episode is, "Hospital Besieged: The Evil Hand Revealed!" then you know that something awful is going to go down!
    • To start off with, we have the beginning of the episode in which Gaara has vanished. He is literally nowhere to be found! It is absolutely terrifying seeing his mentor and siblings totally flip their crap trying to find him, only to realize that he's now out there, doing who knows what!
    • And then, throughout the first quarter of the episode, we see him slowly approach the hospital and as he does so, we hear nothing but his ragged breathing. It sounds as though he's barely keeping himself in check. Not to mention that we don't even see him properly at first as only his shadow is visible to us. Case in point, when Sakura first arrives at the hospital and checks herself in, we see as he appears just behind her, but when Sakura turns around, he's nowhere to be found! And then, as she leaves, his shadow reappears... The music does not help matters, either!
    • And then he gets to Lee's room, where it's clear that he intends to kill him in cold blood, despite him being completely and utterly helpless! And as he stares down at him, his childhood memories begin to torment him, causing him to begin screaming in pain, both physical and mental. And then, right before he can kill Lee, Shikamaru and Naruto are thankfully able to stop him.
    • After they do so, they demand to know what his problem is with Lee... only for him to say that he has no problem with him whatsoever. He just wants to kill him...
    • And then, he gets this facial expression as he proceeds to tell them how his own father has tried to send countless assassin's to kill him ever since he was six years old!
    • And when they ask him why, he reveals that a demon is inside of him. This terrifies Naruto who finds he understands what Gaara's gone through since he's also a Jinchuriki. Then there's the ending after Gai steps in and Gaara begins to leave. As he does so, he threatens to kill all of them. And they know it's no idle threat!
  • But by far, his most terrifying moment is right before his fight with Sasuke in the third part of the Chunnin Exams where two men are ordered to try to force him to forfeit his match due to a bet their superior made... and let's just say that it ended poorly for the two men. To elaborate, Gaara gets his sand ready, grabs the first man, and then proceeds to dissolve him into sand! The second man, seeing who he's up against, tries to run away but the sand is quicker than him. And Naruto and Shikamaru, who have been watching the entire thing, are helpless to do anything as the man is dragged down the hallway, begging and crying for mercy before we hear are his screams of extreme fear and pain... and then, there's nothing but silence. Then we hear his footsteps as Gaara calmly walks down the hallway, approaching Naruto and Shikamaru. As the footsteps get louder as he gets closer and closer, they both have looks of pure fear and dread on their faces as he appears just behind them. In an incredibly tense and terrifying second, Gaara just walks past them as if they aren't even there! Needless to say, the sound of footsteps has never been this intimidating!
    • Then it gets worse when Fridge Horror kicks in because what exactly did he do to that second man? It's never shown. We saw the first man get crushed and dissolved into sand but the second man's death is only heard. What could've been so horrible, so gross and so terrifying that they couldn't even show it to us?
  • For some people, everything about Gaara before his Heel–Face Turn proves he is Nightmare Fuel incarnate! From his facial expressions, his menacing voice and laugh, the way he screams whenever he's in mental or physical pain, the way he almost casually murders countless people both on and off-screen, his awful and painful looking Jinchuriki transformations, almost all of his fights with someone else, as we've already elaborated on above, and, of course, how freaking insane he is just in general, all prove how terrifiyng he was! And the worst part is that there was no leniency with this guy. He had no traces of comedic elements or even moments of comedy that offered some sort of brief respite from all of this fear and dread he evoked!
  • The mere fact that he started as a sociopath when he was six and he was only twelve years old during the Chunnin exams is both terrifying and a massive Tear Jerker!
  • The flashbacks of him as a child before his fight with Naruto, such as during the aforementioned hospital episode, are initially very creepy as they rely heavily on him being portrayed as a Creepy Child. Of course, this is before we find out the context of these memories that torment him so much...


  • When Kagero of the Fuma clan pulled her own heart out and squeezed it, as shown in this folder's picture. Especially terrifying because she connected her heart to Naruto's so they would both die when her own heart stopped. Even Cartoon Network realized how graphic this scene was, as they put a warning at the start of that episode.
    • The entire arc was filled with nightmare fuel. The same ninja pulled off a pretty gross transformation, going from an ugly old thing to a young woman with wings. Then after that, one of Orochimaru's creations attacks the team, and it's sewn together from different corpses, each turning into a howling pile of flesh-colored goo with a grotesque face, when cut off from the main body.
      • Said creation was once a kind and gentle ninja called Arashi who was promised by Orochimaru that his clan would be restored to its former glory if he lent Otogakure his strength. Of course, it was all just an excuse so Orochimaru could turn him into another experiment and use him to spite the Konoha ninja. The fact that this happened to a man we'd heard nothing but wonderful things about till that point makes it double as a tearjerker.
  • Mizuki's return in his self-titled revenge arc shows that he's long since stopped caring about putting on false pleasantries for Iruka and Naruto. The guy takes a disturbing amount of pleasure trying to kill his former friend and fellow teacher, even revealing to the poor man that their friendship was all an act to get the Hokage's attention since they were children. Yes, back when Mizuki was twelve he felt eager to secretly make Iruka's life miserable while pretending to be a friend.
    • In a flashback, he suffocated a teammate with an injured leg just because he felt that the guy was Too Dumb to Live for letting himself get cut in the first place while fleeing from an enemy. Note; he did this immediately after telling his still-standing squadmate that the injured man was already dead. Talk about heartless...
    • Mizuki's curse mark that turns him into a tiger-man hybrid. At this point, you realize that any sense of morality that Mizuki may have had in him is permanently gone. All that's left is a power-hungry beast eager for more power and a desire to kill his former friend and even his lover if she gets in his way. During the fight, he expresses his desire to go to Orochimaru and get more powerful, but thankfully it never amounts to that.
      • Earlier in the arc, Mizuki, at first, seemed genuinely cavalier with his fiance, Tsubaki. It all got flushed down the crapper when Tsubaki brought up that Naruto was nothing like the monster her love claimed him to be. Upon hearing that the "Nine-Tailed brat" has earned some recognition since his incarceration, Mizuki goes ballistic and forcibly grabs Tsubaki before ranting about how foolish Konoha is before laughing about how soon he'll enact vengeance on everyone who wronged him. Tsubaki's begging means nothing to him and he coldly knocks her out just after he fakes her out.
    • The potion he used to activate his curse mark wears off after Naruto defeats him and causes Mizuki to wither into an elderly form which destroys any hopes of him ever coming back as a shinobi. Even better, Orochimaru knew that the potion would do this and gave his potential follower the flawed formula solely for a laugh. Mizuki was a detestable man through and through, but damn...
    • The Legendary Stupid Brothers that Mizuki enlists during the above-mentioned arc. While they're mainly comic relief and more than live up to their moniker, depriving them of any food is just asking them to brutally murder you until all you are is dust in the wind. Their rage faces and the sudden edge their voices gain are pretty unnerving when compared to their usual behavior. Not helping things are their herculean strength which is said to be on par with or even greater than the Sannin (that last bit is thoroughly disproven when Tsunade comes along, however.)
  • Any insectophobes will find the bee-based jutsu of the Kamizuru clan to be downright skin-crawling.
  • In the Curry of Life arc, Raiga Kurosuki's habit of burying men alive is all kinds of horrifying. Any slight from losing your footing while working to trying to run for help will be dealt with by having a "funeral" held in your name, namely getting stuffed into a coffin while you're still breathing (which is bad for any claustrophobe) all the while Raiga will eulogize about the happy times he had with you. Said happy times are him taking from you your most precious items and crushing them beneath his feet among other unspoken cruelties.
    • Raiga himself is all kinds of messed up from the first time we see him "mourning" for Kanpachi, a miner he's in the middle of "laying to rest". Even though he has some redeeming things going for him with his relationship with Ranmaru, mainly he is a cruel and depraved man who seemingly took over the Katabami Mine so he could have a base to enact his lunacy. His power is no joke being able to use ACTUAL lightning in his jutsu long before Sasuke's Kirin was a thing. Also, if you value your hide, don't even think of messing with Ranmaru. When he thought the boy had died because of the Konoha ninja, his rage reaches to a point that he was willing to kill Karashi and his elderly mother if the former didn't lure them to his place of ambush.
    • How bad is Raiga's wrath? Sukeza, an old miner, would've preferred being beaten by his own hand than go through one of the Mist Swordsman's funerals. Naruto himself calls the man a whackjob after hearing about it.
  • Anko's past with Orochimaru, as detailed in the Land of the Sea arc, wasn't pretty. She couldn't have been any older than twelve when Orochimaru gave her the Curse Mark. The opening scene of the story depicts Anko's actual nightmare of her old sensei locking her in a room before seeing if she'd survive the mark's effects. She was lucky if you can call it that; remember that Orochimaru said that the odds of living through the pain is ten percent AT BEST. That's not even getting into all the horrors that she must have witnessed in the laboratory.
    • While not nearly as prolific as his master, Amachi is quite the piece of work himself. The man must have abducted dozens of people over the years for the sake of his experiments which consisted of mutating them into kaima-like creatures so he could monopolize the sea routes and achieve superiority to Orochimaru. He took advantage of Isaribi, his only surviving prototype, promising to make her human again when in actuality he never intended to do so, let alone devote any research to see if it was possible. In the end, he intended to dissect her for further kaima development and had the balls to laugh about it after he lost against Naruto. Thankfully, Anko gave him a hard right to the face for good measure.
      • His kaima form looks like the lovechild of Cthulu and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Makes Isaribi's form seem cute by comparison.
    • The Umibozu Amachi summons is a formidable elemental spirit made completely of water. It can swallow a person whole and normal attacks just bounce off it. Plus as long as there is seawater and the spirits aren't damaged by a fire style, it can reform to attack you all over again.
    • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, the majority of the Sea people treating Isaribi like a monster, since she was the only victim to resurface after being "spirited away". The children routinely torment her through painting nasty graffiti on her hut and even throwing rocks at her. If Naruto hadn't come along when he had, she probably would've snapped and completely succumbed to her dark side (assuming Amachi wasn't planning to kill her off yet).
  • The Imposter Arc had three ninjas take the forms of Hinata, Naruto, and Kiba so they can attack the village undetected. They can copy down to the smell, appearance and thought patterns of someone. If Orochimaru was scary for stealing faces, these guys have it down to an art form. Thankfully, it turns out even if they'd been seriously trying to destroy the Leaf, they can't copy their originals' jutsu, making them pathetically weak.
  • Yakumo's id monster is very, very scary, especially the first time it appears -laughing from the fire that killed her parents.
  • In the Three-Tails filler arc, one of the earlier episodes showed a flashback of Orochimaru experimenting on a man who is begging for mercy while Orochimaru just laughs maniacally and is about to cut him open with a electric saw!
  • Filler episode 150 had the scene where Shiranami is telling a helpless Hotaru (who's the vessel of the powerful Forbidden Jutsu) who's in a binding jutsu about his plan to help her destroy the village that shunned her even though Hotaru clearly doesn't want any part in that. The Nightmare Fuel reared its head once Shiranami smiled, laughed and asked Hotaru why she wasn't smiling. He then forcefully pushes the corners of her mouth outward as though she were smiling though her expressionless pupils are widened and she's sweating in fear. Made even worse when he revealed in an earlier episode while smiling happily that he killed his own father to further his goals and that he's merely using Hotaru as a "tool" to destroy everything else she holds dear and change the world the way he sees fit. He even says that he doesn't give a damn about Hotaru at all.
    • Filler episode 152: At the very end Utakata goes to find the Mist ninja who was after him only to discover their bloodied masks by the tree. And then we see none other than all 6 bodies of Pein Pain standing before him.
  • Filler episode 431, revealing Karin's past. To go into detail: Karin used to live with her mother in the Land of Grass. The people there abused Karin's mother and her ability to heal people by biting her body and sucking on her chakra. The constant battles eventually took a toll on the poor woman and she passed away, leaving her daughter alone and vulnerable to her abusers. The assholes then resorted to constantly biting Karin and causing her never-ending pain, resembling zombies devouring a victim; Karin's screams and the imagery portrayed in that episode makes it one of the darkest ever in Naruto's anime history. She would've continued living that hell if not for being saved by Orochimaru, who at least respected her abilities and treated her like a human being. Yes, Orochimaru was a decent character in this episode.

  • Edo Tensei. Mainly that it's reanimate the dead, except that you don't need the original's body, just a human sacrifice to mold into it, it has all the powers the original had, it regenerates from all damage. Plus imagine if you are one of the unlucky to be brought back from the dead: You'll not only have zero control of your own body, but you'll also be forced to kill your loved ones.
    • It was invented by the Second Hokage. Just think about it for a moment. The new forbidden technique, which requires a human sacrifice. Surely he would have got it right first time with just a few human sacrifices, right?
  • That wooden puppet thing that Kankuro keeps around. Particularly when he comes to Kiba's aid during the Sasuke retrieval incident, and we see his "Iron Maiden" move for the first time. It's extremely squicky - the end shot is of the Black Ant with blood oozing from between the wood slats.
  • All the stuff that falls under Eye Scream is pretty horrifying as well: Itachi and Sasuke bleeding profusely from the eyes when using Amaterasu or Susano'o. It almost looks like they're eyes are going to explode. Depending on your preferences, slowly but inevitably going blind may count as well. Or when Itachi uses the Tsukoyomi to simulate popping Sasuke's eye out of its socket. He plucked it out and warned Sasuke that he would try to take his other eye as well.
    • Madara Uchiha takes it a step further by actually stabbing out his own brother's eyes in order to transplant them into his own eye sockets and cure his gradually increasing blindness, in addition to unlocking the extremely powerful, ultimate Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan which allows him to use the eye's abilities with ridiculous impunity..
    • Kakashi Gaiden: Kakashi got his one Sharingan eye when his original one was damaged in a fight, and Obito, after getting mortally wounded and recently unlocking his Sharingan, has Rin surgically replace Kakashi's with one of his while they're both conscious.
    • Pain tried to kill Kakashi by shooting a nail into his eye. It didn't work.
    • Itachi's memory after Shisui says Danzou stole his right eye he literally takes out his other eye and gives it to Itachi to prevent Danzou from having it.
    • In Shippuden episode 166, after Hinata begins to bleed out from being stabbed by Pain, there is a closeup of Naruto's eye graphically turning blood-red before entering the 6-tailed transformation.
  • All of Orochimaru's hideouts. With all the prisoners and cells, experimentation labs and dimly lit rooms, they really give off the feeling of "don't want to be here"!
  • Speaking of Orochimaru, what's more scary: a genocidal Mad Scientist or a world leader from said Mad Scientist's own home who knowingly allows said Mad Scientist to continue to operate, and even to come and go from the village as he pleases, with the implicit agreement that he merely restricts himself from harming citizens of Konoha specifically?
    • Albeit the situation is much less extreme than implied above. The nations in general seem to have agreed to pardon Orochimaru, who considerably mellowed after resurrection and did help save the world, nor is there any sign he is allowed to continue capturing people for experiments (he does create a couple people, but he seems to treat them well). Further he now must use his abilities in the service of others when required (and indeed this was another motivation for sparing him).

  • From the 3rd Naruto Shippuuden Movie: The bandages falling off Hiruko's face revealing his misshapen mouth and he does a Slasher Smile which reveals rows of pointy teeth before laughing insanely.